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Olivia Laing: ‘I was hooked and my drug was Twitter’ | Technology | The Guardian
Author chronicles her use of her consumption of news via twitter and its impact on her and her relationships
news  world  universe  twitter  social  media  story  author  violence  horror  terror  numbness  society  wedding  Q2  2019  politics  msm  relationship 
20 days ago by csrollyson
Can Progressives Stop Biden, the Credit Card Candidate?
Exposing spurious mainstream media thinking. why Biden is a horrible Democratic candidate.
sanders  joebiden  president  2020  trump  msm  elite  democrat 
26 days ago by csrollyson
Gannett Dives Deeper Into Agency Business With 'G/O Digital' | Digital - Advertising Age
How Legacy publishing is developing 1-stop digital marketing agencies to engage local businesses
media  msm  newspaper  tv  advertising  agency  business  innovation  model  local  2013 
december 2013 by csrollyson
It’s Not The End of Man, It’s The Rising of Human | Geronimo Coaching Now
The economy blame game assumes a gender component - references, reactions & intelligent discussion
economy  gender  women  men  controversy  discussion  disruption  msm 
september 2012 by csrollyson
Digg Sold To LinkedIn AND The Washington Post And Betaworks | TechCrunch
Looks like the Digg selloff did better than previously reported; assets sold to 3 firms, incl. LinkedIn
digg  acquisition  q3  2012  linkedin  msm  asset  news  human  capital  hightech  2csra 
july 2012 by csrollyson
The Mounting Minuses at Google+ - WSJ.com
MSM analysis misses the point by assuming Google+ is a social network
2blog  google  plus  facebook  comparison  q1  2012  valueprop  msm  metrics  Platform  google+ 
february 2012 by csrollyson
"community service" | "volunteer work" site:hometownlife.com - Google Search
VERY INTERESTING trend: MSM (mainstream media) are fielding hyperlocal publications; reviewing the stories, there's a palpable element of digital boosterism that could synergize; HOWEVER, they are clueless about creating community online; note the popups, lack of comments, and newspaper structure; there will be little sharing b/c the space is not for people, it's for pushing ads.
hyperlocal  michigan  community  volunteer  development  msm  bullsi  12lc1 
july 2011 by csrollyson
Al Jazeera Plays Galvanizing Role in Arab Protests - NYTimes.com
Rare, reasonably balanced analysis of al Jazeera, its reportage & motivations Thx @jpbarlow #fb
msm  media  arabic  muslim  press  analysis  tunisia  egypt  saudiarabia  palestine  revolt  2011  q1 
january 2011 by csrollyson
Pondering developments in tablets, ipad & MSM obtuseness: Apple, Google & privacy #li
ipad  google  apple  android  privacy  publishing  subscriber  data  2csrollyson  competition  media  msm  strategy 
january 2011 by csrollyson
Case Study: Toyota’s Social Media Outreach | SixEstate Communications and Newsblogging
Scant details but provides high-level view of Toyota's social media response to 2010 recall crisis; shows many parts of the campaign but doesn't go into detail
casestudy  automotive  2010  crisis  Toyota  social  media  twitter  outreach  111cruc  b2c  blog  digg  msm  integration 
november 2010 by csrollyson
How Money Follows Attention—Eventually - Technology Review
GOODread: stats on media attention & investment, gr8 charts Thx @jhagel #fb
msm  tv  internet  radio  attention  analysis  adoption  q4  2010  transformation  prediction  2snr  2ghcj 
october 2010 by csrollyson
VTCMar10_Web.pdf - Powered by Google Docs
Ignore 1st 9 pages; most social info very basic but "scenarios" excellent
facebook  Social  Media  gov20  government  local  casestudy  Bullsi  15caw2  msm  comparison  valueprop  24goodp 
october 2010 by csrollyson
The antisocial movie « BuzzMachine
Useful discussion of old/new media, but comments take it into myriad directions; pour a cognac & check out Thx @techcocktail
Social  Network  film  review  zuckerberg  facebook  2fb  entrepreneur  startup  2010  msm  media  2csrollyson 
october 2010 by csrollyson
Guardian to launch new team concentrated on multimedia and crowdsourcing - Editors Weblog
Major UK media #proam initiative: what I've called for 4 years! Thx @Patrickmeier #fb
proam  example  2010  q3  msm  newspaper  crowdsourcing  video  podcast  2snr 
august 2010 by csrollyson
WSJ.com Lacks Link Luster : CJR
Interesting albeit thin argument for paywall strategy: WSJ v NYT in study Thx @stefanw
msm  media  Business_model  pointofview  comparison  2010  paywall  blog  research  2ghcj  journalism 
may 2010 by csrollyson
Older Users Hear Facebook Is Bad News [STATS]
Implies successful MSM campaign vs. Facebook or higher sensitivity to privacy
Facebook  2fb  news  sentiment  boomer  genx  msm  privacy 
may 2010 by csrollyson
Brown takes on Murdoch over web paywalls - UK - FT.com
Conflict Gordon Brown & Rupert Murdock re BBC: analysis of MSM & govt relationship
Uk  Bbc  Policy  Msm  Conflict  Executive  2ghcj  Publishing  Politics 
april 2010 by csrollyson
SOLID GOLD: tongue cheek wrapped in irony, poking MSM & winking at dismay
Msm  Disruption  Ipad  Web1.0  Humor  Irony  Exceptional 
april 2010 by csrollyson
Emerging Technologies Community - Toolbox for IT
Social presence related to IT expertise: msm declining share: Research on IT profs adoption h/t @rawn
Research  msm  web2.0  Media  Social  Network  adoption  2010  q1  i.t.  2csrollyson 
march 2010 by csrollyson
About NPR : NPR News Staff Social Media Policy
Good example of mainstream media policy and guidelines
Media  Social  Network  policy  msm 
february 2010 by csrollyson
The Global Human Capital Journal » Wall Street Journal Claims Facebook Can’t Give You Relationships
Debunking uninformed media coverage of social networks: short analysis of offline and online social networking and how they both add unique value to 21st century executives
MSM  Media  Relationship  Facebook  2fb  Social  Network  ValueProp  2egw2  Analysis 
november 2009 by csrollyson
What Facebook Can't Give You: the Wednesday 10
Another useful case of legacy media criticizing digital social networks
Social  Network  downdraft  New.York.City  Executive  MSM  PointofView  Media 
november 2009 by csrollyson
The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Why the mainstream media is dying
MUST READ: sidebyside compare @techcrunch @nyt coverage of facebook zynga scandal. Gr8 comments too
Disruption  transformation  journalism  blog  exceptional  analysis  facebook  msm 
november 2009 by csrollyson
YouTube - Don't eat at McDonalds
Chicken head found in order of McDonald's Chicken "wings"
Exposé  fastfood  Video  MSM  YouTube  Scandal  cdb9  Platform 
may 2009 by csrollyson
Surprise: Fox RENEWS 'Dollhouse'
Interesting strategy, not going only by ratings
MSM  Management  TV  Rating 
may 2009 by csrollyson
Twitter Passes NYT, WSJ in Unique Visitors - ReadWriteWeb
Amazing milestone: hear ye, people like to contribute & share: MSM doesn't allow it; Twitter multidimensional
Twitter  MSM  2Tw  Analysis  Disruption  milestone  Exceptional 
may 2009 by csrollyson
Infinitely large Editorial Page
Policy  Politics  MSM  Economy  Business  News 
december 2006 by csrollyson

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