What happened when Ronnie James Dio joined Black Sabbath | Louder
Remarkably, Ronnie James Dio: A Biography Of A Heavy Metal Icon, by American author James Curl, is the first biography of one of rock's most legendary singers and performers. via Pocket
Uncomfortable Questions in the Wake of Russia Indictment 2.0 and Trump’s Press Conference With Putin - Lawfare
Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his Justice Department/FBI team deserve congratulations for doing their job of figuring out in concrete detail what the Russians did in the 2016 election campaign and telling the American people about it—now in an indictment and perhaps later, and in more detail via Pocket
2 days ago
600 priests reject law on seal of confession
A group of 600 Catholic priests from all states and territories has rejected new laws announced in South Australia, Tasmania, the ACT and Western Australia requiring them to break the seal of confession.
sacrament  news 
14 days ago
The Powers of the Earth (Aristillus Book 1)
25 days ago
How Dagger John Saved New York’s Irish | City Journal
We are not the first generation of New Yorkers puzzled by what to do about the underclass. via Pocket
9 weeks ago
The 18th-Century Lady Mathematician Who Loved Calculus and God | Science | Smithsonian
In her groundbreaking textbook, Maria Gaetana Agnesi treated calculus as an intellectual pursuit that was valuable for its own sake The witch of Agnesi, you may be disappointed to know, is a curve that math students generally learn about in calculus class. via Pocket
Catholic  history  science 
9 weeks ago
False Thomas more quote digestion
quote  false 
9 weeks ago
The Sharp Sting of the ‘Babylon Bee’
One of the most successful new media outlets in America does nothing but publish fake news. If that seems like a bad thing, it should be noted that the website in question is even more dedicated to spreading the Good News. via Pocket
10 weeks ago
The Psalm That Led Me Back to the Church
Psalm 88 is a cry of despair that draws those who suffer closer to Christ. When I was a freshman in college I joined the largest religious denomination in America: Lapsed Catholic. via Pocket
Catholic  conversion 
10 weeks ago
“I have a mustard seed, and I’m not afraid to use it.”
fake  quote 
11 weeks ago
Getting Text into Drafts from a Mac | Agile Tortoise
Sometimes, while working on a Mac, I find I want to pass off a piece of text I would love to pass off to Drafts on iOS. There are a number of ways to do, bu...
ios  osx 
april 2018
No Question, These Dogs Can Bark
Objection 1. It seems that a handful of Dominican friars (two handfuls on the album) should not be a bestselling bluegrass band. Bluegrass is Protestant stuff, soulful songs for whitewashed independent Baptist churches and big homey kitchens and not Latin nerds in white habits in Northeast D.C.
Music  Catholic 
april 2018
The reactionary moralism of Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” – Catholic World Report
Spielberg’s film is an improvement upon its source material, being more interested in charting out the hazards of virtual reality. Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One is better than the book it adapts (also titled Ready Player One). via Pocket
criticism  movie 
april 2018
What Young Catholics Want | Matthew Schmitz | First Things
Several French dioceses, seeking to promote their 2018 fundraising drive, had a few young Catholics take a selfie with a young priest. It was the perfect marketing image of diverse, democratic youth—but for one problem. The priest wore a cassock. via Pocket
march 2018
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