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Lonsdaleite comments on Iraqi army 'had 50,000 ghost troops' on payroll
Also see comment by Sohyessofresh, starting "I suspect that this comment might..."
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december 2014 by daguti
Islamic State Defector: 'If You Turn Against ISIS, They Will Kill You' : Parallels : NPR
brainwashing, crime-gangs = ""They are focusing on the young guys and the kids," he says. The militants target the young for indoctrination, breaking down traditional authority structures: the alliance to the family and to the tribe. "They can change their minds. [The young become] ready to leave their parents and fight with ISIS," to the death, he adds."
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september 2014 by daguti
A group of disillusioned British jihadists who wanted to return home after fighting for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have been taken prisoner by their militant commanders : worldnews
"Until now, IS is thought to have operated an open door policy which has allowed around 250 Britons to return but the start of US air attacks has made militant commanders paranoid that spies could direct attacks. It means that the formerly welcoming atmosphere for Western militants has now changed to suspicion as the terrorist group begins to turn on its own fighters, according to one security source."
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september 2014 by daguti
AlterNet: King George W.: James Madison's Nightmare
In 1795, James Madison wrote of war's far-reaching and corrosive effect on public liberty. He could well have been warning us about our own King George, just the sort of imperial president that Madison and other founders of our nation feared most.
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september 2007 by daguti
Telegraph | News | Iraqi rebels learn from US sniper guru
"Iraqi rebels learn from US sniper guru" - Iraqi rebels are learning from our own best sniper! The solution must be quick and decicive: http://www.snopes.com/rumors/pershing.htm
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october 2006 by daguti
On Oct. 29, 2004, just four days before the U.S. presidential election, al-Qaeda leader Osama bin-Laden released a videotape denouncing George W. Bush... But behind the walls of the CIA, analysts had concluded the opposite: that bin-Laden was trying to he
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july 2006 by daguti

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