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Estate sales all over, once in a while, there is one held in Linden, like this one:

Held at 1416 East Linden Ave, Linden, NJ

The name of the place in Linden is Time and Again Galleries:

to-do-before-you-die  art  auctions  auctions-estate 
june 2018 by daguti
Why Shia LaBeouf's Latest Stunt Is a Work of Genius | Rolling Stone
Not an extreme sport, but a David-Blained-like stunt of endurance. ..... NewHive.com is the website he used, which seems to be an artsy-live-YouTube streaming service for artists to showcase their live videos. Similar to Justin.TV, but with an artistic bent..... more on the project: http://blog.newhive.com/allmymovies/
sports-extreme-publicity-stunts  art  buzz  celebrities  news  2015  streaming  streaming-internet-tv  streaming-related-to 
november 2015 by daguti
Former Security Guard Reflects On What He Lost One Fateful Night : NPR
crime-heists-art-vandalism = Two of the paintings were cut out of the frames, so even if the get them back, they'll never be the same. (as of March 2015, they've never been recovered) ............... survival-urban, disguise = ""You know, most of the guards were either older or they were college students," 48-year-old Abath continued. "Nobody there was capable of dealing with actual criminals. But that night two cops rang the doorbell. They had hats, badges, they looked like cops, and I let them in. They said, 'Are you here alone?' And I said 'I have a partner that's out on a round.' They said, 'call him down.' And they said, 'Gentlemen this is a robbery.' ""
art  crime-heists  crime-heists-art-vandalism  survival-urban  survival-urban--disguise 
march 2015 by daguti
Woman demonstrates even more gorgeous styles in '100 years of beauty'
good-content-example = This was created by cut.com, presumably a site that has something to do with haircuts or hairstyles.
beauty  photos  art  history  retro-nostalgia  marketing-good-content-examples  time-timeline 
january 2015 by daguti
Vladimir Kush, often compared to Dalí and one of my favorites : Art
people-salvador-dali, ideas-copycats = People often compare Vladimir Kush to Dali; not saying he is a ripoff.
people-salvador-dali  art  ideas-copycats 
december 2014 by daguti
Gallery of sequel posters that were never made - Imgur
predictions-failed = This is a bit of a stretch, but it might help me find it in the future.
movies-related-to  art  predictions-failed 
november 2014 by daguti
Briefcase for Law School - Imgur
Amazing satchell, hand-made over a 6 month period.
art  photos  howto 
october 2014 by daguti
In Memory of Tom Lotta: father, artist, boxer - News - MPNnow - Canandaigua, NY
This is the artist that made "The Country Store" which is hanging in my parents' kitchen. Crazy that he just died in 2007.
art  obituaries 
october 2014 by daguti
At First I Thought These Were Regular Paintings. Then I Kept Looking And...Holy Cow!
Los Angeles-based artist, Alexa Meade has made a name for herself by turning real people into walking, talking works of art. Using acrylic paints, she paints on the skin of human subjects in a way that optically flattens them into two-dimensional beings.
art  photos 
july 2014 by daguti
Right in the feels... - Imgur
Gregory Kloehn goes dumpster diving - not because he's poor or homeless, but because he uses the materials he collects to build tiny (tent-sized) houses for homless people.
poverty  art  architecture  photos  life-affirming 
may 2014 by daguti
imgur: the simple image sharer
16 year od photographer takes self portraits documenting fashion over the last 100 years (hippies vs mainstream, flappers vs mainstream, etc)
photos  culture  society  jazzville-marketing-material  art  fashion 
may 2014 by daguti
This is one picture... : pics
video = See the comment about the stop-motion video of the piece being created: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=170Ij9m5INI
photos  art  video 
may 2014 by daguti
▶ Dance on the circle. - YouTube
Set to music, potter makes incredible designs on pottery wheel
art  video  projects-w-melanie-pottery 
march 2014 by daguti
Streamline Moderne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
From the article on Googie architecture: "Googie's beginnings are with the Streamline Moderne architecture of the 1930s."
language-concepts  architecture  art 
march 2014 by daguti
PUNCH | Watch an Artist Paint Jay-Z & Ernest Hemingway with Wine
Watch the music and the cutting technique make the process of painting energetic.
filmmaking-technique  video  art 
march 2014 by daguti
Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery
Simon Stalenhag - Photorealistic art. It's not until you zoom in that you realize these are sketches, not photos.
art  photos 
february 2014 by daguti
Wise/inspirational words - Imgur
Literary wisdom posters. Emailed to Maria 2/3/2014 for R4P. ............... Printed on a poster or something, this would make an awesome gift. Either printing one of the images on a large poster or if they can't stretch without pixelizing, printing all of them in a gallery format. ........................... Turns out there is an Etsy shop you can buy them at.
gifts-unique  gifts  literature  marketing-good-content-examples  standing-out-or-differentiating-by-content  art 
february 2014 by daguti
Does the Art Market Need to Be Regulated?
I remember hearing something like this on an NPR show, Talk of the Nation or something? They said of the 3 big unregulated markets in the world, only art is legal - human trafficking and drugs being the other two. ................. "I heard a former editor of Art in America say that the four big unregulated markets are art, arms, drugs, and human trafficking. Art is legal, of course, and ideal for money laundering by those engaged in the other three markets. The dark side of the art market bubble, you might say. He also told me that the Chinese have really exploited the arbitrariness of pricing art. I would like to know more about this. "
art  legal-or-law 
january 2014 by daguti
Photoshop work at its best: Artist transforms celebrities to show you what they would look like as ‘normal’ people - The Next Web
meetup-movnat = Even celebrities would look like hell if they didn't have all the diet & fitness resources they have access to as celebrities.
photos  parody  meetup-movnat  art  celebrities  photoshop 
september 2013 by daguti
15 brain-scrambling examples of trompe l'oeil | Art | Creative Bloq
"trompe l'oeil" is the style of art where real objects and painted objects are within the same "frame" and you can't tell where one ends or the other begins - sort of like the fake streets & sidewalks extending into the distance in Hollywood sets, but it's all just painted on a wall within a set that has actual street, sidewalk, etc.
language-concepts  art  optical-illusion 
july 2013 by daguti
The Pixel Painter on Vimeo
Hal Lasko, better known as Grandpa, worked as a graphic artist back when everything was done by hand. His family introduced him to the computer and Microsoft Paint long after he retired.
filmmaking-technique  art  video 
july 2013 by daguti
Marina Abramović, “Rhythm 0,” 1974 - Imgur
prison = Nothing to do with prison, but it mentions the Stanford Prison Experiment and I'll be able to find this that way.
prison  experiments  art 
april 2013 by daguti
What Is Beauty? : NPR
6:30 to about 11:00, they discuss the most universally beautiful scene. Surprisingly (or not), it is a landscape scene, reminiscent of the Pleistoscene we evolved in.
audio  evolvify-topics  art  beauty 
april 2013 by daguti
Children's drawings - Imgur
Children's drawings turned into stuffed animals.
photos  art  children  drawing 
april 2013 by daguti
Thomas Thwaites: How I built a toaster -- from scratch | Video on TED.com
Guy tries to build a homemade toaster from scratch and in the process, realizes that it takes an entire society. 2015-09-17: Guy builds a sandwich from scratch, takes 6 months and $1500: http://digg.com/video/sandwich-from-scratch-6-month-1500-dollars
large-systems  tedtalks  technology  society  art  economics  maker-stuff-diy 
december 2012 by daguti
Lost and Found : Discover the black-and-white era in full color : The Picture Show : NPR
Wow! What a different way of looking at what a website can be. This is more of an interactive book than a standard website.
photography  website-examples  retro-nostalgia  history  art  photos 
september 2012 by daguti
Botched Restoration of Ecce Homo Fresco Shocks Spain - NYTimes.com
** SEE 9/20 update at end **

A funnier - no, HILARIOUS version of the story is here:

The best line:
"The botched restoration has jokingly earned the name, "Ecce Mono," or "Behold the Monkey" thanks to the fresco's new look, which the BBC describes as "a crayon sketch of a very hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic.""

** UPDATE 9/20: She now wants to be paid:

Make sure to click through to the Beast-Jesus Restoration Society:
spain  art  funny 
september 2012 by daguti
How different can one man look? Hilarious portraits of photographer Gordon Stettinius that are a lesson in bad taste | Mail Online
identity-theft, psychology = the closest thing I could find to a tag about "identity" or "personal-identity" marketing / standing out = An interesting way to stand out in a crowded marketplace. This could have been promotional for careers as varied as an actor, a makeup artist, a costume designer, a photographer, perhaps even a private detective or a viral marketing person.
identity-as-a-concept  marketing-tactics--ideas  marketing-tactics--shocking-or-weird  standing-out-or-differentiating  marketing-tactics--hacks  survival-urban  survival-urban--disguise  crime-identity-theft  psychology  photos  branding-personal  standing-out-or-differentiating-by-content  crime-impersonation-catch-me-if-you-can  art 
july 2012 by daguti
If children’s drawings were made into toys… | Today I Learned Something New
"There is a studio (http://www.childsown.com/) which creates soft toys based on children’s drawings that their parents send in. Once completed, parents can buy these toys for their children, which I think is a very interesting concept and business model.

But what is more interesting is seeing these weird creatures that come “alive” as toys."
creativity  projects-w-matt-art  business-ideas-niche  children  toys  art 
may 2012 by daguti
Two Ways To Think About Nothing : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR
"We are surrounded by Nothing. Everywhere we go, we have no idea what we're not seeing. We don't know what gravitational fields look like, what dark matter looks like, what quantum foam looks like, what de Kooning's drawing looked like, but what the scientists and the artists are telling us, in their very different ways, is that if we lean in, and pay very close attention, sometimes what looks like Nothing is the best place to find the most interesting...somethings."
perception  hobbies-astronomy  art  philosophy 
march 2012 by daguti
Stone Age pebble may be oldest engraving ever - Technology & science - Science - DiscoveryNews.com - msnbc.com
art = "...dates back about 100,000 years ago and could also be the world’s oldest known abstract art."
art  anthropology  geology  world-records 
march 2012 by daguti
600 year anniversary of the astrological tower clock - Prague - YouTube
The history of Prague and Czech Republic told ON the face of the clocktower, THROUGH the face of the clocktower. Amazing.
art  video  history 
december 2011 by daguti
Henry Darger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is the guy on who the Netflix movie I have on my queue is based on.. The film is "In The Realms Of The Unreal" and his whole career is an example of "outsider art"
art  biography 
november 2011 by daguti
Extreme Tidying Up : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR
parody = Not real organization, but obsessive organization.
art  video  funny  organization  parody 
september 2011 by daguti
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