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The Sprawl is a research and development environment with a focus on information security and hacking culture.

This is the place that had a full copy of the American Greed episode on Max Ray Butler / Max Ray Vision / Iceman:

and the National Geographic episode "I am Rebel" on Kevin Mitnick:

Both episodes are backed up to movies\documentaries and contain the word "hack" in the filename

streaming-internet-tv = not really a streaming site, but they have a lot of episodes
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april 2018 by daguti
How to Avoid Penalties for Blog Comments According to Matt Cutts - SEO Circle
If you comment on blogs, make sure to "comment with your real name rather than your business name or keyword. Another important factor is the proportion of comment links back to your site, when compared to the rest of links pointing back. If Google determines that it is a link scheme, they do reserve the right to take action against your site."
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november 2013 by daguti
Shady Shades 101
Interesting blog from someone who sells sunglasses online.
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november 2011 by daguti
delicious beta status
We have retained all tag bundle data, and are working to expose this for users.
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september 2011 by daguti
trendwatching.com's September 2011 Trend Briefing "RETAIL RENAISSANCE" on the latest in retail trends and shopping for consumers
Awesome "blog" (not really a daily) on the intersection of retail and online shopping. See Sept 2011 edition.
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september 2011 by daguti
Protect Your Seniors
Some people, whether they do so as their job, whether they do so out of love for a friend or family member, spend a great deal of time taking care of someone seriously ill. You probably know someone like that. This post is to give you a moment to take pause, to receive our thanks for your selflessness, and to ask that you take care of yourself. Here are the vital pieces of information necessary.
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june 2011 by daguti
Money Under 30: Personal Finance Blog For The Young & Ambitious
Similar to the idea Steve has for creating a financial planning course for doctors.
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march 2011 by daguti
Chris Kaufman
This guy started following me on Twitter 1/6/2011. I checked out his blog and like the design.
blogs  design  daily-reading 
january 2011 by daguti
Janet Sommer
She is following Jazzville on Twitter.
jazz  blogs 
august 2010 by daguti
The And of One
Classical, jazz and experimental music performances in the Central New Jersey region, spiced with issues of the day.
jazz  blogs  jazz-nj-organizations 
july 2010 by daguti
Let it rip- Solaris Networking - The Magic Revealed (Part II)
Javier Sosa prompted this inquiry into Solaris 10 GLDv3 vs v2 drivers:
* 6. Solaris 10 Device Driver framework
o GLDv2 and Monolithic DLPI drivers (Solaris 9 and before)
o GLDv3 - A New Architecture
o GLDv3 Link aggregation architecture
o Checksum offload
sun  solaris  blogs  howto 
august 2009 by daguti
100 Awesome Blogs By Some of the World’s Smartest People | Online Universities.com
World Changing: World Changing’s executive editor is Alex Steffen, a writer who has contributed stories to The New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Al Gore even wrote the forward to Steffen’s book, Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century.
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may 2009 by daguti
://URLFAN - How popular is your website in the Web 2.0 world?
Track how popular your website is on the web -- see which bloggers are talking about your site. anysystem / brainlink
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november 2008 by daguti
TiECON East *Largest Global Innovation Conference*
TiECON East *Largest Global Innovation Conference*
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june 2007 by daguti
Geek to Live: Improve your web site with Google Analytics - Lifehacker
Geek to Live: Improve your web site with Google Analytics - Lifehacker
seo  statistics  blogs  google 
september 2006 by daguti
Why the Web 2.0 and media elite are so upset about paying amateurs (or "I'm sorry, does Mike Arrington work for free?") - The Jason Calacanis Weblog
business  business-ideas  money  blogs  crowdsourcing 
july 2006 by daguti
digg - Weblogs wants to pay the top Diggers $1000/month
Weblogs wants to pay the top Diggers $1000/month
society  blogs 
july 2006 by daguti
Create your own wiki in seconds. I dunno how effective this is, just bookmarking it for later. I'm in a surfing mood.
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july 2006 by daguti
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