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The Rule of Logistics: Walmart and the Architecture of Fulfillment — University of Minnesota Press
"How the world’s largest retailer is redefining architecture by organizing flows of merchandise and information across space and time
"Jesse LeCavalier analyzes Walmart’s stores, distribution centers, databases, and inventory practices to make sense of its spatial and architectural ramifications. A major new contribution to architectural history and theory, The Rule of Logistics helps us understand how retailing today is changing our bodies, brains, buildings, and cities."
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december 2016 by cshalizi
The Website Obesity Crisis
"Let me start by saying that beautiful websites come in all sizes and page weights. I love big websites packed with images. I love high-resolution video. I love sprawling Javascript experiments or well-designed web apps.
"This talk isn't about any of those. It's about mostly-text sites that, for unfathomable reasons, are growing bigger with every passing year.
"While I'll be using examples to keep the talk from getting too abstract, I’m not here to shame anyone, except some companies (Medium) that should know better and are intentionally breaking the web."
internet  design  ceglowski.maciej 
january 2016 by cshalizi
BLDGBLOG: Abandoned Mines, Slow Printing, and the Living Metal Residue of a Post-Human World
'"High in the Pyrenees Mountains," we read, "deep in abandoned mines, scientists discovered peculiar black shells that seem to crop up of their own accord on metal surfaces." '
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september 2015 by cshalizi
Smart Casual: The Transformation of Gourmet Restaurant Style in America, Pearlman
"Haute has blurred with homey cuisine in the last few decades, but how did this radical change happen, and what does it say about current attitudes toward taste? Here with the answers is food writer Alison Pearlman. In Smart Casual: The Transformation of Gourmet Restaurant Style in America, Pearlman investigates what she identifies as the increasing informality in the design of contemporary American restaurants."
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june 2015 by cshalizi
Visualization Analysis and Design - CRC Press Book
"Visualization Analysis and Design provides a systematic, comprehensive framework for thinking about visualization in terms of principles and design choices. The book features a unified approach encompassing information visualization techniques for abstract data, scientific visualization techniques for spatial data, and visual analytics techniques for interweaving data transformation and analysis with interactive visual exploration. It emphasizes the careful validation of effectiveness and the consideration of function before form.
"The book breaks down visualization design according to three questions: what data users need to see, why users need to carry out their tasks, and how the visual representations proposed can be constructed and manipulated. It walks readers through the use of space and color to visually encode data in a view, the trade-offs between changing a single view and using multiple linked views, and the ways to reduce the amount of data shown in each view. The book concludes with six case studies analyzed in detail with the full framework.
"The book is suitable for a broad set of readers, from beginners to more experienced visualization designers. It does not assume any previous experience in programming, mathematics, human–computer interaction, or graphic design and can be used in an introductory visualization course at the graduate or undergraduate level."
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january 2015 by cshalizi
D3 Traveller Duffel – SDR Traveller
Explanation for tags: There are very, very few people who need a $1000 duffel made from a fabric "four times stronger than kevlar". I am glad such things exist for them. (In fact I actually know someone who could have used it in a former profession.) But those people would not need moody art photos of the bag amidst gorgeous desolation to sell them on it.
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october 2014 by cshalizi
A Traditional City Primer
Look, the eye-candy is great, but let's get real. There were very powerful drives towards very large cities, in the form of economies of scale in production and infrastructure, and economies of agglomeration. At the same time, living in a city of great size (say > 500k, a huge metropolis by pre-modern standards) without transit sucks. Renaissance Florence --- a "traditional city" --- was counted very large at ~100k, or even ~70k, during its peak of prominence. This is smaller than a modern college town like Ann Arbor or Madison, and comparable to a resort town like Santa Fe. Show me this scaling up to even half a million and we'll talk.
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july 2014 by cshalizi
Making Democracy Fun | The MIT Press
"Anyone who has ever been to a public hearing or community meeting would agree that participatory democracy can be boring. Hours of repetitive presentations, alternatingly alarmist or complacent, for or against, accompanied by constant heckling, often with no clear outcome or decision. Is this the best democracy can offer? In Making Democracy Fun, Josh Lerner offers a novel solution for the sad state of our deliberative democracy: the power of good game design. What if public meetings featured competition and collaboration (such as team challenges), clear rules (presented and modeled in multiple ways), measurable progress (such as scores and levels), and engaging sounds and visuals? These game mechanics would make meetings more effective and more enjoyable—even fun.
"Lerner reports that institutions as diverse as the United Nations, the U.S. Army, and grassroots community groups are already using games and game-like processes to encourage participation. Drawing on more than a decade of practical experience and extensive research, he explains how games have been integrated into a variety of public programs in North and South America. He offers rich stories of game techniques in action, in children’s councils, social service programs, and participatory budgeting and planning. With these real-world examples in mind, Lerner describes five kinds of games and twenty-six game mechanics that are especially relevant for democracy. He finds that when governments and organizations use games and design their programs to be more like games, public participation becomes more attractive, effective, and transparent. Game design can make democracy fun—and make it work."
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april 2014 by cshalizi
Visual Strategies: A Practical Guide to Graphics for Scientists and Engineers - Frankel, Felice C.; DePace, Angela H. - Yale University Press
"Any scientist or engineer who communicates research results will immediately recognize this practical handbook as an indispensable tool. The guide sets out clear strategies and offers abundant examples to assist researchers—even those with no previous design training—with creating effective visual graphics for use in multiple contexts, including journal submissions, grant proposals, conference posters, or presentations.
"Visual communicator Felice Frankel and systems biologist Angela DePace, along with experts in various fields, demonstrate how small changes can vastly improve the success of a graphic image. They dissect individual graphics, show why some work while others don't, and suggest specific improvements. The book includes analyses of graphics that have appeared in such journals as Science, Nature, Annual Reviews, Cell, PNAS, and the New England Journal of Medicine, as well as an insightful personal conversation with designer Stefan Sagmeister and narratives by prominent researchers and animators."
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august 2012 by cshalizi
How Do Networks Invent? | Beyond The Beyond | Wired.com
"The thing that makes this 1968 document hopeful, despite its cynicism, is that at least it’s the dawn of another approach — the approach that led us to this dire situation nowadays, to be specific. This suggests that, somewhere we haven’t noticed yet, there’s a homeomorphic version of this essay — not “how committees invent” but “how networks invent,” and what’s wrong with that, and why things could be very different. I wonder where that essay is."
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may 2012 by cshalizi
Warren Ellis » Travelling, African Dictator Style
"And that’s one of the problems with crazy sci-fi design in the real world: it never belongs to the people you want it to belong to, and it carries a completely different and sinister statement about who owns the future. Versace doing SPACE:1999 set design. It should have been Freeman Dyson’s ride."
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october 2010 by cshalizi
The armchairs had gathered to warn her. But alas,...
"The armchairs had gathered to warn her. But alas, the ferns were already in formation." (I'm sorry, but that room looks awesome.)
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may 2010 by cshalizi
Blanka || Iconic TV
Covers of recent popular TV shows, if they were old Pelican paperbacks. Many of them are very nice.
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may 2010 by cshalizi
One obstacle he hadn’t considered during...
"One obstacle he hadn’t considered during construction: How difficult it would be to convince a one-night-stand he wasn’t plotting to kidnap and kill"
funny:malicious  architecture  design  photos  unhappy_hipsters 
april 2010 by cshalizi
Rhubarb Pie: The county admin building is no better. Why?
"That's where the Antlers of Perfect Justice drink your blood when the jury reaches the inevitable "guilty" verdict and the judge casts you out the window. I'm surprised it wasn't flowing red when I snapped that shot. Too early in the day, I guess."
funny  architecture  design  photos 
february 2010 by cshalizi
Unhappy Hipsters
If I'm honest, all these buildings and rooms look very appealing to me.
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february 2010 by cshalizi
The New Materialism
bruces unleashes some design-speak. But the point is right.
sterling.bruce  architecture  design  modernism  oxman.neri  evolutionary_design 
may 2008 by cshalizi
Skyeome.net » Blog Archive » Fashionable Networks
Skye is right; compared to what actual designers produce, our graphics are _painfully ugly_ and _uncompelling_. How can we do better?
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april 2008 by cshalizi
CD Cover Meme - Brainiac - The Boston Globe
Generate your own indie album cover. The results (follow the link to the flickr pool) are astonishingly convincing.
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march 2008 by cshalizi
Learning to See Rhetorical Design through Computational Thinking (Abstract)
Talk by the head of our English dept. ("Only at CMU...") Sounds great but much would depend on the implementation; missed the talk as I had to teach.
rhetoric  computation  design  kaufer.david  carnegie_mellon 
march 2008 by cshalizi
30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs
Totally implausible, yet strangely attractive, bookpr0n.
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february 2008 by cshalizi
Modern - Designer Cat Trees-Cat Furniture
Not _intentionally_ funny, mind you, but nonetheless quietly hilarious. (Also, in fact, pretty sleek-looking.)
funny  cats  design 
february 2008 by cshalizi
John & Belle Have A Blog: DOES WANT
That is, indeed, a very cool-looking table.
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november 2007 by cshalizi
Design By Numbers - John Maeda - The MIT Press
Programming for artists (!?!) - looks very cool, but also hard to justify in my book budget. ---Apparently superseded by the Processing programming language/environment.
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october 2007 by cshalizi

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