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A Normal Conversation by umeboshi-girl
Summary: Only Hinata could think Uchiha Sasuke was strange in comparison to Rock Lee. Oneshot gen fic.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:hinata  c:sasuke  humor  general  pov:hinata  <1.000  rating:pg  author:umeboschi-girl  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
may 2013 by csad
The Slightly Ecchi Adventures of Rock Lee (1/4) by solderini
Summary: Tomorrow night, Sakura wants to make Lee into a man! Knowing this, our hero prepares himself for the trial ahead in his own special way! [[SakuLee, NejiTen]] Probably rated too high, but better than too low, I think.
fandom:naruto  pairing:sakura/lee  pairing:neji/tenten  pairing:naruto/sasuke  c:lee  c:sakura  c:neji  c:tenten  c:gai  c:kakashi  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  humor  romance  <11.000  rating:r  author:solderini  estab-rel  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
may 2013 by csad
Keep Your Enemies Close, Keep Your Clichés Closer by Caffeinated Star
Summary: Because, no matter what, any time you stuck Naruto and Sasuke in the Valley of Time with a Rasengan, a Chidori, the Kyuubi, Madara, or seals, only one thing could possibly happen from there: time travel.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:iruka  humor  general  timetravel  powerful!naruto  powerful!sasuke  <2.000  rating:pg-13  author:caffeinated_star  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
may 2013 by csad
The Road Of Life by Lord Mendasuit
Summary: In which a very bored Hiruzen makes a chronically tardy jounin's life just a little bit better.
fandom:naruto  c:sandaime  c:kakashi  humor  general  pov:sandaime  <500  rating:g  author:lord_mendasuit  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
may 2013 by csad
Three Jerks And A Scarecrow (WIP) by Lord Mendasuit
Summary: In which Team 7 contains an arrogant douchebag, an imitator and a robber, and they're not who you're expecting them to be. Inspired by every other fic with the same premise ever.

|| OOC humor. Updated: 04-18-13
fandom:naruto  fusion:multifandom  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sakura  c:sasuke  c:kakashi  c:team-7  c:sandaime  c:iruka  c:other-characters  humor  teamfic  general  action  powerful!naruto  powerful!sasuke  powerful!sakura  <17.000  rating:pg-13  author:lord_mendasuit  status:wip  type:fanfiction  crossover/fusion 
may 2013 by csad
Devil Children (WIP) by Lucillia
Summary: When the surviving members of the Konoha 12 plus Sai wake up to find themselves in the past, and that their future would be there waiting for them when they got home, they decide to have some fun. If Past Konoha gets trashed in the process, well...

|| Updated: 05-07-13
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:shikamaru  c:sakura  c:hinata  c:kakashi  c:sandaime  humor  general  timetravel  rokudaime!naruto  powerful!naruto  <2.000  rating:r  author:lucillia  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
may 2013 by csad
The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men (WIP) by Lucillia
Summary: When Naruto decides to skip past the Kage Bunshin and picks another jutsu to learn from the Forbidden Scroll, Madara - who'd dearly love to kill the brat - is left scrambling to salvage his plans.

|| Updated: 05-06-13
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:iruka  c:sandaime  c:madara  humor  general  <5.000  rating:pg  author:lucillia  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
may 2013 by csad
Full Bloom by Random1377
Summary: Sakura notices something odd in the mirror, and since her mother seems hesitant to explain what's going on, she decides to find her own answers...but is she ready for the truth? First place winner in the 2006 Great Heaven and Earth Fanfiction Contest.
fandom:naruto  pairing:naruto/sakura  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sakura  c:haruno-family  c:tsunade  c:ino  humor  romance  <6.000  rating:pg-13  author:Random1377  first-time  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
may 2013 by csad
Minimum Requirement (WIP) by Lucillia
Summary: A pair of shinobi come up with a rather novel way of shirking Naruto watching duty.

|| Updated: 05-10-13
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sandaime  humor  general  <2.000  rating:pg  author:lucillia  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
may 2013 by csad
Congratulations Kakashi, You've Made History! by Lucillia
Summary: When people talk about Kakashi's greatness as a ninja, they mention how he graduated Konoha's Ninja Academy at the age of 5 and made Chunin at the age of 6, carefully leaving out what came afterward...

Rated: Fiction K - English - Humor - Kakashi H. & Minato N. - Chapters: 2 - Words: 234 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 76 - Follows: 22 - Updated: 06-03-13 - Published: 05-01-13 - Status: Complete - id: 9254254
fandom:naruto  c:kakashi  c:yondaime  humor  general  <500  rating:g  author:lucillia  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
may 2013 by csad
The Wrong End of the Stick (WIP) by Lucillia
Summary: When the Sandaime makes the mistake of telling a young Naruto about his mother, the boy jumps to certain conclusions. Matters aren't helped when Asuma realizes that this is the perfect opportunity to prank his father. Now, Naruto wants to be like his father the Hokage. The Sandaime Hokage.

|| Updated: 04-30-13
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:asuma  c:sandaime  c:ichiraku-teuchi  c:iruka  humor  general  family  <3.000  rating:pg  author:lucillia  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Kami no Shinobi (WIP) by Rael Orion
Summary: Spoilers up to chapter 500. As Uchiha Madara prepares to unleash the Kyuubi, a surprising person makes his appearance. Saving Kushina and stopping the Kyuubi, this man needs not even make himself a legend. He already is. Pairings inside.

|| Updated: 07-25-10

Naruto travels back in time, saves Minato and Kushina, transforms Kyuubi into a human female, and keeps annoying everyone with his stock reply of "I'm the Rikudo Sennin" to almost every question, not just the ones about his impossible abilities.
fandom:naruto  ar  pairing:minato/kushina  pairing:naruto/kyuubi  c:yondaime  c:kushina  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:kyuubi  c:kakashi  c:rin_(naruto)  c:madara  humor  action  timetravel  powerful!naruto  transformation  genderswap  female!kyuubi  <14.000  rating:r  author:rael_orion  status:abandoned?  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Initial Offensive (WIP) by Zephyrus-Prime
Summary: Ino had already made the first move. She had the advantage. [True]Sequel to 'The Art of Unspoken Words'.

|| Updated: 12-23-07
fandom:naruto  pairing:naruto/ino  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:ino  c:sakura  c:kakashi  humor  romance  angst  jealousy  jealous!sakura  courtship  <24.000  rating:pg-13  author:zephyrus-prime  estab-rel  status:abandoned?  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
A Little Joke by Zephyrus-Prime
Summary: The demon cleared its throat, closed its eyes, and in perfect imitation of a certain blonde kunoichi, proceeded to reenact the night’s previous encounter. [Semi]Sequel to 'The Art of Unspoken Words'.
fandom:naruto  pairing:naruto/ino  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:ino  c:kyuubi  humor  romance  courtship  series:the-forgetting-game  <2.000  rating:r  author:zephyrus-prime  first-time  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
The Forgetting Game by Zephyrus-Prime
Summary: He said, ‘Naruto, if you’re considered old enough to kill for your village, then you’re old enough to drink whatever the hell you want.’ Oneshot InoxNaruto
fandom:naruto  pairing:naruto/ino  pre-het  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:ino  angst  romance  humor  courtship  series:the-forgetting-game  <3.000  rating:pg-13  author:zephyrus-prime  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
About the Unmentionable Brother (WIP) by Simple-Minded Idiot
Summary: Naruto knows no limits. That's kind of a bad thing for Sasuke, especially when he just wants to sleep and forget the fact that the ground he's sleeping on is harder than Naruto's head.

|| Updated: 07-25-10
fandom:naruto  ar  c:sasuke  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:kakashi  c:team-7  humor  general  <600  rating:pg  author:simpel-minded_idiot  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Hazards of the Job by Jitka Jaylor
Ibiki had endured the harshest training to become a tokubetsu in human psychology. He’d been through tortures and pains both emotional and physical to make him the best in his chosen field.
fandom:naruto  c:ibiki  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:kakashi  humor  general  anbu!naruto  anbu!kakashi  pov:ibiki  <15.000  rating:pg  author:jitkajaylor  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
The Bird (1/2) by Asuka Kureru (askerian)
Summary: TWOSHOTS, complete, Neji centric, GEN. Naruto generously gives Neji a pet. Maybe he should have asked if Neji even wanted it. Now with sequel.
fandom:naruto  c:neji  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:hinata  c:hanabi  c:hyuuga-hiashi  c:tenten  c:lee  humor  general  pet:bird  pov:neji  <13.000  rating:pg  author:askerian  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
An Intervention (WIP) by Andrew Joshua Talon
Summary: Anko and Naruto are up to something. And the rest of the Konoha 12 are out to find out what it is. No matter the cost!

|| Updated: 03-28-13

A chaos through a misunderstanding fic. Sakura thinks Anko and Naruto are in a sexual relationship, and decides Naruto must be rescued from the clutches of the deviant. Hinata and Ino are all too willing to rescue Naruto by seducing him themselves, while Sasuke is all too willing to help by turning Anko's attention on himself. Kiba and Shino approve of Naruto landing Anko. But unfortunately for all involved, the prudes Sakura and Lee are determined to ruin it for everyone.

Jiraiya and Kakashi are amused as hell.
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:anko  c:sakura  c:ino  c:hinata  c:sasuke  c:shino  c:kiba  c:neji  c:lee  c:ichiraku-ayame  c:gai  c:kakashi  c:kurenai  c:asuma  c:jiraiya  c:tsunade  c:kyuubi  humor  general  <21.000  rating:pg-13  author:andrew_joshua_taylor  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Lay Down Your Burdens by INeedAHaircut
Summary: A secret that everyone knows isn't much of a secret. Uzumaki Naruto, Konoha's unknown prodigy, independently uncovers the reason why his village despises his existence. Then he decides to do something about it. Oneshot.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:kyuubi  c:sandaime  c:danzo  c:konoha-council  humor  drama  general  fuuinjutsu-master!naruto  naruto-leaves  series:lay-down-your-burdens  <10.000  rating:r  author:ineedahaircut  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Her name was Noriko (WIP) by KT-chan88
Summary: This is a jaded!Naruto time travel fic who tries to remain blasé against the wrath of Sasuke's vengeful descendents, being sent back in time to a female body, a cranky civilian doctor and a doting Kakashi-papa wannabe. A serious fic. Sorta.

|| Updated: 06-05-12

(Warning: non-con on a kid in the first chapter. The actual act is not described, but the aftermath is, i.e. how the little girl is not believed and reprimanded for lying by everyone. As a result, the little girl commits suicide.)
fandom:naruto  ar  alternate-dimensions  timetravel  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:kakashi  c:sandaime  c:koharu  c:homura  c:danzo  c:uchiha-clan  c:uchiha-fugaku  c:uchiha-mikoto  c:itachi  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:hinata  c:iruka  c:other-characters  genderswap  female-born!naruto  powerful!naruto  rokudaime!naruto  broken!naruto  action  angst  drama  general  family  humor  <38.000  rating:pg  author:kt-chan88  status:abandoned?  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Konoha's Greatest Hoax by Lucillia
Summary: When something completely unpredictable that could end up destroying any number of plans and land two of them into serious trouble happens, three shinobi end up faking one of the most significant events in Konoha's history.
fandom:naruto  c:itachi  c:kabuto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:madara  humor  general  <2.000  rating:pg  author:lucillia  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Game of Life Series: 5. Management Material by myiaka
Checkmate. Tony wins.

(Incidentally, McGee learns a bit more about the political game going on around him he's utterly blind to.)

(Warning: atrocious grammar/spelling)
fandom:ncis  c:dinozzo  c:gibbs  c:mcgee  c:abby  c:ducky  c:oc  general  humor  bamf!dinozzo  c:jenny-shepard  c:ziva  bashing:jenny-shepard  bashing:ziva  series:game-of-life  <5.000  rating:pg-13  author:myiaka  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover  ncis-timeline:season-3 
april 2013 by csad
There Are Only Three Things Certain In Life by havocthecat [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: There are only three things certain in life. Death, taxes, and Tony DiNozzo's continual need to pick on McGee.
fandom:ncis  c:gibbs  c:dinozzo  c:mcgee  c:kate-todd  humor  general  teamfic  <1.000  rating:pg  author:havocthecat  ncis-timeline:season-1/2  status:complete 
april 2013 by csad
Hoist By His Own Edo Tensei by Lord Mendasuit
Summary: In which a plothole is exploited for the sake of comedy. Orochimaru really should've thought twice about using Edo Tensei to bring back to life the man responsible for inventing it in the first place, ne?
fandom:naruto  c:orochimaru  c:sandaime  c:senju-tobirama  c:senju-hashirama  humor  general  <500  rating:pg-13  author:lord_mendasuit  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Good Communication Skills by Lord Mendasuit
Summary: A decent, convincing argument wherein you explain your reasons for doing something can go a long way in keeping a previously strained friendship intact. Sasuke is, as a matter of fact, intelligent enough to deduce this on his own, even if it might not seem so at first glance.
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  humor  general  <2.000  rating:pg-13  author:lord_mendasuit  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
I now pronounce you... by YeayOrNay [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: An alibi gets out of hand || McGee is sure it's all Abby and Tony playing a joke on him. Vance is exasperated and thinks that it's the stupidest cover-up he's ever heard of.

“That has to be the worst idea ever, Tony!”

“I know, that’s why it might just work! No one would believe we’d do something like this!”

“They’d be right.”

Tony pretends not to listen and just keeps going. “And the best part is, no one is going to expect it to last either, not with your history.”

“Don’t really feel like getting divorced for the fourth time Tony.”

“Oh come on, you’ve managed 10 years without getting married, it’s due to happen soon anyways. Better me than some red head woman who takes half your money and causes lots of drama. I’ll even sign a prenup!”

fandom:ncis  pairing:gibbs/dinozzo  c:gibbs  c:dinozzo  c:vance  humor  romance  pining!gibbs  oblivious!dinozzo  marriage  c:mcgee  outed:accidentally  outed:on-purpose  c:ziva  <8.000  rating:pg-13  author:yeayornay  first-time  ncis-timeline:ambiguous  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
All In Good Time by KaylaShay, kaylashay81 (KaylaShay) [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: In the end, Gibbs didn't have to lift a finger and that suited him just fine. || Gibbs is annoyed because Tony has more lives than a cat and refuses to die.
fandom:ncis  crossover:highlander  pairing:gibbs/dinozzo  pre-slash  c:gibbs  c:dinozzo  humor  romance  immortal!gibbs  immortal!dinozzo  pov:gibbs  <600  rating:pg-13  author:kaylashay81  ncis-timeline:ambiguous  type:fanfiction  status:complete  crossover/fusion 
april 2013 by csad
Chicago and Change by Tassos
Summary: The NCIS team tracks a national security threat to Chicago's 27th precinct, but Harding Welsh doesn't have a hand to spare. Fortunately Fraser and Ray are in town for a visit.
fandom:due-south  crossover:ncis  post-cotw  pairing:fraser/kowalski  c:fraser  c:kowalski  c:welsh  c:elaine  c:frannie  c:gibbs  c:dinozzo  c:mcgee  c:ziva  c:abby  humor  general  casefic  <11.000  rating:pg  author:tassos  estab-rel  ncis-timeline:ambiguous  status:complete  type:fanfiction  crossover/fusion 
april 2013 by csad
Snow Day by C_C [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: While snowed in at a hotel McGee learns a few things about Tony. || Tony and Gibbs out themselves over Star Trek XI and Kirk/McCoy. Pure fluff.
fandom:ncis  pairing:gibbs/dinozzo  c:mcgee  c:ziva  c:gibbs  c:dinozzo  humor  romance  outed:on-purpose  <2.000  rating:pg-13  author:C_C  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Alternate Transportation (1/3) by Lucillia
Summary: At the shrine at which the Higurashi family resides, there is a well that takes Higurashi Kagome 500 years into the past. At another shrine however... || The source of technology in the Narutoverse.
fandom:naruto  crossover:inuyasha  humor  general  timetravel  alternate-dimensions  <600  rating:pg  author:lucillia  status:complete  type:fanfiction  crossover/fusion 
april 2013 by csad
Izuna and Madara Hogwarts Professors (WIP) by Lucillia
Summary: After Izuna's adventure ends, he and Madara go to another world to search for the Sage of the Six Paths' hidden legacy. What they find is a cursed job, another branch of the family, and that they're stuck there for a year.

|| Updated: 04-07-13
fandom:naruto  crossover:harry-potter  alternate-dimensions  gof-compliant  c:uchiha-izuna  c:madara  c:dumbledore  c:fudge  c:percy-weasley  c:hagrid  c:malfoys  c:ron-weasley  c:harry-potter  c:hermione-granger  c:other-characters  humor  general  series:izuna's-travels  <13.000  rating:pg-13  author:lucillia  status:wip  crossover/fusion  type:fanfiction 
april 2013 by csad
Jounin Present by Lucillia
Summary: Obito may not have been the only one to forget to buy Kakashi a present.
fandom:naruto  c:yondaime  c:rin_(naruto)  c:kakashi  general  humor  <500  rating:g  author:lucillia  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Rodney McKay: Cat Lady of Atlantis by mklutz [Archive of Our Own]

Rodney waved this aside as unimportant (which it was). “That’s not important, Elizabeth. What is important is the possible uses for this machine! It re-sequences matter! We could convert junk into food or weapons or—“

“—Wraith into humans!”

“---or cats,” Zelenka rolled his eyes.
fandom:sga  humor  general  action  teamfic  transformation  cat!ronon  cat!teyla  cat!zelenka  cat!john  something-made-them-do-it  c:mckay  c:sheppard  c:ronon  c:teyla  c:zelenka  c:elizabeth-weir  c:kolya  c:lorne  <2.000  rating:pg  author:mklutz  sga-timeline:season-2/3  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Belling the Cat by mklutz [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: In Rod's Atlantis, no science team explores a new area of the city without a military escort. They've prevented a lot of accidents this way and saved a lot of lives. He's never been the most militant of men, but he's diligent and hard-working and has an eye for detail like no one else. He also has three doctorates and a large body of Star Trek trivial knowledge.
fandom:sga  mensa-verse  humor  general  transformation  something-made-them-do-it  cat!rod  cat!lorne  cat!zelenka  c:rod  c:ronon  c:teyla  c:lorne  c:zelenka  c:o'neill  c:daniel-jackson  c:mensa!john  <3.000  rating:pg  author:mklutz  status:complete  sga-timeline:season-2/3  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Corrective Lenses: Index by Pares (kormantic) [Archive of Our Own]
1. Ophthalmology

Hopped up on stimulants because he had to repair the shield of some planet, Rodney can't sleep, but yoga seems to help. In the following weeks, he gets headaches that they at first think is a side effect of said stimulants. Turns out Rodney needs glasses, nothing else. But unfortunately, John is very, very distracted by Rodney in glasses, and gives himself away.

2. boys who wear glasses

Ronon discusses with John how Rodney looks in glasses.
fandom:sga  pairing:mckay/sheppard  first-time  humor  romance  jealousy  jealous!john  pining!john  c:ronon  c:teyla  c:other-characters  teamfic  pov:sheppard  series:corrective-lenses  <13.000  rating:r  author:pares  non-crossover  type:fanfiction  sga-timeline:season-2/3 
april 2013 by csad
Payback by Lucillia
Summary: In a world where everyone but Madara and Obito got their happily-ever-after, Sasuke decides he wants a bit of closure, and like an idiot, Naruto decides to help him. After-all, when are such things ever so simple with one whose main goal in life is to get revenge? ||

The instant the seal was complete, Sasuke stepped into the array and indicated that he was ready to go. As he activated the seal, the door to the room slammed open and Sakura raced in.

"Naruto!" she yelled frantically "Don't send him yet, Sasuke's got the weaponized..."

But it was already too late, Sasuke was gone.[...]

"...Sex pollen." Sakura finished as a smirking Sasuke re-appeared.
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:senju-hashirama  c:senju-tobirama  c:madara  humor  general  timetravel  <1.000  rating:pg  author:lucillia  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Corey (WIP) by C_C [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Snapshots of a boy and his grandparents. In the "If the King had run off with Prince Charming..." universe.

Updated: 2013-04-19
fandom:ncis  ar  pairing:gibbs/dinozzo  c:abby  c:oc  family  humor  romance  kidfic  series:prince  <3.000  rating:pg  author:C_C  estab-rel  ncis-timeline:ambiguous  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
march 2013 by csad
Prince Series: Index by C_C [Archive of Our Own]
1. If the King had run off with Prince Charming...:
Mention of a "Hot date" leaves several Gibbs family secrets exposed. And Tony trying to hide in plain sight.

2. Corey:
Snapshots of a boy and his grandparents. In the "If the King had run off with Prince Charming..." universe.
fandom:ncis  ar  pairing:gibbs/dinozzo  c:abby  c:ziva  c:mcgee  c:ducky  c:palmer  c:jenny-shepard  c:fornell  c:emily-fornell  c:jackson-gibbs  c:dinozzo-senior  c:other-characters  c:oc  family  teamfic  romance  humor  angst  jealous!jenny  outed:accidentally  outed:on-purpose  series:prince  <135.000  rating:pg-13  author:C_C  estab-rel  ncis-timeline:season-4  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
march 2013 by csad
Icha Icha Tensei (WIP) by Prosthetic Forehead
Summary: Naruto finds himself trapped in a parallel world after a technique gone awry... where everyone is corrupted by Jiraiya's awful "literature"! How will Naruto survive? How will he find his way home? Will he even want to! NarutoHarem

|| Sometime in the future, Naruto, now jounin, is fighting against Orochimaru, who is using zombified!Jiraiya and zombified!Tsunade against him. Then he orders zombi!Jiraiya to use his secret, ultimate technique to kill Naruto: Kuchiyose: Ero Tensei. The next thing Naruto knows, he's back in time, to when he returned to Konoha after his training trip with Jiraiya. But one big problem: This is not the Konoha Naruto knows. This is Jiraiya's utopia, and virtually every female he comes across tries to seduce and/or rape him. Poor Naruto has no idea what the hell is going on, and wonders whether he's in a weird genjutsu.

Updated: 04-03-13
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:orochimaru  c:jiraiya  c:kakashi  c:sakura  c:tsunade  c:hinata  c:ino  c:anko  c:tenten  c:ichiraku-ayame  c:other-characters  humor  crack  romance  timetravel  powerful!naruto  <20.000  rating:r  author:prosthetic_forehead  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
march 2013 by csad
Eight Bijuu and Counting (WIP) by Timballisto
Summary: "I may have, um, destroyed the statue containing the eight Bijuu." Naruto stammered. "I think I, ah, accidently missed with Rasenshuriken and I, er, kind of hit the statue. It-" he coughed uncomfortably. "disentigrated." /NaruSaku\ Timetravel!Sannin Era

Updated: 08-06-11
fandom:naruto  type:fanfiction  status:wip  timetravel  pairing:naruto/sakura  pre-het  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sakura  c:sandaime  c:jiraiya  c:tsunade  c:orochimaru  c:hatake-sakumo  c:other-characters  action  general  humor  angst  drama  powerful!naruto  powerful!sakura  sage!naruto  fuuinjutsu-master!naruto  <24.000  rating:pg-13  author:timballisto  non-crossover 
march 2013 by csad
Steal My Thunder God (WIP) by Nauro
Summary: Naruto has always carried his father's legacy, in more ways that one. When an attempt to replicate the Fourth's greatest technique sends him to times long passed, he must take up that legacy, far more directly than he ever dreamed. || Updated: 04-16-13
fandom:naruto  type:fanfiction  status:wip  timetravel  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:yondaime  c:kushina  c:sandaime  c:jiraiya  c:kakashi  c:gai  c:uchiha-clan  c:danzo  action  humor  general  angst  drama  powerful!naruto  <57.000  rating:pg-13  author:nauro  non-crossover 
march 2013 by csad
Harry's Big Brother (WIP) by Lucillia
Summary: When James and Lily visit a fertility clinic in 1979 in order to help nature take its course, they end up bringing a certain eleven year-old boy home with them for the Summer. As a result, Harry ends up with a "Big Brother" who despite being a muggle could potentially make Voldemort look like an abject failure. || Updated: 03-13-13
fandom:harry-potter  pre-hogwarts  marauders-era  pairing:james/lily  c:james-potter  c:lily-potter  c:sirius  c:remus  c:khan  humor  general  <6.000  rating:pg-13  author:lucillia  status:wip  type:fanfiction  crossover/fusion  crossover:star-trek-tos  c:harry-potter 
march 2013 by csad
Of Ancient Languages and Ancient Inventions by Flamebyrd
Summary: Crossover with Highlander. "Methos had to admit that after spending all that time hanging around Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, Defender of Honour and Chivalry and Hero of the Highlands, he found Dr. Rodney McKay rather refreshing."

Categories: Crossovers > General
Characters: John Sheppard, Other, Rodney McKay
Genres: Action/Adventure, Humour
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 2074; Completed: Yes
fandom:sga  crossover:highlander  crossover/fusion  type:fanfiction  status:complete  c:mckay  c:sheppard  c:ronon  c:teyla  humor  general  pov:methos  3rd-person-pov:methos  <3.000  rating:g  author:flamebyrd  sga-timeline:season-2/3  c:methos 
march 2013 by csad
What The Ducklings Did On Their Summer Vacation by roga
Rating: PG-13, gen.
Words: ~6600.
Characters: Ducklings, SGA ensemble.
Summary: Wherein the ducklings are recruited, captured, rescued, yelled at, and that thing they’re not going to mention again ever, and discover that brilliant jerks aren't only found on Earth.
Notes: Set after the House S3 finale, and sometime after the Tao of Rodney. Thanks mostly to zulu, for encouraging me to write even as I wallowed in procrastination.

[ Alternate link: http://roga.livejournal.com/97652.html ]
fandom:sga  crossover:house  type:fanfiction  crossover/fusion  status:complete  c:carson  c:mckay  c:sheppard  c:ronon  c:teyla  c:zelenka  c:robert-chase  c:allison-cameron  c:eric-foreman  c:greg-house  humor  general  <7.000  rating:pg-13  author:roga  sga-timeline:season-2/3 
march 2013 by csad
thedeadparrot: Wilson & McKay snippet
Wilson was not entirely sure how he ended up the Chief Medical Officer of the Atlantis Expedition, but he suspected it was because the first four people in line for the job before him had been killed off by (a) Wraith, (b) humans, (c) Wraith-human hybrids, and (d) giant spiders. To be fair, they did offer the position to Cuddy first, but she decided to stick with her gate team instead.
fandom:sga  crossover/fusion  crossover:house  type:fanfiction  status:complete  c:mckay  c:james-wilson  humor  general  pov:wilson  <500  rating:pg  author:thedeadparrot  c:greg-house  sga-timeline:post-canon 
march 2013 by csad
The Legacy by KaylaShay, kaylashay81 (KaylaShay) [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: They were both looking good for dead men. || Gibbs and Tony are killed during a case. And now they need to de-age and start a new life.
fandom:ncis  crossover:highlander  ar  pairing:gibbs/dinozzo  humor  romance  immortal!gibbs  immortal!dinozzo  de-aged  <2.000  rating:r  author:kaylashay81  first-time  status:complete  type:fanfiction  crossover/fusion 
march 2013 by csad
The Greatest Enemy (WIP) by Shaay
Summary: Being the Fourth Hokage meant he had many enemies. So who did he consider his greatest enemy? SasuxNaru. || The tale of the "epic" enmity between Minato and his greatest enemy: toddler Sasuke.

Updated: 12-16-12

Minato froze and slowly lowered his gaze to the evil, evil little boy staring up at him with what could only be described as a superior look on his face and visibly twitched.

Minato: 0, Sasuke: 1.

It was then that he realized how wrong he was. The littlest Uchiha wasn't the spawn of Satan. He was the prince of darkness himself.
fandom:naruto  ar  pairing:sasuke/naruto  pre-slash  c:yondaime  c:sasuke  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:kakashi  c:uchiha-mikoto  humor  family  general  yondaime-alive  pov:minato  <7.000  rating:pg  author:shaay  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
march 2013 by csad
Big Fish, Tiny Pond (WIP) by BukkakeNoJutsu
Summary: In the aftermath of Pein's attack on Konoha, Naruto is given a task vital to his village's safety. His mission: Beat the chuunin exam in Kirigakure like a rented mule. Like it owed him money. Like he wanted revenge.

Last Updated: 11-02-12
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:karui  c:kakashi  c:tsunade  c:oc  humor  crack  general  powerful!naruto  <5.000  rating:pg-13  author:BukkakeNoJutsu  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
Little Uzumaki (WIP) by Lucillia
Summary: After he and his team have an accident with the Fountain of Youth, the now two year-old Naruto somehow manages to save the day. Melting Gaara's heart with his cuteness and inspiring others to do good and to defeat Orochimaru and the Akatsuki along the way

When the toddler made a bunch of hand seals before blowing out a fireball that was rather massive considering who had just created it, all he could think was "Holy Shit!". Uchiha Itachi had nothing on his little brother. Apparently, Sasuke had activated his Sharingan at a very, very early age, considering the technique he'd just used, a technique that had been a signature move of the Uchiha clan and wasn't anywhere near as common amongst the Hyuuga.

The Hyuuga boy, having stood there like a total fucking moron since he seemed to be completely unable to believe that the fireball had existed until it had hit him, dropped to the ground and rolled to smother the flames. The Uchiha boy, who was barely standing and undoubtedly suffering from a mild case of Chakra Exhaustion, took this opportunity to run up to the older boy and kick him in the privates.

"That's for Hinata." The Uchiha boy said as he kicked the boy again before the still smouldering Hyuuga could bring his hands around to protect the rather vulnerable area.

While the Hyuuga boy clutched his privates in agony, the Uchiha boy made a very familiar set of handseals, and within seconds, the Hyuuga boy was on fire again thanks to a much weaker fireball that had knocked the Uchiha boy on his ass. Instead of falling unconscious like he expected him to, the Uchiha boy managed to crawl all the way over to the Hyuuga boy, stand up, and kick him in the balls again.

This was getting humiliating.


"Run for your lives! Someone was stupid enough to bring Naruto into battle and the Yondaime and Iruka have teamed up to deal with those they think might be responsible!"

|| Updated: 05-10-13
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:iruka  c:sandaime  c:itachi  c:madara  c:yondaime  c:orochimaru  c:akatsuki  c:danzo  c:hyuuga-hiashi  c:hinata  c:neji  c:hyuuga-clan  c:haruno-family  c:gai  c:lee  c:tenten  c:ino  c:kiba  c:shino  c:shikamaru  c:chouji  c:kabuto  c:ibiki  c:gaara  c:temari  c:kankuro  c:anko  c:jiraiya  c:kisame  humor  general  action  de-aged  kidfic  kid!sasuke  kid!naruto  kid!sakura  godaime!iruka  kid!itachi  yondaime-alive  powerful!iruka  <31.000  rating:pg-13  author:lucillia  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
Win Some, Lose Some (WIP) by obsidian dreamer
A collection of oneshots. 23 chapters, some interesting, some ridiculous(ly melodramatic). Last updated: 11-15-12

1: Naruto loses a bet. Or does he? Words: <6.000

2: Naruto's prankster abilities applied to Kakashi's bell test. Words: <8.000

3: During Tsunade retrieval: Naruto escapes Kisame and Itachi, dragging a stubborn Sasuke with him, and also managing to steal the semi-sentient Samehada. Words: <8.000

4: AR: Sane!Gaara, no invasion. Naruto faces off against Kankuro during the exams, and lets out his prankster nature. Words: <5.000

5: Continuation of #4. The Original Ninja Prankster is now up against Temari. Sandaime is mortified. Words: <12.000

6: Continuation of #5. Finals. Naruto vs. Gaara. Catapult! Rookie nine antics! Poor, beleaguered Kazekage! Words: <18.000

7: Angst. Wedding day of Hinata and Naruto. Former fiancé Kiba's sacrifice. Words: <9.000

8: During Naruto's training trip. Naruto rescues Yugito from Kakuzu and Hidan through deception. Result: financial ruin to Akatsuki, better relations between Kumo and Konoha, Yugito finding out just how dense Naruto is when it comes to people being interested in him. Words: <15.000

9: Yondaime found a way to actually kill Kyuubi, but Shinigami's price for that proves too high for Naruto. Words: <8.000

10: Explanation of #9. Hint: Warhammer 40k reference

11: Chuuni exams. If Naruto were a sensor, detected Orochimaru, warned everyone via Anko, and aced the second stage with an ingenious prank and good old deception. Words: <8.000

12: Naruto's taijutsu, WWE style. Kyuubi having fun. Kyuubi-bunshin. Sandaime, Team 7, Zabuza and Haku flabbergasted. Words: <23.000

13: Overpowered Naruto: perfect chakra control and is a master of wind chakra, thanks to should-drive-him-insane sort of Kagebunshin training. Return after timeskip: Mission with Ino, and he makes an unauthorized detour at Sound, killing Oro and bringing the angstbaby back. Fiancé to Yugito. Words: <35.000

14: Something Karin, now in Konoha's T&I, says makes Naruto understand what Madara's next move will be. Cue the unauthorized rescue squad of Naruto, Karin, and Anko making their way to Ame. Words: <24.000

15: An accidental snake poisoning, Kyuubi, et voila, Naruto is venomous. Words: <47.000

16: The oneshot that generated "The Mouse of Konoha". Words: <36.000

17: Thanks to Kyuubi and a clause in the Shiki Fuujin seal, Naruto is now immortal. This means he can get through the Sound Four's barrier, fight against Orochimaru and save Sandaime, getting the Kusanagi and later the chuunin vest out of the deal. Words: <18.000

18: Fusion with Doom. Naruto and Kyuubi's adventures in Hell and how, upon his return, he gets rid of the Akatsuki and Madara. Words: <77.000

19: Someone tricks Naruto into using the Shiki Fuuin and because Kushina and Minato make a deal with the Shinigami, Naruto gets a new ability: to control dreams with a rosary. This is how he saves Yakumo from the Ido and in return gets adopted into the Kurama clan. Words: <29.000

20: Naruto is secretly a father and mature enough to not enter the chuunin exams. Sasuke is enraged enough to try to kill him. When, because of a misunderstanding with the Hyuuga it comes out, Tsunade, Sandaime, Jiraiya, Kakashi and others find out the council's law regarding Naruto that they passed behind Sandaime's back. Heads are gonna roll. Fun: Kyuubi-bunshin, fatherly Kyuubi. Words: <51.000

21: Naruto develops three devastating techniques through unique uses of basic storage seals. Words: <24.000

22: An accident happens, and the blood of a demi-god alters six-year old Naruto into a half-human hybrid. Warhammer 40k crossover. Words: <86.000

23: Continuation of #22. Words: <100.000
fandom:naruto  crossover:doom  crossover:40k  pairing:naruto/fuu  pairing:naruto/yugito  pairing:naruto/hinata  pairing:iruka/anko  pairing:sasuke/sakura  pairing:kiba/ino  pairing:iruka/shizune  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sandaime  c:tsunade  c:jiraiya  c:shizune  c:iruka  c:kakashi  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:team-7  c:rookie-nine  c:kiba  c:hinata  c:shino  c:ino  c:shikamaru  c:chouji  c:neji  c:lee  c:tenten  c:gai  c:kurenai  c:asuma  c:itachi  c:kisame  c:gaara  c:temari  c:kankuro  c:kazekage  c:anko  c:akatsuki  c:yugito  c:orochimaru  c:madara  c:yuugao  c:mizukage  c:raikage  c:tsuchikage  c:ibiki  c:yamanaka-inoichi  c:hanabi  c:konohamaru  c:hyuuga-clan  c:konoha-council  c:other-characters  different-team(s)  powerful!naruto  immortal!naruto  adopted!naruto  rinnegan!naruto  fuuinjutsu-master!naruto  sensei!anko  bashing:konoha-council  bashing:sasuke  bashing:neji  action  humor  general  angst  drama  romance  <607.000  rating:pg-13  author:obsidian_dreamer  status:wip  type:fanfiction 
february 2013 by csad
Cutting Loose (WIP) by Chengar Qordath
Summary: Naruto and TenTen become friends while he's still at the Academy; TenTen helps Naruto graduate, and the two of them join Team Gai along with Rock Lee. Now, Naruto must learn what it means to be a jinchuriki, and how far he'll go to defend his ninja way.

|| This is the story where:

* Kumo tries to kidnap Naruto

* Sandaime uses Naruto's enthusiasm to help to make a bargain with Mei Terumi (who uses Naruto as a figurehead in their war against Yagura, while Kakashi, Kurenai, and Gai help as well)

* Naruto being the Kyuubi jinchuuriki is out in the open at Naruto's request

* Naruto being sabotaged by the Academy teachers is known

* Neji calls Naruto a genius for being able to come as far as he did despite the Academy teachers' sabotage

* Team Gai uses Naruto's reputation in the Elemental Countries to scare the crap out of their competition in the chuunin exams

* Yugito attends the chuunin exams with Kirabi's team, has a lot of fun annoying Naruto, and actually helps him later

* Itachi and Kisame crash the chuunin exams instead of Orochimaru

* Sasuke abandoning his teammates finally opens Sakura's eyes, who now hates Sasuke.

* Sasuke comes to his senses after his teammate gets a debilitating injury because he abandoned them to go after Itachi

Updated: 10-01-11
fandom:naruto  ar  pairing:naruto/tenten  c:lee  c:gai  c:sandaime  c:kakashi  c:kurenai  c:neji  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:oc  c:hinata  c:shino  c:kiba  c:rookie-nine  c:mizukage  c:yugito  c:gaara  c:temari  c:kankuro  c:other-characters  c:kisame  c:itachi  different-team(s)  action  angst  humor  romance  powerful!naruto  <168.000  rating:r  author:chengar_qordath  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
Intimate Relations (WIP) by wife-chan
Summary: Uchiha Naruto's only just found his one remaining family member, and the prank potential is just too much to pass up. Faux!gay!SasuNaruSasu, Confused&Disturbed!EverybodyElse. AU. WIP.

Updated: 09-22-10
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:team-7  c:rookie-nine  c:sandaime  c:konoha-council  c:gai  c:neji  c:lee  c:ino  c:kabuto  c:orochimaru  c:shikamaru  c:chouji  c:kiba  c:inuzuka-hana  c:hinata  c:ibiki  c:iruka  c:other-characters  action  humor  angst  drama  general  family  uchiha!naruto  bashing:konoha-council  jealousy  jealous!neji  pining!neji  <70.000  rating:r  author:wife-chan  status:abandoned?  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
The Wanderer: A Leaf in the Wind (WIP) by Darth Malleus
Summary: Confused and intrigued after the mission in the Land of Waves the wandering Samurai returns to the place of her birth, to learn more about herself and her origins, but what will she find, and what will her decision on her own future be? Continuation of The Wanderer.

|| Naruto and her friends go to Konoha to watch the chuunin exams as invited.

Updated: 02-16-13
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:haku  c:oc  c:sandaime  c:kakashi  c:sakura  c:sasuke  c:kiba  c:gaara  c:kankuro  c:temari  c:other-characters  action  angst  drama  general  humor  series:wanderer  <26.000  rating:pg-13  author:darth_malleus  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
How to Win Friends, Influence People (WIP) by sparrowette
Summary: And Start Your Very Own Secret Ninja Organization. Three months into Naruto's training trip Jiraiya must leave him behind to go to check on a situation in Iwa, leaving Naruto to his own devices. Naruto thinks everything he did makes perfect sense, Kiri thinks he is a cult leader and Tsunade thinks she doesn't get paid enough to deal with this. 100 drabbles format. || Much like "Uprooted" by Orrunan. Naruto thinks in a straight line in a world where people think in circles and unnecessarily complicate life. His Messianic powers and Therapy no Jutsu (also known as literally beating sense into people) makes it possible for people to see this. This is the story where Kabuto's first loyalty is to Naruto, because chameleon though he may be, he is first and foremost:

"friend-coloured", "cool-coloured", "lots-of-knowledge-coloured", and "always-keeps-promises-to-friends-colour".

Updated: 05-19-13
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:kabuto  c:jiraiya  c:sai  c:tsunade  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:danzo  c:oc  c:kyuubi  c:iruka  c:ino  c:kakashi  c:team-7  c:other-characters  humor  general  teamfic  family  action  <76.000  rating:g  author:sparrowette  status:wip  type:fanfiction 
february 2013 by csad
Naruto Gets Promoted by Froggy
Summary: After the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto persuades Tsunade to let him take the Chuunin Exams.
fandom:naruto  status:complete  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:tsunade  c:raikage  c:gaara  c:other-characters  humor  crack  general  powerful!naruto  <2.000  rating:pg  author:froggy  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
Wayne, what happened to those fountains! by Meinos Kaen
Summary: Naruto returns to Konoha and finally works up the courage to confess his true feelings to the love of his life. || ...With advice from Jiraiya. (His resulting happiness when she reciprocates freaks everyone out though.)
'Ero-sennin, wherever you are, you are from now on forever and ever my fucking hero.'
fandom:naruto  ar  pairing:naruto/oc  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:oc  c:sakura  c:ino  c:jiraiya  c:akatsuki  c:tsunade  c:kakashi  c:gai  c:shizune  humor  romance  <9.000  rating:pg-13  author:meinos_kaen  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
VENGEANCE! The Musical! The Story of Uchiha Sasuke (WIP) by Shadow Crystal Mage
Summary: The Sandaime insists eight year-old Sasuke get therapy. Iruka decides to make him participate in a theater production. So how does this lead to a smash hit musical about how he’s going to kill Itachi? CRACK!

|| Updated: 05-24-10
fandom:naruto  c:sasuke  c:itachi  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sandaime  c:kisame  c:zabuza  c:haku  c:orochimaru  humor  crack  general  <6.000  rating:pg-13  author:shadow_crystal_mage  status:abandoned?  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
What's the Worst That Could Happen? by Legendary Legacy
Summary: Kyubi's been acting strange, and it's making Naruto nervous. When the demon makes a strange request, Naruto's against it...that is, until he no longer has a choice. But hey, what's the worst that could happen? Mockfic. I'm still awesome at summaries. || Mockfic for tropes like overpowered Naruto, gentle/motherly!Kyuubi, etc.
fandom:naruto  humor  crack  general  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:kyuubi  c:jiraiya  c:akatsuki  powerful!naruto  <4.000  rating:pg-13  author:legendary_legacy  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
Summoning the Shinigami (WIP) by Writing bunny
Summary: The Shiki Fuujin. A forbidden technique created to summon the Shinigami. But which one? A series of independent oneshots. || Updated: 07-03-13

1: Minato summons Zaraki: "Oh, a battle!"

2: Sarutobi summons Byakuya: "How uncivilized[.] Disturbing the peace of the dead, possessing another's body."

3: Sarutobi summons Matsumoto: "Men are perverts everywhere[.] Now what was so important to drag me from my nail-poli… ahem, work?"

4: Minato summons Yachiru: "So cute! [...] That's a cute fluffy bunny you have there, Goldie[.] May I keep him?"

5: Minato summons Komamura: The overgrown cross between a fox and a rabbit was neither a Hollow nor an Arrancar, but it was still a spiritual being attacking mortals, and therefore his responsibility. He wondered what would it say to a slash with a Zanpakuto.

6: Sarutobi summons Yumichika: "You're all so ugly. [...] I hate ugly people[.]"

7: Minato summons Shunsui: "Oops, I spilled my sake[.] Do you have some more? And where am I and why did you drag me here? I was in the middle of something important, namely drinking and ogling pretty girls, you know?"

8: Minato summons Unohana: "Now what do we have here? [...] Oh! Such a cute baby!" [...] "I would appreciate if you didn't disturb us," she spoke quietly looking at the Kitsune.

9: Sarutobi summons Mayuri:

"Who are you?" Orochimaru asked.

"Research specimens don't speak," Kurotsuchi admonished him.

10: Minato summons Aizen:

Yes, it was decided. He was taking this creature to his new hideout in Hueco Mundo. Now how to do it? It probably wouldn't want to go. But if he found something he could use to lure it into the Garganta... yes, that sounded like a plan. The bunch of mortals trying to stop it seemed usable.

He looked at his summoner. What should he do about him? Well, he didn't go so long undiscovered by leaving witnesses.

11: Minato summons Jidanbou:

"It's trying to get through a gate?" Jidanbou inquired.

"Yes," Minato confirmed.

"Jidanbou is the gate guardian. Jidanbou doesn't let anything get through the gate." He scowled threateningly and moved to intercept the fox.

12: Sarutobi summons Hiyori:

"I hate freaks like you," she muttered.

"I'm immortal now. Nothing can kill me," the Snake Sannin boasted.

"Nothing?" Hiyori asked skeptically. "Let's see about that." She drew her zanpakutou and attacked. Two seconds later she was holding Orochimaru's soul by its neck. "Ha! I knew you weren't immortal!"

13: Minato summons Yamamoto:

He let the flames die down and took a look around. The landscape around him was a charred, black wasteland. That was strange. Wasn't there a forest and a town before? Where did it go? He would swear it should be where the smoking crater under the cliff was. But his memory didn't always serve him well. And where was the guy who had summoned him here? He couldn't see him anywhere too. And now that he thought about it, there was an awful lot of spirits around here.

14: Minato summons Ichimaru Gin: "My, my[.] You seem to 'ave a problem 'ere."

15: Sarutobi summons Hitsugaya:

"Oh, Sarutobi-sensei," Orochimaru's laughing voice reached his ears. "Is that the best you can do? Summon a puny child?" There was a moment of silence, during which the temperature dropped rapidly. Their breaths became visible and frost covered the ground. Then:


16: Minato summons Ichigo:

He let his eyes wander around for a bit. It was definitely an unfamiliar landscape. And there was a battle going on. And in front of him stood a man, the one who undoubtedly summoned him. He wanted him to take care of their problem, Ichigo just knew. He grimaced. Of course every time he visited a new place, there would be some trouble and people would need his help. It was practically a law of nature. It pissed him off. Fortunately, there was something to take his anger out on. Namely the giant man-eating demon. That was good. He loved some simple butt-kicking. He hated the 'figure out who's behind it part' that usually preceded it. Fortunately this time there was no need for it. Kurosaki chuckled darkly. This was going to be very stress-relieving.

"Bankai! Getsuga Tenshou!"

17: First Minato then later Sandaime summons Ikkaku:

Madarame Ikkaku was annoyed. He had been in the middle of a very enjoyable spar with Yumichika when he had suddenly felt a familiar pull and soon he found himself in this miserable ditch again.

18: Sarutobi summons Rukia:
The girl scowled. Suddenly she didn't look so harmless anymore. "Of course I am a shinigami," she said. Then she took out a paper, some crayons and began an explanation. Her words were completely lost on the audience.

19: Minato summons Yamada Hanatarou. And Kotetsu Kiyone. And Kotsubaki Sentarou. And Enjouji Tatsufusa. And Kotetsu Isane. And Marechiyo Omaeda. And Jushiro Ukitake.

20. Sarutobi summons Yadomaru Lisa: "Who dares to interrupt my reading time?"

21: Sarutobi summons Urahara Kisuke: "I see you have trouble synchronizing with your possessed body[.] [...] "I can sell you something to help you[.]"

22: Sarutobi summons...nobody:

"You've reached Soul Society," a mechanical voice announced attempting to sound cheerful and failing miserably. "Unfortunately we are unable to process your request because we are currently being invaded by the Vandenreich and losing the battle rather badly. Please call again at a later date and hope there are still any shinigami left to answer your request. I wish you a nice day."

23: Orochimaru summons Zaraki:
"Are you strong?" the Shinigami asked.[...]

"Yes," he answered, a sense of dread rising. Just how badly did he screw up?

"Great," Zaraki Kenpachi grinned and drew his sword. "Let's have some fun."

24: Sandaime summons Sui-Feng:
"You are possessing another human's body, you have made modifications to your soul and you seemed to have consumed another soul," she listed. "These are all serious offenses by the law of Central 46. You are under arrest. You will come to me peacefully or face the consequences."

Orochimaru summons Hanatarou:
"Where is your sword?" he asked sternly.

"Uh, I forgot it in my room," the Shinigami said sheepishly. Forgot it in his room? Orochimaru thought. What kind of deity forgets his sword in his room? The shinigami boy seemed not to notice his thoughts and continued. "I'm Yamada Hanatarou, Fourth Divi..." At this moment Orochimaru, who hadn't been listening to anything Hanatarou had said after informing him of his forgotten zanpakutou, grabbed the poor boy by his neck, cutting off his introduction.

"Give me back my arms!" he screamed and shook the boy.
fandom:naruto  crossover:bleach  c:yondaime  c:sandaime  c:orochimaru  c:kyuubi  c:zaraki-kenpachi  c:kuchiki-byakuya  c:yachiru  c:komamura-sajin  c:ayasegawa-yumichika  c:kyoraku-shunsui  c:ise-nanao  c:unohana-retsu  c:kurotsuchi-mayuri  c:aizen-sousuke  c:jidanbou  c:sarugaki-hiyori  c:yamamoto-genryusai  c:ichimaru-gin  c:hitsugaya-toshiro  c:kurosaki-ichigo  c:madarame-ikkaku  c:kuchiki-rukia  c:yadomaru-lisa  c:urahara-kisuke  c:other-characters  humor  crack  general  pov:various  <20.000  rating:pg-13  author:writing_bunny  status:wip  type:fanfiction  crossover/fusion 
february 2013 by csad
Not Quite A Kage Killer by Lucillia
Summary: But then again, Naruto's opponent wasn't a Kage. After going through Tobi more than once, Naruto decides to try something else. || When oiroke no jutsu fails against Tobi, Naruto uses modified version of it.
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:madara  c:kakashi  c:hyuuga-hiashi  c:hinata  c:sai  c:danzo  humor  general  oiroke-no-jutsu  transformation  series:not-quite-a-kage-killer-verse  <1.000  rating:pg-13  author:lucillia  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
Til We Meet Again (WIP) by Lucillia
Summary: Between Madara's death and his revival in Naruto's BFF, Naruto moved on and lived eight years of his life, during which, he grew up and became a ninja. Not necessarily in that order. Oneshots and Drabbles, not in Chronological Order.

|| Updated: 04-27-12
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  humor  general  angst  series:naruto's-bff-verse  <1.000  rating:pg  author:lucillia  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
Uzumaki and Uchiha (WIP) by Lucillia
Summary: Sasuke and Naruto discover that they're distant cousins after they both activate the Sharingan on the bridge in Wave. Family is family, and they won't let anything happen to the only family they have left, even if they want to strangle each-other.

|| Updated: 04-30-13
fandom:naruto  c:kakashi  c:sandaime  c:koharu  c:homura  c:sasuke  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sakura  c:haruno-family  c:iruka  c:danzo  c:kiba  c:hyuuga-hiashi  c:madara  c:other-characters  humor  general  family  sharingan!naruto  series:sharingan-naruto  <18.000  rating:pg-13  author:lucillia  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
Sharingan Naruto by Lucillia
Summary: How Naruto could end up with the Sharingan without getting a transplant, Kyuubi induced upgrade, or different parents.
fandom:naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  humor  general  family  sharingan!naruto  series:sharingan-naruto  <600  rating:pg  author:lucillia  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
They Did What! by Lucillia
Summary: Fugaku and Mikoto return from their mini vacation in the capitol and learn exactly why the vast majority of the Uchiha clan survived the Kyuubi attack. Sequel to They Were Where?
fandom:naruto  c:uchiha-fugaku  c:uchiha-mikoto  c:uchiha-clan  humor  general  series:they-were-where  <500  rating:g  author:lucillia  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
Of the Day's Annoyances (WIP) by Lucillia
Summary: Excerpts from the journal of a Hyuuga Hiashi who raises Naruto. October 12, Potty Training: How is this my responsibility?

|| Updated: 05-08-13
fandom:naruto  c:hyuuga-hiashi  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:hyuuga-hizashi  c:hyuuga-clan  c:hinata  c:neji  c:sasuke  c:hanabi  c:uchiha-fugaku  humor  general  family  kidfic  kid!naruto  kid!sasuke  kid!neji  kid!hinata  epistolary  <4.000  rating:pg  author:lucillia  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
february 2013 by csad
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