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Apps, opportunities and the future of mobile journalism: Takeaways from MojoFest takes you to Galway, Ireland, to get the hottest tips, advice and industry updates from the ever-growing community of smartphone content creators
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june 2018 by crunchity
Mojofest 2018
Mobile Journalism conference
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june 2018 by crunchity
Micropayment service for news
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may 2018 by crunchity
Is anything left of Mosul?
BBC news story about the devastation of Mosul using data visualisation.
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april 2018 by crunchity
Data Journalism Awards
The first international awards recognising outstanding work in the field of data journalism worldwide.
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april 2018 by crunchity
iPhoneReporting: NealAugenstein

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June 20, 2013

Vine’s got some major competition.
Instagram can now shoot 15 seconds of video, compared with Vine’s 6. You
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june 2013 by crunchity
Clay Shirky: Let a thousand flowers bloom to replace newspapers; don’t build a paywall around a public good » Nieman Journalism Lab
NYU professor and Internet thinker Clay Shirky gave a talk Tuesday at the Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, our friends just on the other side of Harvard Square. His subject was the future of accountability journalism in a world of declining newspapers. Even for those of us familiar with his ideas, he brought in a few new wrinkles, which have already been the subject of commentary around the web.
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december 2009 by crunchity
Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable « Clay Shirky
When someone demands to know how we are going to replace newspapers, they are really demanding to be told that we are not living through a revolution. They are demanding to be told that old systems won’t break before new systems are in place. They are demanding to be told that ancient social bargains aren’t in peril, that core institutions will be spared, that new methods of spreading information will improve previous practice rather than upending it. They are demanding to be lied to.
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december 2009 by crunchity

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