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The Fall of France
Personal account of French surfeit of benefits + refusal to adopt a global mindset Thx @pierresc
pointofview  france  q1  2014  economy  politics  hollande  brain  drain  regulation  tax  history  family  state  benefits  global  London  Newyorkcity  abuse  example  brussels  davos  english  bric  2ghcj 
january 2014 by csrollyson
Those Fabulous Confabs
SUPERB: the culture of ideas | history/analysis of #TED & other oh-so-cool confabs #fb #li
conference  intelligentsia  digerati  competition  internet  history  idea  analysis  TED  poptech  davos  politics  hightech  powerlaw  longtail  wired  innovation  leader  green  global  burningman  california  video 
april 2012 by csrollyson
Lobster in the mountains, riots on the Nile | Reuters.com
Pithy glimpse analysis of 2011 Davos, with a touch of irony; one of Reuters' best #li
davos  economy  q1  2011  executive  analysis  2ghcj 
january 2011 by csrollyson

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