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Force the scrollbar back
Since OS X Lion, the scrollbar on websites are hidden by default and only visible once you start scrolling. Personally, I prefer the hidden scrollbar, but in case you really need it, you can overwrite the default and force the scrollbar in WebKit browsers
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october 2018 by dagh
All My Extensions - Canisbos
Collection of useful Safari extentions
safari  plugin 
november 2015 by dagh
Lazarus: Form Recovery - Lazarus Form Recovery
Lazarus auto-saves web-forms as you type, so if a server times out, your cat wanders across the keyboard, you close the page by accident, or anything else goes wrong, you can simply return to that page, click the Lazarus icon next to the form, and select what you want to recover.
chrome  browser  backup  safari  firefox 
november 2013 by dagh

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