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Indoor Fireworks - fictionalaspect
The first thing that comes out of Spencer's mouth is, "Um, do you have any rates set up for not having sex with people?"

"I think you have the wrong number," the voice on the other end of the line says, and hangs up. [5,002 words]
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  fictionalaspect  au:otherjobs  prostitution  fakerelationship 
june 2013 by cunningplan
Wherever It Goes - ruintooeasy
Rookie pitcher Spencer Smith has a lot on his mind. His baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds, have made it to the post season, and reporters keep asking about his 'good friend,' singer Brendon Urie. All Spencer wants to think about is getting his team through nine innings... but the past keeps creeping in. [20,545 words]
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  ruintooeasy  au:sports  sport:baseball  comingout  break-up 
november 2011 by cunningplan
A Life Less Ordinary - sunsetmog
Brendon needs a new place to live, and so does Brent's friend Spencer. The problem is, they're running out of options, and the only affordable apartment will only rent to a young professional couple. Are they desperate enough to pretend to be a couple? [6,256 words]
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  sunsetmog  humour  au:television  au:otherjobs  fakerelationship 
august 2011 by cunningplan
Alternatives to a Panic Button - LittleMousling
Spencer pretends to be Brendon's boyfriend to keep the creeper fans away from him, until he starts wishing it weren't pretend. [5,849 words]
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  littlemousling  fakerelationship 
august 2011 by cunningplan
Just Like That River I've Been Running - miss-begonia
Brendon realizes he tends to think of Adam in the language of music: as a bright melody underlied with thumping bass, pretty but insistent and impossible to ignore. He never thought about him in terms of labels or categories or boxes. He thought of him as that guy who sang Sam Cooke like he meant it, like Brendon’s always wanted to sing it but never felt he knew how. [17,000 words]
bandom  p!atd  americanidol  brendon/adamlambert  miss-begonia  firsttime  crossover/fusion 
june 2011 by cunningplan
Get Me Out of My Mind - fictionalaspect
The first thing that Brendon does when he gets home is open up his Livejournal and make a post that says I'm in a band!!! yea what now motherfuckers! (in which Brendon is a teenage failboat) [3,300 words]
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  fictionalaspect  highschool 
april 2011 by cunningplan
Everybody Get Up (We're Here To Get Down) - sunsetmog
Being aware of where they are and what they're doing is the job, and just because it's gotten to the point where he knows how they're going to react in any given situation, that doesn't mean that he's too focused on them.
That one with the threesome. [14,000 words]
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer/zack  sunsetmog  threesome  d/s 
february 2011 by cunningplan
Keeping a Reflection of You In Hindsight - manipulant
Brendon is surrounded by vampires. And not in a sexy or dangerous way, more like a “nobody else gets up before six in the evening so I have to do all the errands and yard work myself” way.
bandom  p!atd  fob  mcr  brendon/spencer  manipulant  pete/patrick/ashlee  au:vampires&werewolves  au:killjoys 
february 2011 by cunningplan
Any Note You Can Reach - reni_days
So, Gerard asks Mikey to ask Pete to ask the Ross kid to ask his band if MCR can cover their song on tour. That's pretty much where all the problems start.
bandom  mcr  p!atd  reni-days  humour  gerard/brendon  no_tags 
january 2011 by cunningplan
Get Together Now - softlyforgotten
"So do we get to do the classic teen makeover scene on Friday?"
bandom  p!atd  ryan/spencer  softlyforgotten  highschool  pining 
july 2010 by cunningplan
Signed, Sealed, Delivered - reni-days
It's such a weird thing never to have noticed about Brendon, that he has this obsessive thing for greeting cards. After years of living in each other's laps, Spencer wouldn't have thought there were any stupid little quirks he didn't know about by now.
bandom  p!atd  gen  brendon/spencer  reni-days  fluff 
june 2010 by cunningplan
Need You Wild - fallintosilence and boweryd
Spencer's a werewolf! A sexy werewolf! Okay, really, Spencer is a newly turned, slightly confused werewolf who can't figure out why Brendon smells so good all the time. Or why Spencer can't seem to stop acting like he is 16-years-old, what with all the blushing and stuttering around Brendon and the constant jerking off. Fear not, though, gentle reader, because it turns out Brendon is totally on board with having a werewolf boyfriend. And with having lots and lots of sex.

Can their relationship survive jealousy, possible accidental lycanthropy, and a wolf musical? Will at least two of those problems be solved by lots of sex? Why, yes. Yes they will.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  boweryd  fallintosilence  kink  au:vampires&werewolves  bigbang 
june 2010 by cunningplan
I Kissed A Boy (And I Liked It) - reni_days
It's not like anybody's going to actively complain about not making out with Brendon. People have been very happily not making out with Brendon his whole life.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  reni-days  highschool  drinking-games 
june 2010 by cunningplan
The Myth of Innocence - disarm_d
Brendon finds something and comes to Spencer for help. Spencer makes space in his quiet life for Brendon, and finds that he doesn't want him to leave.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  disarm-d  au:fantasy/fairytale  animals/pets 
june 2010 by cunningplan
Playing Favourites - softlyforgotten
Brendon wasn't sorry. He was selfish and greedy and he wanted them all, and if Ryan would just stop fucking with everybody's heart, that would be awesome. (Prequel to Hurricane and Fire Survival Guide)
bandom  p!atd  tyv  gsf  softlyforgotten  au:highschool 
may 2010 by cunningplan
To His Door - stealstheashes
When Spencer Smith sets out to find a governess for his spirited sisters the last person he expects to find interested in the position is his childhood friend, Ryan Ross, who has fallen on hard times.
bandom  p!atd  tyv  stealstheashes  ryan/spencer  brendon/jon  au:historical  bigbang 
april 2010 by cunningplan
Hello, I'm too tired to smile today - estei
Spencer just wants to go home. He ends up in Chicago. This is not a coincidence. [2,236 words]
bandom  p!atd  jon/spencer  estei  post-divorce 
february 2010 by cunningplan
About a Girl - sunsetmog
Spencer Smith was almost completely sure that she was a lesbian. The only thing holding her back from being one hundred percent sure was the lack of empirical evidence to back up what she'd cautiously labeled in her head as fact.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  sunsetmog  genderswap  comingout  femmeslash 
february 2010 by cunningplan
Lame - reni_days
Spencer has a crush on the twins' piano tutor.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  reni-days  crush  highschool 
february 2010 by cunningplan
Fear of Flying - moku_youbi
Spencer Smith, part-owner and celebrated head chef of noted restaurant Panic! At The Disco, is talented, rich, and gorgeous. The rest of the staff can't even seem to remember that Brendon works there.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  moku_youbi  au:otherjobs 
february 2010 by cunningplan
We Used To Live Here - softlyforgotten
Brendon shrugged. "You're allowed to be mean," he said. "I mean, it doesn't help your argument much, but when your band breaks up it fucking sucks, and you're allowed to be mean if you want. I can deal."
After a moment, Pete said, "It stops sucking, though, right?"
bandom  fob  gen  angst  softlyforgotten  p!atd  post-divorce 
february 2010 by cunningplan
Ghostlight - softlyforgotten
The universe was a big and sometimes frightening place, full of inexplicable things and touches of magic, and Z liked to think that there were stranger things in the world than her friend Charlotte and Charlotte's ghost.
bandom  thelike  z/tennessee  softlyforgotten  p!atd  tyv  brendon/ryan  au:highschool  au:supernatural  ghosts 
february 2010 by cunningplan
In the Alley It Ain't That Cheap - mahoni
Brendon put the whammy on Batman's sidekick. ...look, it was an accident, okay?
bandom  mcr  p!atd  mahoni  gerard/bob  brendon/jon  DCU  superpowers  crossover/fusion 
february 2010 by cunningplan
The Subtle Art - jocondite
"Jesus," Spencer says. "Stop. If I teach you how to kiss, will you shut up?" (frat boy kissing lessons!)
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  jocondite  au:college  fraternity 
february 2010 by cunningplan
You're Repressing (Hold Me Down) - battie_hattie
Cash has always had this fear of Singer leaving. First it was for college, then it was to be with someone else. But it's such a small little thing that Cash doesn't need to tell him about it. He's just going to let it fester indefinitely... as long as no one interferes.
bandom  thecab  singer/cash  battie_hattie  brendon/singer  angst  p!atd 
january 2010 by cunningplan
No Sex in the Champagne Room - tanisafan
In which Ryan gets dumped by his girlfriend, Jon is most definitely not dating Tom, Spencer is an evil genius and Brendon is not a stripper. For the most part. [25,000 words]
bandom  p!atd  empires  tyv  brendon/ryan  jon/tom  tanisafan  au:college  au:otherjobs  strippers/pornstars  bigbang 
january 2010 by cunningplan
Winter Wasn't My Season - battie_hattie
About 6 months before meeting Shane, Brendon was forced out of home and with limited money and job experience, he spent most of his nights in the youth hostel or in the park looking for odd jobs. He makes Shane an offer, and Shane decides that isn't a life he wants Brendon to live. And together, they try to put things back together.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/shane  battie_hattie  angst  bigbang  h/c  au 
january 2010 by cunningplan
if tonight ever makes a difference - tanisafan
A story in which Brendon's body does not cooperate and everybody is a failboat. Except for Spencer.
(Brendon is sick and Shane takes care of him)
bandom  p!atd  brendon/shane  tanisafan  h/c 
january 2010 by cunningplan
for all those nights - colorofsmoke
Adam doesn't really mean to, not really at least, but he ends up checking out Spencer anyway.
bandom  p!atd  americanidol  adam/spencer  kink_bingo  colorofsmoke 
january 2010 by cunningplan
But Where Do The Nuns Come In? - elucreh
In which, Brendon's family do their best, Ryan goes camping, Spencer mocks from afar, and Brendon is fascinated by Ryan's flies.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/ryan  Elucreh  comingout  vacation 
january 2010 by cunningplan
Space So I Can Breathe - fallintosilence & boweryd
"So hey," Ryan says as Spencer walks into the room, "we should make out."
bandom  p!atd  ryan/spencer  boweryd  fallintosilence  firsttime  highschool  kink_bingo 
january 2010 by cunningplan
i wrote this song for you - jezzabe & sinuous_curve
This little hiccup wasn't included in Spencer's life plan. But she was an easy going person, so she'd roll with it.
bandom  p!atd  gsf  het  jezzabe  sinuous_curve  genderswap  pete/patrick  kidfic 
january 2010 by cunningplan
Keeping Time - akire_yta
"You want to take me on a joyride in your wooden spaceship?" The third season of New Who, retold with Spencer Smith, companion.
bandom  doctorwho  akire_yta  gen  p!atd  au:sci-fi  crossover/fusion 
january 2010 by cunningplan
That Promist Ayde the Tempest to Withstand - lyo & stephanometra
Disgraced sidhe heir Ryan must escape an awful appointment from his queen, and Spencer has a plan to do it.
bandom  p!atd  tyv  brendon/ryan  stephanometra  lyo  popoffacork  au:fantasy/fairytale  fairies  marriage  thelike 
january 2010 by cunningplan
Hide and Seek - fictionalaspect
When Ryan asks him the first time, Spencer says "Wait, what?" because he's not awake yet.
(*warnings in author's notes)
bandom  p!atd  tyv  ryan/spencer  fictionalaspect  kink  bdsm  nc-17 
january 2010 by cunningplan
The thing with the Sex Dream - natacup82 & withoutmaps
More awkward than usual, Brendon can't stop thinking about the feel of Spencer's skin on his and. Brendon's sure that Spencer can just look at him and tell, knows all the filthy hot images in his head.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  natacup82  withoutmaps  pwp  dreams  not!fic 
january 2010 by cunningplan
Raise Around Your Bones - jukeboxghost
The poster is hand-drawn and poorly photocopied, fluoro-neon paper and thick black sharpie writing. There’s a wonky little drawing of a skeleton flipping him off. Ryan taps his finger on the fourth name down, half-smiles at the angry little skeleton, who continues to scowl and swear at him all the same. Accept Your Defeat, he thinks. There. Them. His stomach flutters. (HXC AU)
bandom  p!atd  brendon/ryan  jukeboxghost  au 
january 2010 by cunningplan
Fancy Meeting You Here - provetheworst
Jon likes to think that it’s just Tom who’s the creepy one. He’s got a totally normal and healthy interest in Spencer Smith’s study habits and caffeine intake. (In which Tom stalks Spencer by proxy for Jon)
bandom  p!atd  tyv  jon/spencer  provetheworst  no_tags  au:college  au:otherjobs  crush 
january 2010 by cunningplan
Stealing Kisses - harriet_vane
They kissed breathlessly in the hallway, Bren pushing herself up on her toes so she could wrap her arms around Spencer's neck better. The elevator dinged and they pulled away from each other with a guilty glance down the hallway, but the doors didn't open and no one got out.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  harriet_vane  het  genderswap  pwp  virginity 
january 2010 by cunningplan
Pull Me In Tighter - fallintosilence & boweryd
"I was thinking," Spencer says, digging her elbow into Jon's side so he'll scoot over and make room on the bench, "that tonight you should all fuck me."
bandom  p!atd  gsf  boweryd  fallintosilence  kink  het  genderswap  nc-17 
january 2010 by cunningplan
That's What He Said - addictedkitten
Truckstops and Statelines and boyfriends, etc.
bandom  p!atd  gsf  addictedkitten  tour  nc-17 
january 2010 by cunningplan
true baby blue Continental - rossetti
Spencer almost tells the cabbie to go to his place instead of Ryan's three times, stops himself when he checks Twitter and Ryan's posted a picture of his new guitar (the guitar Spencer hasn't seen yet, hasn't watched Ryan play) with "my wife this weekend."
bandom  p!atd  tyv  ryan/spencer  rossetti  angst  post-divorce 
january 2010 by cunningplan
Lately It Occurs to Me - marksykins
Ryan and Spencer keep accidentally falling into bed together, farther and farther from home.
bandom  p!atd  tyv  ryan/spencer  marks  popoffacork  post-divorce 
january 2010 by cunningplan
if the moon's a balloon - frankkincense
In which Brendon is an unconventional Christmas tree fairy and Jon is altogether too interfering.
bandom  p!atd  tyv  brendon/ryan  frankkincense  fluff  au:supernatural  fairies  holiday  au:otherjobs  crush 
january 2010 by cunningplan
Glitter-Torn - softlyforgotten
"I was so sad this week," Spencer said, not quite daring to look at Jon. "I was so – it didn't feel like Christmas at all."
bandom  p!atd  jon/spencer  softlyforgotten  angst  post-divorce  holiday 
january 2010 by cunningplan
Written in Reverse - foxxcub
Jon's been to grad school and has a PhD. He thinks, for the most part, that he's a fairly intelligent guy. And yet, for some reason, he can't seem to get his boyfriend to sleep with him.
bandom  p!atd  tyv  jon/spencer  foxxcub  au:otherjobs 
january 2010 by cunningplan
Brendon Urie: Secret Ballroom Dancer -sunsetmog
"You never said you could dance," Shane says again, flicking through the photo albums. "Is this spandex?" (WIP amnesty)
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  sunsetmog  not!fic 
december 2009 by cunningplan
(Used To Be) Love-Drunk - reni-days
The headache is the first thing Brendon is aware of. (WIP amnesty)
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  reni-days  amnesia  nc-17 
december 2009 by cunningplan
Use It Only For Me - torakowalski
Brendon wasn’t exactly known for thinking things through but even if he had been, he still wouldn’t have seen the problem with running out from between the buses, stopping himself with an arm around Spencer’s middle and panting out, “Shit, Spencer, kiss me.”
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  torakowalski  fakerelationship 
december 2009 by cunningplan
Nothing Quite Like - alwayseven
Brendon’s legs, what he can see of them as they disappear into his impossibly tight jeans, are pale and skinny. And completely hairless. It’s so unexpected, even more so than the panties, that Jon’s completely stunned into immobility.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/jon  alwayseven  crossdressing  kink 
december 2009 by cunningplan
Hand Me Down - reni-days
Brendon doesn't have much. But what he does have, he's willing to share.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  reni-days  preslash  au:otherjobs  homeless  holiday 
december 2009 by cunningplan
Maybe I'm just human - okubyo_kitsune
Brendon knows that after he was born, he almost died. He wasn’t sick or anything—there was nothing wrong with him that would have killed him. It was his parents.
bandom  p!atd  tyv  ryan/brendon/spencer  okubyo-kitsune  au  animals/pets 
december 2009 by cunningplan
It's Just Pretend, Right? - sunsetmog
"Say that again," Brendon says. "The part about how I think you want me to be your pretend gay boyfriend to your elementary school teacher's retirement party. I think you're kind of crazy. Did you call Ryan?"
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  sunsetmog  fluff  fakerelationship 
december 2009 by cunningplan
Caught Up in You - witheveryspark
When Spencer heads to Madeline Island, Wisconsin right after Christmas to visit Ryan, who's working at an inn, he's expecting to spend some quality time with his best friend. He's not expecting to fall for the inn's owner.
bandom  p!atd  tyv  jon/spencer  witheveryspark  drawn_to  au:otherjobs  au:harlequin  holiday 
december 2009 by cunningplan
So Tonight That We Might See - softlyforgotten
"Motherfucker," Ryan said. "I know that ship." (In which there are adventures and reunions, of a spacely sort.)
bandom  p!atd  tyv  softlyforgotten  gsf  au:sci-fi  drawn_to 
december 2009 by cunningplan
Merely to Touch - teaforbryony
It’s not that Spencer doesn’t want things to change; it’s just that he doesn’t want to risk losing what he already has.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  teaforbryony  au:college  drawn_to 
december 2009 by cunningplan
Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails - justthismorning
Maybe Pete didn’t always know, or maybe he had, but when Brendon first told him, he hadn’t acted surprised and he didn’t treat Brendon any differently. He still blew on his face with morning breath before Brendon had had a chance to wake up, and still poked the bottoms of his feet when he fell asleep watching a movie. He still pinched him and gave him beer when Patrick wasn’t looking. He did ask what Brendon’s parents had named him. Brendon had stared at his hands and said, “Brenda, actually. Lame, I know. But it was easier than picking something totally new.”
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  justthismorning  angst  au  transgender 
december 2009 by cunningplan
fight, for everlasting peace! - provetheworst
Wherein Jon Walker makes a discovery that may or may not end up destroying all mankind.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  provetheworst  artificialintelligence  angst  au:sci-fi  jon/ryan  androids/cyborgs 
december 2009 by cunningplan
All I Want for Christmas is a Puppy (I Already Have My Two Front Teeth) - foxxcub
"I'm not getting him a puppy," Spencer said petulantly, crossing his arms over his chest.

Ryan gave a long-suffering sigh as he stood back up. "Would it make you feel better if all of us bought him a dog together?"
bandom  p!atd  foxxcub  jon/spencer  gen  animals/pets  holiday  au:highschool  fluff 
december 2009 by cunningplan
The Prince and the Dragon-Price - sunsetmog
In which Spencer is thoroughly bored of his princely duties, and Brendon is brave and true.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  sunsetmog  drawn_to  au:fantasy/fairytale 
december 2009 by cunningplan
Sit This One Out - elucreh
In which, Spencer is a superspy and Brendon is his tech expert; also in which, being brave is difficult but worth it, explosions happen (but in a classroom environment) and Chocolate Box is a stupid code name for any operation.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  Elucreh  au:otherjobs  au:spies/assassins  highschool  drawn_to 
december 2009 by cunningplan
I Show Not Your Face - formerlydf
It's not awkward — mostly, Jon thinks, because he doesn't spend too much time thinking about it, and he doesn't think William does, either. It's what happens, when you tour. Not with everybody you meet, obviously, but it's just a generally known fact that the more time you spend with somebody, the greater your chances of sleeping with them while under the influence of some sort of alcohol.
bandom  hp  tai  p!atd  jon/william  formerlydf  drawn_to  magic  crossover/fusion 
december 2009 by cunningplan
Standing on the Grave of Dreams - turps33
Set in a post apocalyptic world where sex is strictly regimented, Ryan struggles to survive and maintain friendships in one of the travelling fairs. A place where the sex is government sanctioned and the abuse ignored.
bandom  p!atd  ryan/spencer  turps33  fob  mcr  pete/mikey  hurt/comfort  slavery  au:dystopian  angst  drawn_to 
december 2009 by cunningplan
Our Endless Numbered Days - cmonkatiekatie
The summer after his freshman year of college, Spencer goes home to Vegas and ends up working at an amusement park.
bandom  p!atd  tyv  jon/spencer  cmonkatiekatie  au:college  au:otherjobs  pete/patrick  drawn_to 
december 2009 by cunningplan
And I'd Be Your Memory - tigs
And somehow, midway through the tour, the postcard collecting becomes known as Brendon’s thing.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  tigs  tour  drawn_to 
december 2009 by cunningplan
i'll say it anyway - foxxcub
Spencer's never been one for comics. (Take On Me music video AU)
bandom  p!atd  tyv  jon/spencer  foxxcub  crack  au 
december 2009 by cunningplan
Paper Chase - foxxcub
He texted Ryan on his way back to the dorm, knowing Ryan was still in his Advanced Comp class. 'I'm now officially a Christmas Correspondent for Walker's charity.' A minute later he got back: 'lolololol'
bandom  p!atd  jon/spencer  tyv  foxxcub  holiday  au:college  drawn_to 
december 2009 by cunningplan
Shattered Windows & Sounding Drums - java_genie
Where in Brendon never joined the band when they were all kids in Vegas, but comes in as a temporary replacement drummer when Spencer breaks his arm.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  java_genie  au 
december 2009 by cunningplan
What To Do If Your Roommate Is A Constant Nudist (Or, How Spencer Met Brendon) - duendeoflorien
Spencer, Ryan, Jon and crew all go to the same college, and there's a new transfer student, Brendon, who happens to room with Spencer. He has a few quirks, one of them being naked. Constantly. Watching T.V. Doing homework. Sleeping. Naked all the time. There's some sex, some drunken groping, some coffee, and creepy BillBeckett.
bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  duendeoflorien  au:college 
december 2009 by cunningplan
Green is Green - seedyapartment
It's not that Spencer thinks Charms are... below him, exactly. It's that he's bored.
bandom  p!atd  hp  brendon/spencer  seedyapartment  crossover/fusion 
december 2009 by cunningplan
Touched for the Very First Time - ficjournal
Jon and Brendon work at the mall together, but when they try to date, Brendon finds out that he has a lot to learn about sex and relationships. Quarter life crisis AU
bandom  p!atd  tyv  brendon/jon  au:otherjobs  virginity  drawn_to  ficjournal 
december 2009 by cunningplan
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