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Learn Liberty | Permissionless innovation: The fuzzy idea that rules our lives
People sometimes ask me, “What is the most important concept in political economy?” The answer is easy, but subtle: permissionless innovation, a strong presumption in favor of allowing experimentation with new technologies and with new business platforms that use those technologies.
philosophy  politics  innovation 
november 2017 by dagh
C.S. Lewis on Equality and Our Core Misconception About Democracy – Brain Pickings
"The tempter always works on some real weakness in our own system of values: offers food to some need which we have starved."
politics  philosophy  democracy 
november 2016 by dagh
Are You Addicted to Your Cell Phone?
Pros and cons of behaviour reinforcing tech.
philosophy  phone  iphone  apps  psychology 
october 2016 by dagh
theology - What is the point of creating for an omniscient being? - Philosophy Stack Exchange
My question, however, is this. If an omniscient being (God) creates a deterministic world. Then, this god already knows what is going to happen. But then knowing how it will all turn out makes it kind of worthless to create since the god already knows what will happen right? In other words, doesn't omniscience preclude the value of such creation?
philosophy  theology 
november 2015 by dagh
The Porn Myth - Naomi Wolf - Cover Story
With images of naked women everywhere, actual naked women lose their mystery
philosophy  sex 
august 2007 by dagh
Virginia Tech Lesson: Rare Risks Breed Irrational Responses
"I tell people that if it's in the news, don't worry about it. The very definition of "news" is "something that hardly ever happens." It's when something isn't in the news, when it's so common that it's no longer news -- car crashes, domestic violence --
psychology  philosophy  statistics 
may 2007 by dagh
You ask. Philosophers answer.
october 2005 by dagh

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