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Creaks, Clicks & Clunks...
Great diagnostic list of bike noises
bike  spoke  noise  diagnostic  list  guide  tool 
april 2018 by csrollyson
Nonprofit Resource Guide | StreetWise Magazine
Great directory of #nonprofit #support orgs & agencies for #homeless people #kudos
homeless  nonprofit  guide  directory  cause  reference  social  impact  chicago  drivetotrust  bullsi 
february 2018 by csrollyson
Your Complete Guide to the 2018 Tax Changes
No-nonsense, clear explanation of the new 2018 income tax
usa  income  tax  2018  comparison  guide  howto  individual  business  government 
january 2018 by csrollyson
Smart Living by Bike | Momentum Mag
"Free guides" require email so their partners can spam you :~{ - and email link not immediate
cycling  magazine  blog  howto  marketing  product  review  guide  17bern 
january 2018 by csrollyson
In-Depth HTTP to HTTPS Migration Guide for WordPress
Excellent step by step guide to transitioning your site to https
wordpress  administration  security  howto  guide  migration 
december 2017 by csrollyson
A Beginner's Guide to Biking | Nerd Fitness
Superb: funny, specific advice from someone who loves biking for fun and sport
cycling  workout  17bern  howto  guide  buy  ride  traffic  safety  humor  hack  triathlon  weight  loss  story  example  friend  road  mountain  bike  equipment  bullsi  exceptional 
november 2017 by csrollyson
How To Finally Start Bike Commuting - Digg
VERY basic, but short, great attitude, and covers the minimum
commute  cycling  howto  17bern  guide  equipment  safety  law 
november 2017 by csrollyson
UCLA's Aaron Yih Is Revamping the College-Visit Experience
Art/Design major founds startup to publish e-guides to visiting #college campuses, written by current students
16ccc  visit  twt  college  ucla  art  design  story  guide  entrepreneur 
august 2017 by csrollyson
College Overnight Visits: Why to Do One, What to Expect
Helpful: outsides the typical #college overnight #visit so you can plan better!
college  visit  overnight  howto  guide  bullsi  16ccc 
august 2017 by csrollyson
College Students and Credit Cards — College Parent Central
Useful guide for #parents: Should you give your kid a credit card in #college?
plan  finance  student  parent  guide  howto  credit  card  16ccc  bullsi 
july 2017 by csrollyson
What if My Parents and I Disagree about College?
Student guide: How to resolve disagreements w your #parents over #college
parent  student  disagreement  howto  compromise  guide  16ccc  bullsi  plan  apply  reference 
july 2017 by csrollyson
Apply for Financial Aid for College | 13-Step Guide | Student Loan Hero
Useful actionable advice for the #financial side of #college #planning
college  plan  finance  loan  list  advice  guide  16ccc  bullsi 
july 2017 by csrollyson
How to Make the Most of Your Campus Visits | CollegeXpress
Substantial how-to guide for how to succeed on #college #visits
college  visit  16ccc  bullsi  howto  guide  student  ws1 
july 2017 by csrollyson
Interview with Campus Tour Guide
An experienced college tour guide shares advice and reflections for students, parents
college  tour  guide  interview  video  16ccc  ws1  parent  student  bullsi 
july 2017 by csrollyson
How Machine Learning Works, As Explained By Google
Useful description of how AI/ML works, w Google examples [intermediate techspeak]
machine  learning  artificial  intelligence  2015  guide  example  google  reference 
march 2017 by csrollyson
Long Fasts: Worth the Risk? | Mark's Daily Apple
USEFUL guide for long fasts, with research, use cases and warnings #kudos
paleo  primal  fasting  howto  cancer  arthritis  research  hypertension  guide  bullsi  reference  csrb 
february 2017 by csrollyson
IFTTT: How to use IFTTT for social media automation
Some ideas for using IFFFT to automate some aspects of social media
iffft  social  media  howto  guide  reference  tool  2016 
october 2016 by csrollyson
Astrology: your Professional Destiny; Midheaven in Sign
Superb guidance for interpreting Midheaven/MC by balancing against other chart factors
astrology  reference  bullsi  guide  howto  interpretation  midheaven  professional  fame  destiny  natal  chart 
june 2016 by csrollyson
The Definitive Guide to Nuts | Mark's Daily Apple
Mark does it again! Great paleo primal guide to nuts compares multiple types
nut  comparison  nutrition  primal  paleo  guide  reference  food  exceptional  brazil  hazelnut  walnut  pecan  almond  fat  protein 
june 2016 by csrollyson
Lead Time Reduction
Study lesson in reducing lead time
manufacturing  metrics  KPI  lead  time  lesson  guide  bullsi  163sa 
june 2016 by csrollyson
22 Gmail Plugins That All Content Marketers Need to Know About
Useful list of #productivity plugins for Gmail; helps senders & receivers of #email
gmail  list  plugin  productivity  tool  software  guide  content  marketing  2015  Q2  2execguide 
april 2016 by csrollyson
How to Use Medium: A Beginner's Guide to Writing, Publishing & Promoting on the Platform
USEFUL guide to #Medium #blog & #socialnetwork platform | fascinating co-publishing options
medium  blogs  platform  social  network  guide  howto  2016  2execguide  2csra  cmo  collaboration 
april 2016 by csrollyson
Christopher S. Rollyson
#CMO & #marketing #transformation | Christopher S. Rollyson posts at MENG|Marketing Executives Network Group
cmo  transformation  marketing  thought  leadership  csr  association  blog  social  business  media  digital  customer  experience  disruption  guide  2cdo  2csra  2sbs 
april 2016 by csrollyson
How Attackers Gain Access to WordPress Sites - Wordfence
MUSTread if you host #WordPress instances/sites: Attacker stats + how-to checklist for keeping secure
wordpress  security  survey  Statistics  q1  2016  howto  guide  plugin  bruteforce  blog  software  platform  website  malware  phishing  hack  theme  hosting  exceptional  list  2csra  2execguide  2sbs  2eglii  2snr 
march 2016 by csrollyson
Stopwords in your focus keywords? • Yoast
How to choose a focus keyword for blog post titles
SEO  howto  google  keyword  blog  website  guide  2015 
march 2016 by csrollyson
UX Strategy - O'Reilly Media
Great reference for the emerging discipline of #US #strategy - how it's different
user  experience  strategy  book  reference  howto  definition  adoption  guide  design 
march 2016 by csrollyson
Why Customer Churn Happens, And What You Can Do About It
Identifies 4 types of #customer #churn, offers many resources for addressing #kudos
customer  churn  retention  howto  guide  reference  q1  2016  experience  Statistics  service  lifecycle  success  onboard  sochap 
march 2016 by csrollyson
3 Social Media Compliance Tools You Need for a Regulated Business
Basic advice on social tools that help #financialservices, #Healthcare & other regulated firms #banking
Financialservices  guide  software  social  content  management  media  compliance  presence  banking  healthcare 
february 2016 by csrollyson
Startup Tools | Steve Blank
Amazing trove of references/guides for all aspects of launching a startup
reference  startup  hightech  directory  business  strategy  model  advice  guide  howto  siliconvalley  china  life  science  2csra 
february 2016 by csrollyson
The Pyramid of Employee Engagement
Useful model & brief guide for approaching #employee #engagement
employee  engagement  model  reference  guide  sochap  human  resources  management 
january 2016 by csrollyson
12-08-2015 - Mark Sisson's Long-Awaited New Book Is Here! | Mark's Daily Apple
How to use lessons from our primal/paleo origins to train smarter for Tri/marathon/cycling #fb
primal  paleo  running  cycling  triathlon  guide  book  howto  nutrition  training  workout  q4  2015  2csrollyson 
december 2015 by csrollyson
Employee Engagement in Superior Customer Experience
Excellent overview of strategy & execution of #customer #experience evolution; shares key steps & #CX gotchas
employee  engagement  customer  Experience  thought  leadership  2010  howto  guide  sochap  strategy  service  design  execution  implementation  reference  organization 
december 2015 by csrollyson
How To Streamline User Onboarding
Concise guide to efficient #customer #onboarding hits all the bases, offers examples #experience
tool  help  customer  acquisition  onboard  howto  example  language  email  research  process  2015  Q4  guide  cco  cdo 
december 2015 by csrollyson
Are Humans Still Evolving? | Mark's Daily Apple
Examines some of the mechanisms of dietary and genetic adaptation from paleo to modern diets
human  diet  primal  paleo  history  genetics  science  adaptation  disease  health  reference  guide 
november 2015 by csrollyson
9 of the Most Incredible Natural Wonders In Illinois
Fantastic list of natural parks (photos), mostly in southern Illinois
illinois  tourism  park  nature  river  cave  forest  waterfall  guide  Photo_galleries 
november 2015 by csrollyson
12 Things You Should be Testing on Twitter
Simple guide to boosting Twitter results; BUT assumes you have the "right" following [oft not true] #kudos
twitter  test  howto  guide  content  time  link  image  video  text  model  analysis  tone  hashtag  social  media  example  advertising  audience 
october 2015 by csrollyson
How to Build an SEO Optimized Web Page
The most succinct beginner SEO tips I've seen, mostly told via infographics #kudos
SEO  search  engine  optimization  howto  infographic  guide  beginner  tool  reference  tips  2snr  2sbs  website  mobile  design  2execguide 
august 2015 by csrollyson
Why Analytics is Absolutely Necessary For Effective Customer Acquisition
Weaves together several analytics tools that aim to lower #customer #acquisition cost
customer  acquisition  metrics  example  tool  guide  q3  2015  email  website  analytics  ecommerce  mobile  test  SEO 
august 2015 by csrollyson
Getting started — Kickstarter
Excellent guide for planning and running kickstarter campaigns
kickstarter  crowdfunding  guide  howto  plan  campaign  fundraising 
june 2015 by csrollyson
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