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Did Obama Just Destroy the U.S. Internet Industry? | LinkedIn
Analysis of the far-reaching implications of the PRISM program, from the less attractive prospect of cloud services to the fact that Facebook, Google, etc can be seen just as tools of American geopolitical power. There are global competitors hovering in the wings, just waiting to take over the markets these giants dominate.
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june 2013 by daguti
Why PRISM kills the cloud | Computerworld Blogs
Cloud can no longer be considered secure. An entire industry could be stymied thanks to US Gov't info-greed.
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june 2013 by daguti
Yandex Opens Its Free Cloud Storage Service For All
Just started the cloud-storage tag, but other services previous to this: Google Drive Amazon Cloud Storage Apple iCloud and obviously Dropbox, although that is quite a bit smaller I think Microsoft even has a service.
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september 2012 by daguti
Amazon Cloud Drive: Learn More
Similar to Dropbox, not sure what the interface is, though. Web, desktop application?
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march 2011 by daguti
Computing becomes a tradable commodity: Clouds under the hammer, reloaded | The Economist
Back to the future - everything old is new again - Happy Days - whatever you call it, "mainframes" are now rented out while they sit unused. :) Welcome to the 1960's.
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march 2011 by daguti
dropbox = Anthony Volodkin said this is a great addition to Dropbox. No time to research now, but it seems to be a replacement, not an add-on, for Dropbox. . .
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april 2010 by daguti

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