Solitude And the Fortresses Of Youth - The New York Times
oldie but a goodie: "And so we censor the art they consume and produce, and prosecute and suspend and expel them, and when, once in a great while, a teenager reaches for an easy gun and shoots somebody or himself, we tell ourselves that if we had only censored his journals and curtailed his music and video games, that awful burst of final ugliness could surely have been prevented. As if art caused the ugliness, when of course all it can ever do is reflect and, perhaps, attempt to explain it."
growingup  teenager  parenting  censorship  art 
2 days ago
Killing the Coding Interview | Pete Holiday's Blog
notable because: (a) it provides concrete things to do as alternatives and (b) recognizes that sometimes it might actually be worthwhile
hiring  interview  programming 
2 days ago
Team reviews – Marc Hedlund – Medium
Light process for reviewing your managers' teams and coming to simple consensus on performance. Also seems to be a good way to sum up activity over time.
13 days ago
Why Impact/Effort Prioritization Doesn’t Work – Itamar Gilad – Medium
trolly headline obscures the actual message, which I think is: we need to get better at estimating so we can make better trade-offs
management  planning 
14 days ago
direnv - unclutter your .profile
"environment switcher for the shell"
shell  unix 
22 days ago
MySQL vs PostgreSQL - Why you shouldn't use MySQL - YouTube
I think many of these things have been fixed, but... whoa
database  mysql 
29 days ago
We Need Fewer Product Managers – Hacker Noon
really, more product managers that focus on managing a product itself, rather than on managing all the stuff that goes into the product -- he also gives a decent (reasonable) progression to how companies grow into the role being what it is and how it can calcify over time
product  management  agile 
4 weeks ago
www.washingtonpost.com | Beverly Cleary on turning 200
Times have changed: “She struggled through her classes with poor eyesight; her mother denied her money for glasses because she feared it would spoil her daughter’s appearance.”
biography  writing 
6 weeks ago
Trevor Noah on fake news and Donald Trump (HARDtalk) - BBC News - YouTube
nice examples of the binds journalists can twist themselves into in pursuit of impartiality
journalism  comedy  interview 
6 weeks ago
Performance of Performance Reviews – Learning By Shipping
I like this article because it talks a lot about system effects, and the negative side-effects with so many things we do in this area even assuming good intentions. Put another way, it's "pushing the knife fight around": 'To measure performance it must be measured relative to something. Sales is the “easiest” since if you have a sales quota then your compensation is just a measure of how much you exceed quota. Such simplicity masks the knife fight that is quota settings and the process by which a comp sheet is built out, but it is still a relative measure.'
management  culture  systemsthinking 
6 weeks ago
Molly Ringwald Revisits “The Breakfast Club” in the Age of #MeToo | The New Yorker
"How are we meant to feel about art that we both love and oppose? What if we are in the unusual position of having helped create it? Erasing history is a dangerous road when it comes to art—change is essential, but so, too, is remembering the past, in all of its transgression and barbarism, so that we may properly gauge how far we have come, and also how far we still need to go."
art  culture  movies  sexism 
6 weeks ago
Data Egret: PostgreSQL Bloatbusters.
couple of different options than 'vacuum full' for rewriting tables when they get bloated, both allowing you to maintain read/write activity for nearly all of the process but with different trade-offs
database  postgres 
7 weeks ago
www.wired.com | The dirty war over diversity inside Google
‘As a consequence, sometimes managers tried to restore calm by telling everyone to knock it off. Zunger says this was well-intentioned, but ultimately counterproductive. “Once an awareness of contempt is present in the room, not talking about it doesn't make it go away,” he said.’
racism  management  google  soc  sexism  diversity 
12 weeks ago
Tango, an inventive time-looping animated film
serious editing, hypnotic (note that I'd upgrade the "mildly NSFW" to "NSFW")
animation  movies 
february 2018
Chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov’s most memorable games
I don't really understand chess, but I could listen to him explain these games and moves for a long time
chess  games  history 
february 2018
The invention of the bendy straw
lesson: keep your eyes open and your brain fertile
february 2018
Robert Haas: DO or UNDO - there is no VACUUM
This is also a good explanation of why vacuum is necessary
database  postgres 
february 2018
A Taxonomy of Troublemakers for Those Navigating Difficult Colleagues | First Round Review
broad strokes, but the framing of Don't say/Do say is a useful way to show how phrasing can make a difference
management  soc  behavior 
january 2018
74 Things That Blew Our Minds in 2017 - The Atlantic
I normally try not to link to year-end lists because they're pretty lazy, but... this is awesome!
science  fun  astronomy  nature  health  anatomy  animals 
january 2018
Slaughterbots - YouTube
in the diminishing area between reality and Black Mirror
ai  automation  military  war 
december 2017
Google Maps’s Moat
what a great article -- loads of work and research went into this and it shows
gis  geography  google  apple  data  machinelearning 
december 2017
eand.co | What Do You Call a World That Can’t Learn From Itself?
My confirmation bias likes this article a lot, though the comparison to baby mimickry is silly and condescending
soc  dailyliving  culture  americanexceptionalism  politics 
december 2017
Complexity and Strategy – Hacker Noon
long one, but worth the read; even worth coming back to every so often
complexity  architecture  management  strategy 
december 2017
Typical Programmer
closer: "I think programmers should pay much more attention to listening to and working with their peers than to rituals and tools, and that we should be skeptical of too much process or methodologies that promise to magically make everyone more productive. Maybe social skills come harder to programmers than to other people (I’m not convinced that’s true), but developing those skills will certainly pay off a lot more than trying yet another development methodology."
agile  communication  management  culture 
december 2017
Millions Are Hounded for Debt They Don’t Owe. One Victim Fought Back, With a Vengeance - Bloomberg
JFC between reading this and The Big Short this week my view of people is awfully low
debt  money  bank  loan  regulation 
december 2017
PostgreSQL - JSONB and Statistics | Select * from Adrien
pretty neat look under the hood at how pg calculates query cost and things you can do with jsonb fields to help it along
database  postgres 
december 2017
Scaling Slack’s Job Queue – Several People Are Coding
how they placed a more reliable and resilient piece of infrastructure (Kafka) in front of their Redis queues so they became stable and they didn't have to redo everything at once
kafka  redis  distributed  engineering 
december 2017
Roy Moore and the Invisible Religious Right | The New Yorker
"Another anxiety was whether the evangelical leadership still had the authority to define morality for the followers of its own movement, or whether it had ceded this power to the Republican Party and Fox News." - this doesn't feel like a question any longer
politics  religion 
december 2017
medium.com | On Kindness
Long but well worth your time, on the type of kindness that goes against the grain and informs your view on the world.
sexism  race  parenting  death  goodwriting 
november 2017
Sex Appeal - Radiolab Presents: More Perfect - WNYC
Great illustration of how clever lawyers can take plain language that's widely understood to mean one thing and shift that understanding through cases that on their face have nothing to do with it.
law  podcast 
november 2017
Big Boy caper comes to a head
June 16, 1999 - Big Boy head returned to Mt. Lebanon restaurant
pittsburgh  fun 
november 2017
www.thecut.com | Your reckoning. And mine.
“So, no, I was never serially sexually harassed. But the stink got on me anyway. I was implicated. We all are, our professional contributions weighed on scales of fuckability and willingness to go along, to be good sports, to not be humorless scolds or office gorgons; our achievements chalked up to male affiliation — the boyfriend who supposedly supplies you with ideas or the manager who took you under his wing because he wanted to get inside your pants. We can rebuff the harasser; we can choose not to fuck the boss. But in a world where men hold inordinate power, we’re still in bed with the guy.”
feminism  media  sexism 
november 2017
Common Standards Project: Free search academic standards from all 50 states
need to dig further to see how comprehensive these are, if so :mindblown:
education  standards 
november 2017
www.theplayerstribune.com | The Noise
Steph Curry on having a platform and what’s important
sports  military  politics  veterans 
november 2017
Interview Techniques That Get Beyond Canned Responses
interesting, esp for the perspective of non-engineering folks and the things they can do to get candidates demonstrating the qualities the company values
november 2017
ongoing by Tim Bray · Working at Amazon
nice overview, and one I'd trust, though I suspect that the experience of capital T Tim capital B Bray might not be representative :-)
hiring  amazon  job  management  culture 
october 2017
larahogan.me | Why can’t they just...?
Turns out most things are complicated; well written and straightforward as usual
october 2017
Elided Branches: How do managers* get stuck?
some good descriptions of what it means to manage up, down, and sideways
october 2017
Why Happy People Cheat - The Atlantic
This feels like it could've been lifted from a decade or two of Dan Savage columns and observations. (Me linking this doesn't say anything about my own current status! It's just a good read.)
marriage  psychology  soc 
october 2017
8 Gaslighting Techniques to Use at Work
hope these aren't TOO familiar to you...
fun  satire  work  sexism 
september 2017
The Original Lie About Obamacare - The New York Times
always keep this in mind when R talk about the ACA being "rammed through"
politics  healthcare 
september 2017
Take a Dip into PostgreSQL Arrays - Compose Articles
pretty good overview of using postgres arrays, particularly indexing them
postgres  database 
september 2017
How to Build a Rumor – Rands in Repose
communication is hard: "This is how your rumor started. In a meeting two weeks ago, you said a controversial thing about an important topic poorly. Because you were in a hurry, you only stated half of your justification before you ran out the door. Your goal was to inspire, but for the folks who hadn’t heard your pitch before, you mostly confused them."
september 2017
Don't Give HBO's 'Confederate' the Benefit of the Doubt - The Atlantic
"Knowing this, we do not have to wait to point out that comparisons between Confederate and The Man in the High Castle are fatuous. Nazi Germany was also defeated. But while its surviving leadership was put on trial before the world, not one author of the Confederacy was convicted of treason. Nazi Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop was hanged at Nuremberg. Confederate General John B. Gordon became a senator. Germany has spent the decades since World War II in national penance for Nazi crimes. America spent the decades after the Civil War transforming Confederate crimes into virtues. It is illegal to fly the Nazi flag in Germany. The Confederate flag is enmeshed in the state flag of Mississippi."
history  media  criticism 
september 2017
Guest Post: Ed Tech's Collision Course | Just Visiting
paraphrased: "We don't trust teachers and others to interpret results, so academic integrity? Whatevs."
plagiarism  education 
september 2017
The Body Under the Bed
happens more often than you think; also this sentence: "Kuklinkski finished off Smith by strangling him when watching Smith die of poisoning proved tiresome."
august 2017
Robot Hugs - Harassment
comic about why it's hard for men to see harassment and how the culture around it gets created bit by bit
sexism  feminism  communication 
august 2017
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