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Mashable - It feels like roads are getting worse, but fancy new...
I've had this idea for years and I was just thinking about it again 2 days ago. My idea worked on the idea of a video camera or radar scanning the road ahead and actively adjusting the suspension to keep the chassis steady.
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april 2018 by daguti
Why Does a Tire Company Publish the Michelin Guide?
Great history of the Michelin Guide. I sort of knew, but didn't have a full understanding for why Michelin, which I knew as a tire company, published a food rating guide.

standing-out-or-differentiating = "For drivers, that information was essential. Gas stations did not yet exist, so drivers needed to know which pharmacies sold gasoline in several-liter containers. Motorists needed the timetables that listed when the sun set during the year, because highways did not yet have lights. Only a fraction of auto repair shops stayed open all year, which made it crucial to know which closed at the end of summer. Details like this distinguished the Michelin Guide from the tour books of the time, which assumed that people traveled by rail. "

and more history:
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march 2018 by daguti
73 Mind-Blowing Implications of Driverless Cars and Trucks
"73 Mind-Blowing Implications of Driverless Cars and Trucks
I originally wrote and published a version of this article in September 2016. Since then, quite a bit has happened, further cementing my view that these changes are coming and that the implications will be even more substantial. I decided it was time to update this article with some additional ideas and a few changes.

As I write this, Uber just announced that it just ordered 24,000 self-driving Volvos. Tesla just released an electric, long-haul tractor trailer with extraordinary technical specs (range, performance) and self-driving capabilities (UPS just preordered 125!). And, Tesla just announced what will probably be the quickest production car ever made — perhaps the fastest. It will go zero to sixty in about the time it takes you to read zero to sixty. And, of course, it will be able to drive itself. The future is quickly becoming now. Google just ordered thousands of Chryslers for its self-driving fleet (that are already on the roads in AZ).

In September of 2016, Uber had just rolled out its first self-driving taxis in Pittsburgh, Tesla and Mercedes were rolling out limited self-driving capabilities and cities around the world were negotiating with companies who want to bring self-driving cars and trucks to their cities. Since then, all of the major car companies have announced significant steps towards mostly or entirely electric vehicles, more investments have been made in autonomous vehicles, driverless trucks now seem to be leading rather than following in terms of the first large scale implementations and there’ve been a few more incidents (i.e. accidents).

I believe that the timeframe for significant adoption of this technology has shrunk in the past year as technology has gotten better faster and as the trucking industry has increased its level of interest and investment.

I believe that my daughter, who is now just over 1 years old, will never have to learn to drive or own a car.

The impact of driverless vehicles will be profound and impact almost every part of our lives.

Below are my updated thoughts about what a driverless future will be like. Some of these updates are from feedback to my original article (thanks to those who contributed!!!), some are based on technology advances in the past year and others are just my own speculations.

What could happen when cars and trucks drive themselves?

1. People won’t own their own cars. Transport will be delivered as a service from companies who own fleets of self-driving vehicles. There are so many technical, economic, safety advantages to the transportation-as-a-service that this change may come much faster than most people expect. Owning a vehicle as an individual will become a novelty for collectors and maybe competitive racers.

2. Software/technology companies will own more of the world’s economy as companies like Uber, Google and Amazon turn transportation into a pay-as-you-go service. Software will indeed eat this world. Over time, they’ll own so much data about people, patterns, routes and obstacles that new entrants will have huge barriers to enter the market

3. Without government intervention (or some sort of organized movement), there will be a tremendous transfer of wealth to a very small number of people who own the software, battery/power manufacturing, vehicle servicing and charging/power generation/maintenance infrastructure. There will be massive consolidation of companies serving these markets as scale and efficiency will become even more valuable. Cars (perhaps they’ll be renamed with some sort-of-clever acronym) will become like the routers that run the Internet — most consumers won’t know or care who made them or who owns them.

4. Vehicle designs will change radically — vehicles won’t need to withstand crashes in the same way, all vehicles will be electric (self-driving + software + service providers = all electric). They may look different, come in very different shapes and sizes, maybe attach to each other in some situations. There will likely be many significant innovations in materials used for vehicle construction — for example, tires and brakes will be re-optimized with very different assumptions, especially around variability of loads and much more controlled environments. The bodies will likely be primarily made of composites (like carbon fiber and fiberglass) and 3D printed. Electric vehicles with no driver controls will require 1/10th or fewer the number of parts (perhaps even 1/100th) and thus will be quicker to produce and require much less labor. There may even be designs with almost no moving parts (other than wheels and motors, obviously).

5. Vehicles will mostly swap batteries rather than serve as the host of battery charging. Batteries will be charged in distributed and highly optimized centers — likely owned by the same company as the vehicles or another national vendor. There may be some entrepreneurial opportunity and a marketplace for battery charging and swapping, but this industry will likely be consolidated quickly. The batteries will be exchanged without human intervention — likely in a carwash-like drive thru

6. Vehicles (being electric) will be able to provide portable power for a variety of purposes (which will also be sold as a service) — construction job sites (why use generators), disaster/power failures, events, etc. They may even temporarily or permanently replace power distribution networks (i.e. power lines) for remote locations — imagine a distributed power generation network with autonomous vehicles providing “last mile” services to some locations

7. Driver’s licenses will slowly go away as will the Department of Motor Vehicles in most states. Other forms of ID may emerge as people no longer carry driver’s licenses. This will probably correspond with the inevitable digitization of all personal identification — via prints, retina scans or other biometric scanning

8. There won’t be any parking lots or parking spaces on roads or in buildings. Garages will be repurposed — maybe as mini loading docks for people and deliveries. Aesthetics of homes and commercial buildings will change as parking lots and spaces go away. There will be a multi-year boom in landscaping and basement and garage conversions as these spaces become available

9. Traffic policing will become redundant. Police transport will also likely change quite a bit. Unmanned police vehicles may become more common and police officers may use commercial transportation to move around routinely. This may dramatically change the nature of policing, with newfound resources from the lack of traffic policing and dramatically less time spent moving around

10. There will be no more local mechanics, car dealers, consumer car washes, auto parts stores or gas stations. Towns that have been built around major thoroughfares will change or fade

11. The auto insurance industry as we know it will go away (as will the significant investing power of the major players of this industry). Most car companies will go out of business, as will most of their enormous supplier networks. There will be many fewer net vehicles on the road (maybe 1/10th, perhaps even less) that are also more durable, made of fewer parts and much more commoditized

12. Traffic lights and signs will become obsolete. Vehicles may not even have headlights as infrared and radar take the place of the human light spectrum. The relationship between pedestrians (and bicycles) and cars and trucks will likely change dramatically. Some will come in the form of cultural and behavioral changes as people travel in groups more regularly and walking or cycling becomes practical in places where it isn’t today

13. Multi-modal transportation will become a more integrated and normal part of our ways of moving around. In other words, we’ll often take one type of vehicle to another, especially when traveling longer distances. With coordination and integration, the elimination of parking and more deterministic patterns, it will become ever-more efficient to combine modes of transport

14. The power grid will change. Power stations via alternative power sources will become more competitive and local. Consumers and small businesses with solar panels, small scale tidal or wave power generators, windmills and other local power generation will be able to sell KiloWattHours to the companies who own the vehicles. This will change “net metering” rules and possibly upset the overall power delivery model. It might even be the beginning of truly distributed power creation and transport. There will likely be a significant boom in innovation in power production and delivery models. Over time, ownership of these services will probably be consolidated across a very small number of companies

15. Traditional petroleum products (and other fossil fuels) will become much less valuable as electric cars replace fuel powered vehicles and as alternative energy sources become more viable with portability of power (transmission and conversion eat tons of power). There are many geopolitical implications to this possible shift. As implications of climate change become ever-clearer and present, these trends will likely accelerate. Petroleum will continue to be valuable for making plastics and other derived materials, but will not be burned for energy at any scale. Many companies, oil-rich countries and investors have already begun accommodating for these changes

16. Entertainment funding will change as the auto industry’s ad spending goes away. Think about how many ads you see or hear about cars, car financing, car insurance, car accessories and car dealers. There are likely to be many other structural and cultural changes that come from the dramatic changes to the transportation industry. We’ll stop saying “shift into high gear” and other driving-related colloquialisms as the references will be lost on future … [more]
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march 2018 by daguti
Mobile Plug Inverter | Cool Tools
You plug this solid-state inverter into your car’s lighter socket and power whatever 110 volt AC appliance you want, 75 watts max.

keywords: power inverter
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march 2018 by daguti
Head-to-Head: Chevrolet Bolt vs. Chevrolet Volt - NY Daily News
Lots of interesting facts. The one that shocked me:
"Also, since the Bolt needs an electric charge in order to run, owners are essentially forced to buy an in-home 240-volt adapter or else they’ll have to suffer the painfully slow charge rate of 4 miles per hour with a standard 120-volt wall outlet. That adds between $1,500 and $2,000 to an owner’s expenses before he or she can even plug the vehicle in."
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february 2018 by daguti
Rental Car Insurance: How Your Credit Card Covers You - NerdWallet
Near the bottom, it covers the Amex Premium Car Rental Protection product that I have on my Amex card. The salient points are:

- it is primary coverage
- you are auto-charged ~$25 when you rent a car using your Amex card
- $25 covers the entire rental period up to 42 days
- coverage is completely excluded in: Australia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica & New Zealand
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february 2018 by daguti
Was on my way to test drive a car, and texted my brother for advice. Sharing for all those without older brothers. - Album on Imgur
Tips for checking out a used car. Also see the additional tips in the comments:
- check the end of the tailpipe for wet oily deposits.
- make sure no smoke at idle nor when revving
- read the comments for more
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september 2016 by daguti
Buy or lease the smart way with our new car buying and leasing guide.
$39.95 for the first car, $15 for each additional car. It gives you a bunch of inside info to be informed before buying a new car.

also see this page on how the auto industry redesigned the invoice for the internet age:
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september 2016 by daguti
The Mill BLACKBIRD - YouTube
Wow, unbelievable. Car ads will be made using a generic "car rig" which then is skinned with a real car's look and feel in post production.
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june 2016 by daguti
Automatic: Connect Your Car to Your Life
I learned about this through the IFTTT newsletter that was talking about new recipes people have been working on. It's a device that hooks up to your car port and interfaces with your smartphone to give you all sorts of details about your car. It even reads the diagnostic codes so you no longer need to buy one of those diagnostic devices that Paul has.
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february 2016 by daguti
Car Talk - FCA's Mopar Madness and the Descent into Mopar Murder
Italian company owns Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, RAM brands and is killing off muscle cars in favor of trucks and truck identified cars (crossovers, pickups, etc)
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february 2016 by daguti
Horsepower - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Engines are rated in horsepower because ... vestiges from the past keep creeping into the present.
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january 2016 by daguti
Stop hurting your engine by 'warming up' the car when it's cold out
"We spoke with mechanical engineer and former drag-racer Stephen Ciatti about the pervasive myth that you need to warm up your car in the winter. For the last 26 years, Ciatti has worked on combustion engines — engines that generate power from burning fuel, like gasoline — and currently oversees all of the combustion engine work at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois. To get straight to the point, Ciatti said that idling your car in the cold not only wastes fuel, but it’s also stripping oil from critical components that help your engine run, namely the cylinders and pistons."
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january 2016 by daguti
This is why Tesla is so insistent on selling direct to customers
strategy = "To engage with potential buyers, it needs small stores in high-traffic areas, not sprawling dealerships on the outskirts of town with hundreds of cars worth of inventory." I would never have realize this. It speaks to the power of rethinking something from the ground up.
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january 2016 by daguti
Equus Automotive | home
The Bass 770 is inspired by classic muscle cars of the 60s and 70s. Looks like cost (as of Jan 2016) starts at $100,000 for the bespoke program and can run $534,000 or more for the more exclusive ones.
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january 2016 by daguti
Sonakar.Com - Don't risk while driving... THINK!
Can't imagine doing this, but still good to know it's a possible mistake to be aware of. (backed up to youtube & internet backups)
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january 2016 by daguti
SPU89.pdf - Application for remaking of an existing license plate
A form to get your existing license plates remade (for example, if they are damaged and you want to keep the same number)
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january 2016 by daguti
How to negotiate the price of your car without haggling
I used this technique (fax all dealers asking for best price, go back around and have them lower prices based on each others' best prices) and it yielded ok results on the first round (didn't go back and do a second round yet), but the best prices came from TrueCar. That said, you should always use both methods, as TrueCar lists out all the currently available incentives (as well as when they expire) but it might not give the best price in all instances.
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january 2016 by daguti
5 Things Car Dealers Won't Tell You
Two good things mention in this article: The lemon worksheet (they link to it) and the fact that you should talk directly to the fleet manager, general sales manager, (see article for other titles)
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december 2015 by daguti
Get the Best Price on a New Car With 4 Simple Steps | The AutoTempest Blog
This gives the format for how to get the best price on a car. I have heard this should be done by fax, so feel free to do that.
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december 2015 by daguti
The Secrets of Car Negotiation -- Edmunds.com
Later in the morning, Weintraub took a different approach to negotiating a lower price. While trying to get a lower figure for a Saab that had originally retailed for $42,500 and was on sale for $31,050, he had been given a figure of $30,500 and was told by the general sales manager that was the lowest he could go.
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december 2015 by daguti
DOT in the Dark: American headlight regs are dimwitted
Poor legislation from the 60's creates a bad user interface, which makes people forget to turn their lights on.
cars  public-policy  user-interface 
july 2015 by daguti
I made a custom iPhone mount for my Volvo : DIY
This guy made a custom phone mount to fit a weird empty square space on his dashboard, near his radio.
cars  hacks  cellphone  diy  howto 
february 2015 by daguti
TIL the Dodge Brothers built all of the engines for Oldsmobile and all of the parts for the Ford Model T. They also served beer to employees at the factory on hot days and had a part of the plant called the “Play Pen” where workers could invent and cr
Interesting comment by pinskia "And then sued Ford for Ford wanting to invest in the company (pay the employees more) rather than giving money to the share holders. Ford lost the case in the end. An important bit of history left out here."
history-business  business-culture  cars 
december 2014 by daguti
The Cheapest Generation: Why Millennials aren’t buying cars or houses, and what that means for the economy : Futurology
See top comments by Lube_it_with_blood and Imperfectionitis, basically saying the author is missing the point, this isn't a generation completely different than previous ones, it's a reaction to the conditions presented them by a generation of savvy consumers who know not to buy what they can't afford (basically, an extension of capitalism-greed and the fact that wages are down compared to previous generations)
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december 2014 by daguti
MiniDrones Blew Up My Toys! - YouTube
If you think that video I just bookmarked was good, check this one out. Incredible car chase/battle scene with remote control cars and drones.
video  filmmaking-technique  cars 
december 2014 by daguti
My car chase on Vimeo
"Last year I interviewed for a TV job, and they asked me if I had ever directed or shot car chases.  I said yes, went home, shot this, and sent it back to them. I didn't get the job." .................. Original reddit thread here: http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/2odnlo/i_interviewed_for_a_tv_job_and_they_asked_me_if_i/
funny  cars  video  filmmaking-technique 
december 2014 by daguti
This is why you never valet your car.... ever. : videos
Some people mentioned that certain high end cars have valet keys and someone else mentioned Accessport as a way to limit what the car can do.
cars  video  warnings 
december 2014 by daguti
Driving in reverse : WTF
Never stand or dawdle in the danger zone of a car. Whether it's on purpose (as in this video) or by accident (as when someone loses control of their car), you are putting your life into the hands of complete fucking idiots. I have practiced this for as long as I remember and I tell my parents every time I see them strolling through the parking lot like they own the place.
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november 2014 by daguti
Look up your VIN number to see if there are any recalls on your car.
cars  reference  safety 
october 2014 by daguti
Guy Kawasaki - Timeline Photos
"A car that runs on compressed air and gas and could get an astonishing 117 miles per gallon ............................... They are calling it a "super hybrid" car. ............................... See more details here: http://blogs.discovery.com/inscider/2014/02/air-powered-car.html#mkcpgn=fbsci1 Photo credit and more into from PSA Peugeot http://www.psa-peugeot-citroen.com/en/featured-content/automotive-innovation/hybrid-air-engine-full-hybrid-gasoline"
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march 2014 by daguti
Blog Post | Plugging In: The First Electric Cars | Car Talk
I had no idea the first electric car was invented around the same time as the first gas-powered car.
cars-electric  cars  amazing  inventions 
february 2014 by daguti
Renault Concept Car Packs a Flying Drone in Its Roof
I had this exact idea since about the time I started driving. Except the drone would be able to provide an overhead view of traffic and help you decide if it's wise to get off at the next exit or if the traffic ends in just a little bit. Also, it could be useful for spotting cops (with an infrared camera, cops hiding in bushes would be easily seen.)
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february 2014 by daguti
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