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First Person: Five Things I Learned in Syrian Refugee Camps
5 examples of #Syrian #refugee #children [2013]: lack of mental health support for orphans, schooling, basic needs; why the number of refugees is underreported ^cr
2013  history  syria  refugee  19eyz  bullsi  camp  jordan  turkey  orphan  children  example  war  displacement  2million 
yesterday by csrollyson
How many movie producers does a film need?
Very useful: stats behind the number of producers in studio- and indie-films
film  studio  indie  comparison  Statistics  executive  producer  trend  analysis  role  reference  19eyz  bullsi 
yesterday by csrollyson
We Spoke to Dozens of Distributors; This is What They Want in a Film | Sundance Institute
Useful: Insights from surveying #distributors of #indie #films: How they evaluate and structure #distribution deals #investor ^cr
indie  film  distribution  lessons  learned  producer  investor  19eyz  bullsi  insight  festival  social  media  model  investment  finance  market  digital  theater  legal  release 
2 days ago by csrollyson
Learning With Documentary Films: Strategies to Engage Students - Global Learning - Education Week
How to use #documentaries in the classroom for teaching cross-cultural experiences: how and why film screenings can bridge gaps #university #education ^cr
documentary  film  howto  education  classroom  teacher  professor  example  2015  19eyz  screening  learning  teaching  geny  genz  millennial  value  proposition  bullsi  university 
2 days ago by csrollyson
Lessons Learned from the 15 Story Beats of My CENTS Kickstarter
SUPERB: In-depth analysis of #kickstarter campaign to finance #indie #film - and the roles of social media and email networks #investor #kudos ^cr
bullsi  investor  kickstarter  howto  lessons  learned  bullsi2  crowdfunding  email  social  media  story  journey  19eyz  finance  example  tactics  strategy  plan  twitter  facebook  hack 
2 days ago by csrollyson
So You Want to Be a Film Producer? Checking in with Producer Lauren McBride and "Selah and the Spades" | Sundance Institute
Her first indie film as producer: Lauren McBride on how Selah and the Spades came to be and #lessons #learned galore ^cr
indie  film  feature  story  producer  writer  investment  journey  college  2018  19eyz  bullsi  lessons  learned  production  script  budget 
2 days ago by csrollyson
A Syrian refugee's story | Caritas
A #Syrian #refugee from Aleppo talks about his journey via smugglers through Turkey and Greece to build a new life #TwoMillionFilm
syria  refugee  story  aleppo  2017  2million  turkey  greece  germany  papers  family  19eyz  bullsi  smuggler  boat 
2 days ago by csrollyson
The Anatomy of a Film Business Plan - Rodriques Law
Excellent explanation of a film business plan, section by section #kudos @rodriqueslaw #indie #film #investor
investor  business  plan  example  explanation  bullsi  reference  19eyz  finance  model  producer 
4 days ago by csrollyson
Loyola Refugee Outreach - Posts
LUC student organization aims to bring community awareness to refugees' integration challenges and victories
student  university  organization  club  bullsi  19eyz  refugee  outreach  community  Rogerspark 
4 days ago by csrollyson
Centre for Refugee Studies - Home
Specialized programs in #refugee and #forced #migration studies
university  facebook  page  refugee  york  canada  19eyz  bullsi 
4 days ago by csrollyson
Alice Barbe - OBAMA SCHOLAR @ SINGA - Obama Foundation | LinkedIn
Co-founder of platform that helps improve refugee-host nation populations
linkedin  refugee  host  entrepreneur  platform  19eyz  bullsi  europe  usa  francais 
4 days ago by csrollyson
Issues in Clinical Work with Refugee and Immigrant Populations
Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology highlights clinical work with #refugees
university  wisconsin  program  refugee  mental  health  19eyz  bullsi  facebook 
5 days ago by csrollyson
Refugee Women's Alliance (ReWA) - Posts
#Refugee #women's alliance in Seattle empowers refugee women and families #kudos
facebook  page  19eyz  bullsi  women  seattle  washington  organization  community  nonprofit  empowerment 
5 days ago by csrollyson
How Integration Is Actually Working in Germany — Refugees Deeply
Concise review of Merkel's #refugee #integration initiatives + 4 areas for improvement #germany
refugee  host  germany  program  federal  state  government  coordination  review  2018  work  bank  results  19eyz  bullsi 
5 days ago by csrollyson
Opinion | Germany’s Secret Labor Experiment - The New York Times
#Germany's bold strategy to integrate #refugees into its shrinking labor force thru #language & job #training + Navigating fear-driven public opinion
germany  job  labor  economy  program  government  strategy  integration  language  training  church  network  private  school  entrepreneur  bullsi 
9 days ago by csrollyson
IKEA Canada Launches Refugee Employment Program Coast-to-Coast - NBC2 News
IKEA Canada announces #refugee #job hiring & training program across #Canada
ikea  canada  refugee  job  program  2019  news  q1  19eyz  integration  bullsi 
9 days ago by csrollyson
JESSIE CREEL: The Producer/Financier Relationship From Both Perspectives | Dear Producer
Enlightening: Jessie Creel is a #film #producer turned #investor: She talks about her approach to financing #indie films + #relationships w #filmmakers
filmmaker  producer  executive  investor  19eyz  bullsi  psychology  trust  relationship  interview 
9 days ago by csrollyson
Opinion: We have a common responsibility to fight anti-refugee rhetoric - UNHCR Canada
Powerful story of healing. #Canada host of #Vietnamese #refugee now sponsoring #Syrian refugee. Rare story of empathy for fear-driven suspicion of refugees
19eyz  bullsi  refugee  canada  pointofview  exceptional  story  vietnam  syria  empathy  politics  fear  security  job  host  relationship  economy  community 
9 days ago by csrollyson
Every Filmmaking Form You'll Ever Need in 99 Free Templates
Exceptionally useful: a true toolbox of templates/forms for pre-production, production, finance, and post-production #kudos @nofilmschool
19eyz  tools  list  reference  management  film  director  producer  cinematographer  howto  example  template  bullsi 
11 days ago by csrollyson
Doc10 | Chicago Documentary Film Festival
Annual Chicago #documentary #film #festival unites filmmakers, talent and #investors
documentary  film  festival  chicago  19eyz  bullsi  indie  investor  producer  director 
11 days ago by csrollyson
Film Investors
Useful #indie #film scenario in which producer presents proposal to audience of #investors in Q&A format
producer  investor  indie  film  howto  example  scenario  finance  ROI  distribution  profit  investment  return  bullsi  19eyz  psychology  empathy 
11 days ago by csrollyson
How to Make Money Investing in Independent Film Makers | Finance - Zacks
Tips for first-time #indie #film #investors: How to find talent & derisk your investment
indie  film  investor  howto  producer  19eyz  risk  mitigation  festival  tax  incentive  loan  distribution  school  talent  bullsi 
11 days ago by csrollyson
The Age of Stupid - Wikipedia
Intensely cause-focused #documentary #case #study reveals innovation in #investment and #distribution #climate #change #crowdfunding
Indie  film  example  casestudy  climate  change  uk  distribution  investor  investment  model  crowdfunding  story  2009  awareness  strategy  innovation  global  release  19eyz  bullsi  director  producer 
11 days ago by csrollyson
Is the Traditional Investment Model Right for Indie Films? - Rodriques Law
Provides a glimpse into how #investors regard #indie #films as part of their portfolios + How #crowdfunding has changed the game
indie  film  investment  investor  model  category  19eyz  crowdfunding  alternative  portfolio  bullsi 
11 days ago by csrollyson
Big View Counts - Rodriques Law
Argues that even more than generating money, #crowdfunding shows viewer demand before your film is made and #investors like it #value proposition
value  proposition  crowdfunding  indie  film  pointofview  investor  demand  indiegogo  kickstarter  view  metric  market  viewer  supporter  19eyz  bullsi  finance 
11 days ago by csrollyson
5 Lessons Learned from my Profitable Indie Documentary—2017 Update
Superb #lessons #learned from filmmaker's first documentary, highlighting distribution plan + financial returns
producer  release  indie  documentary  film  financial  model  return  usa  culture  sriracha  distribution  video  vod  demand  itunes  amazon  hulu  crowdfunding  licensing  dvd  distributor  19eyz  bullsi  revenue  investor 
11 days ago by csrollyson
Personal Branding for Refugees, Week 0
Father and college daughter volunteer in Greek #refugee #center in program that helps refugees integrate #syria
19eyz  greece  israel  macedonia  syria  refugee  program  center  integration  children  support  education  bullsi 
11 days ago by csrollyson
Personas vs. Jobs-to-Be-Done
Very useful comparison of #JobsToBeDone and #personas for #customer & #user #experience - shows each artifact's strengths/weaknesses + how to use them together #JTBD #CX
jtbd  design  customer  user  experience  csr19  outcome  persona  comparison  service  bullsi  reference  howto 
13 days ago by csrollyson
In Lebanon, Syrian Refugees Met With Harassment And Hostility : Parallels : NPR
#Syrian #refugees' tenuous status in #Lebanon: they face physical/death threats from population + harassment from the army. Lebanon has no refugee program, so uncertainty reigns
syria  refugee  lebanon  hostility  story  family  death  threat  army  19eyz  relationship  uncertainty  comparison  bullsi 
13 days ago by csrollyson
For Syrian Refugees In Turkey, A Long Road To Regular Employment : Parallels : NPR
Several short stories of #Syrian #refugees in Istanbul: How incentives for businesses, govt & refugees delay refugees' path to being "official" #Turkey
syria  turkey  istanbul  story  work  permit  integration  challenge  quarter  bureaucracy  19eyz  bullsi  example 
13 days ago by csrollyson
Syrian Refugee And German Scientist Team Up For Unusual Research : NPR
Chance meets determination: #Syrian #refugee microbiologist gets job in Leipzig research lab through chance meeting at church #Germany
syria  refugee  germany  leipzig  microbiology  mine  metal  extraction  aleppo  church  recovery  research  raft  greece  19eyz  bullsi 
13 days ago by csrollyson
Syria Refugee Crisis | Quick Facts on Syrian Crisis | Mercy Corps
Oregon-based #aid #org @mercycorps excellent summary page on #Syria #refugees > "48% of Syrian refugees are children"
syria  refugee  bullsi  statistics  summary  infographic  19eyz  reference  organization  aid  children 
13 days ago by csrollyson
Refugee Women Cook Up Syrian Cuisine To Eke Out A Living In Turkey : The Salt : NPR
Example of how #turkey and #syria #refugees can work together to make the best of a difficult situation + #food's power to heal #relationship
syria  refugee  turkey  business  loan  kitchen  food  story  host  community  relationship  family  bullsi  19eyz 
13 days ago by csrollyson
Syrian refugees : NPR
Some great stories... NPR's feed for stories on #syria #refugees
search  syria  refugee  public  radio  TV  19eyz  bullsi 
13 days ago by csrollyson
Refugees In Berlin Are Trained To Counsel New Arrivals From Syria And Other Conflict Zones : Goats and Soda : NPR
Ahmad Chanabi is a #Syrian #refugee in #Berlin who mentors & supports newly arrived refugees with their emotions & ability to cope #mental #health
19eyz  berlin  refugee  bullsi  mental  health  service  story  peer  counselor  nonprofit  syria 
13 days ago by csrollyson
Mission statement – Ipso cultural context
@ipso_care #empowers #refugees to support each other in #mental #health, so they can adjust to their #host nations #kudos
organization  nonprofit  german  berlin  refugee  19eyz  bullsi 
13 days ago by csrollyson
How the Grok Narrative Motivates Me | Mark's Daily Apple
Nice allegory: What if Grok were to observe modern humans' diet and exercise habits
paleo  pointofview  science  debunk  philosophy  hunter  gatherer  diet  exercise  comparison  imagination  bullsi 
15 days ago by csrollyson
Tent Partnership | Home
Tent engages big business to support #refugees worldwide past the immediate stage, helps them integrate into #host #countries
refugee  empowerment  integration  host  country  corporate  usa  canada  europe  website  bullsi  organization  19eyz 
17 days ago by csrollyson
Research Methods - This Is Service Design Methods [Book]
Superb outline of service design research methods: The best summary of #ethnographic #research of #digital #social I've seen #CX #customer #experience
ethnography  course  description  bullsi  reference  digital  service  design  howto  csr19 
20 days ago by csrollyson
Using Social Listening for Integrated Insights - ClickZ
Kudos: 4-step customer/user #research process precedes qualitative interviews/focus groups with rigorous #social listening #CX #ethnographic
social  media  research  2015  asia  marketing  advertising  strategy  survey  focus  group  howto  analysis  bullsi  reference  csr19  csrblogcomment 
20 days ago by csrollyson
The Lifecycle of a Washing Machine: Transforming the Customer Experience for a Home Appliance Manufacturer | Doblin
Doblin #customer #experience research for global white goods brand: [conclusions] "#socialmedia #analysis can be used to determine & uncover an incredibly wide range of research questions and help determine and prioritize the most useful next steps."
customer  experience  digital  anthropology  appliance  home  product  washing  machine  2017  social  media  journey  map  brand  doblin  deloitte  bullsi  exceptional  csr19 
20 days ago by csrollyson
One Syrian refugee’s story: From civil engineer to daycare owner
A story of ingenuity: Syrian engineer and her husband open daycare in Gaziantep, near the border: #Syrian #refugees as entrepreneurs
syrai  refugee  turkey  story  engineer  mother  father  daycare  business  entrepreneur  children  song  design  19eyz  bullsi 
24 days ago by csrollyson
Syrian refugee crisis: Facts, FAQs, and how to help | World Vision
Useful resource page on the #Syrian #refugee crisis: how it developed, stats, timeline, aid efforts, many other links + how to help
syria  refugee  crisis  aid  history  timeline  Statistics  video  story  19eyz  bullsi  ngo  turkey  lebanon  iraq  jordan  europe 
24 days ago by csrollyson
Syrian crisis takes tragic toll on refugee families | Turkey | UNICEF
Short story of a #Syrian family's first year as registered #refugees in #Turkey
syria  refugee  family  story  turkey  father  children  school  19eyz  bullsi 
24 days ago by csrollyson
Rotary helps alleviate refugee crisis | Rotary International
Rotary is a global force that's trying to alleviate the plight of #refugees worldwide
ngo  service  club  example  refugee  member  support  syria  19eyz  bullsi 
25 days ago by csrollyson
Our CanDo Community | CanDo
New UK crowdfunding platform connects global "humanitarians" (donors) to beneficiaries (local host country orgs on the ground)
refugee  support  community  crowdfunding  platform  uk  syria  startup  19eyz  bullsi  organization  Global 
25 days ago by csrollyson
How to Pick the Best Customer Journey Analytics Platform for You
Yes, a pitch for their platform but head/shoulders above most other posts. Enterprise viewpoint, uses true analytics to inform #customer #journey #map creation & optimization
customer  experience  journey  map  persona  enterprise  software  platform  vendor  analytics  exceptional  organization  data  marketing  automation  comparison  analysis  reference  bullsi  example  image  IT  csr19 
25 days ago by csrollyson
What is a Customer Journey Map? [Free Template Download] | Mightybytes
Excellent step-by-step example/explanation for how @mightybytes created a #customer #journey #map for a new service + tool recommendations #CX
customer  journey  map  example  hosting  service  reference  bullsi  tools  template  image  experience  digital  csr19 
25 days ago by csrollyson
Baking up a future in Germany - InfoMigrants
Inspiring story of a #Syria #refugee baking his way in #Germany
syria  immigrant  story  germany  brandenburg  bakery  2019  Q1  19plx  bullsi  19eyz 
27 days ago by csrollyson
The UN’s First Virtual Reality Documentary Puts You Inside a Syrian Refugee Camp - VICE
Director of VR documentary talks about making a film that immerses viewers with a Syrian refugee camp
virtual  reality  documentary  syria  refugee  camp  director  executive  producer  collaboration  unitednations  q1  2015  19plx  bullsi  19eyz 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
“4.1 miles”: A documentary on refugee crisis shortlisted for an Oscar nomination
Documentary about Syrian refugees and Greek coast guard intercepting and rescuing boats
syria  refugee  crisis  greek  lesbos  coastguard  documentary  example  q4  2016  19plx  bullsi  19eyz 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
CAR-T has arrived in the clinic | MPNforum Magazine
Oncologist's post discusses ways to use CAR-T differently, i.e. the next wave
sh4  bullsi  cartcell  blog  2017  18sbx 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
Dr. Sharman's CLL & Lymphoma Blog: Rituximab monotherapy in CLL
Great example of oncologist blog; in this post, he asks more patients to get involved in clinical trials for CAR-T
sh3  sh4  cartcell  bullsi  2014  18sbx 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
Connecting Healthy Adults to People With Blood Cancers
Article about CAR-T for ALL + post on transplant patients and outcomes
18sbx  bullsi  ws1  sh4  ALL  transplant 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
Papers with the keyword chimeric t cell and lymphoma (Page 2) | Read by QxMD
Website is a scraper that arranges news stories by keyword, found via SH3 search, so physician authors
bullsi  sh3  news  papers  service  website  18sbx 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
Great New Six Months post CAR-T – CLL Society
Doctor-patient talks about his CAR-T experience; Upenn "product" not yescarta nor kymriah
18sbx  sh1  ws3  bullsi  bullsi2  physician  patient  2018  cartcell 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
Privacy-by-design in big data analytics and social mining | SpringerLink
Discussion and how to #design #privacy into #data #analytics projects to practice #ethics mitigate risk - several #usecases
privacy  design  data  analytics  ethics  bullsi  paper  usecase 
5 weeks ago by csrollyson
MY CANCER JOURNEY - arlenecotter.com
Must-see very unusual emotional account of NHL treatment cancer journey
sh1  ws2  ws3  NHL  journey  surprise  exceptional  bullsi  death  family  friend  transplant  allogenic  2ndline  18sbx 
6 weeks ago by csrollyson
Three Months with Cancer: Love, Ideas and Vulnerability
Very frank, vulnerable account of his emotions during NHL treatment, and the role of mission in his recovery [no CAR-T though]
sh1  nhl  love  relationship  advocacy  suicide  highschool  mission  church  politics  exceptional  bullsi  18sbx 
6 weeks ago by csrollyson
The Chemo Years | My cancer journey
Exceptional humor, humanity and detail about her cancer journey (no CAR-T)
sh1  blog  bullsi  exceptional  brother  family  allogenic  transplant  advocacy  18sbx 
6 weeks ago by csrollyson
Paying for CAR-T Treatment - The Myeloma Crowd
Useful detail that describes delays in insurance reimbursement for CAR-T
cartcell  insurance  example  reimbursement  hospital  atc  sh4  bullsi  18sbx  dlbcl  medicare  medicaid  payer 
6 weeks ago by csrollyson
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