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The Secret of Transubstantiation, Part 1 - Early To Rise
First heard of this principle at Agora Media Buyer Bootcamp.

Part 2 of the article is here:

change-agent, cerebrus-projects-marketing = In part 2, he says:
"This is the system I use to reinvent foundering products and businesses. It hasn’t always worked, but it has been responsible for most of the major advances I’ve experienced."
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october 2018 by daguti
Three Huge Mistakes We Make Leading Kids…and How to Correct Them | Tim ElmoreThree Huge Mistakes We Make Leading Kids…and How to Correct Them
Zelisa posted this on Facebook a few weeks later: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/Mickey-goodman/are-we-raising-a-generati_b_1249706.html .................................. Upon reading it, I realized Growing Leaders is the domain this bookmarked story is posted on and that organization is also referenced in her story. ........................... cerebrus-projects-marketing = Looks like they have been doing a great job of on-page SEO (blog) and off-page (guest posting oh Huffington Post) to raise their profile.
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november 2013 by daguti
Freerunning + Mario = Awesome - Holy Kaw!
business-small, cerebrus-projects-marketing = Great example of a small business creating a video to attract attention.
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april 2011 by daguti
Seth's Blog: What's the use case?
Don't show me a project, a website, an ad buy or an essay without first telling me what it's supposed to do when it works properly. First, because I might not want that result. And second, how else am I supposed to judge if it's good or not without knowing what you're trying to do...

Too often, we're in such a hurry to show off what we'd like to build we forget to sell the notion of what we built it for.
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march 2011 by daguti
DailyLit Forums: Reader Challenges / What's Your Sentence?
marketing = Remember how Dominos made it's sentence "30 minutes or less or it's free"
You have to give a very clear benefit - in one sentence - commonly called a slogan in business.
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january 2011 by daguti
Seth's Blog: The problem with "global warming"
Doesn't matter what you market. Human beings want:
totems and icons
meters (put a real-time mpg or co2 meter in every car and watch what happens)
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january 2011 by daguti
Copy is Dead: Why Friendly and Simple Speech is Better than Marketing Copy | SpyreStudios
When I started reading this, I thought "Crap!" so I quickly scanned it. Then I came to the first and second images, which show examples. Very interesting. . . to say the least.
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december 2010 by daguti
How to Ask for Testimonials
templates = sample requests for referrals included (scroll down 2/3 to 1/2 way down the article)
Another good idea is to ask them to do "Reseller Ratings" type of survey post-sale.
1) You get a linkback from Reseller Ratings
2) You get (hopefully) positive feedback that you can use in different campaigns
3) Easy, no pressure way to ask for a referral (might not be the perfect type of referral you're looking for)
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december 2010 by daguti
Virb › Elegantly simple websites
cerebrus-projects-marketing = We should make an interface like this that is easy for our customers to update themselves and we can charge $10-$25/month.
december 2010 by daguti
Young Entrepreneurs Create Their Own Jobs - NYTimes.com
cerebrus-projects-marketing = This Young Entrepreneurs Association could be a good tool to use.
entrepreneurs-young  entrepreneurship  freelancing  career  jobs  cerebrus-projects-marketing  next-small-thing 
december 2010 by daguti
When It Comes To Social Media, Many Marketers Jump The Gun - Forbes.com
See page 2, end of article for link to related webinar or slideshow.
frameworks =
- Have a strong understanding of your customers: Brands must have “socialgraphics,” the measurement of how your customers and consumers are using social technologies

- Develop business processes: Develop a triage for how information from different business units and geographies will be cascaded to certain groups in real time.

- Create qualified roles: Brands need at least two specialists dedicated to social marketing: the social strategist and the community manager.

- Create a measurement strategy: New media requires measurement. The old adage holds true: “You can’t improve what you can’t measure.”

- Have the mindset to “fail fast.” Plan for mistakes to be made. Encourage active sharing around “opportunities missed” without being punitive. New practices require risk and change—embrace this as your customers likely already have.
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may 2010 by daguti
Beware of Marketers Bearing Plans to Reach "Influencers" - BRITE Conference Blog
Consumer influence may, in fact, spread more like a forest fire. Small fires start in wilderness every day. When one of them turns into a raging forest fire, the difference is not in the type of spark that ignited it, but in the conditions of the forest (recent drought, density of fallen timber, angle of slopes, prevailing winds). Similarly, trends that spread quickly may do so because of broad conditions within customer networks that are receptive to the trend – not because of a special type of customers who were the first to adopt.
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december 2009 by daguti
Welcome to the Local Business Center
- 1. Visit google.com/lbc Create a Google account if you don't have one, or sign in with your account.

- 2. Enter information about your business, including address & phone, hours & more: You can even add photos of your business and coupons.

- 3. Verify that you own or run the business: Follow the instructions and enter a PIN code when you receive it, to complete the process.

- 4. Now you're all set. You can log in daily to see how your business listing performs on Google, including how many times people found it, and what actions they took.
business-small  cerebrus-projects-marketing 
december 2009 by daguti
Download The 10-Minute Marketer's Secret Formula | Tom Feltenstein | The 10-Minute Marketer's Secret Formula Audio Book abridged | Audible Audiobooks | Audible.com
If you're trying to attract customers who are beyond a 10-minute drive from your business, STOP! Mass marketing is a waste of time and money, and you're missing out on a chance to make bigger profits. That's the eye-opening assertion of Tom Feltenstein, the modern-day father of strategic neighborhood marketing, in The 10-Minute Marketer's Secret Formula.
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january 2009 by daguti

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