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Helicopter money - Wikipedia
Hypothetical untried tool to boost consumer spending when interest rates at zero for protracted time
central  bank  monetary  policy  vehicle  history  reference  quantitative  easing  interest  rate  household 
march 2017 by csrollyson
Fed's Fisher says U.S. drowning in unemployment | Article | Top News | Reuters.com
QE3 will prove ineffective at remedying employment; old-style jobs won't return but many new jobs will be better #SocialChannel
usa  central  bank  federal  economy  unemployment  q3  2012  pointofview  quantitative  easing  qe3  2ghcj 
september 2012 by csrollyson
New round of quantitative easing biggest yet? | Article | Top News | Reuters.com
Worrisome b/c it won't work; firms & workers need to transform: QEx won't help & will just pile on debt we can I'll afford
quantitative  easing  q3  2012  Central  bank  usa  bernacke  mbs  policy  economy  unemployment  2ghcj 
september 2012 by csrollyson
Which Candidate Would You Buy? - Everywhere & Anywhere: Passepartout
MUSTread: 6sigma Blackbelt conducts business analysis of presidential cands winnability: lucid fun & valuable #kudos Thx @passepartout #li
usa  president  campaign  analysis  business  tool  product  comparison  metrics  quantitative  2csrollyson  politics 
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