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And I Say It's All Right - skoosiepants
The day after his divorce is finalized, Kevin stretches out of a depressed stupor masquerading as sleep and realizes he has a tail.
bandom  tai  jobros  kevinjonas/mikecarden  skoosiepants  animals/pets  transformation 
june 2010 by cunningplan
Tongue-tied And Overloaded - skoosiepants
So, whatever, William’s young, and nervous – and Gabe kind of scares the shit out of him – but he’s not going to let that stop him from seducing Gabe. Again.
bandom  tai  cobrastarship  gabe/william  skoosiepants  au:highschool  au:otherjobs  animals/pets 
february 2010 by cunningplan
On Contract - verbomofo
“Jonas and Sons wasn't the kind of firm to list in the Yellow Pages.” (Hitman AU)
bandom  tai  jobros  kevinjonas/mikecarden  verbomofo  au:otherjobs  au:spies/assassins 
january 2010 by cunningplan
you can stand right on my feet - imogenedisease
Tom has learned to pretend Mike doesn’t exist. [3,200 words]
bandom  tai  empires  tom/mike  imogenedisease  angst 
january 2010 by cunningplan
Like Coffee Loves Cream - allyndra
Kevin's going to ask Mike out. Really, any day now. Coffee shop AU.
bandom  tai  jobros  kevinjonas/mikecarden  allyndra  au:otherjobs 
january 2010 by cunningplan
When You Know It’s Meant To Be - skoosiepants
In which Kevin realizes Mike is his Disney princess, and Mike realizes Kevin would look hot naked.
bandom  tai  jobros  kevinjonas/mikecarden  skoosiepants  comingout 
january 2010 by cunningplan
Weekend Warriors - hector_rashbaum
In which TAI TV and JONAS are feuding internet shows, YouTube commenting is considered a reasonable way to flirt, Nick has a temper, Joe fails at scheming, and Nicole is a traitor. Kevin and Mike are really just along for the ride.
bandom  jobros  tai  kevinjonas/mikecarden  hector_rashbaum  au 
january 2010 by cunningplan
Legally Jonas - bergann
Zac Efron is the perfect match for Kevin Jonas, it's just fact, which is why it is so surprising when Zac breaks it off their senior year. Kevin refuses to believe it's over just like that though, and decides to win him back – even if it means law school. (Legally Blonde AU)
bandom  jobros  tai  kevinjonas/mikecarden  au:movie  au:college  bergann 
january 2010 by cunningplan
I Show Not Your Face - formerlydf
It's not awkward — mostly, Jon thinks, because he doesn't spend too much time thinking about it, and he doesn't think William does, either. It's what happens, when you tour. Not with everybody you meet, obviously, but it's just a generally known fact that the more time you spend with somebody, the greater your chances of sleeping with them while under the influence of some sort of alcohol.
bandom  hp  tai  p!atd  jon/william  formerlydf  drawn_to  magic  crossover/fusion 
december 2009 by cunningplan
The Feng Shui of Electric Guitar - cupiscent
There were something like a dozen reasons why Chiz should not have been as perfect in the band as he was. But it's been worth the wait to lay down something properly.
bandom  tai  mike/michael  cupiscent  drawn_to 
december 2009 by cunningplan
Timê - airgiodslv
Gabe first met William in Mesopotamia, during what would later be considered 2371 BCE.
bandom  cobrastarship  tai  airgiodslv  gabe/william  au:historical  immortality  drawn_to 
december 2009 by cunningplan
The Notorious Sorcerer's Penultimate Work - cupiscent
A young gentleman of the city approaches the most famous (or infamous) of the modern alchemists with an unusual request that could change both of their lives forever.
bandom  cobrastarship  tai  gabe/william  cupiscent  au:steampunk  magic 
november 2009 by cunningplan
Some Kind Of Magic - skoosiepants
Mike sits at his kitchen island and watches Kevin and his brother, Joe, eat ice cream and spoon-battle over the veins of chocolate, and he wonders if Bill has lost his fucking mind and, like, hired actors to pretend to be naked homeless men intent on taking over Mike’s house and life. That is exactly something Bill would do.
bandom  tai  jobros  kevinjonas/mikecarden  skoosiepants  fairies 
november 2009 by cunningplan
platonic boyfriends play guitars! - savvygambols
Butcher walks in while Brendon’s studying and hisses, “Dude, Mike and the Chiz are playing guitars.”
bandom  tai  savvygambols  au:college  gen  mike/michael 
october 2009 by cunningplan
They keep moving the cheese - cupiscent
Gabriel Saporta used to be hot business property, but no one's sure what he is now. William Beckett's a bright young up-and-comer with a chance to fast-track his career plan. (Corporate!AU.)
bandom  tai  cobrastarship  gabe/william  cupiscent  au:otherjobs 
october 2009 by cunningplan
While Stumbling Where Our Hearts Beat Regular Time - skoosiepants
Kevin had been born this way; he’s been changing since he was thirteen. There’s pain, but it doesn’t hurt. It just *is.* It’s just his bones doing what they’re supposed to do, and he licks blood off his knees and paws before padding over to his half open window and jumping down onto the fire escape.
bandom  tai  jobros  kevinjonas/mikecarden  skoosiepants  au:vampires&werewolves 
october 2009 by cunningplan
You and Your Crisis Management - colouredmango
Siska is an alien who goes into heat. Butcher practises crisis management.
bandom  tai  sisky/thebutcher  crack  pon-farr  colouredmango 
october 2009 by cunningplan
Ask Yourself What Matters - formerlydf
There's a voice inside his head telling him that this is Bill, this is Bill in pain, he should be there, he should try to make it better, he shouldn't leave Bill alone, and there's another voice reminding him of how much Bill likes his privacy, that he should respect the few intact boundaries they have left.
bandom  formerlydf  cobrastarship  tai  gabe/william  h/c  sexpollen/lovepotion 
september 2009 by cunningplan
Stars When You Shine - zee
"He would be awfully pretty as one of us, wouldn't he?"
bandom  fob  tai  au:vampires&werewolves  pete/william  ficbyzee 
september 2009 by cunningplan
Bust Your Move - skoosiepants
Kevin’s breathing goes all shuddery, bordering on gasping, and Carden oh-so-slowly pets him there, right on the side of his throat, and shushes him and Kevin thinks, a little hysterical, that if he’s trying to calm him down the petting thing is totally not working.
bandom  tai  au:highschool  skoosiepants  jobros  kevinjonas/mikecarden 
july 2009 by cunningplan
Something To Write Home About - starflowers
Kevin gets invited to a Real party by a pretty boy with ulterior motives.
bandom  tai  au:highschool  jobros  kevinjonas/mikecarden  starflowers 
july 2009 by cunningplan
your earthquake was just cracks - flimsy
Tom kisses like a drowning man, Spencer thinks. He kisses like he wants to hold onto your lips with his teeth as the current carries him away, desperate and hungry and wild. It makes Spencer breathless, speechless, and makes him cling like he's the one who's drowning. [30,257 words]
bandom  p!atd  jon/spencer  tai  angst  spencer/tom  flimsy  empires 
june 2009 by cunningplan
In The Movement - skoosiepants
“Notice how the skinny tie makes him look less like he’s carrying shrunken baby heads around in his pockets.”
humour  bandom  tai  skoosiepants  jobros  kevinjonas/mikecarden 
june 2009 by cunningplan
skeptics and true believers - iphignia939
"That made sense," Patrick finally said. "I know," Bill nodded. "I do that sometimes to throw people off."
bandom  fob  tai  highschool  iphignia939  bill/patrick 
may 2009 by cunningplan
Dancing Goes All Night - skoosiepants
<<The thing is, if they’d wanted him to actually pay attention to the interview, they shouldn’t have sat him next to the lady with the polar bear cub.>> Coda to Dancing Without Warning
bandom  tai  fluff  comingout  crack  skoosiepants  jobros  interview  kevinjonas/mikecarden 
may 2009 by cunningplan
TAI TV and other fictions - airgiodslv
Gabe is napping in the Academy’s lounge when they come back from their mysterious midday expedition, because as much as he loves Pete’s bus, these are his boys. Thus he’s the first – and possibly only – person to witness when William tromps up the stairs at the head of the pack wearing an actual, honest-to-god, frilly pink dress.
bandom  airgiodslv  cobrastarship  tai  gabe/william  crossdressing 
may 2009 by cunningplan
Dancing Without Warning - skoosiepants
“Let me get this straight,” Nick says, ignoring Joe’s snickers. “You accidentally implied that Mike Carden is a rapist.”

In which there is an elevator, a bet and the VMAs, leading to drunkenness, misunderstandings, and some approximation of dating. Mike is prickly, and Kevin is unwittingly a douche.
bandom  crack  tai  skoosiepants  jobros  kevinjonas/mikecarden 
april 2009 by cunningplan
Jah Provide The Bread - colouredmango
Is This Love is the song, for them. It’s the song Andy put on to teach him how to grind, the first song Andy ever let set the rhythm for them. It’s the song Adam puts on in the morning, making coffee and toasting bagels, and the song Andy sings in the shower, hands in Adam’s hair.
bandom  tai  marriage  fluff  sisky/thebutcher  holiday  colouredmango 
march 2009 by cunningplan
A Gradual Progression - formerlydf
William's been told that he takes things too seriously, sometimes. Gabe never takes anything seriously at all.
bandom  vacation  cobrastarship  tai  gabe/william  formerlydf 
march 2009 by cunningplan
Trust In Allah, But Tie Your Camel - adellyna
The short version goes a little something like this: Gabe, in the process of making a hasty escape from an imminent confrontation that is absolutely not his fault, stumbles across a battered, dusty antiquity and, very shortly after, across William. Boy meets boy, boy mocks boy, boy decides to keep boy forever.
bandom  cobrastarship  tai  adellyna  magic  gabe/william 
march 2009 by cunningplan
Tangled Up In Blue - rebecca-star
Butcher works at a tattoo/piercing place and is happy in his life. Then he meets Adam.
bandom  fluff  tai  sisky/thebutcher  rebecca-star 
february 2009 by cunningplan
Adsorption - skoosiepants
“Skippy here’s a virgin,” Carden says, tugging Kevin down into the seat next to him. He’s been doing that all day, pushing him around, like he’s some sort of circus freak or trained dog or something. (Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden)
sga  bandom  skoosiepants  tai  jobros  crossover/fusion 
february 2009 by cunningplan
Lefty Curse - jae-w
Ryan Ross has a twin. A secret, slutty twin.
crack  humour  bandom  p!atd  gsf  tai  jon/ryan  dopplegangers  jae-w  imogenics 
february 2009 by cunningplan
Happy Feet (Tell it Like it is) - greenet
Mike and Bill are apparently blind, Sisky is having relationship issues, and Andy is just exasperated by it all.
bandom  comingout  cobrastarship  tai  sisky/nate  greenet 
february 2009 by cunningplan
Build Your House, Call Me Home - skoosiepants
William is not entirely certain how this happened, how he became a veritable magnet for downtrodden orphans, but he’s going to blame Jon.
crack  bandom  p!atd  skoosiepants  kidfic  cobrastarship  tai  thecab  au:historical  gabe/william 
january 2009 by cunningplan
Sunflowers and Unicorns (This Ain't a Scene, It's an Orgy) - formerlydf
It turns out that it's not just The Academy Is... and half of Panic! at the Disco; apparently all the Fueled By Ramen guys have the same interesting sleeping habits. That is, if "sleeping" means "sex" and "interesting" means "screwing everyone else on the label in various combinations".
bandom  p!atd  cobrastarship  tai  threesome  formerlydf  gabe/william/brendon 
december 2008 by cunningplan
Straight Up Chicago Style - airgiodslv
Six fucking a.m. in Chicago in October, and Gabe can’t believe he’d forgotten how much he missed this.
Stripper AU
bandom  tai  cobrastarship  gabe/william  pete/ryland  airgiodslv  au:otherjobs 
november 2008 by cunningplan
Polaris - ink_like_blood
Have you ever seen the movie 'Sliding Doors'? Yeah, this is that, only with boys in the Chicago emo/hardcore scene. Set in 2003; just tilt the scene a little one way or another, and you could very well have had this.
bandom  fob  mcr  tai  frank/patrick  jon/william  au 
november 2008 by cunningplan
A Little Finesse - adellyna
The very first thing Gabe ever says to William Beckett isn't "hello," or "pass the tequila," or even, "hey, I think I'm going to throw up."
bandom  tai  cobrastarship  gabe/william  midtown  adellyna 
october 2008 by cunningplan
a little bit of inertia, and a bottle of tide - savvygambols
"Hey Darren," says Bob. "Can I get my shirt back?"

"What shirt?" asks Darren, stuffing Bob's fuckin' awesome shirt up the back of his cardigan.
gen  thehushsound  phantomplanet  p!atd  thecab  tai  cobrastarship  gymclass  fob  mcr  humour  savvygambols 
october 2008 by cunningplan
Behind the Sea - airgiodslv
“Heads up,” Gabe announces when he steps onto the bridge. “William saw an octopus.”

“What kind of octopus?” Alex asks, already leaning over his console to do a search.

Gabe doesn’t actually know, come to think of it, but he’s fairly certain William wouldn’t either. “Eight legs, big head,” he says instead, coming over to where his XO Ryland is already drawing up an info sheet on their location and status.

“That helps,” Ryland tells him, swiveling the screen in his direction. “We’ll get that narrowed right down for you.”
bandom  p!atd  tai  cobrastarship  fob  mcr  airgiodslv  au:otherjobs  jon/spencer  brendon/ryan  gsf 
october 2008 by cunningplan
Find your way back home - airgiodslv
"I mean, vampires are kind of morbid, right? They sleep in coffins and everything. I wouldn’t want to sleep in a coffin."
bandom  tai  p!atd  jon/william  jon/spencer  spencer/tom  william/tom  tour  au:vampires&werewolves 
october 2008 by cunningplan
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Mr. Brian's Kindergarten Class - thelawofkarma
Stolen things! Toy keyboards! Kid angst! Haircuts! Shenanigans! Warning: may induce cavities.
bandom  gen  fob  mcr  p!atd  tai  cobrastarship  au:kidfic  thelawofkarma 
september 2008 by cunningplan
hopelessly hopeful and hopeless enough - 1001cranes
Everyone works on a children's show (with puppets!) called Shut Up and Play!. Ryan Ross is a sociopath, Gabe's the boss, Bill runs around in drag, Jon makes the coffee, and somehow they still manage to get everything done.
bandom  p!atd  fob  mcr  tai  cobrastarship  bob/spencer  gerard/pete  frank/mikey  ryan/brendon/spencer  1001cranes 
september 2008 by cunningplan
let's dance to joy division - battleofhydaspe
In which Jon and Spencer work for a film company and are shooting a documentary on the Skylines and Turnstiles tour, feat. My Chemical Romance, Panic at the disco, Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is...
bandom  jon/spencer  p!atd  fob  mcr  tai  tour  au:otherjobs  battleofhydaspe 
august 2008 by cunningplan
i find you alluring - savvygambols
It was the best game William had ever conceived, and to be sure, William had conceived of many good games. But Steal-Everyone's-Phones-And-Make-Inappropriate-Calls Game was both a great time waster and a time of wasted greatness.
bandom  tai  mcr  p!atd  humour  savvygambols  william/bob 
august 2008 by cunningplan
When you were sweet - jamjar
How William Beckett spent his summer vacation that time he turned into a girl (or why teenage romantic stupidity transcends gender and doesn't stop even when you're no longer a teenager).
bandom  bill/patrick  bigbang  fob  tai  jamjar  genderswap  au 
june 2008 by cunningplan
I Am A Camera - iridescentglow
In the midst of the turmoil of the Truckstops and Statelines tour, Spencer tries to connect with Jon.
bandom  p!atd  iridescentglow  jon/spencer  tai  tour  bondage  photography  voyeurism 
april 2008 by cunningplan
(i'm beginning to love) the thought of having you around - offtheceiling
In which Spencer thinks Patrick is awesome, William is a slut, and Ryan gets things done. Basically, an AU where FOB never got big.
bandom  p!atd  fob  tai  offtheceiling  patrick/spencer  jon/william  au:college 
april 2008 by cunningplan

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