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André Staltz - The Web began dying in 2014, here's how
predictions, obsolete-discontinued-abandoned = "The Web may die like most other technologies do: simply by becoming less attractive than newer technologies. And like most obsolete technologies, they don’t suddenly disappear, neither do they disappear completely. You can still buy a Walkman and listen to a tape with it, but the technology has nevertheless lost its collective relevance. The Web’s death will come as a gradual decay of its necessity, not as a dramatic loss."
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6 weeks ago by daguti
How to Get Amazon 7-Day Price Protection on Everything They Sell
"I was always under the impression that the item had to be sold directly by “Amazon.com LLC” to qualify for price protection. I recently discovered this is NOT the case and the only requirement is “order fulfillment” by Amazon. Pretty much every product that qualifies for Prime 2-day shipping is fulfilled by Amazon these days. Many of which are sold be 3rd party sellers, but have order fulfillment by Amazon."
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march 2016 by daguti
Microsoft is killing unlimited OneDrive storage
Microsoft's unlimited storage is going away, but Amazon's $60/yr for unlimited storage still applies.
storage-cloud-or-online  amazon.com  microsoft 
november 2015 by daguti
Thriving in an Amazon world. How Half Price Books is defying the trends shaking the bookstore industry. : books
ideas-stolen = See the comments by Darkenmal, MaceOfBass and triksterx regarding free digital copy with purchase of physical copy. ................................ capitalism-done-right = Towards the end of the Fortune article, in the paragraph where she mentions convincing REI to create a location across the street.
amazon.com  books-related-to  motivation-for-me-david-vs-goliath  ideas-stolen  business-models--pricing-models  capitalism-done-right 
october 2014 by daguti
▶ #AmazonCart: Add it Now. Buy it Later. Shop from within Twitter. - YouTube
Wow, what a great idea for turning a non-viral workflow into a potentially viral one.
amazon.com  twitter  marketing  viral 
may 2014 by daguti
Amazon to Raise Fees as Revenue Disappoints - NYTimes.com
Amazon up 22% vs Walmart's 2% - and Wall Street is still disappointed. This is what I hate about capitalism. You have a profitable business, great customer sentiment, people have jobs... and Wall St wants more. More. More. More. .................................... I don't care so much that Prime is going to go up or shipping fees will rise a bit. It just pisses me off that it's never enough. .................... See the story about Apple bookmarked right after this one. Same thing. Record number of iPads shipped... Wall Street hangs it's head. ........................ I forgot who said it, but this is fitting "Growth for the sake of growth is the philosophy of cancer cells." ...................... We have to get off the crack addiction.
capitalism  anti-something  amazon.com  capitalism-greed 
february 2014 by daguti
Amazon Wants to Ship Your Package Before You Buy It - Digits - WSJ
Between this and delivery by drone back in Oct/Nov, they are definitely not resting on their laurels.
amazon.com  startups-going-above-and-beyond  news  2014 
january 2014 by daguti
Forget Drones: Sphero Will Deliver Your Packages With Amazon Ground | TechCrunch
Amazon recently made news with the revelation that they are considering using flying drones to deliver packages. Robotics company, Sphero, has jumped into the picture with a video showing how they can do the same with ground based drones.
amazon.com  video  airplanes-drones 
december 2013 by daguti
Jeff Bezos' Hiring Anti-Pitch | The Next Web
counterintuitive is a new tag for exactly what it sounds like - things that are counterintuitive. Might look into posting these all on a blog dedicated to counterintuitive things.
sales  standing-out-or-differentiating  psychology  people-jeff-bezos  counterintuitive  jobs-hiring  amazon.com 
september 2013 by daguti
Microsoft to Take Stake in Nook Unit of Barnes & Noble - NYTimes.com
A greater selection of Nook books might be made available to the public if B&N; paid the same royalties that Amazon and Apple pay their authors and publishers. Nook pays their authors 5% less than Amazon and Apple.
history-computer  strategy  e-books  amazon-kindle  amazon.com 
april 2012 by daguti
What Apple's Ebook Fiasco Means for Amazon and the Book Business
strategy = “Amazon has a history of operating at a loss,” says Paul Levinson, a professor of communication and media studies at Fordham University and author of the book New New Media. “Back in the 1990s, year after year, they would operate at a huge loss and they would say, ‘We’re succeeding. This is part of the master plan to get people accustomed to online shopping.’ Whenever you’re trying to break a decades-old trend, you have to do unusual things in terms of business. People’s habits run very deep.”
analysis  strategy  e-books  government  amazon.com  publishing 
april 2012 by daguti
Cut in E-Book Pricing by Amazon Is Set to Shake Rivals - NYTimes.com
strategy = Electronic books have been around for more than a decade, but took off only when Amazon introduced the first Kindle e-reader in 2007.

"It's never too late."
2012  news  publishing  e-books  amazon-kindle  amazon.com  strategy 
april 2012 by daguti
Amazon.com: Songs: MP3 Downloads: Free & More
4:00 FREE! Get MP3
23. Arena
Suuns Arena 5:11 FREE! Get MP3
24. 3 Amp Fuse
Belleruche 3 Amp Fuse
free  mp3  amazon.com 
september 2010 by daguti
Why I Sold Zappos
Make sure to read to the end where he talks about the company tracking and attempting to strengthen inter-departmental friendships. I can see this being very useful because techs at AnySystem used to "who gives a shit" when they gave bad service to a customer, rather than caring that they were making Jean's job in sales harder to do.
Very interesting.
business-culture  venture-capital-or-other-funding  zappos  business  amazon.com  startups-getting-acquired  management 
june 2010 by daguti
Free Reading Apps
business-model = never thought of this -- build a hardware device, sell it... but give the software that enables people to buy apps for it, away for free -- good because people don't have to buy your hardware device, but if they download your app, it enables them to use their hardware to buy your (in this case) ebooks --------------> This is sort of the reverse of what Boxee did --- they started with a free software product and are now building a hardware device with Netgear or whoever, that they will sell which makes it easy for people who don't want to build their own Boxee box and all the trouble that itmight entail to build a small PC, install an OS, etc, etc.
business-models  e-books  freeware  amazon.com  business 
april 2010 by daguti
CEO Letter | Zappos.com
Amazon focuses on low prices, vast selection and convenience to make their customers happy, while Zappos does it through developing relationships, creating personal emotional connections, and delivering high touch ("WOW") customer service.
business-models  business-culture  business  amazon.com  zappos 
july 2009 by daguti

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