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Making connections with the new digital consumer
Summary of global shift away from open Internet-based screen time toward walled gardens + links to more articles to drill down
digital  advertising  marketing  disruption  channel  shift  attention  q1  2019  analysis  platform  website  blog  wechat  esports  gaming  podcast  OTT  hulu  netflix  facebook  wall  garden  model  brand  sponsor  nigeria  africa  south  india  china 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
Top 5 Most Important Customer Experience Trends for 2019 | UX Booth
Executive summary of #customer #experience practitioner survey reveals what top CX performers do differently + 4-stage #CX maturity model
customer  experience  survey  practitioner  q1  2019  executive  summary  statistics  maturity  model  technology  communication  empathy  employee  chat  virtual  reality  comparison  voice  VOC  strategy  team  csr19  bullsi 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
A 5-Minute Summary Of "The Challenger Sale" Book Your Boss Told You To Read
B2B sales model du jour + research showing that top salespeople are overwhelmingly the challenger type, but average are equally all types
b2b  sales  selling  model  philosophy  summary  trend  skill  personality 
5 weeks ago by csrollyson
First 90 Days in Customer Success Management
One of the best customer success posts I've seen: How to succeed as a new #Customer #success #manager has in-depth guidance, links to more #kudos #CX #enterprise
customer  success  bullsi  howto  plan  manager  SAAS  software  product  sales  marketing  service  pricing  feedback  visit  experience  lifecycle  metrics  churn  engagement  model  KPI  reference 
6 weeks ago by csrollyson
4 Engagement Models for Customer Success | ClientSuccess
Simple and useful review: #Designing your #customer #success model, high-touch, low-touch for #onboarding training adoption growth service
customer  success  organization  engagement  model  onboarding  training  installation  manager  account  size  profit  enterprise  smb  small  business 
6 weeks ago by csrollyson
The Origins of Silicon Valley: Why and How It Happened | Paul Wesling IEEE
A truly historical account of #Silicon #Valley's origins of culture and business models by a man who's been steeped in it #kudos
**Video of the slides/lecture => https://youtu.be/lRDB_W6POys
history  culture  engineering  innovation  VCs.angels  siliconvalley  california  sanfrancisco  model  network  ham  radio  stanford  university  professor  hp  war  depression  bullsi  reference 
9 weeks ago by csrollyson
A 5-Point Plan for Improving Employee Engagement
Many firms have backed into #employee #engagement since discovering it's the backbone of #customer #experience. This concise post points to employee-centric qual research as the key
employee  experience  engagement  howto  customer  journey  map  value  proposition  research  persona  model  data  interview  qualitative  bullsi  ethnography 
9 weeks ago by csrollyson
Creating a Culture of Customer Centricity - TandemSeven - The Experience Innovation Company
Pithy point of view on #customer #centricity: argues that the key to organization change is [truly] customer-centric #user #research and persona models. To this I'd add #JTBD
pointofview  customer  experience  transformation  centricity  enterprise  brand  Competition  organization  change  user  executive  team  empowerment  irony  research  persona  model  value  proposition 
9 weeks ago by csrollyson
Championing the Customer Experience | Brandwatch
Argues that customer experience is marketing, takes a brand/enterprise view of #customer #experience culture using @deloitte's maturity model @vizia
marketing  customer  experience  pointofview  platform  enterprise  data  integration  IT  strategy  CCO  executive  model  deloitte  maturity  csr19  business  intelligence  analytics  social  media  journey  map  adoption  touchpoint 
10 weeks ago by csrollyson
Touchpoint | Service Design and CX: Friends or foes?
Spring 2016 Touchpoint focuses on similarities and differences b/t #service #design and #customer #experience #CX
service  design  touchpoint  customer  experience  journal  Q2  2016  comparison  pointofview  marketing  advertising  model  philosophy  approach  Insight  csr19 
april 2019 by csrollyson
Comparison of Educational Sales Distributors Platforms | TFC Blog
Superb! TFC interviews #educational #sales #distributors on their markets, models, pricing, marketing #distribution #documentary ^cr
education  sales  distribution  bullsi2  reference  exceptional  19eyz  university  distributor  comparison  model  filmmaker  professor  library  cause  VOD  DVD  Statistics  revenue 
april 2019 by csrollyson
TFC Blog | Educational Sales: Copyright law in schools' use of films in classes
Concise background on legal issues and struggles between #schools and film rights holders. Filmmakers should make their work easily accessible legally ^cr
distribution  education  sales  rights  university  legal  lawsuit  streaming  VOD  model  professor  student  19eyz  bullsi  accessibility 
april 2019 by csrollyson
DEALMAKING DONE RIGHT: A Back-to-Basics Approach to the Byzantine World of Waterfalls, Hurdle Rates and Preferred Returns - Producers Guild of America
Superbly useful discussion of common film deals, #producer cuts with #investors, senior #talent #distributors, nice graphic #kudos #waterfall #hurdlerate
producer  filmmaker  director  investor  contract  model  statistics  bullsi  exceptional  2015  hollywood  independent  film  19eyz  deal  split 
april 2019 by csrollyson
How Exactly Do Movies Make Money?
Very basic explanation of some revenue sources for films
film  business  investment  model  revenue  19eyz 
april 2019 by csrollyson
Movie Report | Refugee documentary example
Very useful tool user-configurable box office (revenue) stats for indie films about refugees
finance  independent  documentary  investment  model  Statistics  report  tool  reference  revenue  boxoffice  film  19eyz  Business 
april 2019 by csrollyson
Common Mistakes During Customer Journey Mapping
How many of these do you know? Very useful post reveals common #journey #map #pitfalls - No.1 is having too much product focus #cx [commented]
journey  map  howto  pitfall  list  csrblogcomment  q2  2019  product  brand  emotion  model  design  research  exception  csr19  customer  experience 
april 2019 by csrollyson
Film Distribution Strategies: Changes in Movie Windowing
Concise discussion of evolving #film #windowing models: Examples, channel conflict, stats #distribution #producer #investor #filmmaker Thx @researchglenn
film  window  model  disruption  theater  AVOD  TVOD  SVOD  OTT  amazon  netflix  hulu  channel  conflict  home  daydate  release  example  producer  filmmaker  strategy  screen  device  Statistics  value  proposition 
march 2019 by csrollyson
Launching a Theater-On-Demand distribution campaign | TFC Blog
Post-mortem of "Theater on Demand" #crowdsourcing #distribution for cause-focused documentary #film: Nice detail, numbers and results
independent  film  distribution  casestudy  documentary  theater  screening  marketing  model  results  19eyz  bullsi  network  cause  disability  producer  promotion  crowdsourcing  community  strategy  Business 
march 2019 by csrollyson
Who will finance your film and why? Proven strategies to get your film funded and produced. | Chris Jones Filmmaker Blog
How to think about and talk with various #film #investors successfully: investor types, psychology & why each invests + tactics for #filmmakers
investor  filmmaker  producer  finance  investment  model  interaction  exceptional  bullsi  19eyz  friend  family  angel  crowdfunding  cast  crew  value  proposition  risk  humility  tax  strategy  Business 
march 2019 by csrollyson
We Spoke to Dozens of Distributors; This is What They Want in a Film | Sundance Institute
Useful: Insights from surveying #distributors of #indie #films: How they evaluate and structure #distribution deals #investor ^cr
indie  film  distribution  lessons  learned  producer  investor  19eyz  bullsi  insight  festival  social  media  model  investment  finance  market  digital  theater  legal  release  Business 
march 2019 by csrollyson
Independent Film Funding for Movies and Documentaries
Useful: donor v. investor model for documentary financing includes typical finance vehicles
film  finance  investor  documentary  model  reference  19eyz  grant  crowdfunding  sponsorship  Business 
march 2019 by csrollyson
The Anatomy of a Film Business Plan - Rodriques Law
Excellent explanation of a film business plan, section by section #kudos @rodriqueslaw #indie #film #investor
investor  business  plan  example  explanation  bullsi  reference  19eyz  finance  model  producer 
march 2019 by csrollyson
IndieVest Attracts Indie-Film Investors With Reduced-Risk Model
Independent #indie #film production company follows a different #investor model to mitigate risk #indievest
indie  film  finance  investment  company  firm  model  subscription  production  19eyz  2009  distribution  Business 
march 2019 by csrollyson
The Age of Stupid - Wikipedia
Intensely cause-focused #documentary #case #study reveals innovation in #investment and #distribution #climate #change #crowdfunding
Indie  film  example  casestudy  climate  change  uk  distribution  investor  investment  model  crowdfunding  story  2009  awareness  strategy  innovation  global  release  19eyz  bullsi  director  producer  Business 
march 2019 by csrollyson
Is the Traditional Investment Model Right for Indie Films? - Rodriques Law
Provides a glimpse into how #investors regard #indie #films as part of their portfolios + How #crowdfunding has changed the game
indie  film  investment  investor  model  category  19eyz  crowdfunding  alternative  portfolio  bullsi  Business 
march 2019 by csrollyson
5 Lessons Learned from my Profitable Indie Documentary—2017 Update
Superb #lessons #learned from filmmaker's first documentary, highlighting distribution plan + financial returns
producer  release  indie  documentary  film  financial  model  return  usa  culture  sriracha  distribution  video  vod  demand  itunes  amazon  hulu  crowdfunding  licensing  dvd  distributor  19eyz  bullsi  revenue  investor  Business 
march 2019 by csrollyson
How to Create an Effective Customer Journey Map [Examples + Template]
Simplistic but still useful explanation of customer #journey #map value proposition and how to create maps + templates #CX
journey  map  customer  experience  service  design  example  value  proposition  reference  template  b2b  b2c  restaurant  realestate  model  howto  marketing  ecommerce  website  blueprint  csr19 
february 2019 by csrollyson
10 Routes to Finance Your Film
Short but each method discussed in terms of strategy/theory/reality check
indie  film  finance  model  idea  list  example  19plx  bullsi  19eyz  investment  Business 
february 2019 by csrollyson
Refugee | iRevolutions
Example of using a drone to map a refugee camp (following Humanitarium UAV Code of Conduct)
refugee  drone  map  UAV  example  model 
january 2019 by csrollyson
China Leads the way in Eradicating Extreme Poverty
A lor of comparing things that don’t compare BUT nice tidbit at the end: using PPP,
China’s economy is already much larger than USA, so pushing for an arms race disastrous for US. exhibit A, Russia.
china  usa  economy  military  growth  Q1  2019  poverty  globalization  comparison  model  capitalism  communism 
january 2019 by csrollyson
Peak car - Wikipedia
Economic hypothesis showing widespread fall in car ownership plus increased miles/kms driven
automotive  car  Ownership  transportation  model  economy  culture  hightech  uber  smartphone  infrastructure  reference  comparison  uk  Usa  france  europe  australia  driving  sharing  autonomous  cycling  urbanism  city  london  mobility 
november 2018 by csrollyson
Amazon Go - Wikipedia
Intro article one of Amazon’s #retail concepts: stores in #Chicago #Seattle #SanFrancisco
amazon  retail  automation  Q4  2018  Chicago  sanfrancisco  seattle  pilot  smartphone  geofence  application  rollout  grocery  drug  model  usa 
november 2018 by csrollyson
Mixed reality - Wikipedia
Excellent start point for understanding the continuum of physical-augmented-mixed-virtual realities
mixed  augmented  virtual  reality  physical  reference  model  definition  application  example  training  war  manufacturing 
june 2018 by csrollyson
The Carnivore Diet: Pros, Cons, and Suggestions | Mark's Daily Apple
Mark unpacks trendy meat-only diets/lifestyles + examples and recommendations
carnivore  palep  primal  comparison  howto  Q2  2018  diet  lifestyle  example  analysis  model  advice 
may 2018 by csrollyson
Humans Are Dumb At Figuring Out How Smart Animals Are | FiveThirtyEight
Scientists try to create a universal model for “intelligence” to rate and rank animals; “But each animal smart in its own way”
human  primate  behavior  animal  intelligence  study  research  fail  model 
may 2018 by csrollyson
This New Tiny Electric Car Comes With Five Years Of Free Solar Charging
#Uniti is a new electric car that has a carbon fiber frame & is designed for #urban #commuting & comes w 5 years of free charging
electric  vehicle  car  autonomous  2018  Q2  Sweden  launch  power  battery  startup  model  carbon  fiber  frame  spare  environment  city  urban  manufacturing  cycling  comparison  walking 
may 2018 by csrollyson
Why Silicon Valley can’t fix itself | News | The Guardian
Superb: Why “tech #humanism” could help #SilconValley maintain its #monopoly on our attention—and how to democratize #tech
siliconvalley  facebook  stevejobs  apple  hightech  humanism  power  technology  human  history  cyborg  evolution  democracy  elite  business  model  google  attention  addiction 
may 2018 by csrollyson
Nonprofits: Incubators of Innovation
Several examples of innovation business models of eldercare retirement home facilities
elder  care  retirement  home  model  innovation  example  housing  hightech  telemedicine  empowerment  low  income  nonprofit 
april 2018 by csrollyson
Lima’s beautiful boulevard bike paths could be a hit in Chicago | Transportation | Chicago Reader
Another approach to #bike #paths #lanes from Lima, Peru: in the median, like Chicago's els #cycling
cycling  example  peru  chicago  boulevard  2018  model  development  sustainable  street  city  urban  plan  altrans  17bern 
march 2018 by csrollyson
The Jungian Model of the Psyche | Journal Psyche
Very brief but useful summary of CG Jung's model of the psyche
jung  psychology  reference  ego  unconscious  psyche  self  comparison  freud  model 
march 2018 by csrollyson
Social Capital’s Chamath Palihap­itiya Wants To Fix Capitalism
New model of #venture #capital invests in #social #impact, automates VC evaluation to remove bias
impact  social  cause  VCs.angels  model  siliconvalley  facebook  trader  analytics  automation  bias  software  entrepreneur  founder  culture 
february 2018 by csrollyson
Rest and Recovery: A Whole New Perspective (and A Giveaway) | Mark's Daily Apple
new research & hypothesis:!humans have a finite amt of energy to spend on vital functions, work & recovery. *Recovery also takes energy*
workout  athlete  research  theory  model  primal  rest  injury  deficit  energy  recovery 
january 2018 by csrollyson
Almost all the 10 million jobs created since 2005 are temporary — Quartz
Just in from the Duh Dept: “Fulltime” employment disappearing, all job growth in gig economy
job  Employment  Statistics  2005  2015  economy  freelance  free  agent  gig  model  women 
january 2018 by csrollyson
Chicago, Once A Bikeshare Innovator, Squeamish About The Next Level
Dockless/smartphone #bike #sharing in #chicago? How it might affect @divvychicago
cycling  altrans  startup  bike  sharing  model  smartphone  dock  uber 
january 2018 by csrollyson
The True Cost of Car Ownership
Useful model calculates components of "total cost of ownership" for new, 5year old and 10year old cars
car  Automobile  cost  insurance  maintenance  gas  fuel  petrol  depreciation  model  finance  transport 
december 2017 by csrollyson
Experimental Station
Hyde Park community/incubator aims to empower South Side communities with various cycling & food programs
hydepark  chicago  empowerment  cycling  children  family  food  market  farmer  incubator  business  model  mutualism  philosophy  community  sustainability 
december 2017 by csrollyson
Rushika Fernandopulle of Iora Health (Tales from the Trenches)
Inspiring: how Iora Health cares for patients, how its non fee-for-service model is revolutionary
matterchi  ceo  talesofthetrenches  founder  interview  healthcare  provider  clinic  trust  patient  care  model  massachusetts  startup  2017  Q3 
december 2017 by csrollyson
About - Building Healthy Communities | Active Living By Design
Advises communities on evolving to more active lifestyles, focusing on physical activity, diet, build environments
organization  consulting  firm  transport  health  diet  nutrition  empowerment  partner  model  north  carolina  usa  community 
november 2017 by csrollyson
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