Sourdough Hands: How Bakers And Bread Are A Microbial Match : The Salt : NPR
Q: How much bread do you have to bake to have sourdough hands?

A: That's a good question, and I don't know the answer. But if I were to speculate, I bet it doesn't take a lot of baking to change your hands a little bit. But if you really want those total baker hands, I think that's touching bread as much as you touch people.
bacteria  microbiome  bread  baking 
2 days ago
Digging into Docker layers – Jessica G – Medium
nice explanation of what's going on under the hood when you build images with Dockerfiles
12 days ago
You’re Not Managing a Team of Software Engineers, You’re Managing a Team of Writers
"Control is not the right paradigm. The job is guidance, sometimes tight, sometimes loose. Sometimes the “writing” is flowing, sometimes it needs to coaxed and forced. The manager (a better word is “producer”) has to understand the creative process: what is needed? what does the work want?"
management  software  collaboration 
18 days ago
Working at Netflix Sounds Like Hell
oof: 'Kill or be killed seems to be accepted as a mode of operation. One employee expressed the feeling that they live in fear of being fired every day at an executive meeting. A vice president named Karen Barragan was said to have responded: “Good, because fear drives you.” Barragan disputed the account.'
management  culture 
18 days ago
A genuinely terrible abuse of Jenkins Pipeline
using security thinking to frame a (possibly) different way of looking at Jenkins: 'People sometimes joke that Jenkins is “cron with a web UI”, but I will typically refer to it as “remote code execution as a service.” '
jenkins  continuousintegration  security 
18 days ago
Introducing PostgreSQL Anonymizer
extension to scramble/hide data from certain roles, using metadata on the database instead of a library
database  postgres  pii  security 
19 days ago
Asshole Free Devil's Advocacy -- Just a Summary
"Before you introduce the idea you want to play Devil’s advocate for, say something like “D’you mind if I play Devil’s advocate for a moment?” And when the group tells you “Yes, we do mind. Why help the devil?” listen to them."
communication  collaboration  soc  culture 
20 days ago
Five Star Songs | Take Me to the River
ostensibly about the Talking Heads, but actually about copyright and "The Time Tina Weymouth Told Me I'm Not a Real Artist"
music  copyright  law 
21 days ago
Saying no.
"When folks want you to commit to more work than you believe you can deliver, your goal is to provide a compelling explanation of how your team finishes work. Finishes is particularly important, as opposed to does, because partial work has no value, and your team's defining constraints are often in the finishing stages."
management  communication  prioritization  product  teamwork 
5 weeks ago
Introduction to systems thinking.
not in a general sense but in a manner that you can graph out to make more obvious what can or should be done
systemsthinking  management  visualization  communication 
5 weeks ago
Notes on The Pyramid Principle.
Digging into more specifics of this principle of writing: "Bottoms up thinking is good for developing your idea, but bad for communicating it. This is why decoupling into thinking and writing is useful. (It's fine to think in writing, just don't try to reuse the thinking bits for communicating to others. Very similar to "plan to throw one away" from Fred Brooks.)"
communication  writing  presentation  management 
5 weeks ago
The Pyramid Principle – Lessons from McKinsey – Medium
really simple rules about communicating even complex ideas, but they're counter to what we're taught in composition and other classes
presentation  writing  communication  management 
5 weeks ago
Kara Swisher on the worst and best bosses she’s ever had.
'I’ve told this story before, but years later I ran into him, and he said, “Most people in this town stab you in the back, but you stabbed me in the front, and I appreciate that.” I said, “Anytime, you son of a bitch.” It was a great moment. I’m so glad he’s dead. Seriously, I’m glad he’s dead. He was a jackass. He deserved it.'
interview  management  journalism 
5 weeks ago
Should Art Be a Battleground for Social Justice? - The New York Times
wrestling with art, how we talk about it, how we reconcile artists and their work, and how "problematic" it all is
art  criticism  culture  politics 
5 weeks ago
ongoing by Tim Bray · JSON Event Scheming
nice description of why schemas are hard for common patterns, and a pointer to an update to JSON Schema that may be able to help
events  json  serialization  validation 
7 weeks ago
Delegation and Time Management – Camille Fournier – Medium
"...And most importantly, it puts the initiative squarely on the shoulders of your team, which is almost always where it belongs. They aren’t going to learn how to make good decisions, set good goals, or write effective docs, if you are always there providing a safety net or taking over the hard work from them."
management  leadership 
10 weeks ago
Focus at Work • Relax at Home • Sleep at Night | myNoise ®
pretty great white noise site, huge variety of natural, synthetic, and soundscape noise
11 weeks ago
STRIKE! Magazine – On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs
"Once, when contemplating the apparently endless growth of administrative responsibilities in British academic departments, I came up with one possible vision of hell. Hell is a collection of individuals who are spending the bulk of their time working on a task they don't like and are not especially good at."
work  politics  econ  soc 
11 weeks ago
Teaching iteration – Signal v. Noise
"So, perhaps for a final assignment (no matter the subject), students should be able to choose something they did earlier in the year and get a chance to improve on it. Make version 2. I think working on four things, and getting a chance to redo one of them would be more valuable than working on five separate things. It would be a better education."
education  agile  learning 
august 2018
4 Ways to Join Only The First Row in SQL
pretty useful list, and I can't believe I didn't know about "DISTINCT ON" already
database  sql 
august 2018
The Cult of Authenticity | Boston Review
(from February 2000!) still reading, but this changing notion of authenticity is fascinating, as is the changing ways that people invoke it and can use it as a baseball bat against ideas or people they don't like: "I hope you’ll forgive me for lingering on this rather anecdotal, personal history. My purpose in lingering is not merely to grind an attack on my beloved stories under my iron heel, although, as you can probably tell, grinding gives me glorious pleasure. My purpose is also to give you some sense of the texture of the world in which I live and write, and therefore also a sense of the sheer effort it takes to sustain and drive this censorious rhetoric about correct Indianness, and a sense of the galloping vastness of its elisions. This rhetoric lays claim not only to a very high moral ground but also a deep, essential connection to a "real" Indianness."
authenticity  soc  culture  goodwriting  academia 
august 2018
You don’t need confidence, just contribution. | Derek Sivers
short, pointed, and insightful as always: "How I feel in this moment doesn’t matter — it will pass. Nobody is judging me, because nobody is thinking of me. They are just looking for things to improve their own life. The public me is not the real me anyway, so if they judge my public persona, that’s fine."
creativity  work  life  behavior 
august 2018
Say the Hard Thing – Rands in Repose
lots of good stuff here, but I wanted to call out this body/brain forced feedback loop: "The yelling is your brain defending its poorly informed reality, but the yelling distracts you from hearing anything. It has taken years, but the moment I hear the beginning of hard feedback, I adopt the position: crossed legs, folded hands, and head slightly tilted. This is my “I am listening” position. It reminds me to listen."
feedback  management 
june 2018
Have a Great Boss? Capitalize on It to Boost Your Career | Grammarly
I think it's important to remember that the relationship is in both directions: "In any great relationship, you don’t just like the person—you like yourself when you’re with him or her. This is also true of a great boss. A true leader understands how to bring out the best in each member of the team. It’s a thrill to work on that team because there’s room to learn, grow, and make the mistakes that lead to self-discovery and reinvention."
management  behavior 
june 2018
The Tarot Cards Of Tech
this is a cute and simple reminder to consider different aspects of Equity, Usage, and Scale when building things
design  ethics 
may 2018
Most lives are lived by default
Not something I'm thinking about, but it's a useful thing to think of identity as more fluid than we normally do, and think of how it got that way:"But identity is fluid. You’ve been becoming a different person this whole time, and after making a dramatic change, you might find you’re more yourself than you’ve ever been."
identity  soc  dailyliving 
may 2018
How to scale yourself: the ‘99/50/1’ framework – The Mission – Medium
useful as a guide for the types of questions to ask and level of detail to expect at different phases of a project
management  design  collaboration  projectplanning 
may 2018
Superfan! — Sacha Judd
Tying the "trivial" notions of our cultural attachments to making us more whole people everywhere, even at work. This is a presentation I'll come back to again and again, and one I'll probably forward 100x over.
presentation  diversity  work  management  fan 
may 2018
Solitude And the Fortresses Of Youth - The New York Times
oldie but a goodie: "And so we censor the art they consume and produce, and prosecute and suspend and expel them, and when, once in a great while, a teenager reaches for an easy gun and shoots somebody or himself, we tell ourselves that if we had only censored his journals and curtailed his music and video games, that awful burst of final ugliness could surely have been prevented. As if art caused the ugliness, when of course all it can ever do is reflect and, perhaps, attempt to explain it."
growingup  teenager  parenting  censorship  art 
may 2018
Killing the Coding Interview | Pete Holiday's Blog
notable because: (a) it provides concrete things to do as alternatives and (b) recognizes that sometimes it might actually be worthwhile
hiring  interview  programming 
may 2018
Team reviews – Marc Hedlund – Medium
Light process for reviewing your managers' teams and coming to simple consensus on performance. Also seems to be a good way to sum up activity over time.
may 2018
Why Impact/Effort Prioritization Doesn’t Work – Itamar Gilad – Medium
trolly headline obscures the actual message, which I think is: we need to get better at estimating so we can make better trade-offs
management  planning 
may 2018
direnv - unclutter your .profile
"environment switcher for the shell"
shell  unix 
may 2018
MySQL vs PostgreSQL - Why you shouldn't use MySQL - YouTube
I think many of these things have been fixed, but... whoa
database  mysql 
april 2018
We Need Fewer Product Managers – Hacker Noon
really, more product managers that focus on managing a product itself, rather than on managing all the stuff that goes into the product -- he also gives a decent (reasonable) progression to how companies grow into the role being what it is and how it can calcify over time
product  management  agile 
april 2018
www.washingtonpost.com | Beverly Cleary on turning 100
Times have changed: “She struggled through her classes with poor eyesight; her mother denied her money for glasses because she feared it would spoil her daughter’s appearance.”
biography  writing 
april 2018
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