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Navigating the “experience economy” on the way to FIRE : financialindependence
"I wanted to write this post because I’ve seen a lot of posts from young people (late teens to mid-20s) who are on their journey to FIRE, who are struggling with finding the balance between “living now” and “saving for later”. There are a lot of posts from young people who want to save for their futures and build a financially stable life for themselves, but also worry that if they don’t travel/attend concerts/experience enough while they’re still in their 20s, they’ll live a life full of regret over what they’ll never get back.

I’m not trying to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t spend their money on – it’s a personal decision that will be unique from my own. But it concerns me that I see so much marketing out there, and so much social media pressure from professional influencers, encouraging young people to spend their money on experiences. The message always seems to be: “You’re only young once! You can never relive your 20s! You can’t afford not to do this! You’ll never get this time back in your life and you’ll regret not doing it when you’re younger!”

For context – I’m an older “millennial” (always preferred “Generation Y” myself). And when I was a young person, the whole “experience economy” just wasn’t the same. Everyone spent time with their friends, of course, but there wasn’t so much emphasis on doing expensive things with your friends. Music festivals were a once-in-a-lifetime experience – not something you go to all the time. Activities like escape rooms didn’t exist. Vacations were something you would take annually with your family – maybe if you wanted to go nuts, you would take a cheap road trip with your friends, and go camping. Or something. But there wasn’t as much pressure to spend money on experiences.

It’s not like what we were pressured to spend money on was better – when I was young it was all about the brand name clothes, latest tech gadgets, and other materialistic things that I don’t think people care as much about anymore. And that’s a good thing. But my point is that, even though we didn’t spend as much on experiences, the time we spent with our friends was still valuable. We didn’t have to spend a bunch of money on concerts or travel or go to exotic destinations to have real friends. Real friends were the people who you could talk to about real life, who you could do stupid stuff with, who would go out for cheap beers with you, who had your back. And you can’t put a price tag on that kind of friendship.

So my concern is, I feel like the “economy of experiences” is trying to make you feel like if you don’t spend money on experiences in your 20s, you can’t be a well-rounded, content person with a strong friend group and good memories of your youth. And I think that’s as much bullshit as saying you can’t be happy unless you spend a bunch of money on shiny gadgets when you’re in your 20s, like we were told. Friends are friends and you can’t buy them. You can’t replace them. You don’t need to be rich to have them – you need to be a good friend yourself to have them.

I know that the concern is that once you hit your 30s, you’re going to be stuck in life, restricted, forced to focus on your career, and potentially dealing with declining health. But how much of a concern is that really? I’m in my 30s, as are most of my friends, and most people I know are happier than they’ve ever been. Most of my friends make more money than they made in their 20s. They get more weeks of holidays than they got in their 20s. They’re in just as good of health as they were in their 20s.

Hell, do you know what most people I know in their 40s regret not spending their money on? Cheap things. Because a cheap hostel is only comfortable enough when you’re still young. A cheap road trip is only manageable when you have the time and don’t have family/friends/job needing more of you. No one wants to go to cheap restaurants when you’re in your 30s and 40s. The thing is, older people I know only want to go to nice restaurants, take luxury holidays, and have more expensive experiences. The only people I know who love and have a great time with cheap experiences are young people. So why spend all of your money on expensive experiences when you’re young? Save some of that for when you’re older and can appreciate it more, and you and your friends are in a better place to afford it.

And yes, it’s true, while the average life expectancy nowadays in a developed country is very high, there is the possibility that you won’t live a very long life. And no one wants to live a life they regret because they died before getting to do anything that they wanted to do. I understand that. But do you really have to spend your whole 20s spending your money and time on expensive experiences to avoid regret? Do people who built a really solid financial base by partying a little in their 20s, instead of a LOT, really die with nothing but regret? I’ve known several sick and terminally ill people, and I’ve never met one who wished they spent more money partying in their 20s. They usually regret things like their parents living to see them die, or that they won’t leave their spouse with enough money to live comfortably, or not getting to talk to their friends enough.

So, again – I’m not telling you what to spend your money on. And I’m definitely not saying you shouldn’t spend any money on experiences – some experiences are a good thing. I loved my first international trip with friends, my first concert – these are things I will never forget. But there are marketers out there who are paid to try to convince young people that spending money in your 20s on experiences is a “need”, not a want – that otherwise they will not have “authentic” experiences, and that you will regret it if you don’t spend as much as you can on experiences while you’re still in your 20s. So I wanted to post that in my experience, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on experiences with your friends just to have genuine friendships. Spending more money on an experience does not necessarily mean it is a better experience. And when people get older, they thrive when they have a solid financial base and genuine connections with family, friends, and loved ones, not because of how much they spent partying in their 20s.

TL;DR – having great experiences when you’re in your 20s is fantastic, but marketers are happy to convince young people to overdo it, and you don’t need to overspend on experiences any more than you need to overspend on material things."
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9 weeks ago by daguti
TNW (@thenextweb) • Instagram photos and videos
"Researchers have created a font that can boost your memory⠀

Ironically named "Sans Forgetica", the font is a handy type-tool for stressed-out students who are struggling to remember their notes.⠀

The font is more difficult to read than most typefaces – and that’s by design. It prompts your brain to engage in deeper processing.⠀

To make your brain work harder to retain information, the font is legible yet evidently broken and disconnected. Since chunks of words are removed, the brain is required to put more effort into reading.⠀

Sans Forgetica has promising statistics but comes with limitations. It’s not for every day reading and you wouldn’t want novels printed in it - this would probably just cause a headache⠀

Want to try it out? Download Sans Forgetica for free via the link in our bio."
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october 2018 by daguti
spirytus rektyfikowany acne - Google Search
This is the Polish alcohol that the next door neighbors told my mom to rub on my face. The problem is taht the pictures I see show it as a clear liquid and ours is amber colored. In the bottom of the bottle, there are what appear to be ears of corn, but they are traslucent. At first I thought they were little amber stones, but upon closer inspection, they appear to be transulcent ears of corn - perhaps turned translucent by the alcohol.

I also have pictures of the bottle in Google Photos from July 2018. I put the name Spirytus Rektyfikowany in the description to make them easier to find.
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july 2018 by daguti
wholesome goodbyes :( : wholesomememes
points to this image: https://i.redd.it/w0he1m1h2jv01.jpg

which says:
"to the college girls that will become best friends with my high school best friends; you are so luck! please take good care of them"
life-affirming  college  children-teens 
may 2018 by daguti
How to Use & Adjust Your Mirrors – AAA Senior Driving
Also see: https://www.caranddriver.com/features/how-to-adjust-your-mirrors-to-avoid-blind-spots

Notice that the positioning for the passenger-side mirror is with your head over the parking brake, not in your normal driver's side head position.
cars-driving  tips-n-tricks  children-teens 
january 2018 by daguti
How to tie a tie - Trinity Knot (Made Simple) - YouTube
Sound on this video goes away at around 1:15. He redid the video here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GmtPE1j68M) with proper sound, but the tie in the first video is cooler.
video  howto  men-boys  children-teens  fashion  clothing-ties 
january 2018 by daguti
How to Write Quick Research Papers and Essays - Album on Imgur
RNJ-marketing-material = we should get a lot of content like this that is useful for college students and start posting it on our site. Write it in a way that references Kean, but it's blatantly pandering. Perhaps mention a specific professor that is known as being a tough grader. ----- Be sure to read the comment thread by shadowex: https://imgur.com/gallery/yEQSv/comment/1125100087 talking about how this is formulaic writing and it would result in a mediocre grade
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september 2017 by daguti
Better Ways to Teach Teens to Drive - WSJ
Some really good stuff. The highlights:

"Parents tend to drill teens on maneuvers that gave them the most trouble when they learned to drive, such as parallel parking. “Most people don’t get killed parallel parking,” says Deborah Hersman, president of the National Safety Council. “The most important things parents can teach teens are how to develop hazard recognition and judgment—making the left turns into oncoming traffic, how to merge on and off highways at high speed.”

Parents who used the program had their teens drive on more varied roads, at night and in bad weather, compared with controls, says the study, published in June in JAMA Pediatrics. These parents’ teens performed better on road-safety tests afterward.

Teens who listened to expert commentary about potential hazards on traffic videos, or described the hazards themselves, later did as well as experienced drivers in spotting them, according to a 2012 study in New Zealand. Parents might help instill this skill by encouraging kids during car rides to spot potential hazards."
children-teens  cars-driving-teaching 
august 2016 by daguti
Tips for Parents Teaching Their Teens How to Drive | DMV.org Articles
Basic stuff, but still worthy of consideration. I like the idea of mapping a route out beforehand to be sure you are only on light-traffic roads.

Also, pull over as soon as possible after a mistake to review the mistake instead of waiting until the end of the session.
children-teens  cars-driving-teaching 
august 2016 by daguti
15 Tips for Teaching a Teenager to Drive
Some great tips I hadn't thought of. Some of these are a bit more advanced, but certainly are worth teaching once they get the basics down.
children-teens  cars-driving-teaching 
august 2016 by daguti
We need more mentors like this in the world : videos
I love this man. We need more people like this in the world.

Video on YouTube "Working Through Emotional Barriers" by Cave313 - their website is SavingBoys.org ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooAOc9Fwg0U
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august 2016 by daguti
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
Really great financial planning flowchart. I saved this as "financial planning flowchart.jpg"
money  visualization  reference  childrearing  children-teens 
june 2016 by daguti
Physician to parents: You're doing it wrong | www.wsbtv.com
"According to Sax, parents should focus on helping children develop skills such as self-control, humility and conscientiousness, meaning they think of people other than themselves. Those things are the biggest predictors of future success in adulthood, he said, not education or affluence." ..................... children-teens = The tip about putting screens in public places and/or installing Watchdog whatever. I dunno. I think that only prolongs things. If the kid is going to look at porn, they will eventually do it. Also I never would have spent as much time on the computer if it were in a public room. I would have no career today. I'd literally have no skills.
childrearing  children-teens  technology  internet  personal-development-conscientiousness 
january 2016 by daguti
Our double lives: Dark realities behind ‘perfect’ online profiles | New York Post
"Steers cited the work of social psychologist Leon Festinger, who, in 1954, came up with “social comparison theory,” the idea that we measure ourselves in relation to others’ failures and successes." ......................... marriage, warnings = "Yet Karina Freedman, a skin care specialist with a large clientele in Kiersten’s Manhasset neighborhood, says many of these women are, in fact, leading double lives. “So many of the husbands work late hours and their wives are home alone,” she tells The Post. “So, on weekends, it’s common for them to go out to bars and clubs in the city without their husbands. Many of the women in Manhasset are partiers.”"
psychology  relationships-friends  facebook  social-media  warnings  children  children-teens  relationships  health-mental-depression  relationships-marriage 
december 2015 by daguti
A Child Genius With a Thing for Explosions | Rising Stars | OZY
Talk about letting inferior human beings run your life. Poor girl. Glad she managed to shake loose of the oppression.
children-teens  genius  entrepreneurs-young 
march 2015 by daguti
I'm really good at driving - Album on Imgur
In case this image gets taken down, another copy: http://new2.fjcdn.com/thumbnails/comments/5420426+_b59851670cb8471a9be62669c55539c7.gif ......... It has a logo on it "DrivingConsutancy" with a few hexagons at an angle, almost like looking at a small cluster of beehive cells on an angle
video  howto  children-teens  childrearing  cars-driving 
march 2015 by daguti
Woman killed by man she met through Facebook | Naked Security
"A Romanian woman who thought she was going out on a date with an unmarried humanitarian aid worker [working with orphans] whom she'd met on Facebook was instead raped, strangled, stabbed, and left for dead."
dating-online  warnings  women  children-teens  safety  internet  relationships-dating  relationships-dating-online 
december 2014 by daguti
Why I Married My Abuser
man-babies = Not just the following quote from the article, although this quote does highlight manbaby behavior to a T---> "“Let’s talk to our pastor and make sure we’re a good match for each other,” I asked, hoping he wouldn’t explode. Instead, Hank imploded, crying, “This is gonna kill my momma.” He became such a little boy in that moment, I reached out to comfort him and my request was forgotten."
crime-domestic-violence  relationships  warnings  children-teens  childrearing  man-babies 
december 2014 by daguti
Meaghan Ramsey: Why thinking you're ugly is bad for you | Talk Video | TED.com
Kids today are looking to the outside for validation - not much different than previous generations, but the tools at their disposal and the default "always on" nature of the internet make it much more dangerous. ........ FACT: No matter how you ACTUALLY look or how much you ACTUALLY weigh, your performance suffers if you feel ugly or if you feel overweight.
video  beauty  children  children-teens  warnings  childrearing-bullying  tedtalks 
october 2014 by daguti
Learn How to Shave Like Your Grandpa | The Art of Manliness
Actually gives the proper technique for preparing, lathering, angling the blade and more.
shaving  men-boys  children-teens  childrearing  tips-n-tricks 
march 2014 by daguti
For Youths, Fewer Homicides But Still Many Deaths : Shots - Health News : NPR
abortion = "The legalization of abortion was at one point thought to account for it, but crime rates have dropped in other developed countries, such as Canada, that didn't change their abortion laws." ........................... childrearing = In the comments, needs research: "Researchers have noted that after controlling for children raised in homes without a father that the racial disparity disappears."
crime  abortion  crime-murder  childrearing  children-teens  death-dying  crime-violence 
july 2013 by daguti
Ten years later, Malvo sees young self as ‘monster’ | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com
Not technically a lone-shooter, but the same style. I remember this happening shortly after 9/11 (seems like less, but evidently it was a year after it in Oct 2002) and everyone thought it was a small scale Al Qaeda attempt at terrorism.

redemption = Will make it easy for me to find this, but I doubt this crime can ever be redeemed.
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september 2012 by daguti
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