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The Weekly Ansible, 50 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Works Every Socialist Should...
I am struck by how many of the books are praised for undermining the fantasy genre. I could see recommending them to a comrade if you (1) thought they un-self-consciously enjoyed genre fantasy, and (2) that enjoyment/acceptance hurt the development of their political awareness, but Mieville doesn't really say why should "every socialist" read them. An uncharitable critic could suggest that Mieville is here elevating a personal ambivalence to a universal standard of taste --- but honestly I have no idea _why_ he made such odd suggestions.
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Back to the Hugos | Books | guardian.co.uk
Sam Jordison reads his way back through the Hugo winners. Fun.
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Iron Ring - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Canadian engineers turn out to be much stranger than I had any idea.
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The Big Idea: C.L. Anderson « Whatever
I like how the author thinks, certainly. Edited later: the novel's _really good_: http://bactra.org/weblog/algae-2009-10.html#bitter-angels . Edited yet
later: The author is actually Sarah Zettel (this is not a big secret), who wrote
many other good novels under her own name in the '90s.
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Imprint for English translations of Japanese sf/f.
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