Retro Tech Ramblings: JammaCon
This is a project I started a long time ago and just recently go around to completing the majority of it. It basically is an interface to lets you easily hook up a game console to a Jamma compatible cabinet.
jamma  arcade  pcb 
december 2018
Home · hoglet67/AtomBusMon Wiki
his project is an open-source in-circuit emulator for the 6502, 65C02, Z80, 6809 and 6809E 8-bit processors, built using an off-the-shelf programmable hardware device called a GODIL that can be purchased for just over $50. The device plugs into your CPU socket, replacing the CPU, and you can control it over a serial connection to debug your software or hardware.
ICE  emulator  6502  6809  microprocessor 
december 2018
Press Start 2P font by codeman38 - FontSpace
Press Start 2P is a bitmap font based on the font design from 1980s Namco arcade games. Although the design of uppercase letters and digits dates back to Atari's "Sprint" (1977), the specific glyph forms in this TrueType conversion are based on those from "Return of Ishtar" (1986), one of the first games to include and regularly use lowercase as well as uppercase letters in its screen font.

Unlike the original font from the "Return of Ishtar" ROM, Press Start 2P includes a wide variety of non-ASCII Unicode characters for pan-European use, including Greek and Cyrillic.
font  bitmap  arcade  lax 
december 2018
CMOC - 6809 cross-compiler for a C-like language
CMOC is a 6809-generating cross-compiler for a subset of the C language.
6809  C  compiler  assembler 
october 2018
Simon6809 « 8 Bit Force
SiMon6809 is a 6809 based educational computer. If you coded on 8-bit processors, you will remember the good-ol' days. If you never used an 8-bit processor, you can use SiMon6809 to go back in time.
6809  usb  ftdi  development  board 
october 2018
PIC 18F4550 Based Project (Parallel to Serial converter)
pic  usb  parallel  converter  project 
october 2018
Fail-Safe C: Top Page
Fail-Safe C is a memory-safe implementation of the full ANSI C language. More precisely, it detects and disallows all unsafe operations, yet conforming to the full ANSI C standard (including casts and unions) and even supporting many "dirty tricks" common in many existing programs which do not strictly conform to the standard. This work also proposes several techniques---both compile-time and runtime---to reduce the overhead of runtime checks. By using the Fail-Safe C compiler, programmers can easily make their programs safe without performing heavy rewriting or porting of their code.
compiler  c  programming  security 
october 2018
InpOut32 is an open source windows DLL and Driver to give direct access to hardware ports (for example the parallel and serial port from user level programs. It is originally developed by the people at Logix4U for Windows 9x and 32bit variations of NT (NT/2000/XP/2003 etc.).
parallel  port  winxp 
october 2018
Baical - main page
Baical is free high-performance tools set for sending and receiving traces & telemetry and log messages from your software and drivers.
trace  telemetry  library  C++ 
august 2017
The templog library
This is the home of the templog library, a very small and lightweight C++ library which you can use to add logging to your C++ applications. It heavily relies on expression templates and inlining to minimize run-time overhead caused by logging.
library  C++  logging 
august 2017
Win32 dialog helpers - CodeProject
This article provides a few samples to enable features in WIN32 dialogs such as support for dialog resizing and ActiveX controls. VC++6 / VC++7.x projects are provided.
Win32  Dialog  resizing  activeX  C++ 
june 2017
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