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IKEA FAMILY Customer Loyalty Program | Case Study
Client story: How @IKEA is exploring converting its #customer loyalty program into a #social #impact community #experience. BTW #Agile #Digital #Ethnography adds depth and breadth to projects like these @contextpartners
client  story  example  qualitative  research  ikea  sustainability  customer  loyalty  program  social  impact  interview  csr19  video 
10 days ago by csrollyson
Keep Your Feet Warm With This.. "Quick Trick" - YouTube
Great hack for cold feet even inside "insulated" winter boots; I'm going to try this!
winter  woods  hack  cold  insulation  video  boot  ice  snow 
25 days ago by csrollyson
(5) WHAT IS A BEEFSTEAK!?: Experience Design with The Chicago Beefsteak - YouTube
Great #CX case study for Chicago steakhouse that offers personal treatment for customers and communal events
customer  experience  casestudy  example  chicago  restaurant  steak  beef  personal  entrepreneur  paleo  primal  lincoln  square  video  craft 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
Fantastic story about building a consulting business & how #coworking has enabled @thoughtium's growth and spirit
cowork  chicago  startup  professional  services  management  consulting  story  video  2019  Q1  csr11 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
Meet the new Slack integration, built for your team’s work on Vimeo
#Vimeo's integration with #Slack enables #video #production teams to collaborate on editing projects and use video live updates for any project #team
vimeo  slack  integration  19eyz  video  editing  collaboration  team  update  comment  2019  Q2 
8 weeks ago by csrollyson
Everything You Need to Know about Distributing Documentaries | International Documentary Association
Covers many basics of #presales & #distribution of #documentary #film #DIY in trad channels but no mention of audience engagement, #socialmedia #email scant VOD ^cr
documentary  film  distribution  finance  sales  education  home  video  TV  theater  19eyz  example  company  list  rank  agent  festival  deal  cable  satellite  broadcast 
9 weeks ago by csrollyson
How the New 'Atari' Movie Could Revolutionize Film Finance by Tokenization on the Blockchain
Alt #film #financing: How to use #blockchain to tokenize and finance various parts of your #independent film #producer #investor
blockchain  film  investing  video  toronto  festival  2018  19eyz  pioneer  alternative  investor  filmmaker  producer  Business 
11 weeks ago by csrollyson
5 Lessons Learned from my Profitable Indie Documentary—2017 Update
Superb #lessons #learned from filmmaker's first documentary, highlighting distribution plan + financial returns
producer  release  indie  documentary  film  financial  model  return  usa  culture  sriracha  distribution  video  vod  demand  itunes  amazon  hulu  crowdfunding  licensing  dvd  distributor  19eyz  bullsi  revenue  investor  Business 
march 2019 by csrollyson
Syrian refugee crisis: Facts, FAQs, and how to help | World Vision
Useful resource page on the #Syrian #refugee crisis: how it developed, stats, timeline, aid efforts, many other links + how to help
syria  refugee  crisis  aid  history  timeline  Statistics  video  story  19eyz  bullsi  ngo  turkey  lebanon  iraq  jordan  europe 
march 2019 by csrollyson
Dan's Story: My Experience With CAR T-Cell Therapy | Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma | Patient Power
NHL patient and his wife interviewed on video about their whole journey, which ended with CAR-T and total remission
sh2  sh1  nhl  ws1  ws2  ws3  bullsi  video  18sbx  bullsi2 
january 2019 by csrollyson
Mike Delia: Skiing with the Grandkids Thanks to CAR T-Cell Therapy
NHL patient case study for CAR-T clinical trial; an ATC ad with little detail
NHL  video  patient  sh1  ws1  ws2  ws3  advertising  ATC  18sbx  clinical  trial  example 
january 2019 by csrollyson
Survivorship: After Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment Ends
NHL patient and her oncologist share their perspectives on treatment, 6 rounds RCHOP, using patient's case as context. CAR-T mentioned
patient  oncologist  interview  video  bullsi  cartcell  NHL  journey  RCHOP  chemotherapy  emotion  18sbx 
january 2019 by csrollyson
Hadden and Moore Debate Before Packed Hall at Sullivan | RogersEdge Reporter
Useful reportage on Hadden–Moore debate at Sullivan HS includes opening and closing statements + link to video
politics  2019  q1  debate  alderman  Rogerspark  video  statement  19jam  election 
january 2019 by csrollyson
We're getting better and better at manipulating videos to create false images...
[comment] How manipulation of digital artifacts could hurt large impersonal organizations the most
csrblogcomment  digital  manipulation  2018  q2  video  artifact  fake  reflection  organization  bureaucracy 
june 2018 by csrollyson
Facial Recognition and the Disappearing Right to Be Faceless
The global “@facebook”: cities, police, smartphones, cameras track your every move, without your consent
facebook  surveillance  global  camera  hardware  software  city  tracking  face  recognition  smartphone  ethics  anonymity  right  autonomy  2018  q2  social  media  photo  video 
may 2018 by csrollyson
Massive open online nutrition and cooking course for improved eating behaviors and meal composition
[Study] Online course #MOOC for online #nutrition & #cooking improved eating behaviors & meal composition @coursera #obesity global
cooking  health  mooc  online  discussion  video  demonstration  education  2015  q4  statistics  obesity  nutrition  study  research  drivetotrust 
april 2018 by csrollyson
Exclusive: Arizona governor and Uber kept self-driving program secret, emails reveal | Technology | The Guardian
#Arizona #governor asleep at the wheel, keeps UBER self-driving program #secret from the public #trust #fail - alarming compare stats, @UBER @google driver interventions
autonomous  vehicle  self  deice  car  arizona  exposé  governor  regulation  safety  trust  california  test  comparison  kill  Q1  2018  video  ethics 
march 2018 by csrollyson
6 trends that will change social media marketing in 2018 | LinkedIn
Compares adoption trends among #socialmedia #chatbots #messaging apps; #social #impact example
2018  chatbot  messaging  application  social  media  cause  impact  Statistics  prediction  video  instagram  plantform 
march 2018 by csrollyson
Snapchat overhaul convinces investors it can fight Instagram
#Snapchat battles #Instagram; reminds me of #Twitter due to disappointing IPO, subjecting itself to ignorant investors
snapchat  instagram  Competition  2018  q1  stock  price  social  network  media  photo  video  user  statistics 
february 2018 by csrollyson
Founders' Stories — Chicago Founders TV
Brilliant interviews in which Pat Ryan takes us behind the scenes w founders of successful startups, both work and personal sides
chicago  hightech  story  ceo  founder  howto  experiential  video  interview  family  psychology 
december 2017 by csrollyson
Fiverr - Wikipedia
Global platform that allows buyers and sellers of digital graphics/music/writing/creative services to connect and do projects ("gigs")
freelance  gig  platform  community  website  graphics  video  music  digital  professional  services  history  reference  israel 
november 2017 by csrollyson
Manipulation : TED Radio Hour : NPR
Learn how hightech has unintended consequences that negatively affect your community and family--and are the root cause of most social & political problems today
manipulation  hightech  video  series  exceptional  exposé  social  media  smartphone  society  culture 
october 2017 by csrollyson
Customer Success: An Experiential Social Media Business Application - YouTube
Short video on how experiential #socialmedia can make #customer #success more, er, successful
customer  success  experiential  social  media  video  pitfall  brand  ethos  empathy  reference 
october 2017 by csrollyson
Tristan Harris: Do Our Devices Control More Than We Think? : NPR
Mustsee: the hidden influence of digital devices and social media: Thanks @gooddirt
analysis  pointofview  digital  device  autonomy  control  video  google  facebook  detox  manipulation 
october 2017 by csrollyson
Human Vocation: 4 Resources for Discovering Your Dharma - YouTube
Brief reflection and guidance for finding one's inner calling ("vocation")
philosophy  howto  calling  history  psychology  video  greece  myth  bullsi 
october 2017 by csrollyson
Temple Grandin: "The Autistic Brain" - YouTube
Her own story with autism, journey, learnings and wisdom; fascinating and informative
autism  disability  video  brain  science  story  experience  philosophy  illinois  farm  agriculture  family  research 
october 2017 by csrollyson
Humorous spontaneous #success #hack gives many how-tos for #applying to #college
success  hack  college  apply  howto  video  16ccc  bullsi  plan 
august 2017 by csrollyson
How I Got Accepted to College - YouTube
Fun & detailed video covers the #college #application process - Congrats @greenbrena ! #success #hack
success  hack  junior  highschool  video  apply  plan  bullsi  16ccc  test  transcript  application 
july 2017 by csrollyson
How I Got Into Stanford – Cath in College
Inspiration for your #college #application: when you run with your passion, amazing things may happen!
success  hack  journalism  video  howto  16ccc  stanford  interview  celebrity  2015 
july 2017 by csrollyson
How To Get The Best College Visit - From Your Home (VIDEO) - College Shortcuts
College visit & exposé service claims to give backroom information [video interviews]
college  visit  16ccc  service  vendor  exposé  video  interviews  ecommerce  ws1  parent  student 
july 2017 by csrollyson
Interview with Campus Tour Guide
An experienced college tour guide shares advice and reflections for students, parents
college  tour  guide  interview  video  16ccc  ws1  parent  student  bullsi 
july 2017 by csrollyson
Probabilistic Flood Mapping Using Volunteered Geographical Information (social media)
Exploratory research into using social media to create and compare flood|stormwater models
water  city  research  social  media  photo  video  casestudy  austin  texas  university  model  twitter  flickr  youtube  storm 
april 2017 by csrollyson
YouTube To Offer Third-Party Brand Safety Tools | Digital - AdAge
Starting to accommodate brand concerns of ads appearing alongside extremist videos
q1  2017  advertising  youtube  filter  brand  budget  vendor  video  politics  terrorism  ugc 
april 2017 by csrollyson
(3) Channel 4 News Democracy - Timeline
Scottish politician talks about her rape many years ago
rape  example  story  survivor  uk  scotland  interview  video  culture  violence  women 
december 2016 by csrollyson
Binge On | Video Streaming without Using Your 4G LTE Data | T-Mobile
Bingo On offers streaming from these providers that doesn't count toward your data quota when you have a qualifying plan
tmobile  bingeon  video  vendor  channel  list  directory  telecom  program  product  feature 
december 2016 by csrollyson
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