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Ghostlight - softlyforgotten
The universe was a big and sometimes frightening place, full of inexplicable things and touches of magic, and Z liked to think that there were stranger things in the world than her friend Charlotte and Charlotte's ghost.
bandom  thelike  z/tennessee  softlyforgotten  p!atd  tyv  brendon/ryan  au:highschool  au:supernatural  ghosts 
february 2010 by cunningplan
That Promist Ayde the Tempest to Withstand - lyo & stephanometra
Disgraced sidhe heir Ryan must escape an awful appointment from his queen, and Spencer has a plan to do it.
bandom  p!atd  tyv  brendon/ryan  stephanometra  lyo  popoffacork  au:fantasy/fairytale  fairies  marriage  thelike 
january 2010 by cunningplan

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