Software for running the Chemputer in association with the supporting publication in Science
A robot powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping chemists to discover new molecules and chemical reactions...

Mixing chemicals together causes reactions and produces new molecules. But with so many different chemicals in existence, the possible combinations are endless, and there are millions of chemical reactions yet to be tried.

Doing these tests, though, is very time consuming, laborious and has a low success rate; it’s also very susceptible to human failings, like bias and fatigue. To surmount this, University of Glasgow chemist Lee Cronin and his team have invented a robot to test chemical combinations for them.

GITHUB source code in PYTHON
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2 days ago
Chemputer enables simple sharing of synthesis recipes The Engineer
The system, named by research leader Lee Cronin, Regius professor of chemistry at the University of Glasgow, uses downloadable blueprints to easily and reliably synthesise drug molecules. Described in Science, this represents “a key step in the digitisation of chemistry, and will allow the universal assembly of complex molecules on demand,” Cronin claimed. Cronin has been working on the chemputer concept and the software system which runs the chemical recipes and directs the synthesis process, known as a chempiler, for some years. The Science paper represents a major step in perfecting the idea, he said. A key part of the project was developing a new universal and interoperable standards for writing and sharing chemical recipes, which involved creating a general abstraction for chemistry.
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2 days ago
DREMELFUGE - How To Build Your Own DIY Centrifuge | Popular Science
for any garage-ista ready to tackle molecular biology, the centrifuge is an essential laboratory tool. Its super-rapid spin supplies the right G-forces to neatly separate biological materials—including cells, proteins, and DNA—from a liquid. University-grade centrifuges sell for about $2,000, but synthetic biology enthusiast and inventor Cathal Garvey figured out how to build one with a Dremel tool and a 3-D–printed wheel. The combination can spin samples up to 33,000 rpm, creating forces 50,000 times stronger than Earth's gravitational pull.
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2 days ago
Paper Toy Can Save Lives (paper centrifuge) @ Hackaday
Although there is a lot of discussion about health care problems in big countries like the United States, we often don’t realize that this is a “first world” problem. In many places, obtaining health care of any kind can be a major problem. In places where water and electricity are scarce, a lot of modern medical technology is virtually unobtainable. A team from Standford recently developed a cheap, easily made centrifuge using little more than paper, scrap material like wood or PVC pipe, and string.
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2 days ago
Three-Conductor Pivot for E-Textiles is Better Than Wires | Hackaday
Pivots for e-textiles can seem like a trivial problem. After all, wires and fabrics bend and flex just fine. However, things that are worn on a body can have trickier needs. Snap connectors are the usual way to get both an electrical connection and a pivot point, but they provide only a single conductor. When [KOBAKANT] had a need for a pivoting connection with three electrical conductors, they came up with a design that did exactly that by using a flexible circuit board integrated to a single button snap.
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2 days ago
Nowi - Enabling the Internet of Things
Battery lifetime is fundamentally limited due to limitations in their chemistry. For the Internet of Things to fulfill its promise, sensors are required that operate maintenance- free for longer than the application they are used in. Plug & Forget sensors are needed.
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3 days ago
Tryst Energy by TWTG
In the world of tomorrow everything is connected through the Internet of Things. We're building this world today. And today is finally the day you don’t need batteries anymore. Imagine charging your sensors with only 200 lux Light Energy in 4 hours (which is nothing) and connect them for 24 hours (which is amazing). This is less than the light you'll find beneath your desk.

Tryst Energy is about removing the elephant in the room nobody is talking about, in other words: getting rid of the battery that needs to be charged / replaced / maintained. Hello always-online and zero-maintenance. Energy harvesting, but with the tools that really work - today.
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3 days ago
A lightweight boilerplate for self-publishing ebooks with markdown and command line.
A lightweight boilerplate for self-publishing ebooks with markdown and command line. The ebook boilerplate transforms markdown files into PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and HTML files, and provides a zipped version with all four.
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3 days ago
Portable Bluetooth-enabled scrolling LED matrix display- Part 1 - Embedded Lab
This project is about making a portable Bluetooth-controlled 8×64 monochromatic LED matrix (total 512 LEDs) for displaying scrolling text message. I made this display to use at home parties or other occasions for displaying greeting messages. The text data to be displayed can be sent from a smartphone using the Bluetooth connection.
led  neopixel  display  embedded  arduino  bluetooth  wireless  mobile 
3 days ago
Gestr: A Smart Glove for Speech Impairments -
Gestr is a sensor-equipped glove which can convert hand gestures and signals to spoken text for people with speech impairments.  disabled  touch  gesture  glove  wearable  medical  health 
3 days ago Houston: links to the various places we're at on the web
Hackster Houston resources on the net including Slak, Meetup, Facebook, Youtube, and Github.  houston  resources  tech 
3 days ago
20 free streaming alternatives to Netflix
Whether you’re chasing that mythical $0 TV bill, or just trying to pad out your paid subscriptions with a few more things to watch, here are 20 free streaming TV services you ought to know about.
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4 days ago
Bill Gates, Carbon Capture Storage, and trying to save the world
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a sustainability technology which has been deployed with some successes, but only on a small scale. However, some people are working on a CCS plan larger than anyone has thought possible. The Gates-funded project is hoping to create industrial-style CCS technology capable of directly removing carbon dioxide from the air. Industrial is the correct word; the vision is to scale-up existing technology, which captures about one tonne of CO2 per day, to perform at a much higher rate.
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4 days ago
Blue Planet | Economically Sustainable Carbon Capture
Blue Planet’s technology uses CO2 as a raw material for making carbonate rocks. The carbonate rocks produced are used in place of natural limestone rock mined from quarries, which is the principal component of concrete. The carbonated solutions formed from the captured CO2 are used to form a carbonate mineral coating over a nucleus or substrate. The carbonate minerals form a synthetic limestone coating. This permanently sequesters the captured CO2 as CO3= in the carbonate minerals comprising the limestone coating
building  climatechange  carbon  sequestration  concrete  construction  green 
4 days ago
How These Magical, Gravity-Defying Doors Actually Work
Describing the sculptures of Austrian designer Klemens Torggler as "doors" feels like an insult. These aren't doors—they're magical pieces of engineering, half kinetic sculpture and half magic trick, that you happen to walk through. So, how do they work?
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4 days ago
Machine Learning Meets Fashion (AI Adventures) - YouTube
In this episode of AI Adventures, Yufeng showcases many of the machine learning tools introduced so far by working through an end-to-end example with a fashionable dataset.
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4 days ago
A MNIST-like fashion product database
Fashion-MNIST is a dataset of Zalando's article images—consisting of a training set of 60,000 examples and a test set of 10,000 examples. Each example is a 28x28 grayscale image, associated with a label from 10 classes. We intend Fashion-MNIST to serve as a direct drop-in replacement for the original MNIST dataset for benchmarking machine learning algorithms. It shares the same image size and structure of training and testing splits.
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4 days ago
Fashion MNIST with Keras and Deep Learning - PyImageSearch
In this tutorial you will learn how to train a simple Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) with Keras on the Fashion MNIST dataset, enabling you to classify fashion images and categories. The Fashion MNIST dataset is meant to be a (slightly more challenging) drop-in replacement for the (less challenging) MNIST dataset.
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4 days ago
ESP32 Web Server Using Bootstrap 4 and Websockets -
A simple project template using all cool technologies for creating web UI hosted on ESP32 (HTTP + websockets + Bootstrap + JSON + Husarnet).
esp32  arduino  browserbased  wireless  websockets  bootstrap 
4 days ago
A Trove of Cosplay Prop Making Tutorials and Blueprints | Hackaday
Like we said earlier, if building such stuff is your thing, it’s a rabbit hole from which you’ll find it extremely difficult to extract yourself. Have fun.
hackaday  cosplay  wearables  costumes 
6 days ago
Documentation of E-Robot | Elixir and E-Robot for Android
E-Robot is an automation application which makes it possible for your device to execute commands automatically – all you need to do is define these commands. When you create a command you can specify which actions to execute when a given event occurs. Furthermore you can set conditions for both events and actions.
android  automation  mobile  scripting 
7 days ago
Passport.js: Simple, unobtrusive authentication for Node.js
Passport is authentication middleware for Node.js. Extremely flexible and modular, Passport can be unobtrusively dropped in to any Express-based web application. A comprehensive set of strategies support authentication using a username and password, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
nodejs  authentication  security  framework  library  javascript 
7 days ago
3D Printer Enclosure – 5 Cheap DIY Options @All3DP
A 3D printer enclosure is, put simply, a box. But if you’re wondering about building one on the cheap, you might want to consider a few other factors. too. Read on to find out what they are.
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7 days ago
Multi-Material 3D Printing @ Mosaic Manufacturing
Four filaments combine and feed into your 3D printer. Palette 2 takes your builds to a whole new level.
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7 days ago
State Of The Art Big Mouth Alexa Bass | Hackaday
Hackers seem intent on making sure the world doesn’t forget that, for a brief shining moment, everyone thought Big Mouth Billy Bass was a pretty neat idea. Every so often we see a project that takes this classic piece of home decor and manages to shoehorn in some new features or capabilities, and with the rise of voice controlled home automation products from the likes of Amazon and Google, they’ve found a new ingredient du jour when preparing stuffed bass.

[Ben Eagan] has recently completed his entry into the Pantheon of animatronic fish projects, and while we’ll stop short of saying the world needed another Alexa-enabled fish on the wall, we’ve got to admit that he’s done a slick job of it. Rather than trying to convince Billy’s original electronics to play nice with others, he decided to just rip it all out and start from scratch.
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8 days ago
Taxonomer: an interactive metagenomics analysis portal
Taxonomer: an interactive metagenomics analysis portal for universal pathogen detection and host mRNA expression profiling. @ PubMed - NCBI.

High-throughput sequencing enables unbiased profiling of microbial communities, universal pathogen detection, and host response to infectious diseases. However, computation times and algorithmic inaccuracies have hindered adoption.

We present Taxonomer, an ultrafast, web-tool for comprehensive metagenomics data analysis and interactive results visualization. Taxonomer is unique in providing integrated nucleotide and protein-based classification and simultaneous host messenger RNA (mRNA) transcript profiling. Using real-world case-studies, we show that Taxonomer detects previously unrecognized infections and reveals antiviral host mRNA expression profiles.
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8 days ago
IDbyDNA | Identify any microbe from any sample
IDbyDNA has developed transformative metagenomics technology to simultaneously profile tens of thousands of microorganisms and pathogens in any sample. Working with our global partners, we are setting the standard for the identification and understanding of microorganisms and their role in human health.
dna  genetics  diagnostics  medicine  bioinformatics 
8 days ago
Taxonomer - Interactive metagenomics analysis software | IDbyDNA
Taxonomer is an ultra-fast and interactive metagenomics analysis software that dramatically improves the accuracy and speed of universal microorganism detection by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).
taxonomer  genetics  opensource  diagnostics  medical  bioinformatics 
8 days ago
How to stop robocalls, block numbers on your iPhone, Android and even landline
It’s time to end those robocalls for good. Luckily, you have a whole arsenal of smartphone tools at your disposal. You block numbers, turn on Do Not Disturb mode, use your carrier's tools, or use third–party apps to end this telephonic pestilence. Here are seven pointers for minimizing, or eradicating those unwanted calls. There's a whole arsenal of tools at your disposal to stop those dreaded robocalls.
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8 days ago
Easy GUI Front Ends for Arduino, Rasberry Pi, and More with MyOpenLab@ Hackaday
If you want to integrate a nice graphical interface with a microcontroller or single-board computer for a useful piece of custom equipment, how will you go about it? MyOpenLab is a platform that makes it easy to design virtual interfaces your electronic builds. If you want controls and readouts for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Android, or anything with a serial port, this is worth a try.

MyOpenLab reminds me of LabView
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8 days ago
Learn Fusion 360 in 30 Days for Complete Beginners - FREE Tutorials
Below you will find all of the exercise files for this course, sorted by each day. If you have any questions about Fusion 360 or need help with anything along the way then please post them in the comments of the YouTube video.
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9 days ago
Upcycled Hour @ UPCollective
I was taken by surprise because I discovered literally hundreds if not thousands of these artisans working in the world of creative reuse. But they had no support, nowhere to go for advice, promotion, networking opportunities, information or inspiration. So it was in September 2014 that the very first Twitter hour for professional upcyclers took place - #UpcycledHour. Fast forward to today and the Twitter hour has evolved into a fully fledged platform for the support and promotion of professional upcycling with our own consortium of artisans: the Upcycled Hour UPCollective, a Directory of Professional Upcyclers, an inspiration Library, our Facebook Forum, Upcycled Hour Live in Brighton, social events, The Edit (a collection of our members' products curated into an online brochure), a directory of workshops hosted by the Collective, the UPCollective Catalogue page on Facebook and more
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9 days ago
Arduino IoT Cloud: Connect the cloud to the world around you
Log, graph and analyze sensor data, trigger events, and automate your home or business. Arduino boards usually require you to program them, to enter some code by way of an Arduino Sketch. The Arduino IoT Cloud will quickly and automatically generate a Sketch when setting up a new thing: this is one of its convenient features.

Arduino IoT Cloud allows other methods o interaction, including HTTP REST API, MQTT, Command-Line Tools, Javascript, and Websockets.
arduino  browserbased  ide  embedded 
9 days ago
Hack a PIR Motion Sensor with an ESP8266 | Random Nerd Tutorials
In this project we’ll modify a commercial motion sensor (powered with mains voltage) with an ESP8266 to log data whenever motion is detected. The data will be sent to Node-RED using MQTT communication protocol. The ESP8266 will be powered through the motion sensor phase out wire using the HLK-PM03 AC/DC converter.
randomnerd  tutorial  pir  motion  esp8266  arduino 
9 days ago
SmartBread: WiFi-Enabled IoT Bread -
How many times have you been lying awake at night, wondering if your bread had escaped? Or how many times have you been walking about, your hands in your galoshes, wondering whether your bread back at home is getting too moist? Never you mind, put your fears to bed with IoT WiFi-enabled smart bread!
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9 days ago
A maker revolution in health care @ TEDMED - YouTube
MakerNurse Co-Founder Anna Young describes how she is bringing rapid prototyping tools into hospital units to enhance the natural, do-it-yourself problem solving abilities of nurses who innovate to improve patient care on a daily basis.
ted  tedmed  medicine  diy  makers  youtube  video  makerspaces  makernurse  makerhealth  health 
10 days ago
Maker Health: A community of health makers and medical making projects.
Using tools, a mindset, and an engaged community, we build the health making capabilities of these people and institutions so that everyone can create healthcare technology. MakerHealth is a company dedicated to amplifying the creativity of these health makers.
healthcare  medical  diy  makers  health  makerspaces 
10 days ago
Johnny.Decimal : A system to organise projects
When we kept everything on paper, organised people had these things called filing cabinets. They stored all of their documents in them in a structured way so that they could find them again. Thousands of emails. Hundreds of files. File structures created on a whim and six layers deep. Duplication of content, lost content. We thought search would save us from this nightmare, but we were wrong. It’s time to get organised

There are a couple of core concepts, and they’re so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of them before.
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10 days ago
Crystalfontz LCDs, OLEDs, ePaper & TFT Displays
Crystalfontz America is a leading U.S. provider of LCD display modules. We specialize in providing our customers the very best in display products.

We carry a large selection of graphic, character, OLED, TFT, ePaper displays. If you're looking for something we don't have, please let us know and we'll do our best to find it.

In addition to our large catalog of displays, we offer LCD development kits, breakout boards, cables and all of the LCD software and drivers you need to develop your product or project. We are located in the U.S. so we can get product to you fast!
display  crystalfontz  us  lcd  led  embedded  epaper 
10 days ago
Cthulhu Shield Arduino open source sensory shield - Geeky Gadgets
The Cthulhu Shield lets anyone experiment and make devices that can expand your sensory experience!

We've made android apps and example programs that will let you use the Cthulhu Shield and your smartphone to 'see' and 'hear' with your tongue without needing to write a single line of code!
arduino  android  sensor  tongue  touch  embedded  medical  Kickstarter 
10 days ago
Volunteers Help Build Tables for Homes Affected by Harvey by ats906 - TXRX Labs
This past weekend, volunteers and TXRX members worked together to build dining room tables to give to families affected by hurricane Harvey.

As part of the TXRX Labs Crafters for Good initiative, TXRX has invited volunteers to join them in building and finishing furniture for those who lost items in recent floods. During these makeathons, volunteers assist skilled craftsmen to build basic furniture for Houston families. This includes working in both the welding and wood shops.
txrxlabs  houston  makers  acdtivism  socialnetworking 
11 days ago
Texas company plans to sell country's first permitted, 3D-printed house | Fox News
There’s a lot that 3D printers have made: bones, rockets, buildings. In fact, in Austin, you’ll find a 350-square-foot structure billed by its builders, start-up company ICON, as the country’s first permitted 3D-printed house. Larry Haines, founder of Austin-based Sunconomy, said his company has partnered with San Francisco residential building company, Forge New, to develop a system called We Print Houses. It will allow them to create bigger homes. They use a unique mobile platform to which they attach a print head.
sunconomy  news  foxnews  austin  construction  3dprinting 
11 days ago
3D Printed Concrete Affordable Housing (Yes, we can!) (Houston, TX) | Meetup
If you have a desire to invest in affordable housing of the future, this group is for you. I have developed 3D Concrete Printing Technology to build awesome homes and I am looking for experienced and willing partners to build the homes of the future
meetup  3dprinting  construction  affordable  sunconomy 
11 days ago
Sudo Find Me a Parking Space; Machine Learning Ends Circling the Block | Hackaday
If you live in a bustling city and have anyone over who drives, it can be difficult for them to find parking. Maybe you have an assigned space, but they’re resigned to circling the block with an eagle eye. With those friends in mind, [Adam Geitgey] wrote a Python script that takes the video feed from a web cam and analyzes it frame by frame to figure out when a street parking space opens up. When the glorious moment arrives, he gets a text message via Twilio with a picture of the void.

It sounds complicated, but much of the work has already been done. Cars are a popular target for machine learning, so large data sets with cars already exist. [Adam] didn’t have to train a neural network, either–he found a pre-trained Mask R-CNN model with data for 80 common objects like people, animals, and cars.
hackaday  parking  imageprocessing 
11 days ago
Paperino @ Crowd Supply
An easy-to-use, micro ePaper shield for the Particle & Arduino community. Paperino simplifies driving ePaper displays with clean, simple, and short script examples. This lets makers of all ages - from kids learning Arduino, to engineers and developers building with Particle, use ePapers for their next project!
epaper  eink  display  arduino 
11 days ago
Pixblasters Video LED Controller | Crowd Supply
The Pixblasters MS1 is the ultimate FPGA-based controller for giant video displays built by addressable RGB LED strips. It connects to any computer as an ordinary monitor and drives up to 16,384 LEDs at 60 fps. Multiple MS1 controllers can be easily chained to drive immense video displays built of hundreds of thousands of perfectly synchronized LEDs.
leds  display  neopixel  fpga  controller  art 
11 days ago
MusicToy 2.0: browser based midi synthesizer
Basic Usage
Click squares in the grid to form a pattern. You can extend your pattern by clicking the "Extend" or "Copy" buttons. The "Extend" button will simply add one bar (16 steps) to your pattern, while "Copy" will copy the last bar of your pattern. To adjust controls (sound synthesis parameters), click the dials, hold the mouse button down, and move your mouse up and down to adjust to the desired value.
midi  music  sequencer  browserbased 
13 days ago
Otii by QOITECH - affordable solution for energy optimization
The Otii Arc acts both as a power supply to the IoT device being tested, and as a current and voltage measurement unit. It provides up to 5 V output voltage and runs high resolution current measurements with a sample rate up to 4 ksps for the range of 1 μA - 5 A. [ Travis Teague has one for testing ]
electronics  hardware  power  monitoring  travis 
13 days ago
Background Checks and Public Records Search - Truthfinder
TruthFinder is one of America’s most trusted background checking services.

We’ve helped thousands of Americans reconnect with family and friends. Our service also provides people with an easy way to look up criminal records online.TruthFinder scans hundreds of millions of available public records, social network data, and more to provide you with a complete report about the person you want to find. Uncover arrest records, contact information, address history, online profiles, and more.
people  research  search  privacy  security  online 
14 days ago
Comp-U-Dopt: Providing technology access and education to underserved youth
Our programs serve to eliminate limited access to computers, facilitate growth in technical and digital literacy skills and support the future of youth in our communities.
compudopt  education  nonprofit  houston 
14 days ago
A Smart Stethoscope Puts AI in Medics’ Ears
We wondered whether we could overcome the stethoscope’s limitations and thereby take advantage of its low cost and ease of use. With funding from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, NASA, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we set out to completely reengineer the stethoscope.
ieee  medical  devices  diagnostics  artificialintelligence  health  diy 
14 days ago
TrueLayer’s Payments API lets companies accept payments through Open Banking | TechCrunch
Central to Open Banking is a requirement that banks open up the data they hold and offer an API to let customers optionally share financial information with third-party providers. The idea, amongst other more innovate use cases, is to make it easier to shop around for financial services or to switch banks entirely. Enter TrueLayer, the London startup that’s built a developer platform to make it easy for fintech and other adjacent companies, such as retailers, to access bank APIs and in turn ride the Open Banking and PSD2 gravy train. Today, the young company is launching a beta of its own Open Banking-based Payments API to enable businesses to start accepting payments through Open Banking.
financial  banking  openbank  truelayer  currency  api 
14 days ago
HeartIn: Medical grade monitoring + professional workout features
Meet HeartIn Fit, a smart ECG t-shirt, monitoring your health condition before, during and after the training session. With a help of HeartIn, you will know for sure when to start and when to rest, how to train with a maximum utility and the lowest harm for your heart.
tshirt  wearable  medical  ecg  shirt  heart 
14 days ago
First Battery-Free Bluetooth® Sticker Sensor Tag Demonstrated at NRF - Press Releases
Amazon Web Services, Avery Dennison and Samsung join Wiliot’s original investor group for a $30 Million Series B Funding Round, anticipating a future where paper thin battery-free Bluetooth sensors connect people with packaging and products.
wiliot  bluetooth  energyharvesting  sticker 
14 days ago
Light Dimming Robot Finger
The lights in the office have a mind of their own. Several times each day at seemingly random intervals and without warning the lights go to maximum brightness. The secondary problem is that the light switch is several feet from my desk. So I decided to solve the problem the way I try to solve most of my problems – with a custom designed remote controlled robot finger on wifi.
wifi  3dprinting  3dmodel  arduino  wmos  lighting  homeautomation 
14 days ago
Pocket Science Lab: usb-powered measurement hardware
PSLab is a small USB powered hardware extension for your Android phone or PC that lets you measure all kinds of things. PSLab comes with a built-in Oscilloscope, Multimeter, Wave Generator, Logic Analyzer, Power Source, and we are constantly adding more digital instruments. PSLab is many devices in one. Simply connect two wires to the relevant pins and start measuring. You can use our Open Source Android or desktop apps to view and collect the data. You can also plug in hundreds of compatible I2C standard sensors to the PSLab pin slots. It works without the need for programming.
science  embedded  arduino  mobile  tools  diagnostics  pslab 
14 days ago
Connect your valuable yet hard-to-change legacy application with the flexible world of microservices and serverless. We offer an innovative approach to melding a heterogeneous environment – multi-architecture, multi-protocol, multi-cloud, multi-mesh – into a hybrid application. Rather than simply connecting components, we provide a declarative, scriptable, dynamic, mesh of integrated components. Our toolset unifies and simplifies all aspects of managing the hybrid environment, including monitoring, debugging, version control, deployment, encryption, chaos engineering, and security.
serverless  cloud  microservices  api 
14 days ago
SuperGloo: The Service Mesh Orchestration Platform
SuperGloo, an open-source project to manage and orchestrate service meshes at scale. SuperGloo is an opinionated abstraction layer that will simplify the installation, management, and operation of your service mesh, whether you use (or plan to use) a single mesh or multiple mesh technologies, on-site, in the cloud, or on any topology that best fits you.
cloud  mesh  services  serverless  networking  api  github 
14 days ago
The amazing homes that build themselves - BBC Reel
At the touch of a button, these incredible houses can build themselves in less than 10 minutes.
construction  housing  foldable  tinyhouses  bbc 
15 days ago
LogoBar: revolutionary video ads ....
LogoBar: revolutionary video ads that engage the consumer without disturbing them. a patented digital advertising technology that was created by a consumer who identified a major problem: advertisers are wasting billions of dollars a year on ads that consumers aren’t watching. Whether an ad is online or on television, advancements in technology have made them easy to avoid. There had to be a better way for advertisers to promote their brand and engage with viewers. Enter LogoBar.
houston  startup  video  advertising  logobar  online 
15 days ago
Bio-printing 101: How to Bioprint at Home @
Bioprinting is an exciting area to follow as it invigorates the ideas of Frankenstein and a bunch of other sci-fi scenarios that make us slightly paranoid. So how does someone create their own monster within their garage? Well, that is pretty far fetched at the moment, but there are ways to get involved in this field in small ways.
3dprinting  bioprinting  medical  health  biological  biology  diy 
15 days ago
He's Helping the Blind 'See' Their Work — and Become Engineers @ OZY
At UVM, Coffee built prototypes of a digital tablet that could create “raised” lines, giving students the ability to draw an image, feel it and, for the first time, to erase the 3D designs if they choose — think Etch A Sketch on steroids. While a number of products have appeared on the market allowing blind people to make raised lines, none had previously figured out how to permit users to erase a three-dimensional object.
ozy  blind  disabled  technology  tablet  digital 
15 days ago
Linux Fu: Easier File Watching | Hackaday
In an earlier installment of Linux Fu, I mentioned how you can use inotifywait to efficiently watch for file system changes. But there was one very easy-to-use tool that didn’t show up, so I wanted to talk about it. That tool is entr.The program is dead simple. It reads a list of file names on its standard input. It will then run a command and repeat it any time the input files change.
hackaday  linux  linuxfu  sysadmin  filesystem 
15 days ago
OpenFaaS: Serverless Functions Made Simple
OpenFaaS (Functions as a Service) is a framework for building serverless functions with Docker and Kubernetes which has first class support for metrics. Any process can be packaged as a function enabling you to consume a range of web events without repetitive boiler-plate coding.
serverless  faas  docker  container  functions 
15 days ago
OpenFaaS - Serverless Functions Made Simple
OpenFaaS® (Functions as a Service) is a framework for building Serverless functions with Docker and Kubernetes which has first-class support for metrics. Any process can be packaged as a function enabling you to consume a range of web events without repetitive boiler-plate coding.
github  openfaas  faas  container  dociker  kubernetes  functions 
15 days ago
Your serverless Raspberry Pi cluster with Docker
This blog post will show you how to create your own Serverless Raspberry Pi cluster with Docker and the OpenFaaS framework. People often ask me what they should do with their cluster and this application is perfect for the credit-card sized device - want more compute power? Scale by adding more RPis.
docker  raspberrypi  cluster  serverless  tutorial 
15 days ago
Serverless Kubernetes home-lab with your Raspberry Pis
This guide shows how to build your own Serverless Kubernetes cluster with Raspberry Pi and OpenFaaS. This post is the third in a series on building a cheap and scalable Serverless Raspberry Pi cluster. Scale by adding more $35 Raspberry Pis.
docker  raspberrypi  serverless  kubernetes  tutorial 
15 days ago
K-12 IoT Curriculum - Rapid IoT Prototype Kit Project -
With trillions of dollars in play, we need to start educating our students about IoT. Tutorial centered around NXP Prototyping Kit.
hackster  iot  internetofthings  k12  education  nxp  arduino 
15 days ago
Katalon Studio: Simplify API, Web, Mobile Automation Tests
Katalon Studio is a test automation solution that leverages Selenium’s core engine. Katalon Studio is built as a unified bundle which includes almost all necessary things like Java, Android SDK, Web drivers to drive browsers, and required dependencies. All you have to do is to download and install it on your computer.
web  automation  testing  api  browsers  development 
15 days ago
Bike Mounted Journey Tracker -
It serves you the latest and greatest stats of your most recent bike journey: average speed, duration, distance, and road roughness.
tutorial  bicycle  nxp  arduino 
15 days ago
Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit's projects
A comprehensive, secure and power-optimized solution designed to accelerate prototype and development of an IoT end node.
nxp  hackster  protyping  arduino 
15 days ago
Pantry Monitoring IoT Device -
Monitoring system tracking the ambient light, humidity, temperature and the air quality of pantries and food storage cabinets.
tutorial  nxp  environment  monitoring  arduino  hackster 
15 days ago
25 Small Space Storage Solutions Under $25 On Amazon | HuffPost Life
What you need to organize a small kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. we’ve rounded up small space storage hacks you can find on Amazon for under $25, so you can spend less time finding solutions, and more time performing the unproductive cleaning ritual of pulling out the garbage bags and staring at your stuff until you muster the courage to actually start.
storage  amazon  hacks  home  organization 
16 days ago
How to Build Anything Out of Aluminum Extrusion and 3D Printed Brackets | Hackaday
The real power of 3D printing is in infinite customization of parts. This becomes especially powerful when you combine 3D printing with existing materials. I have been developing a few simple tricks to make generic fasteners and printed connectors a perfect match for aluminum extrusion, via a novel twist or two on top of techniques you may already know.
hackaday  3dprinting  aluminum  extrusion  beams  rails 
16 days ago
Print Beds @ MatterHackers
A clean and well adhered first layer is critical to successful 3D printing, and much of that success or failure comes down to the build plate used. Collection includes flexible magnetic print beds.
3dprinting  3dprinters  bed  plate  matterhackers 
16 days ago
OpenBeam - An open source miniature construction system by Terence Tam — Kickstarter
T-Slot extruded aluminum framing systems have been in use throughout the manufacturing and automation industries for machine building, prototyping and robotics applications for the past 30 years. OpenBeam is based around the metric system and 3mm building blocks; to keep the cost of the system low, I designed it to use standard M3 nuts and bolts, available at any good hardware store. No special fasteners are required.
kickstarter  construction  maker  enclosure 
16 days ago
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