Load Balancing a RabbitMQ Cluster |
The Problem Given a cluster of RabbitMQ nodes, we want to achieve effective load-balancing. The Solution First, let’s look at the feature at the core of RabbitMQ – the Queue itself. RabbitMQ Queues are singular structures that do not exist on more than one Node. Let’s say that you have a load-balanced, HA (Highly Available)…
rabbitmq  loadbalancing 
november 2017
5 Tips for Proper Java Heap Size - DZone Performance
Determination of proper Java Heap size for a production system is not a straightforward exercise. In my Java EE enterprise experience, I have seen multiple...
java  heap_size 
august 2017
Generate pdf slides from reveal.js html
works despite printing many errors with my source materials!
july 2017
etcd Clustering in AWS - Engineering at Monsanto
Configuring a robust etcd cluster in an AWS Auto Scaling Group
aws  etcd  coreos 
august 2016
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