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Republicans’ lack of alarm over the shutdown reveals a disturbing truth | Ross Barkan | Opinion | The Guardian
Astute assertion: shutdown could be a way to discredit government services many conservatives would like to cut permanently. Reagan example
government  shutdown  Q1  2019  trump  republican  policy  tactic  pointofview 
3 days ago by csrollyson
Yellow vests movement - Wikipedia
Les manifs gilet jaunes: Good reference for #yellowvest protests in France: inequality, prices, economic reform brunt by poor, elite hijackkng of democracy: A shot heard around the world? #giletjaune
reference  protest  france  Q1  2019  q4  2018  government  fuel  oil  inequality  elite  giletjaune  yellowvest  police  demonstration  policy  school  student  global 
4 days ago by csrollyson
Chicago's affordable housing ordinance is barely making a dent in shortage | Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago falls seriously short of its own affordable housing goals, the "Affordable Requirement Ordinance"
affordable  housing  chicago  government  goal  q4  2018  neighborhood  19jam 
5 days ago by csrollyson
Food apartheid: the root of the problem with America's groceries | Society | The Guardian
Great background on "food apartheid," which denotes the food/pharma/healthcare system that keeps blacks poor, ignorant, overweight and unhealthy
food  desert  apartheid  reference  politics  economy  government  black  community  activism  system  health  fastfood  diabetes  obesity  race  white  farm  geny  pharma  healthcare  cooktohealth 
11 weeks ago by csrollyson
Brett Kavanaugh poised for confirmation as final vote approaches | US news | The Guardian
I agree with Jones. Kavanaugh’s conduct reflects behavior inappropriate for a Supreme Court judge. it suggests to me lack of confidence and faith
usa  metoo  supreme  court  Q4  2018  nomination  sexuality  abuse  government 
october 2018 by csrollyson
The Birth of the New American Aristocracy - The Atlantic
Velvet glove rebuke of the “9.9%” upper middle class - and a warning for how all historical aristocracies end + call for [democrat] government to dismantle aristocracy. ironically it fails to acknowledge that government stewards are part of the aristocracy, with very few exceptions ;~{
class  history  usa  europe  aristocracy  social  higher  educatio.  realestate  government  income  tax  loophole  politics  trump  clinton  2016  election  rage  inequality  democracy  Q2  2018  community  network  entitlement 
may 2018 by csrollyson
When Spies Hack Journalism - The New York Times
Document forgeries present journalists w a dilemma: what is real, can I #trust my source? #Russia purported strategy is to debase #trust in institutions
journalism  hacker  russia  north  korea  forgery  fabrication  documents  leak  government  democrat  clinton  trump  ukraine  spy  2016  election  source  wikileaks  panama  papers  dupe 
may 2018 by csrollyson
Hey T-Mobile, Do An “Un-Merger” That Actually Helps Consumers
Short treatment of T-mobile Sprint merger attempt: The end of the “uncarrier”?
telecom  merger  analysis  Q2  2018  tmobile  sprint  regulation  government  5G  competition 
may 2018 by csrollyson
Food makers told to cut calories by 20% by 2024 | Society | The Guardian
The UK's National Health Service calculates that #bigfood costs it £4.5 billion and causes 35,000 premature deaths, issues ultimatum
uk  public  health  healthcare  government  crisis  calorie  diet  big  food  Statistics  cooktohealth 
april 2018 by csrollyson
Why Students Hate School Lunches - The New York Times
Why legislating healthy food doesn't work + Reflections on what we must change #school #lunch #obesity
children  teen  cook  tween  school  home  cooking  drivetotrust  comparison  france  usa  japan  meal  eating  experience  fat  relationship  food  culture  lunch  government  legislation  obesity  crisis  cafeteria  health  cooktohealth 
april 2018 by csrollyson
Expect President Trump to Fire Rod Rosenstein - The Atlantic
Asserts that supporting Rosenstein means standing up for independent law enforcement: In other words, does the president submit to law or does
law submit to the president?
usa  government  trump  law  enforcement  independence  threat  rosenstein  mueller  investigation 
april 2018 by csrollyson
Welcome to Facebook's Censorship and Surveillance Platform - Global Guerrillas
How #Facebook is becoming a global #surveillance, #censor & control platform, goaded by governments trying to combat terrorism
facebook  google  global  surveillance  platform  prediction  analysis  terrorism  government  face  recognition  censorship  artificial  intelligence  identification 
april 2018 by csrollyson
Japan's Coincheck set to report to regulators over $530 million cryptocurrency heist
Sizeable “bank robbery” - $530mm - #Japan #Coincheck needs more, er, checking #heist
crypto  currency  japan  hack  heist  robbery  Q1  2018  government  oversight 
february 2018 by csrollyson
As Trump attacks U.S. law enforcement, another top official quits
Jumping ship: they’re prolly better off without her, when the going gets tough you need committed people
justice  department  government  quit  executive  trump  Q1  2018  russia  investigation 
february 2018 by csrollyson
L.A. faces skyrocketing costs for lawsuits over bike crashes
Cycling dangerous in LosAngeles die to bureaucratic incompetence: “Not my job”
cycling  losangeles  lawsuit  road  government  2018  q1  incompetence  mayor  repair  bike  lane 
february 2018 by csrollyson
OpenImpact: Social Sector Workshops - Rustandy Center | Chicago Booth
Mentoring & formal education for social impact students; structured focus on social challenges; mixed external experts, profs
social  cause  startup  nonprofit  design  education  mentoring  university  chicago  challenge  workshop  human  centered  government  program  children 
february 2018 by csrollyson
Nunes memo release is Trump's attempt quell threats to him and his circle | US news | The Guardian
#Trumpgate deepens w #Nunes memo release, speculation rampant due to unpredictability of Mueller investigation
trump  russia  Analysis  mueller  congress  fbi  justice  department  government  usa  friction 
february 2018 by csrollyson
Your Complete Guide to the 2018 Tax Changes
No-nonsense, clear explanation of the new 2018 income tax
usa  income  tax  2018  comparison  guide  howto  individual  business  government 
january 2018 by csrollyson
From the Inside: The Countdown to Day Zero | Daily Maverick
Sad but very instructive: many cities will face similar challenges as #climate #change intensifies. Think about your community. => Water natural disaster in slo-mo: Cape Town runs out of water due to prolonged drought and mismanagement
capetown  south  africa  2018  Q1  water  natural  disaster  government  management  desalination  economy  impact  police  drought  climate  change 
january 2018 by csrollyson
2018 Edelman Trust Barometer | Exec Summary
Self-reported data via surveys so read with some skepticism
trust  survey  q1  2018  global  government  ngo  business  media  comparison  Statistics 
january 2018 by csrollyson
The Precarious Generation | The Nation
Yes, much hand-wringing over millennial self-serving: “This is not generational conflict, but rather class war“
millennial  genx  boomer  generation  capitalism  higher  education  critique  debunk  Q1  2018  book  review  job  worker  inequality  system  elite  government  debt  status  quo  society  economy  exploitation 
january 2018 by csrollyson
Is There Something Neurologically Wrong With Donald Trump? - The Atlantic
Sifting thru data that may suggest that Trump has a neuro disorder: should presidents, as ages increase, be evaluated for mental fitness? interesting history of the concept
psychiatry  trump  alzheimers  neurology  debunk  speculation  reagan  roosevelt  fitness  usa  government  executive  nuclear  comparison  speech  analysis  disease  carter  president  expert  panel 
january 2018 by csrollyson
The epic journey of American voters – Civic Designing – Medium
A design analysis and explanation for low voter turnout: Surprise, the process is broken!
voting  usa  design  example  exceptional  process  analysis  journey  map  persona  politics  county  employment  logistics  moving  government 
october 2017 by csrollyson
Russia's Cyberwar on Ukraine Is a Blueprint For What's to Come | WIRED
MUSTread: Cyberspace is not a target, it's a medium to attack critical infrastructure of whole countries
cyber  war  russia  ukraine  usa  story  example  2017  Q2  hack  power  electric  grid  election  attack  security  military  malware  howto  railroad  alabama  Sandworm  poland  government  pension  defense  crashoverride  utility 
october 2017 by csrollyson
Crony Capitalism Has Consequences
Discusses #pharma's successful corruption of US lawmaking + The difference b/t pro-business and pro-market
pointofview  pharma  government  corruption  q4  2017  opioid  addiction  lobbying  washington  dc  healthcare  usa  economy 
october 2017 by csrollyson
The real roots of early city states may rip up the textbooks | New Scientist
Questions the prevailing view that towns presuppose government, power and coersion, suggests it's possible to have towns w little/no central authority
history  culture  anthropology  book  middleeast  africa  grain  government  power  development  debunk  2017  review  authority 
october 2017 by csrollyson
Cycling in Chicago - Wikipedia
Short but filled w relevant links about Chicago's development as a premier cycling city
cycling  chicago  reference  history  development  government  mayor  daley  bike  lane 
october 2017 by csrollyson
Ex-DEA agent: Opioid crisis fueled by drug industry and Congress - CBS News
Widespread #corruption in #pharma, law firms & USA Congress helps fuel the #opioid #crisis (expose)
usa  corruption  pharma  scandal  dea  drug  enforcement  opioid  crisis  Q4  2017  expose  congress  collusion  government  agency  whistleblower  law  firm 
october 2017 by csrollyson
The Emergence of a Post-Fact World by Francis Fukuyama - Project Syndicate
Institutions & politicians are corrupt to the point of shameless lies—spelling trouble for #democracy #trump
politics  pointofview  q1  2017  trump  democracy  truth  bot  corruption  russia  social  media  internet  authoritarian  government  institution 
september 2017 by csrollyson
Al Gore Wants You To Have “Realistic Hope” About Solving Climate Change
#AlGore interview about "Inconvenient Truth" sequel, #Trump, business & grassroots impacts
climate  change  algore  Q2  2017  interview  film  sequel  government  business  wind  solar  energy  trump  policy  grassroots  Paris  global  environment  green 
june 2017 by csrollyson
Russia just used Trump’s favorite social network to hack the US government | ZeroFOX
How #Russia tries to make #democracy a liability: #Socialmedia #malware attack on USA DoD
social  media  news  russia  usa  defense  department  government  2017  Q2  attack  cyber  crime  war  employee  howto  example  malware  phishing  spear  bot  2ghcj 
may 2017 by csrollyson
Fasting and cancer treatment in humans: A case series report
10 cases in which patients diagnosed with a variety of malignancies had voluntarily fasted prior to (48-140 hours) and/or following (5-56 hours) chemotherapy.
cancer  fasting  chemotherapy  2009  Q4  human  casestudy  medicine  government  research  study  side  effect 
may 2017 by csrollyson
Safety and feasibility of fasting in combination with platinum-based chemotherapy. - PubMed - NCBI
Short-term starvation prior to chemotherapy administration protects mice against toxicity. We undertook dose-escalation of fasting prior to platinum-based chemotherapy to determine safety and feasibility in cancer patients.
cancer  chemotherapy  study  research  q2  2016  fasting  government  medicine  healthcare 
may 2017 by csrollyson
The Case for Devolution - CityLab
Call to unbundle big federal govt, to cities, which produce most economy value & are more accountable to citizens
pointofview  urbanism  government  model  federal  state  local  knowledge  industrial  economy  politics  trump  usa  canada  2017 
april 2017 by csrollyson
Governing the City - OECD - Google Books
History and analysis of fragmentation of Chicago regional transit & transport development
chicago  city  suburb  planning  transport  transit  development  history  analysis  government  mayor  pace  cta  metra  reference  book 
april 2017 by csrollyson
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