St. John Paul II on Gradualism
The current fuss about readmitting people in this state to communion has seemed peculiar to me all along. If people think enough of the Eucharist to refrain from presenting themselves due to an irregular marital state, then that person is a well-formed Catholic who is doing the right thing.

The question is: how do we best help them achieve a more perfect moral state so they will be worthy to join us at the table?
8 days ago
The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976) - IMDb
Suggested by orthometer, movie that lead to slasher films.
8 days ago
Best iPad action games without in-app purchases | iMore
Skip the IAPs with these outstanding iPad action games Freemium iPad games aren't for everybody. Gems, timers, performance boosters and all sorts of other in-app purchases can dampen the fun. That's certainly the popular opinion we get when we talk about freemium, so we've rounded up our favorite action games in the App Store that do away with all of that. These provide full, fast, white-knuckled experiences up-front without nickel-and-diming you later. We're focusing on reflex-driven games, which includes a few shooters, but you'll find a great mix here. Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think of our top ten iPad action games without IAPs, and leave a few of your own suggestions.
ios  gaming 
11 days ago
What's missing from the book of Acts? More than you might think! |Blogs |
The book of Acts does not tell us the full story of early Church history. It provides only partial…  
history  Bible  Catholic 
12 days ago
Mobile Email Just Got a Promotion. Acompli empowers professionals to do more and defer less from mobile email. Available on the App Store.
13 days ago
“This week over at Aleteia, I reviewed “Annabelle,” a surprisingly Catholic friendly horror movie.” From “HOLY HORRORS FOR HALLOWEEN FILM FESTIVAL II: BRIMSTONE & TREACLE” The B-Movie Catechism
14 days ago
Mac Setup Automation
Lapwing Labs – Dream, Build, Repeat. Founded by Andy Pai, Brian Dentino and Matthew Mueller.
16 days ago
“While we’re on the subject of Steve Martin, consider the following passage from his memoir Born Standing Up.” From “Meta-comedy” Edward Feser
philosophy  Humor 
16 days ago
“bashful: A collection of libraries to simplify writing bash scripts.” From “bashful” One Thing Well
osx  shell 
17 days ago
SourceTree 2.0.1 - Easy way to work with Git and Mercurial. (Free)
“SourceTree is the fast and easy way to work with Git and Mercurial. Easily utilise both distributed version control systems from one application.” From “SourceTree 2.0.1 - Easy way to work with Git and Mercurial. (Free)” MacUpdate - Mac OS X
18 days ago
“GitList: GitList allows you to browse repositories using your favorite browser, viewing files under different revisions, commit history and diffs.” From “GitList” One Thing Well
git  browser 
20 days ago
More confusion about sacramentality, and then some
“The redoubtable Sr. Mary Ann Walsh, rsm, late of the USCCB, has, I am sorry to say, published in America a muddled overview of options for divorced-and-remarried Catholics.” From “More confusion about sacramentality, and then some” In the Light of the Law
20 days ago
The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy
“ writes: Markus Krajewski reports that today, with many countries phasing out incandescent lighting in favor of more-efficient and pricier LEDs, it's worth revisiting the history of the Phoebus cartel — not simply as a quirky anecdote from the annals of technology, but as a cautionary tale about the strange and unexpected pitfalls that can arise when a new technology vanquishes an old one.” From “The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy” Slashdot
23 days ago
Lockdown makes two-factor security less painful on iPhone
“Launched in time for the release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, Lockdown is a new iOS app that allows you to easily manage your two-factor authentication keys across devices.” From “Lockdown makes two-factor security less painful on iPhone” TiPb - The #1 iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch blog
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26 days ago
Being Catholic Online
“Internet Catholicism has been a true boon for me. As someone who works at home, it plugs me into a network of people who share my faith and help me figure it out and build it up.” From “Being Catholic Online” God and the Machine
26 days ago
The annulment argument: a quick quide to the two sides
“There are basically two groups agitating for annulment reform, one saying that there are too many annulments, the other saying that there are too few.” From “The annulment argument: a quick quide to the two sides” In the Light of the Law
Catholic  CanonLaw 
27 days ago
The Strange Tale of Our Lady of Messines
“Once upon a time, a couple named Hezo and Ida, from the West Flanders town of Wervik or Wervicq, had three beautiful daughters named Helwigis, Jutta, and Giselindis.” From “The Strange Tale of Our Lady of Messines” Aliens in This World
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27 days ago
Emails Cast Unflattering Light On Internal Politics of Obamacare Website Rollo
“An anonymous reader writes with this report from The Verge linking to and excerpting from a newly released report created for a committee in the U.S.” From “Emails Cast Unflattering Light On Internal Politics of Obamacare Website Rollo” Slashdot
29 days ago
Web Sharing Replacement Preference Pane for Mac 10.8 and 10.9
Re-enable Web Sharing on your Mac with this free System Preferences pane.
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5 weeks ago
DC Priest Punished for Calling for End to Gay St. Patrick's Parade in New York City
Monsignor Charles Pope put up a fiery response to Cardinal Timothy Dolan's decision to allow organized LGBTs to march in the Catholic St. Patrick's Day Parade next year. Just as quickly, the angry column was yanked by his superiors from the official website of the Archdiocese of Washington DC.
Catholic  blog 
5 weeks ago
Venerable Fulton, pray for us
On the bright side, this sort of farce does make it easier to distinguish between hope in Christ and hope in the Apostles.
6 weeks ago
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