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Tesla short has a change of heart ahead of TSLA earnings... duh - Electrek
investing = "There seems to be no solid ground in the world of stocks. Unlike technology, where something works or doesn't, eventhing in investing seems to be conjecture and then the market does the opposite anyway. Everyone has a strong opinion and then is wrong. Where do you put your money when there seems to be no universal truth?"
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october 2018 by daguti
Elon Musk's pay at Tesla equity - Business Insider

Hey, I bed to differ. I've been working under this plan at my last several jobs: "The company is planning to announce on Tuesday Mr. Musk’s new compensation plan, and it is perhaps the most radical in corporate history: Mr. Musk will be paid only if he reaches a series of jaw-dropping milestones based on the company’s market value and operations. Otherwise, he will be paid nothing."
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january 2018 by daguti
If you have a physical location, Tesla will give you free Superchargers so Tesla owners can charge while they visit your business
"So... ready for a MASSIVE value bomb?

I am obsessed with Tesla, and I Iove everything they stand for.

Tesla owners are loyal, extremely loyal.

Did you know that if you (or your clients) have a physical location like a hotel, restaurant, retail, or pretty much any other business that a Tesla owner could visit while charging that Tesla will GIVE YOU FREE DESTINATION CHARGERS. What this means is that Tesla will provide you the hardware AND reimburse you up to $1,500 per unit for install fees by electricians to allow Tesla owners to charge their vehicles at your location. Charging is not expensive, and most owners are only looking for about an hour of charge at most anyway to get them to a supercharger or home, unless you have a hotel in which case they are likely customers.

You are responsible for the cost of electric once operational, but that cost is minimal in most states.

How that works for you is that your business then shows up on the map for every Tesla owner in their vehicle as well as on the Tesla website.

*No I do not work for Tesla.
*No, there is no catch.

Do your own research if you would like, but I have used this and it brings in customers, with expendable income, repeatedly.

If you have questions, please DO NOT pm me. Post them in the thread and I’ll answer there. Nothing for sale here."
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january 2018 by daguti
How Marathon Laundry Will Change Appliances The Way Tesla Has Changed Cars
strategy = "  Lifestyle COVER STORYBox Office Billionaire Most Popular New Posts on How Marathon Laundry Will Change Appliances The Way Tesla Has Changed Cars Please log in or sign up to comment. POST COMMENT Commenting Guidelines  + FOLLOW THE CONVERSATION Trending Now JAN 30, 2016 @ 08:51 AM4,724 VIEWS How Marathon Laundry Will Change Appliances The Way Tesla Has Changed Cars  Eustacia Huen CONTRIBUTOR I cover food, style, and occasionally tennis (when Nadal is playing). If you don’t need a separate dishwasher from a dish dryer, why do you need one for laundry? This is the question that consumed Glenn Reid of Marathon Laundry—a former Apple employee who worked with Steve Jobs for six years. Five years and seven prototypes later, the tech visionary launched his startup’s first product—an internet-connected combination washer and dryer at the CES this month. While the idea of having a single washing and drying device is by no means new, a ventless dryer combined with a washer with the performance of separate dryers is first of its kind. Priced at $1,200, which is the standard pricing for combination washer and dryer, Reid seeks to change electrical appliances with Marathon Laundry the way Tesla has changed cars.  Photo Credit: Marathon Laundry Like Tesla, Marathon chose an approach that leverages existing manufacturing for the core components of washers and dryers, adding value in specific components that are unique to Marathon, such as the electronic controller and dryer interface, according to Reid. Although the approach is rooted from the challenge of manufacturing large appliances, but by using standard components and manufacturing paths for the rest of the machines, Marathon effectively leverages both the existing vendors and manufacturers as well as the parts, maintenance, and service infrastructures already in place for existing machines."
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february 2016 by daguti
This is why Tesla is so insistent on selling direct to customers
strategy = "To engage with potential buyers, it needs small stores in high-traffic areas, not sprawling dealerships on the outskirts of town with hundreds of cars worth of inventory." I would never have realize this. It speaks to the power of rethinking something from the ground up.
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january 2016 by daguti
Watch a Tesla in Autopilot mode tackling NYC traffic
I thought this happened in April of last year. What was the big news in April of last year, then?
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october 2015 by daguti
Attack of the Chinese Tesla Clones | WIRED
Not necessarily counterfiet since he Open Sourced some of the technologies, but still a ripoff.
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october 2015 by daguti
Hackers prove how hard it is to hack a Tesla
"Mahaffey and Rogers of course proved a Model S is hackable, but they also proved how secure it is. Indeed, Mahaffey told Wired the Model S was "the most secure car that we've ever seen.""
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august 2015 by daguti
Tesla basically just ignited the driverless car era
Holy shit, man... "After he'd dispensed with that subject, Musk dropped in a casual addendum: all Teslas will get an over-the-air update this summer, probably around June, allowing them to drive in "Autopilot" mode."
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march 2015 by daguti
Tesla prevails in top Massachusetts court over direct sales : news
""We're disappointed," Robert O'Koniewski, a spokesman for the group, said of the ruling. He said the group would review what steps to take with state legislators to address "the standing gap.""
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september 2014 by daguti
Tesla Just Gave All Its Patents Away to Competitors | Autopia | WIRED
Tesla’s longer-term goal is to sell a $30,000 car with 200-miles of range. At that point, a potential owner worries less about whether they can get to Grandma’s house in an emergency, and starts to assess it as a normal piece of transportation. Tesla’s cars remain a curiosity. In order to transition from a technological plaything that nerds get excited about into something that busy regular people want to buy, Tesla needs to prove that driving an electric car is a normal thing to do.
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june 2014 by daguti
The car dealers' racket - latimes.com
hypocricy: "This move against Tesla is nothing more than naked economic protectionism of the type that Adam Smith railed against in 1776 in his book "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations." This work, which conservatives treat with almost biblical reverence, is one long argument against the mercantilist system of protectionism and special privilege. Smith demonstrated that practices similar to what is being done to Tesla may benefit other producers in the short run by protecting them from competition, but in the long run they harm consumers and thereby decrease the wealth of a nation: "In the mercantile system," he wrote, "the interest of the consumer is almost always constantly sacrificed to that of the producer." Whereas in a capitalist system, Smith explained, "Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production.""
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march 2014 by daguti
How Tesla Batteries Are Powering an Energy Revolution
And if that sounds like a threat to century-old monopoly utilities, it is. “Our business model is to become the energy company of the 21st century,” SolarCity chief executive Lyndon Rive told The Atlantic. “You’re still connected to the grid but the grid would be your secondary provider and the primarily provider would be your solar system and your storage device.”
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january 2014 by daguti
Tesla announces 90-second automated Model S battery swap coming this year to Supercharger stations - The Next Web
I had this idea when I heard about the drawbacks of electrics, but I figured I was not understanding how enmeshed the batteries were in the car...
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june 2013 by daguti
Tesla Motors Frustrates Dealers With Factory-Owned Stores: Associations Now
bureacracy = "Since it started in 2003, the company has opened up 17 stores, owned by the factory, in 10 states and the District of Columbia. Another six are planned to open this fall. It’s a nontraditional approach to selling cars — and it’s that approach that makes dealers’ associations bristle." another example: "The situation sounds similar to that of Uber, the cab company that has attempted to disrupt the traditional taxi model using technology — and that has run into resistance from local taxi commissions."
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october 2012 by daguti

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