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Researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas have developed a high-powered, environmentally safe lithium-sulfur substitute that could drastically lengthen battery life : Futurology
See comment by hockeymanbrown:
"As someone who has been researching lithium-sulfur batteries for a while now, I may be able to provide some insight.

Lithium-sulfur batteries offer a few unique advantages over lithium ion including: 1. Sulfur is very cheap 2. They are much lighter 3. They have higher theoretical capacity (approx 3x)

All of these reasons make lithium-sulfur batteries a great candidate for eventually replacing lithium ion, as the low cost and weight could be used in electric cars etc. However, lithium-sulfur batteries have notably lower cycle life retention than lithium ion batteries, as can be seen by their specific capacity rapidly decaying over cycling. This can be attributed, in part, to the polysulfide shuttle effect. Essentially, sulfur cathode material forms lithium sulfides and disperses into the electrolyte solution. There are many efforts to mitigate this effect including research into binder materials, which prevent these sulfides from leaving the cathode.

Overall, lithium-sulfur batteries have a lot of potential, but research still needs to be done to find materials that can overcome the cost vs efficiency region that lithium ion batteries dominate today.

source - electrochemical researcher"

march 2018 by daguti
Hey Reddit, what products are identical to a brand name, just with a different label? : AskReddit
Brand name products that you can get much cheaper.

See comment on the batteries and how NLee the Engineer reviews batteries on Amazon.

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Someone is lying about electric cars on the internet - Album on Imgur
"On the other hand, the world produces about 650,000 tons of lithium each year. Lithium exists mostly in the form of concentrated salts. Almost all that lithium—greater than 95 percent of it—is produced through a process of pumping underground brine to the surface and allowing it to evaporate in big pans. It’s separated from the brine using electrolysis. There’s nothing you would think of as mining. No blasting. No trucks driving around carrying loads of crushed rock. No sprays of sulfuric acid."
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If you thought solar was going to hurt utilities, get a load of solar storage : Futurology
paradigm-shifts-killing-the-golden-calf = A new tag for situations where an old, entrenched industry rested on its laurels while a new, nimble company saw the future and unseated them. Other examples include Sanka not creating Starbucks, cab companies not creating Uber, hotels not creating AirBNB, etc. It usually stems from the fact that A) companies are reaping lots of money from "the golden calf" and B) the untested, unproven "killer" of the golden calf could be a waste of time, energy, etc that, if successful could kill the golden calf.
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The Super Supercapacitor | Brian Golden Davis on Vimeo
cars-electric = Being able to charge a phone in 30 seconds is useful, being able to charge a car in 30 seconds is world-changing.
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Cool Tools – La Crosse Battery Charger
"Most battery chargers, however, are dumb circuits that simply jam a current through the battery no matter its current state of charge, which can ruin a perfectly good battery. With La Crosse’s BC-900, you can not only monitor the charge on the battery at any given time, you can do a discharge + recharge cycle, or even a full refresh where the battery is discharged and recharged several times in a row. I’ve found the BC-900 can actually revive a battery that was rendered unusable via a less effective charger."
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december 2012 by daguti
Material Lighter Than Air Could Drastically Change Tech
world-records = "It weighs in at 0.2 milligrams for each cubic centimeter, making it the lightest material in the world. It’s lighter than a nickel material that was presented to the public about six months ago."
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Apple’s Latest ‘Innovation’ Is Turning Planned Obsolescence Into Planned Failure « iFixit Blog
"Until the iPhone, all consumer product designs included a way to replace consumables. Apple’s consumer-hostile approach has turned product design on its head."
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