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Three Jerks And A Scarecrow (WIP) by Lord Mendasuit
Summary: In which Team 7 contains an arrogant douchebag, an imitator and a robber, and they're not who you're expecting them to be. Inspired by every other fic with the same premise ever.

|| OOC humor. Updated: 04-18-13
fandom:naruto  fusion:multifandom  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sakura  c:sasuke  c:kakashi  c:team-7  c:sandaime  c:iruka  c:other-characters  humor  teamfic  general  action  powerful!naruto  powerful!sasuke  powerful!sakura  <17.000  rating:pg-13  author:lord_mendasuit  status:wip  type:fanfiction  crossover/fusion 
may 2013 by csad
Winds of Tomorrow (WIP) by Kolbie Ru-Ru
Summary: "On the morrow, the winds of tomorrow will blow." Kurenai is thankful she didn't get the walking disaster that makes up Team 7. Kiba's just being himself. And are Hinata and Shino coming out of their shells? The future's looking brighter already. Time Travel. No pairings. Status: Postponed until summer (which is twelve days from now, specifically)

|| Updated: 2013-04-10

Kiba and Akamaru travel back in time, to the day of the team assignments.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:kiba  c:hinata  c:shino  c:kurenai  c:iruka  general  teamfic  timetravel  powerful!kiba  <9.000  rating:pg-13  author:kolbie_ru-ru  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
may 2013 by csad
There Are Only Three Things Certain In Life by havocthecat [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: There are only three things certain in life. Death, taxes, and Tony DiNozzo's continual need to pick on McGee.
fandom:ncis  c:gibbs  c:dinozzo  c:mcgee  c:kate-todd  humor  general  teamfic  <1.000  rating:pg  author:havocthecat  ncis-timeline:season-1/2  status:complete 
april 2013 by csad
Like a Clockwork by Obsessive Child
Summary: At that day in the Valley of the End, what if Naruto had… won? It's Team Seven, united, and they're not letting anyone mess with them. || Ouch.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:team-7  c:tsunade  c:fire-daimyo  c:madara  c:itachi  angst  drama  general  teamfic  family  powerful!naruto  powerful!sasuke  powerful!sakura  rokudaime!naruto  <9.000  rating:pg-13  author:obsessive_child  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
To Shatter (WIP) by hitori.no.boku
Summary: Team Seven was ill prepared for the outside world. The mission to Wave Country goes terribly wrong and over the dead body of his teammate, Naruto realizes that being a shinobi, a killer, is all that it implies and sometimes even more. To Shatter: Because no one is unbreakable.

Updated: 05-02-13
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:kakashi  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:zabuza  c:haku  action  angst  drama  teamfic  character-death  <27.000  rating:r  author:hitori.no.boku  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Rodney McKay: Cat Lady of Atlantis by mklutz [Archive of Our Own]

Rodney waved this aside as unimportant (which it was). “That’s not important, Elizabeth. What is important is the possible uses for this machine! It re-sequences matter! We could convert junk into food or weapons or—“

“—Wraith into humans!”

“---or cats,” Zelenka rolled his eyes.
fandom:sga  humor  general  action  teamfic  transformation  cat!ronon  cat!teyla  cat!zelenka  cat!john  something-made-them-do-it  c:mckay  c:sheppard  c:ronon  c:teyla  c:zelenka  c:elizabeth-weir  c:kolya  c:lorne  <2.000  rating:pg  author:mklutz  sga-timeline:season-2/3  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Corrective Lenses: Index by Pares (kormantic) [Archive of Our Own]
1. Ophthalmology

Hopped up on stimulants because he had to repair the shield of some planet, Rodney can't sleep, but yoga seems to help. In the following weeks, he gets headaches that they at first think is a side effect of said stimulants. Turns out Rodney needs glasses, nothing else. But unfortunately, John is very, very distracted by Rodney in glasses, and gives himself away.

2. boys who wear glasses

Ronon discusses with John how Rodney looks in glasses.
fandom:sga  pairing:mckay/sheppard  first-time  humor  romance  jealousy  jealous!john  pining!john  c:ronon  c:teyla  c:other-characters  teamfic  pov:sheppard  series:corrective-lenses  <13.000  rating:r  author:pares  non-crossover  type:fanfiction  sga-timeline:season-2/3 
april 2013 by csad
Naruto: Demon's Path (WIP) by Scribe of the Apocalypse
Summary: A six-year-old Naruto taps into the Kyuubi to save Hinata from a cloud-nin who is being helped by Mizuki. Events force him to flee the village and he eventually apprentices under 'The Demon of Mist' Zabuza.

|| Epic-length. Plot-heavy, with a lot of twists. A lot of big annoyances, such as the stereotypical OTT Sasuke-bashing, incompetent!Sandaime, and the bad grammar/spelling (author doesn't seem to know what a period is, and the constant bad tense shifts are a headache and a half), but gets visibly better with each chapter, and is overall an enjoyable story (provided you have the patience for it, due to said annoyances). Also, virtually everyone in the Narutoverse is part of the story, and it uses everything up to and including the filler episodes and OVAs.

Chapters: 64, Updated: 12-16-12
fandom:naruto  ar  pairing:naruto/hinata  pairing:naruto/sakura  pairing:naruto/sakura/hinata  pairing:haku/kin  pairing:zabuza/mei  pairing:kakashi/shizune  pairing:lee/tenten  pairing:shikamaru/temari  pairing:iruka/anko  pairing:gai/kurenai  pairing:tsunade/jiraiya  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:haku  c:zabuza  c:sandaime  c:tsunade  c:jiraiya  c:kakashi  c:sakura  c:hinata  c:danzo  c:orochimaru  c:akatsuki  c:hyuuga-hiashi  c:hyuuga-clan  c:kushina  c:ibiki  c:rookie-nine  c:mizukage  c:raikage  c:other-characters  action  angst  drama  romance  family  teamfic  different-team(s)  naruto-leaves  powerful!naruto  powerful!hinata  powerful!sakura  bashing:sasuke  bashing:konoha-council  incompetent!sandaime  kushina-alive  sensei!zabuza  <700.000  rating:r  author:scribe_of_the_apocalypse  first-time  estab-rel  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Prince Series: Index by C_C [Archive of Our Own]
1. If the King had run off with Prince Charming...:
Mention of a "Hot date" leaves several Gibbs family secrets exposed. And Tony trying to hide in plain sight.

2. Corey:
Snapshots of a boy and his grandparents. In the "If the King had run off with Prince Charming..." universe.
fandom:ncis  ar  pairing:gibbs/dinozzo  c:abby  c:ziva  c:mcgee  c:ducky  c:palmer  c:jenny-shepard  c:fornell  c:emily-fornell  c:jackson-gibbs  c:dinozzo-senior  c:other-characters  c:oc  family  teamfic  romance  humor  angst  jealous!jenny  outed:accidentally  outed:on-purpose  series:prince  <135.000  rating:pg-13  author:C_C  estab-rel  ncis-timeline:season-4  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
march 2013 by csad
Walking Backwards on a Tightrope (WIP) by Lithos Maitreya
Summary: ...is actually a fairly common trick in the circus. It's also the closest equivalent to going backwards in time. So why should only one person go back in time if anyone who knows how can do it? It's just like walking backwards on a tightrope. And more than one person in a war-torn world of Ninja wants to change things. To fix things. Time travel fic.

|| Konoha is destroyed, Madara won. A ritual that depends on a once-in-300-years star alignment allows Naruto and Kurama to go back five years to stop it happening. But they are not the only time travellers: Gaara can convince Sasuke to go back in time as well to set the things he did right. Shino and Shikamaru go back in time as well because the ritual is a Nara clan secret and they're both Naruto's ANBU. Seems though, they're not the only ones, and at least one enemy as well is in the past with them. Things get complicated fast.

Updated: 05-18-13

Started being annoying when "The Dishonored" entered the picture.
fandom:naruto  ar  pairing:naruto/hinata  pairing:sasuke/sakura  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:team-7  c:shikamaru  c:shino  c:kakashi  c:sandaime  c:nara-shikaku  c:hinata  c:kiba  c:kurenai  c:madara  c:gaara  c:akatsuki  c:zabuza  c:other-characters  action  angst  drama  teamfic  family  powerful!naruto  powerful!sasuke  powerful!shikamaru  powerful!shino  anbu!shikamaru  anbu!shino  rokudaime!naruto  timetravel  rating:pg-13  author:lithos_maitreya  pre-het  status:wip  <96.000  crossover/fusion  type:fanfiction 
march 2013 by csad
The Medic (WIP) by Aoi24
Summary: AU. Drabble/short!fic series. After the massacre, Sasuke devotes himself to the path of the healer seeking to save lives rather than destroy them. Medic-nin!Sasuke. PTSD!Sasuke.

Updated: 04-03-11
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:team-7  c:kiba  c:shino  c:hinata  c:tenten  c:kurenai  c:neji  c:sandaime  c:iruka  c:other-characters  action  angst  drama  general  family  teamfic  medic-nin!sasuke  pov:various  <15.000  rating:r  author:aoi24  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
How to Win Friends, Influence People (WIP) by sparrowette
Summary: And Start Your Very Own Secret Ninja Organization. Three months into Naruto's training trip Jiraiya must leave him behind to go to check on a situation in Iwa, leaving Naruto to his own devices. Naruto thinks everything he did makes perfect sense, Kiri thinks he is a cult leader and Tsunade thinks she doesn't get paid enough to deal with this. 100 drabbles format. || Much like "Uprooted" by Orrunan. Naruto thinks in a straight line in a world where people think in circles and unnecessarily complicate life. His Messianic powers and Therapy no Jutsu (also known as literally beating sense into people) makes it possible for people to see this. This is the story where Kabuto's first loyalty is to Naruto, because chameleon though he may be, he is first and foremost:

"friend-coloured", "cool-coloured", "lots-of-knowledge-coloured", and "always-keeps-promises-to-friends-colour".

Updated: 05-19-13
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:kabuto  c:jiraiya  c:sai  c:tsunade  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:danzo  c:oc  c:kyuubi  c:iruka  c:ino  c:kakashi  c:team-7  c:other-characters  humor  general  teamfic  family  action  <76.000  rating:g  author:sparrowette  status:wip  type:fanfiction 
february 2013 by csad
Dreaming of Sunshine (WIP) by Silver Queen
Summary: Life as a ninja. It starts with confusion and terror and doesn't get any better from there. OC Self-insert

|| Proof that anything, even SI, can be done well in the hands of a competent author. Story has a lot of character introspection, character development and world-building. Updated: 04-27-13

[ Tvtropes page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/DreamingOfSunshine ]

Some highlights:
* Naruto has, from a young age, friends, thanks to Shikako's meddling, and Sasuke is a bit more open.
* Team 7 consists of Sasuke, Naruto, Shikako (Shikamaru's twin sister, OC)
* Sakura ends up on another team, one that fails their genin exam, and so gets a minor wake-up call; encouraged by friends, she applies at the hospital for medic-nin training instead of going back to the academy to try again next year.
* Team 7's bonds are strong, not least because Shikako can play the role of peacemaker between the boys well.
* Kakashi isn't sure what to call Team 7: Team Cuddler, Team Trouble Magnet both fit.
* In the exams, Naruto's fight against Neji is a curb-stomp battle: [ "Beat him," Kiba scoffed. "Naruto owned him. The match was a complete domination. I don't feel so bad about losing to him now." ]
* Sasuke is reasonable about the curse seal, not least because not only was it explained to him enough that he didn't ever use it and because Shikako's limited medical training helped some.
* When the Sound Four come for Sasuke, he instead goes to Tsunade to report it.
* Tsunade's plans to capture the Sound Four means Sasuke has to go undercover with a team shadowing him and then rescuing him, a team consisting of: Ibiki, Naruto, Shikamaru, Shikako, Kiba, Neji, Chouji, Ino, and later Hinata, Lee, Tenten, Temari, Gaara, Kankuro.
* Tsunade just might finally have enough incriminating evidence against Danzo.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:oc  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:shikamaru  c:nara-shikaku  c:sandaime  c:iruka  c:tsunade  c:jiraiya  c:ino  c:chouji  c:kiba  c:shino  c:hinata  c:neji  c:lee  c:tenten  c:kakashi  c:gai  c:orochimaru  c:akatsuki  c:other-characters  action  angst  drama  general  teamfic  family  different-team(s)  powerful!naruto  powerful!sasuke  series:dreaming-of-sunshine  <307.000  rating:pg-13  author:silver_queen  type:fanfiction  non-crossover  status:wip 
february 2013 by csad
The Lives Worth Saving (WIP) by cywsaphyre
Summary: Naruto, at 26, has lived through 10 years of war. At the end, with nothing left to call home, he sends himself back to the beginning, to the day of his younger self's graduation, in an attempt to change it all. Time travel AU. ||
This is the story where:
* Rokudaime Naruto travels back in time after it's all over (Konoha and everyone in it destroyed, but Madara dead)
* Naruto and Kurama get along so well that Naruto has a fox summoning contract
* Naruto tells the Sandaime who he is and together they forge a cover identity for Naruto
* Naruto brings back Hizashi, alive
* Naruto tries to keep a low profile, but catches the interest of too many people to be able to do that
* Naruto has a hand in the training of not just Team 7, but also Team Gai, Team 8, Team 10.
* Naruto gives the medic in charge of Hayate the cure for his disease (that Sakura developed years in the future)
* Naruto removes Anko's curse seal
* Team 10's training exercise is to catch Tora, but only using the treewalking exercise to stick to the sides of buildings and not using streets
* Hizashi and Shikaku find out who Naruto is and swear to help him

Updated: 05-06-12
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:kyuubi  c:kakashi  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:team-7  c:sandaime  c:nara-shikaku  c:yamanaka-inoichi  c:shikamaru  c:ino  c:chouji  c:kurenai  c:hinata  c:kiba  c:shino  c:tenten  c:neji  c:lee  c:gai  c:asuma  c:anko  c:hyuuga-clan  c:hyuuga-hiashi  c:other-characters  timetravel  powerful!naruto  fuuinjutsu-master!naruto  teamfic  angst  drama  general  rokudaime!naruto  <134.000  rating:pg-13  author:cywsaphyre  status:wip  non-crossover  type:fanfiction 
february 2013 by csad
Shinigan (WIP) by alethiophile
Summary: Naruto has an unpleasant encounter, and gains an equally unpleasant power. But how much of his power is gifted, and how much is his own? || A story where Naruto gains a bloodline limit, yes, but a surprisingly good one. Naruto is more concentrated on learning fuuinjutsu in this one.

And best of all: no Sasuke-bashing.

Updated: 10-21-12
fandom:naruto  pairing:naruto/hinata  c:kyuubi  c:sandaime  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:team-7  c:kiba  c:shino  c:gai  c:lee  c:neji  c:tenten  c:jiraiya  c:orochimaru  c:anko  c:other-characters  teamfic  powerful!naruto  fuuinjutsu-master!naruto  action  angst  drama  general  humor  oblivious!naruto  bashing:konoha-council  <180.000  rating:pg-13  author:alethiophile  first-time  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
Livewire (WIP) by Case13
Summary: The difference between Love and True Love isn't much... except for that 'Even Unto Death' part. Naruto, caught between love, death and his team, can't decide which is the most vexing. Not yaoi. || During the Wave mission, everything changes. Suddenly Naruto instinctively knows how to use wires, has that unexplainable need to find someone he can't quite remember, and Sakura is right in the middle of the fight against Gato's mercenaries, killing easily. Afterwards, when Team 7 returns to Konoha, Haku in tow, having sworn allegiance to Naruto, Kakashi requests a two month break from missions for his team so he can concentrate on training them. Their new training regime is insane, but effective. Sakura even gets to learn how to use White Fang, while Sasuke gets a wake-up call lecture from Kakashi about just what it was that made Itachi strong.

Updated: 04-16-08
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:team-7  c:sandaime  c:haku  c:yuugao  c:other-characters  action  angst  drama  general  humor  teamfic  awesome-sensei!kakashi  <48.000  rating:pg-13  author:case13  status:abandoned?  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
Iphis Promised by H.E. Gray
Summary: So - what happens when you mix up the genders of random Konoha ninjas? An all-female Team Seven for one. And a /very/ grumpy Sakura...
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sakura  c:sasuke  c:kakashi  c:team-7  humor  general  teamfic  genderswap  female-born!naruto  female-born!sasuke  female-born!kakashi  pov:sakura  <2.000  rating:pg-13  author:h_e_gray  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
Better Left Unsaid (WIP) by Kenchi618
Summary: Mizuki never got to shoot his mouth off at Naruto the night he took the Scroll of Seals. Other than skipping a half-manic monologue from him what exactly did this change for everyone's favorite blonde ninja? Who knows? Rated M for language/later events. || Possibly the only good Naruto story of this author, though it has a lot of aggravating points, the least of which are the rampant Americanisms.

This is the story where:
* Iruka teaches Naruto a sensor jutsu
* Naruto, Ino, and Shikamaru are Team 10 with Asuma as sensei
* Naruto has a rivalry going with Tenten
* the chuunin exams take place in Tetsu no Kuni and are broadcast live to the other villages
* Naruto's team wins the exams despite Gaara and Fuu's teams being there
* Naruto and Shikamaru become part of the Twelve Guardians
* Naruto meets Tsunade during the chuunin exams in Tetsu, leaves a lasting impression with her, and she finds excuses to first follow him back to Konoha, then to the Fire Daimyo's court, and then back to Konoha, much to everyone's amusement
* Ino finds she likes messing with Naruto by flirting with him and keeps calling Naruto "Goldie-kun"
* Ino and Hinata become rivals over Naruto
* Konohamaru and Hanabi idolise Naruto and become rivals over who Naruto's "true apprentice" is
* Sasuke gets to have the scarring experience of Anko teaching him
* the Mizukage makes the mistake of making a deal with Orochimaru
* the friendship between Naruto and Shikamaru, and the stunts they pull? Priceless.

Updated: 03-17-13

[ http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/BetterLeftUnsaid ]
fandom:naruto  ar  pairing:naruto/ino  pre-het  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:shikamaru  c:ino  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:chouji  c:hinata  c:kiba  c:shino  c:rookie-nine  c:iruka  c:kakashi  c:asuma  c:kurenai  c:neji  c:lee  c:tenten  c:gai  c:sandaime  c:jiraiya  c:tsunade  c:shizune  c:shiho  c:gaara  c:temari  c:kankuro  c:kazekage  c:tsuchikage  c:konohamaru  c:hanabi  c:hyuuga-hiashi  c:fire-daimyo  c:orochimaru  c:akatsuki  c:other-characters  action  angst  drama  general  teamfic  different-team(s)  powerful!naruto  powerful!shikamaru  powerful!ino  <707.000  rating:r  author:kenchi618  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
Life in Konoha's ANBU (WIP) by Shezza88
Summary: ANBU!Naruto. Drafted into ANBU at a young age, Naruto works under the Third Hokage as his aide. He will need to steel his resolve and use his abilities to defend the Village and protect the Hokage to the best of his abilities. Meanwhile, the drums of war beat and ancient enemies begin to return. The Fourth Great Shinobi War looms... || Humor and action/drama mixed up in a good way. Full of antics between Sandaime and Naruto one minute, creepy supernatural action the next. And one of the best parts: no bashing whatsoever for anyone, no arrogant and hypocritical powerful!Naruto, no sycophants. Also: chapter 19 has awesome Naruto-Sasuke interaction.

Last updated: 04-28-13
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sandaime  c:konohamaru  c:kakashi  c:nara-shikaku  c:tsunade  c:jiraiya  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:ino  c:danzo  c:oc  c:other-characters  action  humor  general  teamfic  powerful!naruto  anbu!naruto  bamf!sandaime  different-team(s)  rating:r  author:shezza88  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover  <232.000 
december 2012 by csad
Requiem (WIP) by Darktayle
Summary: What would happen if Kakashi were killed early in the Wave saga? This is a story of Team 7's struggle to survive, and the boy who must grow strong to save them. Team 7-centric.

|| This is the story where Naruto asks Kakashi whether he hates Naruto at the most inopportune moment, and so throws him off his game. With Kakashi dead, Team 7 has to survive alone, and so Naruto takes over team leadership. This is also the story where Naruto improves the kage bunshin to be more durable and bleed, which he then uses as decoys to keep escaping Zabuza and Haku.

Very interesting, but unfortunately looks to be abandoned.

Last updated: 08-07-09
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:tazuna  c:zabuza  c:haku  c:team-7  teamfic  action  angst  drama  general  character-death  powerful!naruto  <24.000  rating:pg-13  author:darktayle  status:abandoned?  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
december 2012 by csad
The Chronicles of Team Seven (WIP) by denytheworld
Summary: The real reason Kakashi took on a genin team and actually passed them. This is when I wish the Genre list had 'crack' listed. || Kakashi wants a team of minions to train them up for a plan to take down Gai and his team. Fun start, but probably deadfic, as it was last updated: 12-20-09
fandom:naruto  ar  c:kakashi  c:sandaime  c:iruka  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:team-7  humor  general  crack  teamfic  <3.000  rating:pg-13  author:denytheworld  status:abandoned?  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
december 2012 by csad
Motivation (WIP) by Durandall
Summary: Kakashi made a mistake. Shikamaru is smart. Shino is skilled. Naruto is strong. Maybe something amazing could happen, with the right ... motivation. || Updated:05-06-13

[ Alternate link: http://durandall.com/brian/fanfic/motivation/ ]

|| Iruka dies at Mizuki's hand, and Naruto kills Mizuki. When Ibiki reveals this to the graduating class, Sasuke refuses to be on a team with Naruto, saying Naruto let Iruka die, and so starts of a snowball reaction where everything gets thrown into chaos. With Naruto and Sasuke steadfastly refusing to be on a team together, the fangirls supporting Sasuke, the boys Naruto, putting together workable teams seems impossible. In the end, Sandaime takes Anko's suggestion and makes the rookie nine one big team with rotating teammates and three teachers, where Kurenai is the nice sensei, Asuma indifferent sensei, and Kakashi is "bastard-sensei", who takes delight in forcing them into teamwork during their training sessions by beating them up and explosions. It helps that they decreed that if one of the nine fails, all of them will, so they have motivation to help each other along. Shikamaru is elected the team leader of the rookie nine ("chibikage", as Anko calls it), and Naruto's Kage Bunshin get a lot of workout in the mock mission (mission: rescue princess Akamaru) training sessions they hold on their days off. Also great: the strong Shikamaru, Shino, Naruto friendship, and how the rookie nine get along together.

Very nice read. Surprisingly enough, contains no real bashing despite how the story starts off, it's just bratty behaviour.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:shikamaru  c:shino  c:sandaime  c:anko  c:kakashi  c:kurenai  c:asuma  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:ino  c:chouji  c:hinata  c:kiba  c:other-characters  different-team(s)  awesome-sensei!kakashi  teamfic  action  angst  drama  general  character-death  <123.000  rating:r  author:durandall  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
december 2012 by csad
Duty, Honor, and Truth (WIP) by Tyrchon
Summary: Young Naruto believes himself alone with no family, he is wrong. Learning the ways of his mother the young boy will embark on a mysterious adventure that could destroy both him and Konoha. What will he do when confronted by his clan's legacy? Slight AU. || Written well before full info about the Uzumaki clan was revealed, this is the story where Naruto's clan is (called "Shugorei", "apprentices of Death himself")one of warriors with the powers of the shinigami in "Bleach". This is also the story where Inner Sakura gets out of hand and Sasuke has quite a few problems, the least of which is a corrupt steward Naruto helps him deal with. Contains a lot of OC--all of them interesting, none anywhere near Mary Sue. Unfortunately possibly abandoned, since it was last updated 05-04-09
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sandaime  c:danzo  c:kyuubi  c:kakashi  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kurenai  c:asuma  c:iruka  c:anko  c:kiba  c:hinata  c:shino  c:ino  c:shikamaru  c:chouji  c:fire-lord  c:konoha-council  c:team-7  c:other-characters  powerful!naruto  family  teamfic  action  angst  drama  general  <439.000  rating:r  author:tyrchon  status:abandoned?  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
december 2012 by csad
Death of the Fourth Hokage (WIP) by flame's shadow
Summary: Sequel to Death of the Third Hokage: The budding relationship of Naruto and Temari, the destruction of the long standing peace, and the first passionate moments of youth. || Everything else aside, really like the friendship between the rookie nine in general and Team 7 in particular. Last update: 12-22-11
fandom:naruto  ar  pairing:naruto/temari  pre-het  pairing:minato/anko  estab-rel  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:yondaime  c:anko  c:temari  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:jiraiya  c:tsunade  c:uchiha-clan  c:uchiha-fugaku  c:uchiha-mikoto  c:hinata  c:kiba  c:shino  c:ino  c:shikamaru  c:chouji  c:rookie-nine  c:asuma  c:orochimaru  c:akatsuki  c:madara  c:other-characters  action  angst  drama  romance  teamfic  powerful!naruto  powerful!sakura  powerful!sasuke  series:death-of-the-third-hokage  <61.000  rating:r  author:flame's_shadow  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Divergence (WIP) by Aotsfan
Summary: What if the Kazekage wasn't apart of Orochimaru's plan at the Chuunin Exam? How will this affect the lives of those involved? Read and Find out. Rated for safety. Naruto trains for the finals while Temari tries to force him out! || A good read. Last updated: 01-27-12
fandom:naruto  ar  pairing:naruto/temari  pre-het  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sandaime  c:kazekage  c:temari  c:gaara  c:kankuro  c:kakashi  c:sakura  c:sasuke  c:ino  c:shikamaru  c:chouji  c:kiba  c:hinata  c:shino  c:neji  c:tenten  c:lee  c:gai  c:asuma  c:kurenai  c:orochimaru  c:other-characters  action  angst  drama  romance  family  teamfic  powerful!naruto  <97.000  rating:r  author:aotsfan  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
The Honor Guard by Princess Tyler Briefs
Summary: [Short PWP KakaIru Humor Attempt]. Kakashi and Iruka's relationship has somehow made it's way on to the grapevine, and the kids of Konoha want to make sure that Kakashi knows they'll make him suffer if he ever hurts their Sensei. Rated for language. || Cute.
fandom:naruto  pairing:kakashi/iruka  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:kakashi  c:iruka  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:team-7  c:konohamaru  c:other-characters  humor  romance  teamfic  family  outed:accidentally  pov:kakashi  <2.000  rating:pg-13  author:princess_tyler_briefs  estab-rel  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Seishun Kyosokyoku by Kyogre
Summary: AU Orochimaru takes a genin team. That poor, poor man. 17 moments of spring. ||


His team consisted of three misfits, ages 11 to 12: Naruto, Karin and Kimimaro. (Ironically, Kimimaro, the most mature, was also the youngest, a full year younger than Karin.) All three were orphans. All three belonged to near-extinct clans. All three were isolated, socially-incapable misfits.

Orochimaru carefully ignored how well that described him as a genin as well.



Looking at them, Orochimaru wondered if Sarutobi-sensei hadn't just chosen the three genin hardest to kill.

Really, you just suggest a few experiments that require human subjects, and suddenly everyone thinks you're some depraved evil mad scientist.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:orochimaru  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:tsunade  c:other-characters  different-team(s)  general  teamfic  family  humor  sensei!orochimaru  pov:orochimaru  <4.000  rating:pg  author:kyogre  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
New Wind Nation (1/12) by Kyogre
Summary: AU Naruto of Sunagakure graduates to genin. Unfortunately, no one except Naruto believes he'll last long – especially not with a teammate like Sabaku no Gaara. || Well-written. Overarching theme: home (but also love, friendship, family) A story where Naruto is not the Kyuubi jinchuuriki, and Kushina left Konoha to wander around after Minato's death, only for Naruto to make himself a home in Suna after her death.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:gaara  c:kankuro  c:temari  c:baki  c:gai  c:lee  c:tenten  c:neji  c:other-characters  teamfic  different-team(s)  suna-nin!naruto  family  general  series:new-wind-nation  <55.000  rating:pg-13  author:kyogre  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Holding Destiny With Your Own Two Hands (WIP) by MKofGod
Summary: “There is a scroll. It has a jutsu that can stop this from happening. You can go back in time. You can change all this.” The remnants of Konoha strive to change not only their history, but many other tragedies as well. MinaKushi but otherwise Genfic

|| This is the story where the Konoha Twelve go back in time years before the Kyuubi attack and form a caravan of merchants that travels all across the elemental countries. Their goals are many, like stopping Madara from getting his hands on Kyuubi, stopping the Uchiha massacre, and killing Orochimaru at the first opportunity.

This is also the story where Naruto becomes a mentor to Itachi, Kakashi traumatizes his younger self into being better friends with Obito (much to everyone's amusement), and Naruto's group picks up a kid who is as fiercely protective of Hinata as Neji and Kiba are.

Last updated: 08-21-10
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sakura  c:sai  c:ino  c:shikamaru  c:chouji  c:kiba  c:neji  c:lee  c:hinata  c:yondaime  c:sandaime  c:kushina  c:obito  c:rin  c:itachi  c:uchiha-clan  c:orochimaru  c:other-characters  timetravel  action  angst  drama  general  family  teamfic  powerful!naruto  <192.000  rating:pg-13  author:mkofgod  status:abandoned?  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
A Stitch in Time by Pluma Desatada
Summary: What if Team Seven could have seen, the day Orochimaru bit Sasuke, the future that will come when he takes his offer? Naruto: loved, admired, Hokage. Sakura: strong, confident, head of the hospital. And Sasuke? What does his future hold? Will he like it? || Way better than the summary suggests. Essentially a mindfuck and a wake-up call for little Sasuke.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:ichiraku-ayame  c:konohamaru  c:team-7  teamfic  timetravel  family  angst  drama  general  powerful!naruto  shichidaime!naruto  pov:sasuke  <14.000  rating:pg-13  author:pluma_desatada  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
First Try: Autumn Leaves by Lucillia
Summary: Team 5 Oneshot: In the early days when the team was starting to come together, Naruto finds a D-Rank he likes and Tetsuo finds a reason to teach other than making his wife happy.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:oc  different-team(s)  teamfic  general  series:first-try  <2.000  rating:g  author:lucillia  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
A Lifetime of Chances (WIP) by The Wandering Delusion
Summary: It was a freak accident. A series of events joined together to achieve the impossible. Now Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke are living their lives over and over again, with no end in sight. So they decided, be it a blessing or a curse, to make the most of the situation they find themselves in. They will live by their own rules and do whatever they want to do. This is their story. || Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke are caught in a time loop. Each time they die, they wake up the day of the team placements. Since they can't escape the loop, the three make the most of it, each time living out their lives differently. And Sasuke, having learned the truth behind the Uchiha massacre, takes delight in living out the many ways he can desecrate the Uchiha district and the Uchiha clan fans. Each chapter is a loop. Some of it is awesome, some maybe ridiculous. But it's a good read nonetheless. Last updated: 05-08-13
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:sandaime  c:orochimaru  c:kabuto  c:rookie-nine  c:other-characters  c:team-7  teamfic  action  humor  general  angst  timetravel  time-loop  powerful!naruto  powerful!sasuke  powerful!sakura  immortal!naruto  immortal!sasuke  immortal!sakura  <132.000  rating:r  author:the_wandering_delusion  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Ain't No Rest For The Wicked (WIP) by Thyatira
Summary: Dying had to be the most pleasant experience Ranma had ever had. Unfortunately, there ain't no rest for the wicked. Eventual femslash, because I hate you. Also a lock-fic, because I really hate you. || Ranma was actually looking forward to death when he was instead summoned into the Narutoverse. And apparently she carried her curse over even into this 'verse. Though how she ended up being Team 7's secret teacher is another thing entirely. Last updated: 11-16-11
fandom:naruto  crossover:ranma  ar  alternate-dimensions  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:ranma-saotome  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:sandaime  c:ino  c:hinata  c:inuzuka-hana  c:inuzuka-tsume  c:team-7  humor  general  teamfic  action  sensei!ranma  <52.000  rating:r  author:thyatira  status:wip  crossover/fusion  type:fanfiction 
november 2012 by csad
Five Things that Did Not Happen The Same Way in Canon, and One Thing that Still Could (2/2) by book_people
Summary: The benefits of eaves-dropping: everything would have played out much more neatly if Sakura had overheard one conversation. || Sasuke stays when he hears Itachi wants to kill Naruto, and goes straight to Tsunade to report the Sound Four.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:team-7  c:tsunade  teamfic  general  <4.000  rating:pg  author:book-people  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Five Things that Did Not Happen The Same Way in Canon, and One Thing that Still Could (1/2) by book_people
Summary: The benefits of eaves-dropping: everything would have played out much more neatly if Sakura had overheard one conversation. || Sasuke stays when he hears Itachi wants to kill Naruto, and goes straight to Tsunade to report the Sound Four.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:team-7  c:tsunade  teamfic  general  <4.000  rating:pg  author:book-people  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Who Dares, Wins (WIP) by Fox Sannin's Concept Corner
Summary: She was the perfect soldier. Smart, strong, skilled, deadly and charismatic were just a few of the words you could use to discribe her. This is her story. A chronicle of the life of the greatest leader Konoha has ever known: Uzumaki Naruko. FemNaru.

|| A story where Naruko disappears from the orphanage at age four, lives alone on the streets, and takes odd jobs here and there to make ends meet. When during one of her jobs she saves a genin's life, Kakashi's team is asked to track her down, and the Sandaime offers Naruko a place on Gai's team and kunoichi training to help her prepare for the dangers she'll face, considering who she is. Rather good story, despite some things. Last updated: 04-07-12
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sandaime  c:gai  c:lee  c:neji  c:tenten  c:kakashi  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kiba  c:ino  c:shikamaru  c:rookie-nine  c:oc  c:other-characters  action  angst  drama  general  teamfic  different-team(s)  genderswap  female-born!naruto  powerful!naruto  <134.000  rating:r  author:fox_sannin's_concept_corner  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Snap! by Mistress of Sarcasm
Summary: It was a day that would live on forever in the minds of the ninja of Konoha: The day Sakura FINALLY lost her patience with Sasuke.
fandom:naruto  c:sakura  c:sasuke  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sai  c:team-7  c:team-hawk  teamfic  general  humor  <2.000  rating:pg-13  author:mistress_of_sarcasm  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Parallels by Mistress of Sarcasm
Summary: They drew the parallels, connecting the lines between them and waiting quietly for the tragedy to unfold anew. But they forgot three very important facts... ||

They look at Team 7, and all they see is the tragedy of the Sanin being made anew.[...]
There are those who think that Team 7 will repeat the spiral of history, and fall apart.[...]
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:jiraiya  c:tsunade  c:orochimaru  c:team-7  teamfic  general  angst  <1.000  rating:pg  author:mistress_of_sarcasm  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Avalon's Brood by Mistress of Sarcasm
Summary: There are five cardinal rules for being a shinobi. And the kunoichi personify them perfectly.
fandom:naruto  c:sakura  c:ino  c:tenten  c:temari  c:hinata  general  teamfic  <3.000  rating:pg  author:mistress_of_sarcasm  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
It's For a Good Cause, I Swear! (1/36) by Sarah1281
Summary: After receiving a time travel jutsu as payment for a mission, the original four members of Team 7 each get a chance to go back to one event in their life and change it. Surely they will use such an awesome power responsibly...right? Don't count on it. || Hilarious!

TvTropes Rec page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/ItsForAGoodCauseISwear
fandom:naruto  ar  pairing:kakashi/anko  pairing:obito/rin  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:yondaime  c:itachi  c:jiraiya  c:tsunade  c:shizune  c:obito  c:anko  c:iruka  c:gaara  c:temari  c:kankuro  c:shikamaru  c:ino  c:chouji  c:kiba  c:shino  c:hinata  c:neji  c:lee  c:tenten  c:rookie-nine  c:team-7  c:orochimaru  c:akatsuki  teamfic  timetravel  yondaime-alive  action  humor  general  family  powerful!naruto  powerful!sakura  powerful!sasuke  <115.000  rating:pg-13  author:sarah1281  estab-rel  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
A Woman's Touch by Mistress of Sarcasm
Summary: God help the poor fool who messes with her boys. Kunoichi centric ||

A kunoichi is placed on every three-man cell because of a law of the Nidaime Hokage's.

This law exists for a reason.

It is not because she will be more likely to take to medical ninjutsu, or because she may have better chakra control. Neither is it because she will probably excel in genjutsu.

A kunoichi is placed on every three-man cell because the Nidaime understood, perhaps better than any other male, the workings of the female mind.
fandom:naruto  c:sakura  c:ino  c:tenten  c:hinata  general  teamfic  family  pov:various  <2.000  rating:pg  author:mistress_of_sarcasm  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Yay We Passed by Sarah1281
Summary: After passing Kakashi's bell test, Naruto asks Sasuke why's he's not more excited. The Uchiha reveals that it was inevitable that they would, not only because he's amazing, but because of politics. His team doesn't understand, so he's forced to elaborate.
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:team-7  teamfic  humor  general  <2.000  rating:pg  author:sarah1281  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
World's End Rhapsody (WIP) by sambomaster
Summary: Being the only certified time traveler in the world, Naruto has his hands full of commissions and jobs. His most recent: Fix Gaara's malfunctioning seal by traveling to the Chuunin exams, and maybe train his younger self in the process. || Last updated: 08-28-11
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sakura  c:sasuke  c:kakashi  c:tsunade  c:sandaime  c:other-characters  timetravel  angst  general  teamfic  action  powerful!naruto  fuuinjutsu-master!naruto  series:cloud-age-symphony  <31.000  rating:pg-13  author:sambomaster  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Cloud Age Symphony (1/15) by sambomaster
Summary: Naturally, Uzumaki Naruto chose the more complicated part of being a sealing master: time travelling. Which is exactly why he's mastered it and is trying his hardest not to mess anything up. And also naturally, nothing is going to plan. Sequel up. || Naruto goes back into different periods in time, even that of Team Minato. However, it's not because the world is ending or Naruto wants to change something. In fact, he's trying his hardest to not change anything.

Recced in TvTropes: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanficRecs/NarutoPeggySueFics
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:jiraiya  c:tsunade  c:yondaime  c:obito  c:rin  c:kakashi  c:sai  c:sasuke  c:shikamaru  family  general  angst  teamfic  action  timetravel  fuuinjutsu-master!naruto  powerful!naruto  series:cloud-age-symphony  <76.000  rating:pg-13  author:sambomaster  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Twenty Unknown Secrets of Maito Gai by Kraken's Ghost
Summary: Everyone has secrets. Gai is just good at keeping his. Second in 'Matters, Secrets, and Times.' ||

13.) Gai's performance in the Jounin Exam would be unparalleled in its audacity until Uzumaki Naruto took it a decade and a half later. He either knew everything to do, came up with a ludicrous plan on the fly that somehow worked, or when all else failed, let his fists do the talking. More than one examiner walked away with a broken jaw and ribs after underestimating just what kind of a punch the sixteen year old kid could pack. In the end, they had no choice but to pass him to the final stage, regardless of what stigmas some of them held to.

The final test was to defeat or outmaneuver an existing Jounin. A young, but battle tested Jounin by the name of Hatake Kakashi was chosen to face off against the low-bred Genin upstart that dared think he was worthy of joining Konoha's Elite. The battle that ensued resulted in exactly three things: Gai's uncontested promotion, his declaration of Kakashi being his worthy Eternal Rival, and Kakashi joining the Anbu Corps for almost a decade.

As a side note, Gai and Naruto both tie for the records of the most headaches induced in the examiners, ever: Gai because of his unyielding fists and stubborn worldview and Naruto because of his unyielding worldview and stubborn fists.
fandom:naruto  c:gai  c:sandaime  c:kakashi  c:lee  c:neji  c:tenten  c:kyuubi  family  teamfic  general  angst  narutoverse:post-apocalyptic-earth  series:matters-secrets-and-times  <4.000  rating:pg-13  author:kraken's_ghost  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Twenty Matters of Pride to Hyuuga Neji by Kraken's Ghost
Summary: All Hyuuga are proud. Neji measures his pride differently. First in 'Matters, Secrets, and Times.' ||

3.) Neji isn't proud of the fact that it takes almost twenty-five years for him to forgive his uncle for allowing his father to die in his place.

4.) Neither is he proud of the fact that it takes an equal amount of time to realize that it's actually his father whom he's so angry at.

The fact that the man willingly agreed to the Clan Elders' schemes and thereby chose to leave his son alone in the world filled him with no small amount of anger, betrayal, and sheer naked hurt. It isn't until he's in a vicious battle in the middle of Sound Territory and Rock Lee is shoving his injury paralyzed body under a rotted log before turning to take on ten enemy ninjas with nothing more than his fists and feet that Neji realizes just what had been going through his father's brain when he sacrificed himself for his brother.

And when Neji's own brother returnes not only alive and miraculously bearing no injury save a gash on his cheek, his anger seems so petty that he can't help but forgive both men for his father's death.
fandom:naruto  c:neji  c:gai  c:lee  c:tenten  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:hyuuga-clan  angst  drama  family  teamfic  powerful!naruto  powerful!neji  rokudaime!naruto  anbu!neji  immortal!naruto  series:matters-secrets-and-times  <4.000  rating:pg  author:kraken's_ghost  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Troubling New Developments by SicTransitGloria
Summary: Kakashi takes a moment to wrap his mind around equating Ino’s chest with enemy shinobi while Asuma begins beating his head against the table and groaning about how he didn’t sign up for this. Rated for language and the general horror that is puberty || Poor, suffering Kakashi wants to know who allowed his genin to go through puberty under *his* watch. Asuma can relate.
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:kakashi  c:sakura  c:sasuke  c:asuma  c:kurenai  c:gai  c:team-7  teamfic  humor  general  pov:kakashi  <3.000  rating:pg-13  author:sictransitgloria  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Danzo's Team (WIP) by kosmos00
Summary: Danzo asks to be Team 7's Jounin. Follows Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke as they grow into their positions. Kakashi is still in the fic. A more military take on the Narutoverse, will try to focus on ninja using tricks instead of brute force. strong!team. || A Danzo-trained Team 7! Enough said. Updated: 01-18-13
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:sandaime  c:danzo  c:iruka  c:rookie-nine  c:other-characters  teamfic  c:team-7  action  general  angst  powerful!naruto  powerful!sasuke  powerful!sakura  good!danzo  different-team(s)  sensei!danzo  <115.000  rating:pg-13  author:kosmos00  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Worth Dying For (WIP) by Shadow Rebirth
Summary: My name is Uzumaki Naruto. I am a shinobi by profession, an advisor by chance, and a warmonger according to my enemies. My story started with a death god, ended with an empire, and struck up a revolution somewhere along the way. /AU, no pairings./ || Exteme regeneration. Early graduation. Friendship and secret explorations of historic ruins with the daimyo's nephew. Different, *four* genin teams. Different, more brutal genin test instead of the bell test. Different resolving of the Wave situation. Awesome-teacher Kakashi. Naruto's team: Naruto, Sasuke, Shino, Ino

Last updated: 05-19-13


I am Uzumaki Naruto, an 11 year old citizen of Hidden Leaf Village and an aspiring shinobi. I have blond hair and blue eyes. If this combination reminds you of an angel and suddenly you're picturing me with a shiny halo and giant fluffy wings, do me a favor and hit yourself over the head to get rid of that god-awful and truly terrifying picture. I am not an angel.

I am a jinchuuriki.

Not sure what that is? Be glad. And if you're under 15, don't feel too stupid, because it's a public S-rank secret. If you're over 15, go ahead and feel stupid.

That's actually not why I'm not an angel though. Well it is, in a roundabout way. You see, I'm not exactly normal. Not in the "Oh, I'm such a unique person!" bullshit sort of way, but in the actual "Uh, I think there's something wrong with you…" sort of way.

I died when I was five years old.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:kakashi  c:sandaime  c:sasuke  c:shino  c:ino  c:rookie-nine  c:neji  c:gai  c:lee  c:tenten  c:oc  c:tazuna  c:danzo  c:other-characters  action  angst  drama  general  teamfic  different-team(s)  immortal!naruto  awesome-sensei!kakashi  character-death  narutoverse:post-apocalyptic-earth  <134.000  rating:pg-13  author:shadow-rebirth  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
october 2012 by csad
The Accidental Sensei (WIP) by The Raven Sennin
Summary: One little mix up in the Hokage's office sends Mitarashi Anko to the Academy with a vague mission-- one she takes to mean teaching Genin Team Seven! From one mix-up comes headaches for a copy-nin, a coming revolution in ninja education, and a far too amused Hokage! But as the fall out from this opportune mistake shakes out, things come to light that will rock the Hidden Village of Leaves and lead to a revolution in training!

|| Based on "The Accidental Sensei", part of the "What If?" oneshots and snippets by Rorschach's Blot, with a few other "what if"s thrown in as well. WIP, but an awesome one, because 1) Anko as genin sensei! 2) Kakashi as academy teacher! 3) Author gives Sandaime his awesome back instead of writing him as borderline if not outright incompetent/weak as many authors tend to do. 4) Anko is working on snapping Sasuke and Sakura out of their delusions! 5) Naruto is not totally socially isolated--he really *is* friends with Kiba & co, as well as their families. 6) Anko and Gai's interactions! 7) Anko's way of teambuilding!

Last updated: 2012-10-08
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:anko  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:sandaime  c:iruka  c:rookie-nine  c:team-7  c:gai  c:neji  c:lee  c:tenten  c:other-characters  teamfic  humor  general  angst  sensei!Anko  different-team(s)  series:team-anko  <20.000  rating:r  author:The_Raven_Sennin  status:abandoned?  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
october 2012 by csad
Could Have Been Worse by Sarah1281
Summary:After listening to his team complaining AGAIN just because he showed up nine hours late, Kakashi decides he has the worst team ever and wonders what it would be like if he'd gotten a different team...on second thought, maybe Team 7's not so bad.
fandom:naruto  c:kakashi  c:team-7  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:neji  c:gai  c:lee  c:ino  c:shikamaru  c:chouji  c:kiba  c:hinata  c:shino  c:rookie-nine  teamfic  different-team(s)  humor  general  pov:kakashi  <4.000  rating:pg  author:sarah1281  via:to_reason_why  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
october 2012 by csad
Crow and a Jar by MKofGod
Summary: The only demons in the clearing are the ones standing like specters over her boys' shoulders. It's always the quiet ones.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:sakura  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:kakashi  c:other-characters  c:team-7  timetravel  angst  drama  general  teamfic  powerful!sakura  character-death  <2.000  rating:pg  author:mkofgod  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
october 2012 by csad
Deep Within Series: Index by Shivvlan
1. Skinless: Naruto in a coma after a mission gone wrong.
2. Underneath the Underneath: The nth time Team 7 is taking the chuunin exams.
fandom:naruto  ar  pairing:naruto/sasuke  c:kakashi  c:sakura  c:team-7  c:tsunade  teamfic  angst  drama  action  romance  series:deep-within  <95.000  rating:pg-13  author:shivvlan  first-time  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
october 2012 by csad
Deep Within Series: 2. Underneath the Underneath by Shivvlan
Summary: Things are not always as they appear, and people are not always who they seem to be. Whatever you do, and whoever you talk to, remember to always look Underneath the Underneath. || The team has to deal with the consequences of events in the prequel "Skinless", the changed dynamics inside the team, and Kakashi's orders that this time, nothing will go wrong and they will pass the chuunin exams.
fandom:naruto  ar  pairing:naruto/sasuke  c:kakashi  c:sakura  c:team-7  c:tsunade  teamfic  angst  drama  action  romance  series:deep-within  <61.000  rating:pg-13  author:shivvlan  first-time  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
october 2012 by csad
What If? Real Shinobi by Rorschach's Blot
Naruto graduates early, because the Hokage, having heard of the academy teachers' sabotage of Naruto's education, watches the graduation exam. Naruto's team has a married couple with verbal habits reminiscent of the Weasley twins as team leaders.
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sandaime  c:oc  different-team(s)  general  teamfic  series:what-if  <7.000  rating:pg-13  author:rorschach's-blot  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
september 2012 by csad
Parallels of Father and Son by ncfan
Summary: Jiraiya tracks Naruto down to a decimated battlefield one cold morning, and finds a broken man. Sidestory to go with Ayien's The Nine Broken Mirrors. Contains spoilers to NBM. T for angst, slight swearing and Jiraiya's humor. You have been warned.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:jiraiya  dark  angst  drama  general  missing-nin!naruto  teamfic  character-death  powerful!naruto  broken!naruto  pov:jiraiya  3rd-person-pov:jiraiya  series:the-nine-broken-mirrors  <4.000  rating:adult  author:ncfan  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
september 2012 by csad
The Nine Broken Mirrors (WIP) by Ayien
Summary: When Suna attacks, Naruto and Gaara must abandon Konoha, find the other jinchuuriki, and unlock the secrets of the Village of Shadows, or all is lost. But it is only six years later, when Konoha comes demanding help, that the last Great War begins. ||

One of the handful well-written missing-nin!Naruto stories. A vision of the future has Naruto leaving Konoha with Gaara to collect all jinchuuriki in order to save them from the Akatsuki. And while he succeeds, the consequences are bad: Akatsuki still manages to fulfill their goal and manipulate things in such a way that all hidden villages form an alliance to attack Konoha. Now, Konoha has to swallow their pride and ask the jinchuuriki for help.

Absolutely captivating story. The dynamics of Team Seven is especially well-written, with Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi feeling Naruto's leaving keenly, and as a betrayal, their attempts at bringing him back failing, and the reconciliation of Team 7 when Tsunade sends out the Konoha twelve to ask the jinchuuriki for help. The story is very dark and concentrates on the dark side of humanity and the other side of war far more and far better than any fanfiction should be able to. The backstory for the creation of the jinchuuriki it provides is very intriguing as well. Last updated: Updated: 06-09-10 ||

Yugito grinned, then, flipped her long braid over her shoulder and folded her arms across her chest, cocking her head insolently.

"You know, Hokage-sama-" somehow, she managed to drawl the title in such a way that it sounded like the worst of insults, "we don't have to be here. We could just leave you and your pathetic little village to die."

Tsunade's hands curled into fists.

"Then why," she gritted, struggling for serenity, "are you here?" [...]

"Long ago, the jinchuuriki fought and died for a village who betrayed them. We come today in the hopes that Konoha will not repeat that mistake."


Sasuke stared down at the table, kunai reflected as silver points of light in his black eyes.

"I don't want him to die. I want him to stay around for seventy years to annoy me half to death. I want to spar with him and insult him and hell, I even want to see him make Hokage. I want him to make you head of the hospital, and me head of the ANBU, and I want him to stay here, with us.[...]"
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:team-7  c:tsunade  c:jiraiya  c:rookie-nine  c:gaara  c:temari  c:kankuro  c:yugito  c:akatsuki  c:other-characters  c:oc  dark  action  angst  drama  general  missing-nin!naruto  teamfic  character-death  powerful!naruto  powerful!sakura  powerful!sasuke  anbu!sakura  anbu!sasuke  broken!naruto  series:the-nine-broken-mirrors  <195.000  rating:adult  author:ayien  status:abandoned?  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
september 2012 by csad
Changes and Other Inconveniences (WIP) by tiptoetwirl (sheekap)
Summary: Gibbs is back and that’s only the start of Tony’s problems. || A different Hiatus tag, one where Gibbs actually shows some semblance of tact for Tony's situation. Unfortunately, Ziva and Abby lash out at Tony, accusing him of being the reason for the changes. Updated: 2012-07-23
fandom:ncis  ar  pairing:gibbs/dinozzo  pre-slash  pairing:dinozzo/jeanne  estab-rel  c:mcgee  c:ziva  c:abby  c:ducky  c:jenny-shepard  c:michelle-lee  c:hollis-mann  c:oc  c:sarah-mcgee  action  angst  romance  teamfic  pining!dinozzo  pining!gibbs  amnesia  amnesiac!gibbs  team-leader!dinozzo  trust-issues  tag:hiatus  tag:dead-and-unburied  tag:sandblast  tag:twisted-sister  <16.000  rating:nc-17  author:sheekap  ncis-timeline:season-4  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
september 2012 by csad
Home, Sweet Georgetown Home by Channel D
Summary: Tony wants to buy a house in a lovely DC neighborhood. But he can't afford it sll by himself...An improbable one-shot, but one with warm fuzzies. Written for the NFA Moving Day challenge. || Pure team=family WAFF. [ Alternate link: http://forum.nfacommunity.com/viewtopic.php?f=86&t=4057 or: http://nfacommunity.com/viewstory.php?sid=1874 ]
fandom:ncis  c:dinozzo  c:mcgee  c:ziva  c:abby  c:palmer  c:ducky  c:gibbs  teamfic  family  general  humor  <4.000  rating:pg  author:channeld  ncis-timeline:ambiguous  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
september 2012 by csad
Changes and Other Inconveniences (3/?) by sheekap
Summary: Gibbs is back and that’s only the start of Tony’s problems. || A different Hiatus tag, one where Gibbs actually shows some semblance of tact for Tony's situation. Unfortunately, Ziva and Abby lash out at Tony, accusing him of being the reason for the changes.
fandom:ncis  ar  pairing:gibbs/dinozzo  pre-slash  pairing:dinozzo/jeanne  estab-rel  c:mcgee  c:ziva  c:abby  c:ducky  c:jenny-shepard  c:michelle-lee  c:hollis-mann  c:oc  c:sarah-mcgee  action  angst  romance  teamfic  pining!dinozzo  pining!gibbs  amnesia  amnesiac!gibbs  team-leader!dinozzo  tag:hiatus  tag:dead-and-unburied  tag:sandblast  tag:twisted-sister  <17.000  rating:nc-17  author:sheekap  ncis-timeline:season-4  trust-issues  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
august 2012 by csad
Changes and Other Inconveniences (2/?) by sheekap
Summary: Gibbs is back and that’s only the start of Tony’s problems. || A different Hiatus tag, one where Gibbs actually shows some semblance of tact for Tony's situation. Unfortunately, Ziva and Abby lash out at Tony, accusing him of being the reason for the changes.
fandom:ncis  ar  pairing:gibbs/dinozzo  pre-slash  pairing:dinozzo/jeanne  estab-rel  c:mcgee  c:ziva  c:abby  c:ducky  c:jenny-shepard  c:michelle-lee  c:hollis-mann  c:oc  c:sarah-mcgee  action  angst  romance  teamfic  pining!dinozzo  pining!gibbs  amnesia  amnesiac!gibbs  team-leader!dinozzo  tag:hiatus  tag:dead-and-unburied  tag:sandblast  tag:twisted-sister  <17.000  rating:nc-17  author:sheekap  ncis-timeline:season-4  trust-issues  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
august 2012 by csad
Changes and Other Inconveniences (1/?) by sheekap
Summary: Gibbs is back and that’s only the start of Tony’s problems. || A different Hiatus tag, one where Gibbs actually shows some semblance of tact for Tony's situation. Unfortunately, Ziva and Abby lash out at Tony, accusing him of being the reason for the changes.
fandom:ncis  ar  pairing:gibbs/dinozzo  pre-slash  pairing:dinozzo/jeanne  estab-rel  c:mcgee  c:ziva  c:abby  c:ducky  c:jenny-shepard  c:michelle-lee  c:hollis-mann  c:oc  c:sarah-mcgee  action  angst  romance  teamfic  pining!dinozzo  pining!gibbs  amnesia  amnesiac!gibbs  team-leader!dinozzo  tag:hiatus  tag:dead-and-unburied  tag:sandblast  tag:twisted-sister  <17.000  rating:nc-17  author:sheekap  ncis-timeline:season-4  trust-issues  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
august 2012 by csad
Konoha no Senkou Arashi (WIP) by Minion of Set
Summary: She's finally become a shinobi, after years of acting the fool. Well, mostly acting anyway... FemNaruto. NaruSasu. Please Read and Review. I think you'll be surprised. || Excellent story. Easily the best femNaru story as yet. Great characterisations, especially Hinata's. Updated: 08-13-12

Tv Tropes Rec page with more details: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/KonohaNoSenkouArashi
fandom:naruto  ar  pairing:naruto/sasuke  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:hinata  c:kakashi  c:sandaime  c:hyuuga-hiashi  c:rookie-nine  c:zabuza  c:haku  c:other-characters  different-team(s)  teamfic  action  humor  romance  angst  powerful!naruto  powerful!hinata  powerful!sasuke  genderswap  female-born!naruto  <152.000  rating:pg-13  author:minion_of_set  first-time  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
august 2012 by csad
Naruto: Iron Soul (WIP) by PlaceholderName
Summary: An accident results in Naruto acquiring a unique advantage and a new instructor. Can Ebisu guide Naruto down the path of a successful ninja? || Excellent and original, yet still a Narutoverse story, with the premise that Narutoverse is a post-apocalyptic Earth. Naruto has, after an almost fatal accident, a Kyuubi-given ability. (But no super!Naruto here.) Naruto's injuries force him to quit the academy, but Sandaime hires Ebisu to tutor him. Ebisu proves to be an awesome sensei. Later, Team 9 consists of Naruto, Neji, and Tenten, with Ebisu as jounin sensei. Barely anything stays the same as in canon now. Chuunin exams invasion plan? Yes. But with Gaara dead (courtesy of silent assassins Team 9) and Orochimaru dead (courtesy of Sandaime), not possible. Oh, and did I mention bamf!Sandaime?

WIP, but updated often. Last updated: 07-13-12

Recced on DLP with surprisingly spot-on comments: https://forums.darklordpotter.net/showthread.php?t=22121
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sandaime  c:ebisu  c:neji  c:tenten  c:rookie-nine  c:iruka  c:jiraiya  c:orochimaru  c:oc  c:other-characters  different-team(s)  sensei!ebisu  action  general  teamfic  powerful!naruto  powerful!neji  powerful!tenten  bamf!sandaime  narutoverse:post-apocalyptic-earth  character-death  <102.000  rating:pg-13  author:PlaceholderName  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
august 2012 by csad
Teach Your Children Well (WIP) by AvocadoLove
Summary: After Madara final attack on the village, Rokudaime Kakashi uncovers a time-travel scroll. Now he's Team Seven's sensei again. And this time, he's going to do things differently. A time travel fic. || The means for the time travel is flimsy, but otherwise a good story. Kakashi has to constantly control his urge to just outright kill Sasuke, and while he at first decides to do it on the first mission out of the village, he later decides to try and steer him away from his path, and if it doesn't work, there's always the first option. This time, though, things seem to be working out differently. A bit disappointing, in that Kakashi doesn't have them on the sort of training regimen you'd expect, but interesting nonetheless. Updated: 04-30-13
fandom:naruto  ar  c:kakashi  c:iruka  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:sandaime  c:oc  c:other-characters  c:team-7  timetravel  action  angst  drama  family  teamfic  rokudaime!kakashi  pov:kakashi  <32.000  rating:pg-13  author:avocadolove  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
august 2012 by csad
The Best Laid Plans (WIP) by arun2110
Updated: 07-31-12 --An excellent story that concentrates around Fire and Konoha going to war and how it happens. A few small things in Naruto's past go differently, causing him to not be deadlast, so no Mizuki debacle. Naruto's taijutsu fight with Sasuke for the genin exam ends up with them respecting each other and bonding.

After a talk with Sandaime, Kakashi decides on a different route for Team 7: Instead of using the bell test, he decides to live up to his name as ex-ANBU and more or less goes psycho on Team 7. The brutal training makes the team tight-knit and strong, so that not only does the Wave mission go differently, but the Chuunin exams as well. Especially since Konoha is prepared for war, not just invasion. (Also, the way the Gaara fight goes is awesome.)

Basically Team 7 here is more focused, loyal, stronger, and most importantly, insane. Kakashi truly outdoes himself with them. And when Jiraiya later trains them, well, the reason is:
"I'm your teacher because the village expects you to become accomplished S-rank killers in time for the coming war," the sannin elaborated.

This is also the story where Naruto invents and is forced to use the equivalent of a nuke, leaving him broken. ||

Anger flashed in Sasuke's face for a brief moment and Naruto saw within it, the crazy animal barely restrained and carefully hidden under a façade of aloofness. He burst into laughter at the revelation and continued without giving Sasuke time to frame a reply, "Oh, this is great. You're crazy. Under that detached exterior of yours, you're as insane as I am."

The look on Sasuke's face was askance.

"Tell me, Sasuke," Naruto's voice dropped to a whisper even as his eyes met the Uchiha's in direct challenge, "how often does the desire to kill strike you?"

This time, it was Sasuke who broke eye contact.

"Everyday," he whispered back, looking into infinity. Then strongly, as if he dared the other to challenge him, "Every second, every minute, every hour of everyday. That's how often. I'm an avenger and I live to kill one man."

Naruto stared back at Sasuke for what seemed like hours, but was in fact only a few seconds and finally chuckled.

"I pity the bastard who pissed you off. But you haven't answered my question. What do you want?"

"Strength. Power. To kill that man," Sasuke replied, his voice now devoid of emotion as a haunted look dawned in his eyes. "I want to train with you."

Naruto bit his lips in thought. He knew he wasn't very smart, but even he could guess what the Uchiha was asking off him and how steep a price it would exact on his mind. The desire to be fastest had been stamped on his soul after his close encounter of the disemboweling kind followed by the bath in blood. His physical speed was what kept the mental demons at bay during the night and peace during the day. Training with him, Sasuke, with his sharingan, would gain that swiftness faster than you could say boo! And without that sense of safety guaranteed by his speed, Naruto knew he would go crazy with fear.

"You ask a lot," he sighed, weighing his options. Possibly more of me than I can bear to lose and live with any semblance of sanity.

Sasuke nodded but did not reply.

Finally, Naruto sighed in defeat. Refusing wasn't really a choice as Sasuke would learn the speed with or without Naruto's help. The Uchiha would get many chances to see the latter in action in the coming weeks and months, after all.

"Alright, but it has to be an exchange. My speed for your jutsu."

Sasuke, who'd expected something akin to this, smiled.



Blinking the tears that had brimmed in her eyes at Sasuke's words, Sakura took a deep breath, feeling petulant and betrayed. If she was to be teammates with these two demons masquerading as boys – and she did not doubt that they were monsters anymore having experienced their cruelty first hand – then she would need to be strong. She imagined, as her thoughts took a darker turn, that they would throw her to the wolves if they thought they could gain the least advantage in the fight.

fandom:naruto  ar  c:sandaime  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:team-7  c:jiraiya  c:tsunade  c:orochimaru  c:danzo  c:akatsuki  c:rookie-nine  c:oc  c:anko  c:other-characters  powerful!naruto  powerful!sasuke  powerful!sakura  awesome-sensei!kakashi  godaime!kakashi  anbu!naruto  anbu!sasuke  anbu!sakura  broken!naruto  dark  action  angst  drama  general  teamfic  family  <169.000  rating:adult  author:arun2110  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
july 2012 by csad
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