Quotes falsely attributed to M. T.
Quotes falsely attributed to Blessed Mother Teresa
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Architect of Aeons TODAY | John C. Wright's Journal
ARCHITECT OF AEONS The next volume of my 'Eschaton Sequence' has been published today, and should be in your bookstore right now. Rush right out in a panic
4 days ago
Dave Duncan Did a Nero Wolfe in Fantasy Venice Trilogy | Aliens in This World
Argggh! I was not informed!! Late last decade, Dave Duncan wrote a wonderfully atmospheric trilogy of books set in a late Renaissance alternate Venice where magic works. (A little bit.) They are also darned good mysteries. Alfeo Zeno is a nobleman low on cash, working as an apprentice to a scholarly physician, astrologer, diviner, and…
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10 days ago
Browser Link - Web Essentials
Web Essentials ships with a range of Browser Link features that are all available from a menu that is injected onto your website when Browser Link is running.
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12 days ago
Controversial RNS Story Contains False Claims | Matthew Schmitz | First Things
A blog devoted to sharing initial thoughts on topics, and daily ramblings, First Thoughts speaks to the latest topics in religion and today’s society.
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13 days ago
How The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies betrays Tolkien’s Catholic themes — and his religious fans - Decent Films
Tolkien was chagrined when an early script treatment for a Lord of the Rings film referred to lembas as a “food concentrate.
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13 days ago
Well, This Sounds Stupid. | Aliens in This World
There's an academic Bujold study coming out, which is good. But this is what it's about, which is nonsensical: Acclaimed science fiction scholar Edward James traces how Bujold emerged from fanzine culture to win devoted male and female readers despite working in genres--military SF, space opera--perceived as solely by and for males. "Garsh, I'm an…
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19 days ago
You’re praying to the wrong God: What organized religion gets wrong about prayer - Salon.com
Here's how science and spirituality might find common ground -- and learn something about the universe
22 days ago
NCRegister | Coming Home for Easter
Two Couples Find Joy Entering the Church
23 days ago
Duck and Cover Catholicism | R. R. Reno | First Things
A blog devoted to sharing initial thoughts on topics, and daily ramblings, First Thoughts speaks to the latest topics in religion and today’s society.
25 days ago
Insight Scoop | The Ignatius Press Blog: Clueless protesters in San Francisco prove Archbishop Cordileone's point
Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of San Francisco, right, with Jesuit Father Paul J. Fitzgerald, in an October 2014 photo. (CNS photo/Shawn P. Calhoun, courtesy University of San Francisco) Clueless protesters in San Francisco prove Archbishop Cordileone's point The fact is, there is no contradiction or conflict between Jesus Christ, His...
26 days ago
When Originality Is a Bad Thing | Welcome to Arhyalon
Suzannah Rowntree speaks about the virtue of retelling old stories
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26 days ago
Questions For Indiana's Critics - NYTimes.com
An attempt to pin down what might come after the current religious liberty debate.
28 days ago
Catholic News Agency :: CNA
Catholic News Agency is a daily news source with global coverage of the Catholic Church. Reports from the Vatican, US, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Central and Latin America. CNA is part of the ACI Group of news agencies with news available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
religiousliberty  Catholic 
28 days ago
British priests have canonical rights, too | In the Light of the Law
There isn’t a word—not one single word—in the short, open letter signed by hundreds of British Catholic priests to the Catholic Herald (London) defending Church teaching on marriage and sacraments that any Catholic could not, and should not be proud to, personally profess and publically proclaim. The priests’ letter is a model of accuracy, balance,…
marriage  Catholic 
4 weeks ago
skuroda/FindKeyConflicts · GitHub
FindKeyConflicts - Plugin for Sublime Text to help identify conflicting key mappings.
4 weeks ago
Set Your iPhone to Use Speakerphone by Default
If you're on a long drive or just prefer to use speakerphone, it's a pain to set it every time you pick up a call. The iPhone's accessibility options let you set this as a default.
5 weeks ago
Help a Brother Out! | Charlotte was Both
Matthew Lickona's Bat out of Hell Kickstarter
6 weeks ago
Milkshake Picked for Pope's Philly Visit | NBC 10 Philadelphia
The Vatican has given its blessing to a shortbread milkshake.
6 weeks ago
Archbishop in Philly for Pope Visit Planning, Special Milkshake Unveiling | NBC 10 Philadelphia
A Catholic archbishop in charge of organizing Pope Francis' September visit to Philadelphia is spending Monday in the city and will help to unveil a special milkshake hoped to raise cash for the World Meeting of...
7 weeks ago
Okay, what about Catholics and the death penalty? | In the Light of the Law
Dr. Steven Long beat me to it. His rejoinder to the “Capital punishment must end” editorial of America, National Catholic Register, National Catholic Reporter, and Our Sunday Visitor is essential reading even if, in some places, Long’s essay, “Four Catholic Journals Indulge in Doctrinal Solipsism”, needs to be translated into readable English.* Worse, though, than…
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7 weeks ago
Create your own podcast: find links to audio files on the Web; huffduff the links (add them to your podcast); subscribe to podcasts of other found sounds.
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8 weeks ago
St. Gregory of Narek: Was the New Doctor of the Church a Catholic? | Catholic World Report - Global Church news and views
St. Gregory of Narek: Was the New Doctor of the Church a Catholic? St. Gregory is the first Doctor of the Church to have lived outside direct communion with the Bishop of Rome. Dr. R. Jared Staudt
8 weeks ago
Transgender man celebrates wedding, but was it Catholic? - 10News.com KGTV ABC10 San Diego
A local couple is sharing their story, after what some are calling the first ever catholic wedding of a transgender couple.
dissent  gendertheory  save  Catholic 
8 weeks ago
The Newest Doctor of the Church | Mark Movsesian | First Things
A blog devoted to sharing initial thoughts on topics, and daily ramblings, First Thoughts speaks to the latest topics in religion and today’s society.
8 weeks ago
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