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openelectronicslab/OpenHardwareExG @ GitHub
The main goal of the project is to build a device that allows the creation of electrophysiologic signal processing applications. The OpenHardwareExG is a platform for ECG, EEG, EMG, ENG, EOG, and evoked potential applications.
openhardware  medical  eeg  ecg  emg  eng  eog  diy  arduino  embedded  sensors  opensoftware 
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An Open Hardware Platform for ECG, EEG and Other Measurements | Hackaday
[Eric] tipped us about the OpenHarwareExG project which goal is to build a device that allows the creation of electrophysiological signal processing applications. By the latter they mean electrocardiography (ECG, activity of the heart), electroencephalography (EEG, signals on the scalp), electromyography (EMG, skeletal muscles activity), electronystagmography and electrooculography (ENG & EOG, eye movements) monitoring projects. As you can guess these signals are particularly hard to measure due to their small amplitude and therefore susceptibility to electrical noise.
opensource  openhardware  sensors  medical  eeg  ecg  emg  eng  eog  diy 
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How To Build A Collapsible Dog Ramp | The Family Handyman
This simple dog ramp collapses down to a compact size that fits easily under a bed or sofa or inside a closet. Follow the video tutorial and step-by-step plans below to build one for your best friend.
dog  ramp  diy  wood 
5 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
DIY Dog Ramp: How to Build a Ramp For Your Dog (7 Designs)
We’re highlighting a few of the best DIY options around. And if none of these are a perfect fit, you can always purchase a dog ramp. While some are quite fancy and on the expensive side, others are quite affordable.
ramp  dog  diy  wood  tutorials 
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DIY Vein Finder Shows you Where to Stick It
, [Alex] designed this 3D printed vein finder to help his wife girlfriend out at work. The LEDs are the key to this device. The deoxygenated blood in the veins absorbs light, which makes the veins appear as dark lines on the skin. [Alex] found that it takes 15 11 LEDs between 620 nm and 680 nm. The LEDs also need to have the proper brightness. Less than 4000 mcd won’t be bright enough. More than 6000 mcd will blinding to the user. A few current limiting resistors, a switch, and the electronic design was done.

The case took several revisions to get right. Veinlite uses a C shape, which allows the IV needle to be passed through the slot and inserted in the lite field. [Alex] was able to clone this design in his own vein finder.
medical  diy  vein  device  diagnostic 
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9 Silhouette Cameo Projects to DIY ASAP | Brit + Co
The Silhouette Cameo is a maker’s BFF (besides the 3D printer, of course). This electronic gift from the crafting gods can be used to make your own labels, wall art and yes, even temporary tattoos. Whether you’re going for the bling-iest DIY projects ever or you want some understated table decor, we’re sharing nine of the best Silhouette projects the Internet has to offer.
silhouette  cutting  projects  tutorials  diy  makers 
6 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
PixScan™ : mobile appp to scan
PixScan™ technology allows you to cut precisely around any printed image or position cut lines in a specific location on your material using a camera or scanner. PixScan™ is perfect for digitizing a stamp collection or turning a hand-drawn sketch into a cut job.
scanning  scanner  cutting  diy  makerspace  tool  momentship 
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Cameo 3 cutting machine from Silhouette America
The Silhouette CAMEO® is the ultimate DIY machine. It uses a blade to cut over 100 materials, including paper, cardstock, vinyl, and fabric up to 12 in. wide. The CAMEO has the ability to register and cut printed materials and is PixScan™ compatible. What does this mean for you? It is our machine that has the largest cutting space and is most versatile in the materials it can cut. The Silhouette CAMEO® is the ultimate DIY machine. It uses a blade to cut over 100 materials, including paper, cardstock, vinyl, and fabric up to 12 in. wide. The CAMEO has the ability to register and cut printed materials and is PixScan™ compatible. What does this mean for you? It is our machine that has the largest cutting space and is most versatile in the materials it can cut.

The Silhouette CAMEO® 3 has all of the same capabilities as the previous versions along with some added features. This CAMEO features a dual-carriage so you can use two tools at once, and it features Bluetooth® technology
cutting  cutter  machine  diy  makerspace  tool  crafts 
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Ditch the Batteries: Off-Grid Compressed Air Energy Storage - LOW-TECH MAGAZINE
Going off-grid? Think twice before you invest in a battery system. Compressed air energy storage is the sustainable and resilient alternative to batteries, with much longer life expectancy, lower life cycle costs, technical simplicity, and low maintenance. Designing a compressed air energy storage system that combines high efficiency with small storage size is not self-explanatory, but a growing number of researchers show that it can be done.
energy  renewable  diy  caes 
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17 Cool and Useful Things to 3D Print Around Your Home
Useful 3D models (usually from Thingiverse) such as a Sixpack carrier, coat hanger, bottle opener, "Plantygon", survival whistle, others.
3dmodels  3dprinting  diy  home 
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DREMELFUGE - How To Build Your Own DIY Centrifuge | Popular Science
for any garage-ista ready to tackle molecular biology, the centrifuge is an essential laboratory tool. Its super-rapid spin supplies the right G-forces to neatly separate biological materials—including cells, proteins, and DNA—from a liquid. University-grade centrifuges sell for about $2,000, but synthetic biology enthusiast and inventor Cathal Garvey figured out how to build one with a Dremel tool and a 3-D–printed wheel. The combination can spin samples up to 33,000 rpm, creating forces 50,000 times stronger than Earth's gravitational pull.
centrifuge  diagnostic  dremel  popsci  medical  diy  biology  chemistry 
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Paper Toy Can Save Lives (paper centrifuge) @ Hackaday
Although there is a lot of discussion about health care problems in big countries like the United States, we often don’t realize that this is a “first world” problem. In many places, obtaining health care of any kind can be a major problem. In places where water and electricity are scarce, a lot of modern medical technology is virtually unobtainable. A team from Standford recently developed a cheap, easily made centrifuge using little more than paper, scrap material like wood or PVC pipe, and string.
diy  health  medicine  hackaday  centrifuge  diagnostics  biology  chemistry 
9 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
A maker revolution in health care @ TEDMED - YouTube
MakerNurse Co-Founder Anna Young describes how she is bringing rapid prototyping tools into hospital units to enhance the natural, do-it-yourself problem solving abilities of nurses who innovate to improve patient care on a daily basis.
ted  tedmed  medicine  diy  makers  youtube  video  makerspaces  makernurse  makerhealth  health 
10 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Maker Health: A community of health makers and medical making projects.
Using tools, a mindset, and an engaged community, we build the health making capabilities of these people and institutions so that everyone can create healthcare technology. MakerHealth is a company dedicated to amplifying the creativity of these health makers.
healthcare  medical  diy  makers  health  makerspaces 
10 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
A Smart Stethoscope Puts AI in Medics’ Ears
We wondered whether we could overcome the stethoscope’s limitations and thereby take advantage of its low cost and ease of use. With funding from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, NASA, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we set out to completely reengineer the stethoscope.
ieee  medical  devices  diagnostics  artificialintelligence  health  diy  stethoscope 
11 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Bio-printing 101: How to Bioprint at Home @
Bioprinting is an exciting area to follow as it invigorates the ideas of Frankenstein and a bunch of other sci-fi scenarios that make us slightly paranoid. So how does someone create their own monster within their garage? Well, that is pretty far fetched at the moment, but there are ways to get involved in this field in small ways.
3dprinting  bioprinting  medical  health  biological  biology  diy 
11 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
How to Make Moving Dragon Wings
Because these are very light and mounted on the shoulder, you can make them angle and move by rolling your shoulders. The size in the video is gratuitous, but a pair of small wings works really really well for all kinds of posturing and effects (I did a smaller pair for a bird costume.)
dragonwing  diy  youtube  video  wing  cosplay  uthar  connie 
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14 Best Online Electronics Stores for Makers
The following online stores are the ones we found to be most focused on the Maker and DIY world. Includes SparkFun, Adafruit, and Polulu.
online  electronics  stores  diy  makers  article 
11 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
MIT Little Devices Lab – Affordable Health | Medical Technology | DIY Tools
The Little Devices Lab explorers the design, invention, and policy spaces for DIY health technologies around the world.
mit  medical  diy  embedded  maker  makernurse 
january 2019 by cyberchucktx
Dirt Cheap Muon Detector Puts Particle Physics Within DIY Reach | Hackaday
Subatomic physics is pretty neat stuff, but not generally considered within the reach of the home-gamer. With cavernous labs filled with racks of expensive gears and miles-wide accelerators, playing with the subatomic menagerie has been firmly in the hands of the pros for pretty much as long as the field has been in existence. But that could change with this sub-$100 DIY muon detector.
hackaday  muon  radiation  sensor  diy  embedded  arduino 
january 2019 by cyberchucktx
DIY Anemometer with Weather Displays - YouTube
A DIY anemometer, generating 8 pulses/revolution via an OPL550A/red LED/optical chopper combination, hard wired over a 30 meter cable to an internal Base Station.
youtube  hackaday  3dprinted  diy  weather 
january 2019 by cyberchucktx
Spectra open-source biomedical imaging @ Crowd Supply
magine a world where biomedical imaging technology is so accessible that it’s easy to use and build on. Medical physics is a fascinating way to explore signal processing and electricity. Come and discover an open source biomedical imaging system based on electrical impedance tomography.
medical  diy  opensource  embedded  imaging  biomedical  crowdsourcing  crowdsupply 
january 2019 by cyberchucktx
Ever since Ed Heath sold his first kit airplane nearly a century ago, Heath Company has brought you products you can be proud to build and own. We continue in that fine tradition unabated.

Do It Yourself. We do. Today, we have our own product design, factory, warehousing, and manufacturing facilities in Santa Cruz, California where we create all our products.
healthkit  diy  maker  electronics  kits 
january 2019 by cyberchucktx
An Arduino-Powered Easter Egg Printer -
Meet our creative egg printer powered by Arduino Uno R3. To create this little smart egg decorator, we’ve used:
(1) Arduino Uno R3;(2) 2 stepper motors; (3)1 servo motor; (4) Lego Technic to build the printer’s body; (5) 3D-printed pen holder
diy  egg  printer  3dprinting 
december 2018 by cyberchucktx
TOAST: the original artistic solution for toast
TOAST is an advanced toaster equipped with a heat gun and PIC 32 microcontroller able to toast any image, text, or even the weather onto a piece of bread.
breakfast  toast  cooking  diy  art 
december 2018 by cyberchucktx
Vixen is software for do-it-yourself lighting automation displays. Most popular at Christmas, computer-controlled displays are becoming increasingly popular for other holidays as well. With a PC and some hardware, anyone can have a professional-looking lighting display synchronized to music.

Vixen is geared primarily toward the DIYer.
lighting  christmas  controller  diy  opensource  windows 
november 2018 by cyberchucktx
Hardware Twofer Special: Building a Heatblock and Incubator - YouTube
Two of the most useful tools in biology are also some of the simplest and are just things that need to warm up to a particular temperature and stay there. Today we're building two such devices, an incubator, and a heat block.
youtube  video  biology  diy  heaters 
november 2018 by cyberchucktx – 3-D print your own lab equipment is a collaborative spin-off project of TReND in Africa, OpenNeuroscience and the Baden lab. Here, we present our designs and modifications of Free and Open Source Hardware projects specifically intended to be used in a scientific lab or research setting.
3dprinting  medical  tools  lab  labware  diagnostic  diy 
november 2018 by cyberchucktx
Building BabyLegs (surface water trawl) @ Public Labs
Created with baby’s tights, soda pop bottles, and other
inexpensive and easy to find materials, Babylegs can
be used to skim the surface of water in rivers, streams, and oceans for floating marine microplastics by hand or from a boat. This instrument is called a surface trawl.
environmental  green  water  babylegs  marine  trawl  sensor  diy  publiclab 
november 2018 by cyberchucktx
Portable Electrocardiograph (ECG) -
The prototype developed here focus in the acquisition of the heart’s electrical activity with a simple electrical circuit embedded in an Arduino microcontroller, with the possibility of early heart diseases detection. An effective and affordable solution was proposed and dozens of trials were performed with the device.
hackster  ecg  health  medical  arduino  heart  diy 
october 2018 by cyberchucktx DIY - Home Improvement
DIY can be both challenging and rewarding - this is where aims to help. Our expert teams have brought together hundreds of information pages. Why not Do It Yourself?
diy  home  maintenance  reference  blog  forum 
october 2018 by cyberchucktx
Little Devices @ MIT: Affordable Health & Medical Technology
The Little Devices Lab explores the design, invention, and policy spaces for DIY health technologies around the world.
MIT  health  diy  medical  devices  littledeviceslab 
october 2018 by cyberchucktx
Gesture Control for Lunch Money | Hackaday
[Dimitris Platis] wanted to add gesture control to his PC. You’d think that would be expensive, but by combining a diminutive Arduino, a breakout board with a gesture controller, and an interconnect PCB, he managed to pull it off for about $7.
hackaday  gesture  diy  arduino 
september 2018 by cyberchucktx
How to Make a 3D Hologram Pyramid for Your Smartphone | Custom | Maker Pro
Ever wanted to watch videos or see pictures in 3D without using glasses? This tutorial will teach you how to make a very simple device to watch hologram videos on your smartphone or tablet. All you need for this is some stationary and five minutes of your day. Then you can watch hologram projections from your phone and be amazed!
hologram  diy  tutorial  phone  smartphone  display  3d 
september 2018 by cyberchucktx
Infection? Your Smartphone Will See You Now | Hackaday
When Mr. Spock beams down to a planet, he’s carrying a tricorder, a communicator, and a phaser. We just have our cell phones. The University of California Santa Barbara published a paper showing how an inexpensive kit can allow your cell phone to identify pathogens in about an hour. That’s quite a feat compared to the 18-28 hours required by traditional methods. The kit can be produced for under $100, according to the University.
hackaday  diy  medical  health  smartphone  diagnostics 
september 2018 by cyberchucktx
DIY Community Tackles Diabetes | Health Tech Insider
In 2014, there were no commercial systems available that closed the loop between a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and an insulin pump. For a variety of reasons — including government regulation hurdles — manufacturers were not ready to bring such systems to market. This meant that diabetes patients had to adjust the insulin pump settings based on the readings from the CGM, and often had to rely on traditional finger sticks and even manual injections as well. This can be complicated for adult patients, but can be especially challenging for children who have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

A woman with Type 1 diabetes and her husband decided to do something about this. They applied the “can do” attitude of the do-it-yourself (DIY) community to solve the problem.
healthtechinsider  diabetes  medical  health  diy  openaps  opensource 
september 2018 by cyberchucktx
DIY Wall Display | DAKboard
Follow our instructions below to create a beautiful wall display for your photos, calendar, news and weather, powered by a Raspberry Pi!
raspberrypi  dakboard  calendar  diy 
september 2018 by cyberchucktx
Cheap Expandable Floor Piano |
created design to build a big and expandable floor piano (1 to 8 or more octaves) with learning mode (led will light the keys), driven by phone (first with midi file and great sound banks only). The project must be cheap (I'm doing it for free, but it will be used in a music school and i'd like to have it use in more than one), strong (we will have hundreds of kids that will play on it, it can't be made of materials that will not last in time), and expandable (size matter, 3 octave makes it more than 3 meters long). I'd like to be able to keep price under 500$ for 4 octaves using open source and as cheap as possible hardware.
hackaday  piano  big  instrument  diy  project 
september 2018 by cyberchucktx
Big Clive Youtube Video Channel: maker projects
Various videos of maker projects by "Big Clive" in the UK. Some really clveer stuff here such as hacking solar lights, a lot of remote control stuff, and other fun and fairly easy-to-follow projects.
youtube  electronics  videos  bigclive  embedded  maker  diy 
september 2018 by cyberchucktx
SneakerKit: leather sneaker kit
Make your own leather sneakers with this kit!
shoes  sneakers  diy  leather  maker  wearable  kit  tutorial 
august 2018 by cyberchucktx
TinyCircuits - Maker of Tiny, Open Source Electronics
TinyCircuits is a maker of tiny open source electronics that let you create your own miniature electronic projects. Our main product is the TinyDuino - an Arduino compatible platform the size of a US Quarter. The TinyDuino platform is completely modular and works like tiny electronic LEGOs, so you can easily add complex functions, like GPS, WiFi, motor control or graphics displays to your projects just by plugging the expandable modules (called TinyShields).
hardware  opensource  tinyduino  tiny  diy  modular 
august 2018 by cyberchucktx
Family Handyman | Do it Yourself Home Improvement: Home Repair
The Family Handyman is the DIYers best friend, offering a variety of print and digital resources for do-it-yourself homeowners. Our forte is accurate and complete how-to instructions for improving homes, yards and vehicles. We publish The Family Handyman magazine, the oldest and largest publication for DIYers, and a variety of newsstand publications in addition to this web site.
home  familyhandyman  handyman  diy  blog  tutorials 
july 2018 by cyberchucktx
Every Beginners Have To Know These 20 DIY Woodworking Tips –
New to woodworking or having trouble with certain projects? Whether you are a beginning woodworker or expert, these tips from the pros will speed up and simplify your projects. Improve your DIY skills with these awesome tips that help you learn how to create perfect furniture, crafts, and home repairs. Lots of professional-looking finishes are really doable if you simply know some easy secrets of the trade.
diy  wood  woodworking  tutorial  maker 
july 2018 by cyberchucktx
Ridiculously Complicated Home Automation Made Simple | Hackaday
[Eric T] wrote up his insanely-comprehensive home automation setup. What started out as a method to notify him when his dog barked grew into a whole-house, Arduino-powered sensor extravaganza. We’ve previously looked at two different steps from this mammoth article. One automated his dog, the other focused on the Wink hub to bridge with commercial hardware like smart lightbulbs. Now let’s look at the project as a whole.
hackaday  homeautomation  diy  openhab 
july 2018 by cyberchucktx
Open community platform for hearing aid algorithm research
The project Open community platform for hearing aid algorithm research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH Grant 1R01DC015429-01) aims at sustainable, focused research towards improvement and new types of assistive hearing systems.
opensource  hearingaids  hearing  health  medical  diy  openmha 
july 2018 by cyberchucktx
Cheap Front Panels with Dibond Aluminium
[oaox] has demonstrated a cost effective way to create metal front panels for your devices using a print service that offers Dibond aluminum. Consisting of two thin layers of aluminum with a solid polyethylene core, this composite material was designed specifically for signage. Through various online services, you can have whatever you wish printed on a sheet of pre-cut Dibond without spending a lot of money.
diy  cases  panels  hackaday  enclosure 
june 2018 by cyberchucktx
Cripple Concepts
Cripple Concepts was started by Josh Winkler after people started to ask him to make them some of the custom devices he used to make his own life eaier. Our mission is to offer devices that are new, unique, simple, and affordable. We pride ourselves on selling products for cripples by cripples. Founder, Josh Winkler, is a C5/6 quadriplegic with a background in Mechanical Engineering and NASCAR racing. Most products for people with disabilities are designed for us and sold to us by able bodied people who mean well. Our products are designed for, by, and with people with disabilities themselves.

"About the name: Love it or hate it, you won't forget it. The name Cripple Concepts was chosen to distinguish us from the companies run by able-bodied people, we are different and we are proud to be different. We understand some consider the word "cripple" offensive, but we see it as empowering."
cripples  disabled  disability  diy  makers  innovation 
may 2018 by cyberchucktx
nScope | a lab for every laptop
a portable electronics lab: oscilloscope; four analog channels; four million samples per second function generator; two analog outputs, two digital outputs; power supply
oscilloscope  nscope  diy  hardware  diagnostic 
may 2018 by cyberchucktx
Hack $35 Activity Trackers for Mental Health &More |
Full tutorial on hacking the X9 Pro activity tracker so you can use it as the foundation of your next project. MATTER Lab hacks generic activity trackers and uses them as a platform for prototyping and researching mental health wearables. We have built a gesture recognition and biofeedback device for compulsive mental health disorders - as well as a hand position tracking device independent from cameras or other external references. We are open sourcing this platform and making it completely Arduino compatible for your convenience. Full smartwatch hacking documentation + tutorials and code for accelerometer gesture recognition, neural network training, and 3D model control using Bluetooth.
hackaday  medical  diy  wearables  health 
may 2018 by cyberchucktx
Testing a low-cost 3D printed stethoscope | continuum | University of Minnesota Libraries
PLOS One recently published an article about an effective, low cost, 3D printed stethoscope. The researchers found that the 3D-printed stethoscope was comparable to the Littmann Cardiology III — and that it could be made at a $5 price point. We recently used the open access designs to print a stethoscope in our Makerspace. Here’s what the process looked like and what we learned.
stethoscope  medical  diy  3dprinted 
april 2018 by cyberchucktx
3dprinted stethoscope @ GITHUB
This project aims to create a research-validated stethoscope whose plans are available freely and openly. The goal is for the bell to cost ~USD$1-2 to produce, and the rest of the stethoscope to cost approximately the same. You can see the peer-reviewed publication relating to this stethoscope's validation here
github  medical  diy  3dprinting  3dmodel  stethoscope 
april 2018 by cyberchucktx
Do it Yourself Home Improvement: Home Repair | The Family Handyman
he Family Handyman is the DIYers best friend, offering a variety of print and digital resources for do-it-yourself homeowners. Our forte is accurate and complete how-to instructions for improving homes, yards and vehicles. We publish The Family Handyman magazine, the oldest and largest publication for DIYers, and a variety of newsstand publications in addition to this web site.
diy  handyman  hardware  blog  news  magazine  home 
april 2018 by cyberchucktx
DIY 3D-Printed Lithophane @ Sparkfun
I have been spending a lot of time with our 3D printer lately. Whenever I get to know a tool pretty well, I always try to look for a project that ties in my creative interests (visual arts) with newer technology. I spent a good few years in undergraduate and high school studying fine arts and photography, so I was naturally quite excited when one of our developers told me about 3D-printed lithophanes.
lithophane  photography  3dprinting  diy  sparkfun 
april 2018 by cyberchucktx
This Smart House : DIY Smart / IoT Device Tutorial and Projects
I’m John, a 20+ year Internet technology vet and the mind behind This Smart House. This Smart House is a Blog dedicated to DIY home automation with subjects ranging from IoT devices (such WiFi enabled switches and sensors), making tools to improve your life, and growing your own food through aquaponics.
homeautomation  iot  internetofthings  automation  diy  hackaday 
april 2018 by cyberchucktx
Eye Controlled Wheelchair! - Instructables
People who have totally lost the use of their muscles cannot operate their own wheelchairs.

The Eyedrivomatic system takes advantage of existing eye tracking technology to allow users to drive their chairs again - using only their eyes. It's a low cost, open source way to give mobility back to people who thought they had lost it forever.
Instructables  wheelchair  disabled  diy  opensource  3dprinted  eyedrivomatic 
april 2018 by cyberchucktx
Cheap Mods: Turn Your Phone into a Boombox
Turn Your Phone into a Boombox with a Few Household Items [Gadget Hacks]. if you want to turn the volume up to 11, all you need is a few household items to make a rig that will amplify your phone's speakers throughout the whole house.

You can make this speaker amplifier out of just about anything cylindrical — Pringles cans, takeout soup containers, soda bottles, and so much more. This little DIY project is extremely easy and won't take up a lot of your time, and it's a great way to boost your phone's volume not only at home, but while you're on the go, like camping trips, picnics, and tailgate parties.
mobile  phone  speaker  boombox  diy  project 
april 2018 by cyberchucktx
Workbench Light Arch on the Cheap | Hackaday
A light arch is exactly what it sounds like: an arch fitted with LED strips that can evenly illuminate the area below. They are becoming very popular in the miniature and model making communities as they put a lot of light where you need it without the shadows that you can get with purely overhead lighting. [Spencer Owen] recently wrote in to tell us about his LED light arch that’s exceptionally easy and cheap to build.
hackaday  light  led  lighting  diy  3dprinting 
april 2018 by cyberchucktx
Digital Modes Information Page by WB8NUT
Communication technologies that are specifically designed to improve "live" HF keyboard operation can now be achieved which were previously only theory, too complex, or too costly to implement to be practical. Thanks to the generosity of radio amateurs (hams) with programming knowledge, and to the Internet, new and powerful communications tools are available to all hams. The evolution and wide spread use of the Personal Computer that include a digital sound card for Digital Signal Processing (DSP), is allowing radio amateurs to use these tools to develop new modes of digital communication.
radio  amateur  hamradio  digital  diy  arrl 
april 2018 by cyberchucktx
Guest Rant: Ham Radio — Hackers’ Paradise | Hackaday
The suits at Hack-a-Day reached out to SolderSmoke HQ and asked me to send in a few words about why their readers should take a fresh look at ham radio. First, realize that today’s ham radio represents a tremendous opportunity for technical exploration and adventure. How about building a station (and software) that will allow you to communicate by bouncing digital signals off the moon? How about developing a new modulation scheme to send packets not down the fiber optic network, but around the world via the ionosphere, or via ham radio’s fleet of satellites? How about bouncing your packets off the trails left by meteors? This is not your grandfather’s ham radio.
hackaday  hamradio  radio  diy 
april 2018 by cyberchucktx
Project Documentation | Portable Cell Network
This project is deployable on Raspberry Pi using BladeRF and allows for the creation and operation of a custom local GSM cell tower.
radio  gsm  opensource  cellular  diy  communications  raspberrypi 
april 2018 by cyberchucktx
It Only Costs $400 to Build Your Own Cell Phone Network
Sometimes, owning a smartphone feels pricy. There’s the hefty chunk of change you’ll need to spend on the phone itself, and then the monthly fee you’ll need to fork over to operate it. But for just $400 and the cost of a few old Zack Morris-style brick phones, you can avoid those expenses and build your own damn 1G cellphone network.
cellular  1g  diy  hackaday  gizmodo  communications 
april 2018 by cyberchucktx
Build Your Own Cellular Network @ MIT Technology Review
The task of running a cellular network has usually been reserved for major carriers. But now an open-source project called OpenBTS is proving that almost anyone can cheaply run a network with parts from a home-­supply or auto-supply store. Cell-phone users within such a network can place calls to each other and–if the network is connected to the Internet–to people anywhere in the world.
cellular  diy  mit  communications  wireless 
april 2018 by cyberchucktx
Tapsterbot: Mobile device automation robot
Robot to be used to test mobile applications/devices by simulating capcitive finger touch on the device to be tested.
testing  robot  diy  opensource  tapster  arduino 
march 2018 by cyberchucktx
Grid Beam is a do it yourself wood and metal building and construction system.
A fast clean, modular, reusable construction system that encourages the user to prototype and build all kinds of unique furniture including workstations, bookshelves, tables, benches and chairs. Grid Beam™ is available in aluminum and 100% RECYCLED Douglas fir.
diy  gridbeam  erector  fabrication  kit  construction 
march 2018 by cyberchucktx
Repairs You Can Print Contest: Meet the Winners | Hackaday
So without further ado, we are pleased to announce the winners of our Repairs You Can Print contest. We also want to give honorable mention to those projects that wowed us with ingenuity.
hackaday  3dprinting  repair  diy 
february 2018 by cyberchucktx
Exiii HACKberry myohand @ My Human Kit
Bionico project consists of the self-making of a myoelectric prosthesis (electrical hand prosthesis equipped with muscle sensors on the arm for control). Since 2013, technological innovation have seen projects emerge such as Open Bionics (Bristol, England) or Exiii Hackberry (Japan) with the same target. These actors on the new scene of 3D printing develop bionic hands. These prototypes are still limited for a daily use compared to models on the market, but they have the following features:
bionic  transhuman  prosthetic  accessibility  diy  makers  medical  health 
february 2018 by cyberchucktx
My Human Kit - DIY and Digital Fabrication for humans, both disabled or not.
My Human Kit is an association aimed at developing health for all through invention, sharing and production of technical aids to disabled, achievable for and with the persons concerned. It invites people experiencing disabilities to become the center of gravity of their
own project, in other words to turn their limitation into motivation. To be involved in solving their problem to bring together a team using the combined power of solidarity (All Together), of homemade (Do It Yourself) and of digital manufacturing (FabLab)

The objective is to demonstrate and propagate “Humanlab” workshops where humans will learn how to repair themselves worldwide.
accessibility  diy  transhuman  disabled  markers  fablab 
february 2018 by cyberchucktx
Rapidly Prototyping Prosthetics, Braille, and Wheelchairs | Hackaday
We live in an amazing time where the availability of rapid prototyping tools and expertise to use them has expanded faster than at any other time in human history. We now have an amazing ability to quickly bring together creative solutions — perfect examples of this are the designs for specialized arm prosthetics, Braille printing, and custom wheelchair builds that came together last week. Earlier this month we published details about the S.T.E.A.M. Fabrikarium program taking place at Maker’s Asylum in Mumbai.
hackaday  prosthetics  diy  medical  accessibility  projects 
february 2018 by cyberchucktx
Every DIYer should know about these apps
When you start thinking about your next DIY project, preparation is key: You need good tools, the right quantity of the right materials, and enough know-how to not make a complete mess. Oh, and as you gather your tools, don't forget your smartphone.
apps  diy  project  mobile  smartphone 
february 2018 by cyberchucktx
Precious Plastic: start collaborating, boost plastic recycling!
Precious Plastic is a global community of hundreds of people working towards a solution to plastic pollution. Knowledge, tools and techniques are shared online, for free. "We have created machines that enable anyone to recycle plastic".
recycling  community  plastic  reuse  green  environment  diy  hardware 
february 2018 by cyberchucktx
HandHolo: A Homebrew ARG | Hackaday
Taking a dive into VR or augmented reality — once, dreamed-of science fiction — is not only possible for the average consumer, but crafting those experiences is as well! user [kvtoet]’s HandHolo is a homebrew method to cut your teeth on peeking into a virtual world.

This project requires a smartphone running Android Oreo as its backbone, a Bluetooth mouse, a piece of cardboard and a small mirror or highly reflective surface. The phone is slotted into the cardboard housing — prototype with what you have! — above the mouse, and the mirror angled opposite the screen reflects the image back to the user as they explore the virtual scene.
hackaday  display  hologram  diy  tutorial 
february 2018 by cyberchucktx
DIY Breadboard Power Supply: 5 Steps (with Pictures)
I always wanted a portable power supply especially made for breadboards. Since I don't find it for sale, I had to make my own. I invite you to do the same.PCB sponsored by JLCPCB. $2 for PCBs & Free Shipping First Order
diy  hardware  makerspace  power  prototyping 
february 2018 by cyberchucktx
Making the Case for Open Source Medical Devices | Hackaday
Engineering for medical, automotive, and aerospace is highly regulated. It’s not difficult to see why: lives are often at stake when devices in these fields fail. The cost of certifying and working within established regulations is not insignificant and this is likely the main reason we don’t see a lot of work on Open Hardware in these areas.

Ashwin K. Whitchurch wants to change this and see the introduction of simple but important Open Source medical devices for those who will benefit the most from them. His talk at the Hackaday Superconference explores the possible benefits of Open Medical devices and the challenges that need to be solved for success.
medical  opensource  hackaday  presentation  diy 
january 2018 by cyberchucktx
Repairs You Can Print Contest |
Welcome to Hackaday's Repairs You Can Print Contest. We want to see the best repair jobs you've done using 3D printed parts, jigs, or tools.

People often show off trinkets, toys, and baubles that they print, while forgetting to share the real work horse projects: repairs that get the job done. Have you ever printed a replacement part, improved an existing part to provide better functionality, or designed a tool or jig that made a tough repair a snap? We want to hear about it and we have some sweet prizes for those who show off the coolest repair jobs.
diy  repair  hackaday  competition 
january 2018 by cyberchucktx
A Revolution in Access to Healthcare: DIY Labs and Makerspaces - The Medical Futurist
Makerspaces, DIY labs and communities for fabricating objects are multiplying at an unimaginable speed. As such spaces, equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters and many other digital tools, are perfect for building health sensors or medical alert systems, The Medical Futurist team had to experiment with it. I cannot be more enthusiastic about both the idea and its realization!
medical  makerspaces  article  healthcare  diy  makers 
january 2018 by cyberchucktx
We Couldn’t Afford An Oculus, So We Built One @ Hackaday
Like a lot of 16-year-olds, [Maxime Coutée] wanted an Oculus Rift. Unlike a lot of 16-year-olds, [Maxime] and friends [Gabriel] and [Jonas] built one themselves for about a hundred bucks and posted it on GitHub. We’ll admit that at 16 we weren’t throwing around words like quaternions and antiderivatives, so we were duly impressed.
diy  hackaday  oculus  virtualreality  display  hud 
january 2018 by cyberchucktx
Qi Enabled Power Bank With Solar and Dynamo Charging
I see a lot of these new battery charging gadgets that are basically the equivalent of carrying around a rechargeable battery. I wanted to make something that had more functionality than these so it could be used in a wider range of applications. I do a lot of hiking and outdoors activities, so having a multi-functional battery system would be a great option.
instructable  tutorial  energy  power  charger  diy 
january 2018 by cyberchucktx
OpenBraille is an Impressive DIY Embosser | Hackaday
In 2024, the Braille system will have been around for 200 years. What better way to mark the occasion than with an open source project devoted to making embossing equipment affordable for the visually impaired? This long overdue cause became the plight of [ccampos7], who couldn’t find a DIY embosser kit and set out to build one himself.
braille  hackaday  opensource  diy 
january 2018 by cyberchucktx
Walabot DIY Smart Stud Finder Sees 4 Inches Into Your Walls | Walabot
Capabilities: Detect pipes, studs, wires, moving rodents & more; Adjust sensitivity for your specific construction; See 4 inches/10 cm deep into your walls; Use multiple sensing modes of raw data and pipe
walabit  diy  sensor  imageprocessing  images  construction  tool 
december 2017 by cyberchucktx
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