Study reveals how much fiber we should eat to prevent disease
“...Daily intake of 25–29 grams of fiber is ideal...”
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8 days ago
How to maintain infrastructure – the stunning collective intelligence of ant engineers | Aeon Videos
How to maintain infrastructure – the stunning collective intelligence of ant engineers

Army ants have tiny brains and are nearly blind, yet they routinely perform extraordinary feats of engineering, building bridges with their bodies to span gaps that they need to cross. In this video from the Swarm Lab of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, recorded in the field in a tropical forest in Panama, researchers pulled apart one of these bridges to study how army ants recover from such a rupture. One conclusion is that, although individual ants are incapable of understanding the movement of their colony as a whole, they have evolved a behavioural code that tells them to stop in their tracks if another ant is walking on top of them, a strategy that allows them to rebuild quickly. There are, however, some more complex army ant-bridge manoeuvres that researchers are still attempting to explain, such as when ants will construct a shortcut bridge rather than taking a longer route. Capturing this phenomenon close-up, this short video observes the surprising capabilities of collective intelligence to solve complex logistical problems.

Video by Helen McCreery, Simon Garnier, Radhika Nagpal, Mike Rubenstein, Melinda Malley, NJIT, Harvard University

Editor: Adam D’Arpino
ants  collective  behavior  stigmergy  pathfinding  collectiveintelligence  nature  insects  natureinspired  video  bridge 
9 days ago
Don't Ask When Self-Driving Cars Will Arrive—Ask Where | WIRED
“The future is already here. It's just not very evenly distributed.”
— William Gibson on NPR’s Fresh Air, August 1993.
autonomous  vehicles  society  future  safety 
26 days ago
well camouflaged African scops owl / Kruger Park / @minmadron
African scops owl with eyes open. When they are closed to slits the owl is nearly invisible against the bark background.

Photo on KrugerExplorer by @minmadron
owl  camouflage  nature  bird  cocish  trees 
october 2018
Study finds people flock, or behave similarly to others, despite reasoning abilities
Seth Frey et al. Cognitive mechanisms for human flocking dynamics, Journal of Computational Social Science (2018). DOI: 10.1007/s42001-018-0017-x
flocking  boids  behavior  human  crowd  market  intelligence  brain  social  cognition  games  psychology 
september 2018
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