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The Emergence of a Post-Fact World by Francis Fukuyama - Project Syndicate
Institutions & politicians are corrupt to the point of shameless lies—spelling trouble for #democracy #trump
politics  pointofview  q1  2017  trump  democracy  truth  bot  corruption  russia  social  media  internet  authoritarian  government  institution 
5 weeks ago by csrollyson
Disability - Wikipedia
Excellent start for appreciating what "disability" may mean
disability  reference  politics  history  Definition 
june 2017 by csrollyson
How Rauner stopped a tax hike from landing on his desk - Chicago Tribune
Excellent analysis of #springfield #budget gridlock; suggests dirty hands all around
exposé  q2  2017  illinois  politics  executive  governor  legislative  senate  house  analysis  school  property  tax 
june 2017 by csrollyson
Q&A: Transcript: Interview with Donald Trump | The Economist
Must read: #TheEconomist interview of President Trump on his economic policies
usa  trump  president  economy  politics  policy  interview  q2  2017  healthcare  trade  immigration  nafta  china  mexico  canada  deficit 
may 2017 by csrollyson
Hackers Came, but the French Were Prepared - The New York Times
How the Macron campaign fought off the #russia election #cyber #attack
france  election  attack  hack  russia  putin  analysis  q2  2017  cyber  macron  phishing  computer  politics  security 
may 2017 by csrollyson
The Case for Devolution - CityLab
Call to unbundle big federal govt, to cities, which produce most economy value & are more accountable to citizens
pointofview  urbanism  government  model  federal  state  local  knowledge  industrial  economy  politics  trump  usa  canada  2017 
april 2017 by csrollyson
YouTube To Offer Third-Party Brand Safety Tools | Digital - AdAge
Starting to accommodate brand concerns of ads appearing alongside extremist videos
q1  2017  advertising  youtube  filter  brand  budget  vendor  video  politics  terrorism  ugc 
april 2017 by csrollyson
Bertrand Russell - Wikipedia
Useful start point for "active philosophy": Russell personally experienced conflicts of state v indiv autonomy
philosophy  uk  politics  history  biography  family  marriage  activism  war  author  university  conflict  affair  sexuality  reference  prison 
march 2017 by csrollyson
A century of trust
Timeline & history of #trust in the USA as a function of politics, the economy
usa  history  economy  politics  trust  timeline  society  social  contract 
march 2017 by csrollyson
The principles of trust and evolution of trust: PwC
A management consulting view of #trust in #business emphasizes #hightech, #economy
pwc  trust  management  consulting  economy  politics  q1  2017  hightech  security 
march 2017 by csrollyson
Evanston, Illinois - Wikipedia
Fascinating history of the development of Evanston & politics
illinois  evanston  Rogerspark  history  politics  economy  northwestern  university  hospital 
march 2017 by csrollyson
Trump Cabinet pick paid by controversial Iranian exile group
USA cabinet and Europe officials speaking engagements w anti-Islamist political group in Iran
iran  politics  speech  q1  2017  shah  giuliani  trump  MEK  usa  europe 
february 2017 by csrollyson
The Daily Trump: Filling a Time Capsule - The Atlantic
Analyzes key milestones, behaviors & events of #Trump candidacy and (now) presidency
trump  milestone  blog  series  analysis  usa  politics  president 
february 2017 by csrollyson
About Swing Left | Take back the House (of Representatives in U.S. Congress)
Aims to return the House of Representatives (in U.S. Congress) to Democratic control in 2018
opposition  politics  use  house  democrat  activism 
february 2017 by csrollyson
Resistance Manual
Organized around resiting/defeating Trump initiatives - Federal & State resources
opposition  politics  wiki  manual  howto  usa  crowdsourcing  government 
february 2017 by csrollyson
Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda
Resistance guide focused on Trump but applicable to any political group #kudos
opposition  usa  politics  social  media  reference  bullsi  organization  trump  activism 
february 2017 by csrollyson
Presterity | Collective fact-checking of the Trump Administration
Members bookmark tweets/posts/news abt the Trump Administration [critical]; Bookmarks curated before publishing
usa  politics  trump  debunk  democrat  independent  reference  crowdsourcing 
february 2017 by csrollyson
How Trump's Opponents Are Crowdsourcing The Resistance | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Summarizes how opposition learning from #trump, using #socialmedia to mobilize [links] #kudos
politics  usa  social  media  q1  2017  example  reference  democrat  republican  opposition 
january 2017 by csrollyson
2017 Women's March - Wikipedia
Useful summary of #womens #marches worldwide protesting #trump policies, behavior + links to refs
usa  global  protest  demonstration  trump  inauguration  q1  2017  opposition  politics  reference 
january 2017 by csrollyson
Wired - October 2016 by min-mag.com - issuu
@Google #jigsaw: Tries to protect people against cyber bullying [but nuance is everything, machines need work]
google  digital  twitter  bully  politics  thug  russia  intimidation  internet  cyber  jigsaw  privacy  security 
january 2017 by csrollyson
Obama campaigner reflects on the past and future
obama  trump  pointofview  reflection  democrat  minnesota  2008  campaign  Q1  2017  politics  usa  president 
january 2017 by csrollyson
Commentary: True or false, Trump’s tweets beat the media at its own game | Reuters
How #Trump has disintermediated #media & #journalism with #twitter #experiential #socialmedia
trump  social  media  twitter  journalism  politics  president  2ghcj  experiential 
december 2016 by csrollyson
Web giants look to stop all the news too fake to print | Boston Herald
#socialmedia platforms move to curtail "fake" news #google #facebook
fake  news  q4  2016  facebook  google  politics  election  social  media 
november 2016 by csrollyson
Second City Cop
Policeman's opinion about government, people, policing and issues; great for understanding police view
chicago  police  blog  pointofview  politics  law  enforcement  organization  crime  2csrollyson  2ghcj 
november 2016 by csrollyson
Hillary Clinton's Campaign Goads Donald Trump Into Reacting To TV Ads : NPR
Vicious & indecent: How #Clinton's campaign baits #Trump with its #TV #advertising
clinton  trump  advertising  TV  cable  bait  provoke  politics  usa  president  election  q4  2016 
november 2016 by csrollyson
U.S. government officially accuses Russia of hacking campaign to interfere with elections - The Washington Post
This from govt that hacks Merkel, Rousseff.. Obama accuses Russia of hacking political orgs "to interfere w democratic process"
Q4  2016  russia  obama  accusation  hack  politics  election  email  wikileaks  2ghcj 
october 2016 by csrollyson
A Letter From G.O.P. National Security Officials Opposing Donald Trump - The New York Times
50 #national #security officials warn: #Trump "would be the most reckless President in American history"
usa  politics  president  election  trump  security  military  q3  2016  republican  state  department  international  global  NATO  2ghcj  2csrollyson 
august 2016 by csrollyson
A Worry if Hillary Clinton Wins: What to Do With Bill - NYTimes.com
Fascinating point: Hillary will be breaking ground with a trailing spouse former president
q3  2016  president  usa  clinton  history  scandal  experience  government  executive  family  spouse  politics  2ghcj  2csrollyson 
july 2016 by csrollyson
What Behavioral Economics Is Not - ideas42
Useful analysis/POV on #behavioral #economics definitions debunks "misconceptions"
behavior  economics  pointofview  intention  action  gap  analysis  psychology  definition  obama  example  government  politics  debunk  control  social  design  human  2ghcj  cco  sochap 
july 2016 by csrollyson
The Stigma of Openly Supporting Hillary Clinton — Medium
Superb: How tolerance & dialog are lacking in USA politics. Are #democrats becoming like republicans?
politics  pointofview  clinton  sanders  republican  democrat  imtimidation  Q2  2016  intolerance  social  media  losangeles  rally  dialog  experience  2ghcj  2csrollyson 
may 2016 by csrollyson
When Authenticity Doesn’t Translate | INSEAD Knowledge
Survey of engineers: Colleagues value altruism over authenticity; values #trust matter
trust  authenticity  survey  engineer  work  colleague  altruism  human  behavior  social  politics  clinton  sanders  Q2  2016  sochap  2csra  2csrollyson  value 
may 2016 by csrollyson
trendwatching.com | GLOBAL BRAIN
Disruptive global #social trends & ideas for #brands to boost relevance, nod to #outcomes
culture  politics  society  trend  example  consumer  refugee  marketing  product  development  management  innovation  Q2  2016  apparel  cosmetics  startup  kickstarter  2ghcj  brand  pricing  climate  outcome 
may 2016 by csrollyson
Trump and the Lord’s Work - The New York Times
USA politics reflects the global lack of leadership & ensuing frustration; We can embrace the Knowledge Economy creatively
usa  politics  republican  pointofview  economy  transformation  disruption  sochap  collaboration  policy  healthcare  trade  innovation  2ghcj  2sbs 
may 2016 by csrollyson
Why the Stop Trump movement isn't working
Insight: how #Trump is tapping #conservative voters' profound #pessimism to victory despite his unpopularity #fb
republican  trump  president  election  Analysis  politics  usa  Q2  2016  Society  pessimism  2ghcj  insight  2csrollyson 
april 2016 by csrollyson
13. Six ways of doing digital ethnography | media/anthropology
Superb explanation, how-to & links for #ethnographic research of #socialmedia & digital ethnography + example
social  media  ethnography  reference  exceptional  example  spain  españa  digital  2011  15M  anthropology  research  politics  protest  austerity  europe  crisis  blogs  facebook  twitter  methodology  howto  study  cco  sochap  2csra 
march 2016 by csrollyson
Trump Nation - The Atlantic
Interesting article republished reader comments speculating on #Trump wins & meaning
usa  president  election  Q1  2016  politics  republican  reader  comment  analysis  2ghcj 
march 2016 by csrollyson
Political Correctness Is Dying, Even in France | PJ Media
France minister quits over crackdown on naturalized citizens; shift in poltical correctness?
pointofview  france  immigrant  government  q1  2016  speculation  colony  security  terrorism  politics  guilt  slave  2ghcj 
february 2016 by csrollyson
After Paris: Liberté demands unlimited encryption | InfoWorld
Shows there's no halfway, #privacy/liberty will be gone forever, if we let it #NoBackdoors
encryption  backdoor  Q4  2015  pointofview  exceptional  paris  attack  surveillance  police  military  politics  hightech  apple  criminal  terrorism 
november 2015 by csrollyson
Another Trudeau Makes Canada Cool - The New Yorker
Post purports to describe the personality of #JustinTrudeau but discredits itself by trivializing his politics
canada  executive  q4  2015  history  son  father  election  2ghcj  politics  policy 
october 2015 by csrollyson
How the Birth Dearth Saps Economic Growth - WSJ
Argues that falling population in "rich" countries is a harbinger of lower economic growth
pointofview  immigration  population  usa  germany  labor  politics  knowledge  economy  productivity  2sochap  2ghcj 
september 2015 by csrollyson
The Inside Story of Starbucks's Race Together Campaign, No Foam | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Portrayal of CEOs with a conscience & the subtleties of action; compares SB Race Together & Benioff et al v. anti-gay
starbucks  ceo  2015  Q3  race  usa  social  cause  comparison  politics  2ghcj  stereotype  discrimination  enterprise  community  employee  culture 
september 2015 by csrollyson
These 5 Facts Explain Why China Is Still on the Rise | TIME
Argues the obvious: China is becoming a world power w growing influence [links]; overlooks other growing power sources
china  pointofview  world  usa  q3  2015  analysis  economy  influence  finance  AIIB  infrastructure  investment  environment  latin  america  africa  asia  leadership  corruption  politics  2ghcj 
august 2015 by csrollyson
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