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[1609.00037] Good Enough Practices in Scientific Computing
"We present a set of computing tools and techniques that every researcher can and should adopt. These recommendations synthesize inspiration from our own work, from the experiences of the thousands of people who have taken part in Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry workshops over the past six years, and from a variety of other guides. Unlike some other guides, our recommendations are aimed specifically at people who are new to research computing."
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september 2016 by cshalizi
LIWC: Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count
Have they really just stuck words into various categories, and then counted up how often they appear in the document? It seems so, since "It was a beautiful funeral" scores as 20% positive, 0% negative. (If so: problem set for the kids in statistical computing?) Maybe this would get the emotional drift from a long piece of text, but from short snippets like Twitter or Facebook status updates, this has got to be super noisy.
Memo to self, look at whether CMU has a site license before shelling out $29.95.

ETA: The classic "I am in no way unhappy" scores as 1/6 negative.
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july 2014 by cshalizi

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