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Diana Young - C sections, like artificial milks and artificial...
food-eat-as-nature-intended = Not eating anything, but it's the same thought: do it the way nature intended.
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4 weeks ago by daguti
Nestle's Infant Formula Scandal - Business Insider
"At one point they would give free 'samples' of baby formula to breastfeeding mothers, particularly those in poverty. The sample was just large enough to ensure that the mother's body would naturally stop producing milk on it's own. Essentially forcing them to purchase baby formula from nestle."

found in a comment on this article:

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july 2018 by daguti
U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials : worldnews
This is the era of Donald Trump. Where the US just goes against the grain for the hell of it. This country is going down the shitter.

corruption-corporate = See the comments on Bayer and their blood clotting drug.

nestle , breast-feeding , breastfeeding , breast feeding
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july 2018 by daguti
UK scientist reveals childhood leukaemia is likely to be preventable, cause linked to reduced exposure to germs in early childhood : science
"His research concludes that the disease is caused through a two-step process of genetic mutation and exposure to infection that means it may be preventable with treatments to stimulate or ‘prime’ the immune system in infancy.

The first step involves a genetic mutation that occurs before birth in the foetus and predisposes children to leukaemia – but only 1 per cent of children born with this genetic change go on to develop the disease.

The second step is also crucial. The disease is triggered later, in childhood, by exposure to one or more common infections, but primarily in children who experienced 'clean' childhoods in the first year of life, without much interaction with other infants or older children."
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may 2018 by daguti
Create an LLC for your kids when they're in high school...
Text from the image:
"Create an LLC for your kids when they're in high school. File taxes on it for 4 years.(start business history) pay them on the business payroll checks. (set their salary) Get a business credit card. Make them an authorized signer (establish business credit) GRADUATION GIFT! Let's break the cycle."
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november 2017 by daguti
America's 12-week maternity policy has nothing to do with families
"The United States is the only industrialized country without a law guaranteeing paid maternity leave to new mothers." ................ history-vestiges-of-the-past-creep-into-the-present = 12 weeks of maternity leave has nothing to do with science or the good of the baby and everything to do with politics.
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january 2015 by daguti
How Men’s Minds Reveal the Wisdom of Women’s Bodies | Psychology Today
I spent HOURS looking for this, because A) I thought I had bookmarked it, when, in fact, I had only posted it to Facebook 2012-02-12 B) I thought it was an NPR article C) I thought the title was more along the lines of "How Men's Brains Can Teach Us About Women's Bodies" (the operative idea being that "brains" was used instead of "minds" (which is actually in the title) ........................... Another article along the same lines: http://beingamom.life/fat-butt-and-thighs-are-building-blocks-for-babies-brains/ ........................ "This research satisfyingly connects several themes in the study of human evolution, but the arc of discovery leads even farther, into the realm of public health. A huge shift in US food policy--driven by a collaboration of poor science and corporate interests--has progressively sucked the DHA out of the American food supply and replaced it with metabolically competing omega-6 fats. This means that American women are coming up short on the raw ma..."
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january 2015 by daguti
Zumba Hakim - DANCE #babylove
I always had the idea for the toddler workout, but it was about using the moves that they do. I never realized we could use an actual toddler to lead the workout!
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january 2015 by daguti
Child in Mind: Is Postpartum Depression Really Postpartum Neglect?
4th Trimester is when the baby is a newborn and mothers are most vulnerable to being neglected.
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december 2014 by daguti
Baby's first tunnel - Imgur
Baby goes full-on shocked when he's going through his first tunnel.
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november 2014 by daguti
It's not just about what we eat as... - Ancestral Health Symposium
"It's not just about what we eat as adults. It's about how our microbiome is seeded and fed from birth. '"How will you help me seed and feed my baby's microbiome?" For change to happen, it might take decades for change to happen from the top down. But I believe change can happen much quicker from the bottom up. And it could start with all expectant mothers simply asking the one extra question."" -------------------------- link to article: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/toni-harman/microbirth-documentary_b_5828266.html
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september 2014 by daguti
Scientists Report First Cure of HIV In A Child, Say It's A Game-Changer : Shots - Health News : NPR
Scientists say a Mississippi child has been cured of HIV. The research findings, released Sunday, could help cure other HIV-infected newborns. Some other patients (adults, this time) in France had similar results: http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/03/15/174404133/more-patients-keep-hiv-at-bay-without-antiviral-drugs
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march 2013 by daguti
Hunter-Gatherer Parents: Better Than Today's Moms and Dads? - The Daily Beast
evolvify-topics = Topics related to the fact that we should mimimick our hunter-gatherer roots (in all aspects of our lives) as closely as possible in order to gain the most value from our lives. This is true in all aspects including diet, exercise, childrearing, societal structures, "village" model of living, leadership, etc
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may 2011 by daguti
The Checkup - Teen birth rate hits record low
"When money is very tight, all of us think harder about taking risks, expanding our families, taking on new responsibilities," Brown said. "Now I know that teens may not be as savvy about money as those in their 20s and 30s - they probably don't stress over 401(k)s like the rest of us --but many teens live with financially stressed adults, and they see neighbors and older friends losing jobs and even losing houses. So they, too, feel the squeeze and may be reacting to it by being more prudent.... Maybe part of tightening our belts includes keeping our zippers closed, too!"
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december 2010 by daguti

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