well camouflaged African scops owl / Kruger Park / @minmadron
African scops owl with eyes open. When they are closed to slits the owl is nearly invisible against the bark background.

Photo on KrugerExplorer by @minmadron
owl  camouflage  nature  bird  cocish  trees 
4 weeks ago
Study finds people flock, or behave similarly to others, despite reasoning abilities
Seth Frey et al. Cognitive mechanisms for human flocking dynamics, Journal of Computational Social Science (2018). DOI: 10.1007/s42001-018-0017-x
flocking  boids  behavior  human  crowd  market  intelligence  brain  social  cognition  games  psychology 
8 weeks ago
MIT Self-Driving Cars: Sacha Arnoud, Director of Engineering, Waymo - YouTube
Via “Jack Creasey” on LinkedIn:

Video from MIT 6.S094 course on Self-Driving cars

It's rare to get any real details from Google/Waymo, but this presentation is a bit of an exception.
The first 20 mins is historical and can be skipped ....but the presentation is well worth watching.

The biggest takeaway from Sacha, when you are 90% complete in your solution you still have 90% (of the time) left to get to release.
lecture  selfdriving  autonomous  vehicles  mit  waymo 
8 weeks ago
Fruit flies and electrons: Researchers use physics to predict crowd behavior
...Tomas Arias, professor of physics, is lead author of "Density-Functional Fluctuation Theory of Crowds," which published Aug. 30 in Nature Communications. Co-authors include Itai Cohen, professor of physics; and Yunus A. Kinkhabwala, a doctoral student in the field of engineering...
crowd  behavior  physics  multiagent  density  metric  insects  swarm  boids  emergence  quantum 
10 weeks ago
Coffee cherries at a plantation in Brazil.
from “The hidden suffering behind the Brazilian coffee that jump-starts American mornings - The Washington Post” — more images: https://www.google.com/search?q=Coffee+cherries&tbm=isch
cocbackground  plant  food 
10 weeks ago
Autonomous Race Cars – Julia Computing
Autonomous Race Cars
UC Berkeley researchers use Julia to optimize model predictive control for the Berkeley Autonomous Race Car (BARC)
julia  programming  language  history  lisp  dynamic  berkeley  prediction  control  autonomous  vehicles  selfdriving  realtime 
10 weeks ago
graydon2 | technicalities: interactive scientific computing #2 of 2, goldilocks languages
how Lisp was great but did not make it though a “population bottleneck” but its important features have snuck back via modern languages.
history  lisp  programming  julia  abstraction  language  design  future  evolution 
11 weeks ago
butterfly wing patterns as discrete images
see other links tagged “discrete” (fish, lizard)

Post text:
We wait, starving for moments of high magic to inspire us, but life is full of common enchantment waiting for our alchemists eyes to notice.
~Jacob Nordby

Giant Swallowtail
discrete  insects  butterflymoth  evolution  color  texture  texturesynthesis  nature  cocish  camouflage  morphogenesis 
11 weeks ago
New research suggests evolution might favor 'survival of the laziest'
“...Looking at a period of roughly 5 million years from the mid-Pliocene to the present, the researchers analyzed 299 species' metabolic rates—or, the amount of energy the organisms need to live their daily lives—and found higher metabolic rates were a reliable predictor of extinction likelihood...”
evolution  metabolism  energy  extinction  survival  optimization 
11 weeks ago
Resources for CS 229 - Machine Learning
“cheat sheets” for ML and adjacent topics:
Supervised Learning
Unsupervised Learning
Deep Learning
machinelearning  education  deeplearning  ai  neuralnets  clustering 
12 weeks ago
FisheyeGl Demo
Lens distortion removal — interactive visualizer
camera  lens  images  distortion  warp 
12 weeks ago
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