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Inside Obama's Stealth Startup | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
How Obama learned from the healthcare.gov fiasco: reforming govt systems fr the inside
government  hightech  transformation  healthcare  fiasco  2015  Q3  obama  agile  2ghcj  2cdo  2csra  casestudy 
september 2015 by csrollyson
Real-world hack test uses MVP approach to testing high-risk variables during innovation
agile  innovation  design  test  customer  user  behavior  howto  risk  management  process  model 
july 2015 by csrollyson
The Operating Model That Is Eating The World — Medium
Applies agile/lean management more widely; nothing new (Web1.0 flashbacks) but nice summary, model & slick packaging
organization  change  management  consulting  agile  firm  model  siliconvalley  lean  startup  software  2snr  2sbs 
july 2015 by csrollyson
Pricing — Dear Design Student — Medium
Useful how-tos for setting pricing for #design & #consulting services
design  pricing  howto  student  value  agile  2sbs  market  client 
april 2015 by csrollyson
Can a Book Be a Startup? — Galleys — Medium
Using a #kickstarter campaign to validate or kill your MVP book idea
agile  q1  2015  startup  book  author  entrepreneur  crowdsourcing  kickstarter  investor 
march 2015 by csrollyson
Joi Ito: Want to innovate? Become a "now-ist" | Talk Video | TED.com
He's really talking agile development & sense/respond; agree that "prediction" is of a different era (& never worked well ;^)
future  innovation  pointofview  video  prediction  agile  development  sense  respond  real  time  management 
september 2014 by csrollyson
Design and Systematic New Value Creation
ORGtransform: Key concepts in transforming business mgmt from "predict & provide" to "learn & respond"
agile  strategy  enterprise  corporate  presentation  design  sense  respond  management  transformation  user  experience  cdo  digital  model 
august 2014 by csrollyson
Unlocking Big Data's Value Potential Through Design with Small Data
EXCELLENT: The #ChiefDigitalOfc already does this: even better, use #SocialBusiness to iterate hypotheses, fast
big  data  insight  social  agile  Q2  2014  howto  digital  cdo  2cdo 
june 2014 by csrollyson
8 new tech job titles -- grab 'em before they're hot - InfoWorld
Practical post on how hightech adoption is translating into management & tech jobs #fb
i.t.  marketing  software  job  title  position  trend  Q2  2014  data  web  agile  developer  executive  augmented  reality  responsive  design  2csrollyson  2csra  adoption 
may 2014 by csrollyson
AAA Digital Brand Activation | Torque
Useful management framework for integrated digital initiatives
social  media  team  management  vision  role  framework  model  customer  audience  content  pointofview  q4  2013  agile 
may 2014 by csrollyson
Four Steps To Turn Big Data Into Action - Forbes
[comment] 4-step summary of lean #BigData approach #kudos
big  data  howto  lean  mckinsey  cdo  analytics  q4  2013  agile  csrblogcomment 
october 2013 by csrollyson
Five Digital Issues Every Board Should Be Focusing On | LinkedIn
USEFUL 1-page shares 5 strategic digital priorities for enterprise boards of directors & CEOs
cdo  digital  social  business  strategy  executive  summary  q3  2013  product  customer  relationship  ecosystem  agile  list  2cdo 
september 2013 by csrollyson
Social, Agile, and Transformation
Social transformation blog in CIO sweet spot; technical/strategic take on social mobile bigdata ecommerce
big  data  social  business  technical  hightech  technology  agile  transformation  blog  blogroll  CDO  digital 
august 2013 by csrollyson
Collaboration Between the CMO and CIO: A Love Story | Business 2 Community
Historical context of CIO-CMO relationship, pre-#SocialBusiness; omission of #ChiefDigitalOfficer interesting
cmo  cio  cdo  collaboration  agile  history  business  social 
may 2013 by csrollyson
How Starbucks Has Gone Digital | MIT Sloan Management Review
CIO-CDO joint interview: how Starbucks is creating "connected customer" experience to people visiting 18,000 stores worldwide; "behind the scenes" view of CDO & CIO collaboration, the role of CEO leadership
cdo  digital  cio  interview  starbucks  Q2  2013  global  customer  employee  experience  coffee  tea  software  development  agile  enterprise  i.t.  wifi  social  media  mobile  payment  transformation  ceo  collaboration  organization  culture  loyalty  marketing  leadership  csrblogcomment 
may 2013 by csrollyson
Scrum Is A Major Management Discovery - Forbes
Comment on Applying agile software work rhythms to all work and general management
agile  organization  development  team  work  software  management  casb 
june 2012 by csrollyson

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