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Chicago's New Mayor to End Water Shutoffs
Like #Chicago, many Midwest cities, although they can tap the Great Lakes, triple #water bills in order to rebuild #infrastructure. This leaves #low #income homeowners dry bc they can’t afford it and get #shutoffs
water  bill  utility  infrastructure  midwest  lead  main  pipe  funding  news  lightfoot  chicago  mayor  Q2  2019  anderman  low  income  penalty  equality  right 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
Fixing the Lake Shore Drive bridge, and how we pay for repairs - Chicago Tribune
Suggests driver and gas taxes to have road users pay for infrastructure maintenance. existing systems lag too much, nationwide
chicago  illinois  road  bridge  infrastructure  tax  repair  federal  policy  Q1  2019  LakeShoreDrive 
february 2019 by csrollyson
Peak car - Wikipedia
Economic hypothesis showing widespread fall in car ownership plus increased miles/kms driven
automotive  car  Ownership  transportation  model  economy  culture  hightech  uber  smartphone  infrastructure  reference  comparison  uk  Usa  france  europe  australia  driving  sharing  autonomous  cycling  urbanism  city  london  mobility 
november 2018 by csrollyson
Oak Park swings, misses on Divvy | Active Transportation Alliance
Pithy and clear-cut: Alternative transit doesn't work unless sufficient support is in place #altrans #sustdevv
cycling  oakpark  divvy  bike  sharing  2018  q1  pilot  failure  infrastructure  route  transit  altrans  sustdevv  story  csrblogcomment 
january 2018 by csrollyson
Musk Says He’ll Compete to Build O’Hare Express, Active Trans Says It’s a Low Priority – Streetsblog Chicago
This seems like a lot of trouble and complication for little gain; why not offer the rich private car upgrade service on the blue line instead?
chicago  transport  infrastructure  blog  urbanism  development  equality  2017  q4  ohare  airport 
december 2017 by csrollyson
Davis Bicycles!: ‘Car children’ learn less in school
Davis article commenting on Danish study of the benefits of kids' walking/biking to school on their learning
davis  california  cycling  17bern  denmark  study  school  children  commute  walking  driving  car  comparison  learning  infrastructure  city 
november 2017 by csrollyson
Xaptum Genesis 2016 (with images, tweets) · csrollyson · Storify
Coverage of emerging #IoT #infrastructure & its role in #digital #transformation #m2m #cdo
cdo  digital  transformation  iot  m2m  vendor  vision  infrastructure  chicago  startup  2016  q4  analyst  conference 
november 2016 by csrollyson
Could water be the next economic development disrupter?
#Water #infrastruction impact on economic development—right now: What's your strategy?
water  economy  development  pointofview  strategy  industry  employer  q1  2016  city  government  treatment  plant  infrastructure  2ghcj  2csra  2cdo 
march 2016 by csrollyson
Big Data Landscape 2016
Useful map of #BigData vendor|technology|solution ecosystem - faint nod to #IoT & #wearable tech #kudos
big  data  ecosystem  technology  software  infrastructure  map  reference  exceptional  vendor  cloud  application  transport  analytics  cdo  cco  cmo  ceo  cio  cto 
february 2016 by csrollyson
These 5 Facts Explain Why China Is Still on the Rise | TIME
Argues the obvious: China is becoming a world power w growing influence [links]; overlooks other growing power sources
china  pointofview  world  usa  q3  2015  analysis  economy  influence  finance  AIIB  infrastructure  investment  environment  latin  america  africa  asia  leadership  corruption  politics  2ghcj 
august 2015 by csrollyson
Yahoo Pipes Blog
SORRY to see this: #yahoo #pipes #EndOfLife announcement: the only Yahoo! product I use/endorse
news  infrastructure  mashup  yahoo  q2  q3  2015  2csra  2csrollyson  2execguide 
june 2015 by csrollyson
Yellow Line to Skokie out of service for next several days, CTA says - Chicago Tribune
PSA: Miraculously, #CTA #YellowLine track collapse happened Sunday nite, no one hurt but #OutOfService indefinitely
news  chicago  transit  skokie  train  track  q2  2015  infrastructure  2csrollyson 
may 2015 by csrollyson
The truth about Macs in the enterprise | InfoWorld
Argues: Apple computers are often lower cost to own than windows + IT more robust w different OS machines (avoid Sony scenario)
debnk  howto  value  proposition  q2  2015  cost  ownership  enterprise  i.t.  macintosh  apple  comparison  strategy  portfolio  infrastructure  2csra  2cdo 
may 2015 by csrollyson
5 SEO Protips For Blog Comments
Useful: How to get the most value from #blog comments + why to avoid comment services (Disqus)
blogs  comment  howto  SEO  management  infrastructure  Q2  2014  service  reference 
march 2015 by csrollyson
Amazon's next targets: Microsoft Exchange and Gmail | InfoWorld
Early news of #Amazon #enterprise #email calendaring contact/task management & public folder solution #security
amazon  microsoft  google  competition  3email  cloud  infrastructure  q1  2015  breaking  enterprise 
january 2015 by csrollyson
Net Neutrality Revisited: Contentists and Architecturists | LinkedIn
[commented]LUCID brief analysis of the 2 sides of #netneutrality (+motivations) that are pushing their agendas everywhere #kudos
net  neutrality  internet  infrastructure  regulation  analysis  q4  2014  csrblogcomment  telecom  media 
november 2014 by csrollyson
Google's Nest adds Revolv to its technology team - San Francisco Business Times
Google #Nest #aquihire of Revolv also removes infrastructure for potential competitors #smart #home #IoT #fb
smart  home  network  device  IoT  q4  2014  acquisition  google  nest  infrastructure  colorado  hightech  startup  2snr  2csra 
october 2014 by csrollyson
These Entrepreneurs Want to Improve Public Restrooms | Entrepreneur.com
;^) Infrastructure upgrades: 2 startups doing innovation for public #toilets
infrastructure  toilet  public  startup  big  data  q2  2014  humor  hightech 
june 2014 by csrollyson
Google Unleashes More Big-Data Genius With a New Cloud Service | Enterprise | WIRED
#Google shares key techniques for [real-time] processing of massive #BigData streams #kudos
big  data  innovation  google  q2  2014  news  infrastructure  software  process  2cdo  cdo  digital 
june 2014 by csrollyson
Infrastructure: Highways to hell | The Economist
Voters point fingers at others to pay for crumbling highways, roads; new investment models offer hope
usa  democracy  transport  tax  infrastructure  Q2  2014  voter  fund  2ghcj  model 
april 2014 by csrollyson
Big data becomes fast data with BlueDBM | ZDNet
Emerging capability in analyzing massive amounts of unstructured data
big  data  processing  innovation  MIT  Q1  2014  flash  ethernet  network  infrastructure  memory  cdo  2cdo  digital 
february 2014 by csrollyson
Chicago Tech Plan - Home
City of Chicago Tech Plan aims to empower community & transform w digital social tools & collaboration
city  chicago  hightech  i.t.  development  economy  plan  strategy  2013  cto  cio  community  innovation  digital  infrastructure  empowerment  open  data  big  collaboration  transformation  cdo 
october 2013 by csrollyson
Four questions CIOs should ask about Big Data | ZDNet
UNDERSTANDABLE #BigData technical discussion lays out issues I.T. needs to think thru #fb
big  data  cio  cdo  digital  reference  enterprise  software  network  infrastructure  q3  2013  hadoop  open  source  integration  business  intelligence  center  i.t.  2csra 
august 2013 by csrollyson
New Tweets per second record, and how! | Twitter Blog
Behind the scenes detailed account of Twitter's infrastructure devt, no fail whales anymore Thx @monkbent
twitter  infrastructure  event  Statistics  q3  2013  story  example  cloud  development  2csrollyson  2csra 
august 2013 by csrollyson
(2) Marco Ciobo - Google+ - http://www.atkearney.com/strategic-it/ideas-insights/articl…
Useful reference on Cloud with substance but avoids jargon; incl adoption stages & cloud's key parts & lessons learnt
cloud  whitepaper  atkearney  saas  paas  business  model  CIO  adoption  enterprise  process  csrblogcomment  infrastructure  lessons  management  consulting  firm 
march 2013 by csrollyson
Daily chart: The urbanisation trap | The Economist
Useful discussion on how economy & infrastructure effect productivity growth during urbanization; comparison of Asia and Africa
social  channel  africa  asia  comparison  agrarian  industrial  economy  Urban  farm  factory  discussion  infrastructure  2ghcj 
october 2012 by csrollyson
Chicago to get hyper-connected under Rahm Emanuel's grand Wi-Fi plan | World news | guardian.co.uk
Practical: "Washington is not moving, Springfield, our state capital, is not moving. I cannot tie this city's – my city's – future to that dysfunction
chicago  mayor  future  infrastructure  global  strategy  education  wifi  internet  valueprop  2ghcj 
july 2012 by csrollyson
Something's happening - The Cloud Blog
Rare personal insight into cloud and where it's going: read to understand its meaning Thx @jimworth #li
cloud  virtualization  history  insight  perspective  salesforce  csrblogcomment  i.t.  infrastructure 
december 2010 by csrollyson
The danger of the coming "Big Cloud" monopoly
Interesting scenario to keep in mind, although not long on facts to back it up #in
business  market  i.t.  monopoly  prediction  future  government  cloud  infrastructure  2li 
october 2010 by csrollyson
Is a Perfect Storm Forming For Distributed Social Networking?
Gr8 discussion; methinks it's premature; we need more pain and standards
Vision  Speculation  Twitter  Merger  Infrastructure  DDOS  2009  2snr 
august 2009 by csrollyson

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