Getting your clicks on RecyclerView
I prefer setting a click listener using this method over passing around OnClickListeners and such. Of course it only covers the simple case where the whole item needs to be clickable.

So next time you need your items to be clicked…consider this technique ;)
android  recyclerview  libraries 
september 2019
Flutter Development on a Pixelbook - ProAndroidDev
In a somewhat underrated talk at Google I/O 2018, Emilie Roberts announced some cool new Chrome OS features that make a Pixelbook to do Android development. With the new Linux on Chromebooks…
Chromebook  pixelbook  chromeos  Developer 
september 2019
How to Add Flutter to your Production Android App – Hacker Noon
app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
flutter  android  gradle 
june 2019
Eva Icons - beautifully crafted Open Source UI icons for common actions and items.
Eva Icons is a pack of 480 delightful icons available for free. Download Eva Icons to use them in your products for mobile and web apps. Available as SVG, PNG, Web Font and Sketch. Open Source, built by the Nebular team.
design  icons  opensource  development 
february 2019
Java/Spring App Troubleshooting on Steroids with Clojure REPL | Telia Engineering
We have a Java/Groovy Spring Boot webapp, mainly running a bunch of batch jobs fetching, transforming and combining data. It is challenging to troubleshoot production issues because some production APIs are only accessible from the production servers…
java  clojure  spring  repl 
february 2019
Software Engineer Qualification Levels: Junior, Middle, and Senior
What's the difference between Trainee, Junior, Middle, and Senior developers? What does come after Senior? Different approaches to expertise evaluation compared
career  engineering 
january 2019
Kotlin: Diving in to Coroutines and Channels – Jag Saund – Medium
Concurrency is hard. But Kotlin’s concurrency model makes it easier. Learn what Coroutines and Channels are through examples and illustrations.
kotlin  coroutines  rxjava  async 
january 2019
15 Linux lsof Command Examples (Identify Open Files)
hen you use more than one list option in lsof, they will be ORed. For example,
sysadmin  lsof  devops  unix  commands 
november 2015
iOS 9 Universal Links & Forgotten Passwords
pp letting iOS know it can support specific URLs, you do also need to include a JSON file on your server giving specific app IDs permission to handle said URLs. This is Apple's way of verifying the owner of the URL endpoint is granting permission for apps to hijack links. So for example Tweetbot can't register to handle Twitter.com links, at least not without Twitter specifically granting them permission.
ios9  iosdev  links  api 
october 2015
Microservices are valuable, but come with a premium that makes them unsuitable for less-complex software systems
soa  microservices  bestpractices  programming 
may 2015
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