Why the trial by ordeal was actually an effective test of guilt | Aeon Ideas
Reminds me of the bit where Lakatos is "Oh god. And the legal system is based on sixteenth ceentury epistemology"
history  philosophy  science 
3 days ago
Guidelines on Writing a Philosophy Paper
next time someone says that Karl Popper "solved the Paradox of Tolerance"
22 days ago
Packaging a python library | ionel's codelog
what i love about learning programming environments is all the arcana about directory structure, no one said ever
july 2017
RGB IR Camera | OV4682 RGB IR Camera Module
An interesting possibility for camera. Kinda steep though. Wondering whether I know how to read camera parallel protocol.
spectrometer  camera  electronics  hardware 
july 2017
widget for timeseries visualization
javascript  d3  dataviz  library 
december 2016
Tracking Down a Freaky Python Memory Leak
Cool example of capturing and using an object graph. Perhaps steal it for R purposes.
programming  python  R  dataviz  graphs 
december 2016
open source FEA framework
cad  fea  software 
december 2016
precint level election data
dataset  maps  election 
december 2016
look into building election viz here. Can there be by precinct data?
javascript  maps  dataviz  framework 
november 2016
NASA electronics assembly standards
engineering  craft  manual  electronics 
november 2016
Visual Neuroscience - Browse Collections - Cambridge Journals Online
Special issue controversial issues on visual cortex mapping
october 2015
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