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Dipprasad Pun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Singlehandedly defeated 12-20 Taliban fighters who were storming his post. -------------------- "Corporal Pun, alone and believing he was about to die, decided to kill as many of the enemy as possible. During the engagement he reportedly spent all his ammunition, more than 400 rounds; used 17 hand grenades and a Claymore mine before battering the last fighter with the tripod of his machine gun. Two Taliban were still attacking his post when he set off the Claymore mine."
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august 2014 by daguti
Ron Paul: We've learned nothing from Iraq, Afghanistan - Washington Times
"Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul says that after more than a decade of war in the Middle East, the United States has learned absolutely nothing." “We have attacked at least five countries since 9/11. We have launched drones against many more. We have deposed several dictators and destroyed several foreign armies. But, looking around at what has been achieved, it is clear: It is all irrelevant."
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