The Invisible Child - The Catholic Thing
I have been thinking lately about marriage and annulments, and our Lord’s command that we should go forth to seek the one lost sheep that has wandered in the desert, far from the ninety-nine. I believe in that command with all my heart, because I’ve been that lost sheep. via Pocket
4 hours ago
Benedict: The Liturgy as a Game
What is the liturgy? What happens during the liturgy? What kind of reality do we encounter here? In the 1920s the suggestion was made that we should understand the liturgy in terms of “play”. via Pocket
20 hours ago
Plastic Bags Are Good for You -
Here is a list of things that are thicker than a typical plastic grocery bag: A strand of hair. A coat of paint. A human cornea. High-density polyethylene is a miracle of materials science. Despite weighing less than 5 grams, one bag can hold 17 pounds, well over 1,000 times its own weight. via Pocket
2 days ago
IF you live in the United States, you probably do some form of recycling. It’s likely that you separate paper from plastic and glass and metal. You rinse the bottles and cans, and you might put food scraps in a container destined for a composting facility. via Pocket
2 days ago
Walker Percy and the Atticus Finch Question | Catholic World Report - Global Church news and views
until a few years ago, the champion of Negro rights in the South, and of fair-mindedness and toleration in general, was the upper-class white Southerner. He is their champion no longer. He has, by and large, unshouldered his burden for someone else to pick up. via Pocket
2 days ago
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7 days ago
Talking science and God with the pope's new chief astronomer | Science/AAAS | News
ROME—On 18 September, Pope Francis appointed Jesuit brother Guy Consolmagno as the new director of the Vatican Observatory, which employs a dozen astronomers to study asteroids, meteorites, extrasolar planets, stellar evolution, and cosmology. via Pocket
7 days ago
Matthews Harps On 'How Bad It Was' in Catholic Church's Recent Past
MSNBC's Chris Matthews revealed his loathing for a part of his Catholic upbringing on Wednesday's Hardball, and ended up mangling the theology behind a beautiful and ancient Church ritual for new mothers. via Pocket
9 days ago
The Good, the Bard & the Ugly: Sifting Sense from Nonsense in the Study of Shakespeare - The Imaginative Conservative
One of the worst crimes committed by the modern academy is what might be called Shakespeare abuse. It takes many forms. via Pocket
10 days ago
The Argyle Sweater Comic Strip, September 26, 2015 on
Register for a FREE GoComics account and get this, plus any other comic strip delivered daily to your personalized My Comics Page (homepage and free mobile app). Upgrade to a GoComics Pro account (only $11. via Pocket
11 days ago
Entitlement, or Mike Flynn and the Wreck of the Country of the River of the Blind Stars: johncwright
A reprint of three columns, which I reprint here in one place in order to offer timely advice about titles: The esteemed Mike Flynn (who has never written a book entitled Wreck of the Country of the River of the Blind Stars) has written an article entitled “Entitlement”, and yours truly as via Pocket
11 days ago
Sainthood and Serra: His virtues outdistance his sins - LA Times
The outcries began as soon as Pope Francis announced that, after 80 years of formal consideration, Father Junipero Serra, founder of the California missions, was to be made a saint. The outrage isn't new. via Pocket
11 days ago
The Dopest Pope Francis Memes On The Internet
Have you heard that the Pope is dope? Kim Kardashian set off a kerfluffle in Argentina after tweeting that very sentiment. Argentine media interpreted her tweet as “the Pope is drugs” and took offense, some even branding Kardashian his “enemy. via Pocket
11 days ago
TidBITS: Moving Your Apple Watch to Your New iPhone
We have all been here before — well, if not all of us, certainly a lot of us. via Pocket
11 days ago
On the Same Topic: Media Idols | John C. Wright's Journal
When speaking of the relationship between Pope Francis and the modern media, it is important to realize and to recall that the modern media is a force for evil which, if the devils in Hell are not controlling with all their superhuman malice and intelligence to do as much harm as possible to the so via Pocket
12 days ago
A Private Opinion of Pope Francis: johncwright
An acquaintance of mine was polling those of us who converted under Pope Benedict XVI (or B-16, as we affectionately refer to him) our opinions of the current Holy Father, Francis, and what is our reaction to him: as if the sheep are supposed to have a ‘reaction’ to the shepherd placed over us. via Pocket
14 days ago
WASHINGTON — For Representative Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, the issue of abortion rights has always been ancillary to her unwavering faith and deep approbation for generations of popes. via Pocket
14 days ago
Here's everything Siri can do on your Apple Watch with watchOS 2 | iMore
Siri, Apple's voice-activated digital assistant, is a huge part of the Apple Watch — and we're oh-so-thankful it is. via Pocket
14 days ago
Why I love the pope, even as a conservative: Column
In the lead-up to his visit this week, his first ever to the United States, the news media frame is simple: happy liberals, disgruntled conservatives. Catholics like myself, who identify strongly with the Republican Party and strongly with our faith, are supposed to be mad at the pope. via Pocket
Pocket  catholic  pope 
15 days ago
Peter Kreeft On Thomas Aquinas: A Dumb Ox Who Probably Had ADD
Peter Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy at Boston College, has quite a knack for taking complex subjects and making them thoroughly accessible to the rest of us. via Pocket
Catholic  philosophy 
17 days ago
The story of Japan's hidden Christians emerges from the Vatican archives
Skip to comments. Vatican City, Sep 17, 2015 / 05:02 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Collected by a Salesian missionary to Japan in the early 20th century, letters and documents showing the history of Christians in the land of the rising sun have been recently restored by the Vatican archives and library. via Pocket
Catholic  history 
18 days ago
The Spy's Choirbook |
Almost 50 choirbooks now survive from the copying workshop of Petrus Alamire, who happens to have been active as a political informer alongside his more upfront activities as a singer, composer and music copyist.
18 days ago
How Oberlin Created the Hate Crime of the Year | National Review Online
Busted. Stone-cold busted. Just as I suspected, “progressive” pranksters at Oberlin College have been definitively unmasked as the perpetrators of phony campus “hate crimes” that scored international headlines in March. via Pocket
18 days ago
How troubled Disney star Dean Jones, who just died at 84, found ‘the peace of Christ’ - The Washington Post
Actor Dean Jones in 1974. (Harold Filan/AP) For Disney magic to effectively unfold, there has to be a character  — usually a crank or a bumbler — who tries to play it cool as the madness happens. You know: grumpy dad Mr. via Pocket
18 days ago
iOS 9 review | iMore
iOS 9 is Apple's more intelligent, more polished operating system for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. via Pocket
iOS  review 
20 days ago
iOS 9: The MacStories Review, Created on iPad – MacStories
With iOS entering the last stage of its single-digit version history, it's time to wonder if Apple wants to plant new seeds or sit back, maintain, and reap the fruits of the work done so far. via Pocket
21 days ago
WATCH: Stephen Colbert, Lifelong Catholic, on Hearing a Female Priest Celebrate the Eucharist | Sojourners
Much like Pope Francis, the great love Stephen Colbert has for the Catholic Church does not preclude a thoughtful, creative examination of Catholic tradition. In his latest interview with Salt and Light, Colbert shared a powerful story about the important influence of female priests. via Pocket
Catholic  dissent 
22 days ago
The Great Divorce | According To Hoyt
No, this is not a post on my marital status, which is fine thankyouverymuch. It’s rather a definition/sense of something going on in the culture, where the current situation comes from, what it means, and an exploration of where it might take us in the future. via Pocket
books  essay 
23 days ago
Pope's secret summer retreat now open to the public - CBS News
VATICAN CITY -- Belching unholy pollution over the Vatican, the world's smallest national railway set off on Pope Francis' latest effort to open the church to the people. via Pocket
24 days ago
The Hollywood Vampires - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Hollywood Vampires was a group of famous male rock stars in the 1970s. The hazing to get into the club was to outdrink all the members.[citation needed] via Pocket
25 days ago
Catholic Geeks | The American CatholicThe American Catholic
The Catholic Geeks is a blog about Catholic topics, geeky topics, and (preferably) geeky Catholic topics. You’ll find us talking about stories, games, theology, philosophy, and current events, both with and without snarky commentary. Go here to take a gander at the blog. via Pocket
Catholic  blog 
26 days ago
A second look at Mitis, especially at the new fast-track annulment process | In the Light of the Law
In an earlier post today I applauded most of the reforms of the annulment process issued by Pope Francis in Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus. I offered some additional positive remarks about Mitis on my “Canon Law” Facebook page. via Pocket
CanonLaw  marriage 
27 days ago
Does John Zmirak Even Understand Church Teaching?
First, I am not sure what Mr. Zmi­rak means by “open bor­ders Catholics.” Likely that is because the phrase shows up nowhere in the arti­cle itself. The clos­est Mr. via Pocket
29 days ago
iTunes M4P Converter for Mac OS X - Convert DRM M4P to MP3 or AAC, Audible AA to MP3 or AAC converter, Apple Music Converter
iTunes Music Converter, Apple Music Converter, Convert DRM M4P to MP3 or AAC in 5X fast speed and CD Quality. Audible AA to MP3 or AAC converter. Remove DRM from iTunes M4P or Audible AA files.
audio  drm 
4 weeks ago
Is Kim Davis a hypocrite? | In the Light of the Law
Kim Davis—the Kentucky official jailed for refusing marriage licenses to same-sex couples on the grounds that issuing them would violate, among other things, her Christian beliefs about marriage—is a Protestant but I think her actions can be usefully assessed from a Catholic point of view. via Pocket
4 weeks ago
“Back before he was producing Charlie's Angels, Aaron Spelling was a major supplier of made-for-television feature films, particularly to ABC, on which this movie premiered in 1971. via Pocket
movie  comment 
4 weeks ago
VA Inspector General: 307K veterans died waiting for health care « Hot Air
The Inspector General’s report is out on the failure of the Veterans Affairs Department and it is NOT pretty. The report says 307K veterans with pending health care requests died while waiting for care. That’s 35% of all health care requests as of September 2014. via Pocket
4 weeks ago
Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy Indulgence Raises Canonical Questions | Daily News |
COMMENTARY: There are a few canonical ambiguities in the Holy Father’s letter that need clarifications so that his desires can be implemented appropriately. The Holy Father’s Sept. via Pocket
4 weeks ago
Beware the Error of Those Who Proclaim Mercy Without Repentance |Blogs |
As we prepare for the Year of Mercy, a blessed declaration from our Holy Father to be sure, permit me to express one concern. Fundamentally it concerns a flawed notion of mercy that is widespread in the world today, and also to some extent in the Church. via Pocket
Catholic  essay 
4 weeks ago
Mary the Unknotter – Papal Edition! | Aliens in This World
I’ve written here before about the growing devotion to Our Lady as “the Untier of Knots” or “Mary the Unknotter”. Here’s the Pope sitting with his copy, over at the Vatican. via Pocket
Catholic  saints 
5 weeks ago
Open-source typeface “Hack” brings design to source code | Ars Technica
The days of coders being shackled to Monaco or Courier New ends now. At this week, programmer Chris Simpkins debuted the 2.0 version of Hack, an open-source typeface designed specifically for use in source code. via Pocket
5 weeks ago
News Briefs/Rss | Catholic World Report - Global Church news and views
Philadelphia, Pa., Aug 30, 2015 / 06:08 am (CNA/EWTN News).- What do practicing Catholics believe? A new U.S. survey has answered this question by breaking down the similarities and differences these Catholics have with non-practicing Catholics and with Americans as a whole via Pocket
5 weeks ago
Catholic Digest | The Magazine for Catholic Living | The Spiritually Aware Cinema of Jean-Paul & Luc Dardenne
For two decades, the Belgian brother filmmakers have explored moral, social, and spiritual themes in one extraordinary film after another. via Pocket
movie  essay 
5 weeks ago
Edward Feser: The comedy keeps coming
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but while we’re on the subject of humor, here’s another mistake that is often made in discussions of it: failing to identify precisely which aspect of the phenomenon of humor a theory is (or is best interpreted as) trying to explain. via Pocket
theology  comedy 
5 weeks ago
Happy Catholic*: The City by Dean Koontz
The City by Dean KoontzThat’s life. Always something, more good than bad, but always interesting if you’re paying attention. Recommended by my daughter, Rose, the voice in this book reminds me of Odd Thomas in its sweetness and innocence. via Pocket
books  review 
5 weeks ago
One Thing Well | mdless
mdless mdless is a utility that provides a formatted and highlighted view of Markdown files in Terminal. via Pocket
terminal  osx 
5 weeks ago
Diocese punishes group that let woman perform sacrament rite | KCRG-TV9 | Cedar Rapids, Iowa News, Sports, and Weather
DES MOINES, Iowa — The Des Moines bishop has told a Des Moines Catholic group that it no longer may host Masses because it let a woman perform sacrament services in December. via Pocket
5 weeks ago
The Problem with Pews - Crisis Magazine
The queen consort of George V was consistent in her sense of duty and unswerving in how she expressed it. Crowned with dignity and corseted with confidence, at five feet six inches, Mary of Teck was the same height as the king, but they were called George the Fifth and Mary the Four-fifths. via Pocket
Catholic  editorial 
6 weeks ago
In Memoriam | John C. Wright's Journal
The Hugo Award voters paid me the signal honor of burning down two or perhaps three whole categories of awards merely to prevent me from being awarded the spaceship which the breakdown of the votes shows I was due. via Pocket
6 weeks ago
Nothing more need be said | Brad R. Torgersen
From first-time Worldcon attendee Michael A. Rothman, who brought his boys along to see what Worldcon and “Fandom” was all about. See his original Facebook comment here. via Pocket
6 weeks ago
Inventing the Crusades by Thomas F. Madden | Articles | First Things
Within a month of the attacks of September 11, 2001, former president Bill Clinton gave a speech to the students of Georgetown University. via Pocket
Catholic  history 
6 weeks ago
Book Reviews and More: I Am Margaret - Corinna Turner - I Am Margaret Book 1
Sometimes it really pays to follow authors you really like. Regina Doman recently posted about this book, and it caught my attention. To be honest I had never heard of the author or the series. I am so glad it did. via Pocket
6 weeks ago
Mac App Store - Loose Leaves
Loose Leaves lets you instantly create lightweight, beautiful, hosted pages from the Markdown you write.Just select the Markdown you want to share, use the keyboard shortcut ( [⇧ shift] + [⌘ command] + [ C ] ), and you instantly get back a secure link you can pass around.Try Loose Leaves for posting drafts to Slack, notes to Twitter, project documents to Trello, or wherever you need to share your words. via Pocket
6 weeks ago
It's Business As Usual For the LCWR |Blogs |
Ever since the mandate to reform the 1,100-member Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) was concluded in April, speculation has swirled around what changes the LCWR would actually implement. Now that the major addresses from the Aug. via Pocket
6 weeks ago
In 1975, this Kodak employee invented the digital camera. His bosses made him hide it.
Imagine a world where photography is a slow process that is impossible to master without years of study or apprenticeship. A world without iPhones or Instagram, where one company reigned supreme. Such a world existed in 1973, when Steven Sasson, a young engineer, went to work for Eastman Kodak. via Pocket
history  gadgets 
6 weeks ago
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