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Diana Young - remember when the journalist who broke the Panama...
Sadly, these conspiracies are real.
"Remember when the Panama Papers came out and revealed that all the rich people in the world are part of enormous criminal conspiracy to dodge taxes and hoard stolen wealth in offshore accounts and literally nothing happened" --- and also see the comments.
11 weeks ago by daguti
NWO EXPOSED: The End Game for Mass Depopulation - Ebola, vaccinations, zombies, Georgia Guidestones, the microchip, chemtrails, Project Blue Beam, and "aliens". How it all comes together. : EbolaHoax
UPDATE 2016-08-31: Failed miserably. The guy who posted this deleted all the details and then deleted his post, so it shows up as posted by [deleted] - Nothing has happened, Ebola went away and nothing dramatic that can even remotely be corroborated by this post has happened in the world.
conspiracy  predictions-failed  predictions 
september 2016 by daguti
Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism Read more: http://www.trueactivist.com/courts-quietly-confirm-mmr-vaccine-causes-autism/
this shit is getting ridiculous. Articles and how being written praising Andrew Wakefield? What a fucking crock. And to think that people are saying the courts have decided vaccines cause autism? What the hell? Courts don't know anything about science.
medicine-vaccines  hoaxes-or-urban-legends  conspiracy 
march 2016 by daguti
Migrant Crisis & Syria War Fueled By Competing Gas Pipelines
short-term-thinking = We never seem to learn that the devil we know is better than the one we don't. "This article has been updated to reflect recent Wikileaks revelations of US State Department leaks that show plans to destabilize Syria and overthrow the Syrian government as early as 2006.  The leaks reveal that these plans were given to the US directly from the Israeli government and would be formalized through instigating civil strife and sectarianism through partnership with nations like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and even Egypt to break down the power structure in Syria to weaken Iran and Hezbolla."
conspiracy  syria  energy-oil  energy-gasoline  war  short-term-thinking-unintended-consequences 
november 2015 by daguti
Ancient Confession Found: 'We Invented Jesus Christ'
"Is this the beginning of the end of Christianity? "Probably not," grants Atwill, "but what my work has done is give permission to many of those ready to leave the religion to make a clean break. We've got the evidence now to show exactly where the story of Jesus came from. Although Christianity can be a comfort to some, it can also be very damaging and repressive, an insidious form of mind control that has led to blind acceptance of serfdom, poverty, and war throughout history. To this day, especially in the United States, it is used to create support for war in the Middle East.""
religion  anti-something  religion-christianity  history  conspiracy 
october 2015 by daguti
12 Year Old Girl Discovers That All But One US President Are Directly Related To Each Other
conspiracy = This is not conspiracy related at all, but I know some people will look at this and think, "AHA! See? The reptile people run the world!"
conspiracy  genealogy  politics  people-barack-obama  people-bill-clinton  people-george-w-bush  people-george-washington  famous-families 
february 2015 by daguti
Dotro and wife, 3 other Edison cops indicted
Edison & other cops conspiracy to intimidate New Brunswick officer who did the right thing. Disgusting.
police-abuses  nj  conspiracy  corruption 
october 2014 by daguti
Adrian Schoolcraft - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Adrian Schoolcraft (born 1976) is a former New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer who secretly recorded police conversations from 2008 to 2009. He brought these tapes to NYPD investigators in October 2009 as evidence of corruption and wrongdoing within the department. He used the tapes as evidence that arrest quotas were leading to police abuses such as wrongful arrests, while the emphasis of fighting crime sometimes resulted in underreporting of crimes to keep the numbers down."
police  police-abuses  corruption  conspiracy  corruption-exposed-by-whistleblowers 
september 2014 by daguti
Light-of-Aiur explains the stupidity of anti-vaccination crowd ... on I would rage if this was handed to me...
Vaccine myths: Debunking the conspiracies and talking points of the anti-vaccine crowd. ....... vaccines - vaccination
medicine  health  myth-busting  conspiracy  medicine-vaccines 
april 2014 by daguti
Popular 9/11 conspiracy theories debunked - Imgur
"People give our government too much credit. They can't even get websites to work. Christie blocked traffic and the truth came right out."
conspiracy  anti-something  terrorism-9-11 
january 2014 by daguti
Evolvify - Article in British medical journal says what everyone...
Although it's evil, this is an interesting study of how the pharmaceutical industry has marketed its wares through content, information... studies, etc. .............. Also see "How a bone disease grew to fit the prescription" and "The selling of attention deficit disorder" (or just check corruption+medicine)
conspiracy  medicine  evolvify-topics  health  warnings  long-term-thinking  marketing-tactics--educating-or-content-marketing  business-ideas-niche-abusing-the-law  corruption 
january 2014 by daguti
You Are A Radical, And So Am I: Paleo Reaches The Ominous “Stage 3″ - GNOLLS.ORG
A bunch of links to rebuttals against anti-paleo stuff. ........... conspiracy = Get to the part about profits, the costs of raw grains vs finished product, etc. ........... "It’s clear that it’s far more profitable to sell us processed grain products than meat, eggs, and vegetables…which leaves a lot of money available to spend on persuading us to buy them. Are you starting to understand why grains are encased in colorful packaging, pushed on us as “heart-healthy” by the government, and advertised continually in all forms of media? "
me-stuff  diet-paleo  anti-something  conspiracy  meetup-movnat  food-processed 
july 2013 by daguti
Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories - Neatorama
See the link at the end to a NY Times article with further details.
anti-something  conspiracy  analysis 
may 2013 by daguti
Infowars Guru Alex Jones A Fraud – Let’s Go Over His Failed Predictions (VIDEO) | Addicting Info
Failed theories: Worldwide shortage of rare earth metals – Didn’t happen Food supply disruptions hit western nations – Didn’t happen Deadly superbug mutation goes wild – Didn’t happen New evidence links vaccines and neurological disorders – The opposite happened U.S. power grid suffers catastrophic failure – Didn’t happen Satellite breakdown – Didn’t happen GM crop contamination leads to crisis – Didn’t happen Honeybee population collapse spreads to other species – Didn’t happen Weather patterns become increasingly radicalized – Debatable Nuclear power sees global resurgence – The Fukushima incident discredited this Nuclear weapons unleashed in the Middle East – Didn’t happen New exotic superfood from South America emerges in western markets – Didn’t happen A high-tech, portable vitamin D sensor device is invented – Didn’t happen U.S. debt gets downgraded while world investors slash purchases of U.S. debt instruments – The debt
anti-something  conspiracy  medicine-vaccines 
april 2013 by daguti
Who controls the world? More resources for understanding
Perfectly shows why a few companies can take down the globaly economy while avoiding (and actually discrediting) the conspiracy theory angle.
large-systems  visualization  tedtalks  anti-something  conspiracy  economics 
february 2013 by daguti
Omnivoracious: Five (More) Great Nonfiction Books to Make You Think
I already read "The Power of Habit" and "Imagine" is on my list... but the two that I bookmarked this for are "Private Empire" and "Why Nations Fail". I expect the latter to tie in closely with Jared Diamond's "Collapose: How Societies Choose To Fail Or Succeed"
conspiracy  politics  books-to-buy 
may 2012 by daguti
Open Channel - Super PAC supporting Ron Paul is operated by a 9/11 'truther'
Not really a conspiracy, but it talks about how the guy donating to Ron Paul is into conspiracies.
conspiracy  people-ron-paul 
february 2012 by daguti
U.S. infected Guatemalans for STD tests
conspiracy / facts = sounds like a conspiracy, but it's proven
conspiracy  facts  government  corruption  health  research-studies  medicine 
october 2010 by daguti
UrbanSurvival.com Daily News Update - part of the "Nostradamus Web App"
Which means if you've got a stock which is based on illusory consumer growth? Might wanna rethinking our (misplaced) optimism...
future  money  finance  end-of-the-world  conspiracy 
june 2010 by daguti
YouTube - Reporters Blow Whistle on FOX News
Former Fox News reporters blow the whistle on Fox news coverups of Monsanto's RDHT Bovine Growth Hormone
chemistry-chemicals  news  conspiracy  corruption  fox-news  politics  society  video  business  monsanto  food  health 
april 2008 by daguti
The more support Texas representative gains, the more the global elite are taking notice
politics  conspiracy  economics  economy  society  government  military  election  countries-united-states-america  election-voting 
october 2007 by daguti

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