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driquet/rcs-latexdiff · GitHub
"A tool to generate a latexdiff of a file (contained in a RCS like Git, svn, Mercurial, etc.) for several version."
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june 2013 by cshalizi
American Statistical Association Portal :: Journal of the American Statistical Association - Instructions for authors
Y'know, if you're going to have all these requirements, and refuse to review papers because they don't meet the format requirements, the sensible thing would be to MAKE A FUCKING LATEX STYLE FILE.
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july 2012 by cshalizi
A Multi-Language Computing Environment for Literate Programming and Reproducible Research
"We present a new computing environment for authoring mixed natural and computer language documents. In this environment a single hierarchically-organized plain text source file may contain a variety of elements such as code in arbitrary programming languages, raw data, links to external resources, project management data, working notes, and text for publication. Code fragments may be executed in situ with graphical, numerical and textual output captured or linked in the file. Export to LATEX, HTML, LATEX beamer, DocBook and other formats permits working reports, presentations and manuscripts for publication to be generated from the file. In addition, functioning pure code files can be automatically extracted from the file. This environment is implemented as an extension to the Emacs text editor and provides a rich set of features for authoring both prose and code, as well as sophisticated project management capabilities."
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february 2012 by cshalizi
LaTeX Community • View topic - array within caption environment
The last answer is the helpful one (and makes a lot of sense now that I think about it).
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december 2011 by cshalizi
Choosing Your Workflow Applications
We should consider distributing this to the incoming graduate students. (Except we'd need to make it clear that using Word is NOT ACCEPTABLE.)
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august 2009 by cshalizi
"Sweave is a tool that allows to embed the R code for complete data analyses in latex documents. The purpose is to create dynamic reports, which can be updated automatically if data or analysis change. Instead of inserting a prefabricated graph or table into the report, the master document contains the R code necessary to obtain it. When run through R, all data analysis output (tables, graphs, etc.) is created on the fly and inserted into a final latex document. The report can be automatically updated if data or analysis change, which allows for truly reproducible research."
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august 2009 by cshalizi
The American Statistician | American Statistical Association
"The American Statistician is published quarterly and contains timely articles organized into the following sections: Statistical Practice, General, Teacher's Corner, History Corner, Interdisciplinary, Statistical Computing and Graphics, Reviews of Books and Teaching Materials, and Letters to the Editor."

I should probably try sending cutesy blog posts here...
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march 2009 by cshalizi
Support of the Null Hypothesis
Aleks Jakulin on the _Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis_ (with links to more such in the comments)
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march 2009 by cshalizi
Earning My Turns: Complexity Illness
"My conference submissions often hit the limit because at the time of submission I haven't understood fully what I am proposing, or what experiments are the best to test what I am proposing."
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february 2008 by cshalizi
NIH recommended format for citing blogs
The whole "place of publication" thing seems to miss the point a little...
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october 2007 by cshalizi
For when collaborators insist on using Word (and you can't get new collaborators)
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october 2007 by cshalizi
2006 PACS // Journals of The American Physical Society
Subject classification scheme for APS journals (PRL, PRE, Chaos, RMP, etc.)
october 2007 by cshalizi

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