The Cult of Copy - Colin Rosario
"[8 Reasons I'm Not A Fan Of Having Rates]

I recently posted this and hadn't anticipated the reply because the thought was aimed at smaller providers / freelancers, but found it useful for helping me further develop my thoughts on this.

Now I know Abbey has put together an amazing pricing guide, and I've signed up for it to see what it says, however, I doubt it will change my view on value based pricing (we'll see).

If you sell whatever you do and can't sustain yourself, you're in need.

If you want a job with Agora then you're gonna be adhering to what they deem is "normal" for them and conforming to their standards.

If you want to scale via the agency model then I think having a set rate is definitely the way forward, but my contention is it's not the only way.

If you freelance and want to be able to charge a "fair" fee, you've got to understand how to negotiate and presell yourself, imo, of course.

So with that, wonder how you feel about these 8 reasons and the replies I was hoping to get more interaction from in the images.

1. By accident, I discovered people are willing to pay more than I was comfortable asking.

Once got a client to pay me $8,000 because of strategic questioning and priming, but in all honesty, I would have done the job (at the time) for like $1,000, lol.

2. Hourly? - Unless it’s consulting, imo, it’s a conflict of interest to both the client and the service provider.

If you're good and fast, you penalize yourself.

If you're slow and bad, the client ends up losing.

3. It immediately makes you “shoppable” - What do you do when looking for airline tickets, hotel or car rentals? You shop prices.

4. Commoditization is a function of interchangeability, quality consistency, coupled with outcome predictability.

5. Does not lead to DEEP AFFINITY - Your customers have no reason to stay with you. One hiccup and you’re done.

6. Relationships are tentative and inconsistent - Like the friend that only calls you when they need you…

7. Rates are an abstraction of value - It’s very subjective and amorphous

8. Severely limits your income potential

What are your feelings on this?"
business-models--pricing-models  marketing-tactics--writing-copy 
3 hours ago
Google Sheets LEFT, RIGHT Functions and Alternative REGEXEXTRACT
Interesting. I used MID to grab the text I needed from the middle of a string, but it's kind of limiting, because it has to be an exact character count.
6 hours ago
Help remove specific text from cells - Google Product Forums
"I'd found Regex intimidating until I watched this video:
Regular expressions tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa-TUpSx1JA

And this is great for testing and experimenting:

Regex deconstructor: https://regex101.com/"
6 hours ago
Olive Garden's big turnaround: Better wine, fewer breadsticks - CNN
"The management shakeup worked. Darden's stock has surged 140% in the past five years -- better than the broader market and restaurant chains McDonald's (MCD), KFC and Taco Bell parent Yum! Brands (YUM), Chipotle (CMG) and Outback owner Bloomin' Brands (BLMN).
Darden, which generates more than half its revenue from Olive Garden, is set to report its latest earnings before the opening bell Thursday. Analysts are forecasting a solid 5% jump in sales."
startups-going-above-and-beyond  startups-going-turnaround 
6 hours ago
LFM - Jobs
Official job board for reddit's /r/marketing
2 days ago
Trump Treats Immigrant Crime Differently
When an undocumented person commits a murder, Trump talks about it incessantly. When, in 2017, a white guy like Stephen Paddock kills 58 people in Las Vegas and wounds 851, Trump has very little to say. See Less
people-donald-trump  hypocrisy  race-racism  race 
2 days ago
Naked Security by Sophos - Posts
Holy shit. The government actually wants fair elections?

"The US Government is working on an electronic voting system that it hopes will prevent people from tinkering with voting machines at the polls.

The first system, which the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency plans to bring to DefCon Voting Village this summer, will use a touch screen for voters to choose their candidates. It will then print out a paper ballot for a voter to check before depositing it into an optical scanning machine that counts the vote. That machine prints a paper receipt with a cryptographic code unique to that voter and their choices.

After all the votes have been counted, the codes will be listed on a website so that each voter can check that their votes were logged correctly.

Read the full article here https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2019/03/18/us-government-works-to-secure-electronic-voting/
election  election-voting  government  counterintuitive 
2 days ago
Is Agora Financial a Scam? : copywriting
See the top comment with a link to:
These Agora companies are some of the best places to work in Baltimore this year: Money Map Press, Stansberry Research, 14 West, The Oxford Club https://www.baltimoresun.com/business/topworkplaces/bal-baltimore-s-top-midsize-employers-for-2018-20181127-photogallery.html
3 days ago
The 1980 eruption of Mt St. Helens : pics
See this comment and the parent comment:

"if you want to get a feel for what the lightning bolts might have looked like:


this is 100% real (long exposure)


credit, chilean dude, francisco negroni, volcano is somewhere in patagonia:



(more mindblowing volcano pics there too)"
photos  nature  amazing 
3 days ago
Open Payments Data - CMS
Find payments your doctor has received from industry.
medicine-doctors-or-hospitals  Reference  corruption 
3 days ago
Diana Young - C sections, like artificial milks and artificial...
food-eat-as-nature-intended = Not eating anything, but it's the same thought: do it the way nature intended.
babies  babies-childbirth  health-gut-bacteria  food-eat-as-nature-intended 
3 days ago
Meritocracy is a myth invented by the rich: The elite college admissions scandal in the US is a reminder that being born into wealth, not talent, is what determines the opportunities you have in life : TrueReddit
See these comments:

"one of my favorite books from college was "malign neglect." it was a long term sociological study of a two groups of kids living in a struggling/impoverished neighborhood.

they broke the kids into two groups -- those who were rule followers and worked hard, and those who felt like it didn't matter how hard they tried since the system was rigged against them. i'm sure i'm forgetting key details, but that was the general idea.

they studied these kids over the course of decades, to try to measure their life outcomes. there was absolutely no difference between the two groups. being black and poor was too powerful of a deterrent to success. hard work didn't really matter. rule following didn't really help. believing in the american dream didn't matter either.

and if my memory is anywhere close to correct, i think in the end a couple of the kids in the "give up, don't try" group ended up doing better with their lives than most of the "rule followers" did.

EDIT: the book was actually called "ain't no makin it" . also read malign neglect in the same course."


-> 'Americans get caught up in their own success'

defined as "cult of the self" and it dominates our cultural landscape.

This cult has within it the classic traits of psychopaths: superficial charm, grandiosity, and self-importance; a need for constant stimulation, a penchant for lying, deception, and manipulation, and the inability to feel remorse or guilt. This is, of course, the ethic promoted by corporations. It is the ethic of unfettered capitalism. It is the misguided belief that personal style and personal advancement, mistaken for individualism, are the same as democratic equality. In fact, personal style, defined by the commodities we buy or consume, has become a compensation for our loss of democratic equality. We have a right, in the cult of the self, to get whatever we desire. We can do anything, even belittle and destroy those around us, including our friends, to make money, to be happy, and to become famous. Once fame and wealth are achieved, they become their own justification, their own morality. How one gets there is irrelevant. Once you get there, those questions are no longer asked.”
text linked to: https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/7442191-the-cult-of-self-dominates-our-cultural-landscape-this-cult
wealth  psychology-wealth-power  culture  society  countries-united-states-america 
3 days ago
[no title]
Stansberry blog post on w hy you should become a copy writer for Stansberry. Mentions The Brewer's Art as a top ranked bar by Esquire.
4 days ago
Cholesterol Redux: As Eggs Make A Comeback, New Questions About Health Risks : The Salt : NPR
See Dr. Cate Shanahan's response:

"A buddy sent me a link to a fox news story "Eggs linked to increased cholesterol, risk of heart disease in new study" https://www.foxnews.com/health/eggs-linked-to-increased-cholesterol-risk-of-heart-disease-in-new-study

I checked the actual article the study cites, which does not have any original research to supply but cites 6 other studies as references numbered 11-16. So I checked them.

Reference 11 is to a description of an incomplete study, no data available
Reference 12 is to another description of an incomplete stud, no data available
Reference 13 is to a description of a study design, oddly no mention of data even though it was started decades ago.
Reference 14 is to an essay about the legacy of Framingham, mostly about its impact on epidemiology and statistical practices
Reference 15 is to another description of yet another study design, this time one with some actual data, but it’s preliminary data and preliminary data is not ready to cite that’s why it’s preliminary
Reference 16 is an essay on health disparities

Nutrition "scientists" have been in the Fake News game a long time, actually, starting in 1950 with Ancel Keys. I describe some of the original antics here http://drcate.com/what-every-doctor-should-know-about-ancel-keys-experiments/"
health-cholesterol  food-eggs  people-catherine-shanahan  warnings 
4 days ago
inheritance problem : financialindependence
books-to-buy = "A Simple Path to Wealth" JL Collins

A lot of other great advice: "If you can" by William Bernstein, also "The Four Pillars of Investing" by the same author

Read all the comments, especially this one below:

Reference = A great set of tips for dealing with an investment advisor in the top comment by ExtraneousQuestion:

"Hi, licensed financial advisor here at a wealth management firm. I will give you no securities advice due to regulations on public forum.

But I will give you some tips at dealing with advisors, and what to look for.

1 ask how they are compensated.
You can do this on the phone even. Any advisor worth their salt will be comfortable explaining this, and a good one will bring up possible conflicts of interest ahead of time. I don’t personally think you need to limit yourself to fee only, but I understand the rationale behind that sentiment.

2 if an advisor tells you what to do or not do with your money, like it’s theirs - fire them on the spot.
A good advisor does not remove your agency in decision making. I started in the industry seeing a lot of these types of guys and I have no idea why anybody would do business with them. A good advisor should be able to challenge you without being aggressive or confrontational, for the purpose of understanding and strengthening your investment philosophy, not to belittle you. Beware the short tempered advisor, this guy is entitled and will be a pain in the ass.

3 if you tell the advisor what you need help with, and they start talking about products, just leave. Especially if they say bring up a “variable annuity” anytime at all within the first meeting.
A good advisor should have a process in place involving asking plentiful questions about your preferences, past experiences, concerns, objectives, risk tolerance, family, etc - it should feel like it’s not JUST about money but about YOU as a person., and what YOU want.

They should also create some personalized analysis based on this information, that they show you and interpret. And they should get through the themes, issues, opportunities in your plan at a high level BEFORE ever mentioning a specific product. Product early means product pusher. Don’t bother.

4 if the advisor gets annoyed when you ask questions, leave. As advisors it is our privilege to serve you, and present you insights to improve your situation. If you feel talked down upon, intimidated, shamed, or god forbid you are yelled at. Give them the finger. Mind you a good advisor may also have some hard questions for you, but a difficult question and a surly attitude are not the same thing.
5 it should feel like working with your estate planner. To solve a problem, and walk you through their rationale. Professional. Transparent. And they should advocate for you and recognize discomfort before you have to voice yourself - and pause to check in with you.
You should feel like a human interviewing someone for a partnership, not a piece of prey.

I know advisors are not popular on this sub, but I get upset listening to your story. You deserve better than what it seems you’ve received. I’m sorry."
money  investing  Reference  books-to-buy 
5 days ago
21 Iconic Pieces Of Pop Culture (That Were Hated At First) | Cracked.com
I don't remember the category, there was a part of the history repeating project that was meant for instances where things got famous after a rocky start.... it might have been more for authors or musicians who got famous after being rejected.
culture  society  history-repeating 
5 days ago
Alfredito Linares - Tiahuanaco - YouTube
At about 1:20, the song dramatically changes and it reminds me so much of something that I can't quite place. I am tagging as "music-covers" even though it's not, because of that reason.
video  music  music-latin  music-latin-cumbia  music-covers 
5 days ago
The YouTube Channel Crawler
"There are millions of unknown and undiscovered channels on YouTube. The YouTube Channel Crawler makes it easy to find them! Choose the category, the subscriber count and other features, and the Channel Crawler will find good YouTube channels for you."
youtube  tools  marketing-tools--automation 
6 days ago
7 Ways to Finally Write that Book as a Founder | BAMF Media
tools = Not mentioned in the article, but Josh Fechter created https://www.squibler.io/ to facilitate the writing of a book.
writing  frameworks  tools 
6 days ago
redyellowblue5031 comments on Escaping the trump cult: The cultists want the leader to be omnipotent, to be able to break all the rules, because you identify with them to such an extent that their increase in power is an increase of your own power. You be
I bookmarked this main article here (https://pinboard.in/u:daguti/b:3b978a4ebb8b), but this comment stood out as a proper response to breaking the back of Trumpism.

I was trying to find a bookmark that I think I made about when some violent insurgency was broken (either FARC in Colombia, or the warring tribes in Rwanda or something in South Africa), but I can't find that link... still, I found a perfect parallel between what worked there to reintegrate the former soldiers and what this guy is proposing. If you can find that bookmark, link it here.

"The last line of the interview:

"The only way to break the back of Trumpism, this yearning for fascism -- or a form of Christian fascism -- is to reintegrate these people back into the society by fixing the country's broken economy."

I know it's fun to sit around the virtual campfire and criticize Trump, his administration, the republican party, Christians, and the people who voted Trump in. There isn't much point in trying to debate that here. That's what late night is for.

This last line of the interview is in my opinion the most valuable piece of it. If you want Trump and "leaders" like him to go away (or more accurately be held at bay), you will have to help reintegrate the lost and disillusioned people that currently support him and those like him. I think there's more to it than economic reasons, but it's a good place to start.

The other choice is to let them slide further into their beliefs, dig your own heels in and wait for an eventual civil war (exaggerated, but you see my point) all while sipping on some moral superiority as if that will fix anything."
redemption  politics  politics-philosophies-republicans 
6 days ago
The Atlas 400
Wow, this sounds amazing. You can read about it in this Stansberry letter:
to-do-before-you-die  travel 
6 days ago
Escaping the trump cult: The cultists want the leader to be omnipotent, to be able to break all the rules, because you identify with them to such an extent that their increase in power is an increase of your own power. You believe that that fealty to the
Great comments:

"People say Trump is suffering dementia because of how he talks. I disagree. How he talks is deliberate, and it makes no sense to anyone not in his circle.

The groups in his circle have been mimicking it. Someone posted Conservapedia here recently, an effort to make a Wikipedia of 'alternative facts'.

Now consider this. His supporters are becoming acclimatised to people around them speaking like this. When someone presents a counter argument, the information contained inside it is rejected before even being heard, because it's not presented in a way they are used to receiving information before.

Using special words, and taglines only insiders know is normal in cults and groups. its normal in marketing too. What they are doing is taking this a step further and actually changing the way people talk, to insulate them from outside views. Anyone who talks different is not one of them and is not to be trusted.

I'm very curious what the way back is for people caught up in this when it's over. I imagine it's going to be a long, and painful path."


""Trumpism" is not a thing. The seeds of the Trump Presidency have been planted since the Southern Strategy. The overwhelming majority of voters don't give a shit about global engagement or free trade or any of that beltway bullshit. The only significant difference between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump is that Trump is more open about what he and his party believe in. Donald Trump is polling at 90% approval among Republicans. The lowest he's ever polled among Republicans since taking office was 77%. He has the second-highest own-party approval rating ever, with the highest going to George W. Bush in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. You need to give up on this notion that the "Never Trump Republican" like Max Boot or whoever the fuck is anything but an extremely marginal part of the electorate who will probably still end up voting for him in 2020. Donald Trump is not an anomaly. He's not an outlier. He is everything the Republican base stands for. He is the perfect Republican."


"I’m trying to take the Koch’s and their fellow billionaires’ perspective here. Is it easier to manage Trump or to take control of the party, again?

They're going to try for the former and if it fails they'll take their money to the Democrats and work on reshaping that party in their image.

The centrist wing of the party - the Bloomberg, Clinton, et al wing - will be more than happy to oblige them. Look at how they're already attacking the modest reform-minded wing of their party - the Sanders/AOC/Omar wing.

Look at how all these career GOP ghouls like Max Boot, Paul Ryan, James Comey, etc. are suddenly very interested in offering "advice" to the party they've spent their career trying to destroy, and how that "advice" boils down to "you should kick out the left wing of your party and move right."

Howard Schultz is saying he'll run as an independent, but only if someone like Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination. Things like that are the trial balloons for the old neocon right shifting focus to moving the Democrats rightward."


It's really as simple as: He says the things they like, and he pisses off the people they don't like. He makes the liberals mad, and that makes them very happy.

They want the wall. That's why they chanted it at all those rallies.

They want the tax cuts. Contrary to popular belief, the largest portion of the Trump electoral coalition is not the "poor, white working class," it's the petit-bourgeois, the vaunted "small business owner." They benefit from those tax cuts. (link: https://www.thenation.com/article/trumpism-its-coming-from-the-suburbs/)

They want the nationalism. White, preferably, but they'll tolerate a vague "American" nationalism"for now. They know what they mean.

They want someone who will "put those SJWs in their place." If Trump unleashed the National Guard on college campus protests like they did at Kent State, his supporters would be elated.

They want the Islamophobia. They're very mad the courts struck down the Muslim ban. They want Trump to enforce it anyway.

Most of all, they want someone who will say all of these things openly, without having to couch it in more respectable-sounding terms.

A lot of that has to do with a cult of personality, sure. But a lot of it has to do with the Trump agenda being what the Republican base has wanted from their party for decades. His rise was only impossible to predict if you've never listened to an hour of right-wing talk radio in the past 30 years. He is the answer to those people's prayers.


And finally, one that is less-than-satisfying, but also correct:

"The last line of the interview:

"The only way to break the back of Trumpism, this yearning for fascism -- or a form of Christian fascism -- is to reintegrate these people back into the society by fixing the country's broken economy."

I know it's fun to sit around the virtual campfire and criticize Trump, his administration, the republican party, Christians, and the people who voted Trump in. There isn't much point in trying to debate that here. That's what late night is for.

This last line of the interview is in my opinion the most valuable piece of it. If you want Trump and "leaders" like him to go away (or more accurately be held at bay), you will have to help reintegrate the lost and disillusioned people that currently support him and those like him. I think there's more to it than economic reasons, but it's a good place to start.

The other choice is to let them slide further into their beliefs, dig your own heels in and wait for an eventual civil war (exaggerated, but you see my point) all while sipping on some moral superiority as if that will fix anything."


people-donald-trump  cults  psychology  groups  groups-why-i-dont-join 
7 days ago
GOP senators want emergency powers capped to stop president "acting like a king" : politics
I thought I was about to read a story about Republicans finally putting their foot down and doing the right thing.

I was wrong.

Fucking goddam Republicans doing this should all be taken out and executed for treason:

"While Lee's measure would not affect Trump's current national emergency declaration, it would apply to future declarations."
politics-philosophies-republicans  news  2019  hypocrisy 
8 days ago
Watch - Discover
Wait what. We have been eating pineapples 🍍 wrong all our lives. 😱😱😱
9 days ago
Bill Gates finds an ally in Washington for his idea to tax robots: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez : technology
top comment:
"Why is no one mentioning the fact this article is horribly misleading making it seem like AOC and Bill Gates are somehow working together, have "allies" with one another.

We have no details on the logistics of either one of their thoughts other than "automation is coming".

This "reporter" is literally slapping these two people together for clicks. AOC and Bill Gates never said anything about being on the same page, never said anything about having the same goals even.

This is a terribly shit article which is probably why it's buried on MarketWatch which might as well be a day trader tabloid."
people-bill-gates  people-alexandria-ocasio-cortez  wealth-less-employment  future  robotics  taxes-as-a-concept 
9 days ago
Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "Airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly. Pilots are no longer needed, but rather computer scientists from MIT. I see it all the time in many products. Always seeking to go one unnecessary step further, when often old and
Planes crashing and a sitting President of the United States tweets this trash.

1 of 2:

2 of 2:

Read the explanation from this guy (4 tweets in total)

See the last tweet by that guy doing the explanation:

"China, Indonesia, Ethiopian Airlines, and many other countries have already grounded their entire fleet of Boeing 737 Max 8s because two brand new airplanes crashed within 6 months. But Trump’s FAA said it’s safe to fly on these airplanes because money is important than people."
people-donald-trump  news  2019 
9 days ago
Video Blocks | YouTube has flagged my video with your m...
Use these tips if Agora / SFP gets flagged on Facebook for posting copyrighted music. All the music from our videos is licensed through Lumen5, who gets it from Audioblocks.
Reference  copyright 
9 days ago
Embracing externalities | Seth's Blog
A great middle ground. Not an anti-capitalist rant, not a rah-rah capitalism chant. Just a realistic assessment of the forces that drive people to do what they do.
people-seth-godin  capitalism  capitalism-done-right  analysis  capitalism-greed 
10 days ago
ClickFunnels (Official) - Rom Rulida
"Some tips on email marketing to increase your online course sales...

I had a client in 2018 who hired me to handle his email marketing.

After a month of working on his email list, I was able to generate a 6-figure revenue for his business.

Exactly $110,039.08 sales purely generated using only emails

...Yes, a month.

I plan to write a longer post about this, but here's the condensed version of how I did it...

#1 Increase the emails I send

Before hiring me, the client is sending 2 emails a month.

Now, I'm used to sending daily emails to my list.

That's why I instantly know that's an area that I can exploit to generate more sales.

#2 Improve the copy

The previous emails that this client was using were devoid of personality.

...In other words, it sucks! 😂

So I study their market and improve all their email copy.

The result?

More engagement -- and SALES -- from his customers.

#3 Follow up emails

Most sales are lost because a business owner doesn't know how to follow up.

For this client, I install an email sequence that 'grabs' the buyers back to finish their order.

If I remember it right, a good $20k revenue came from this email sequence alone.

That's it.

Are you looking to increase the sales of your online course?

Then, use those three tips to generate more revenue for your business.



marketing-tactics--via-email  sales-online  marketing-tactics--writing-copy 
13 days ago
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