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Swift 3: So I Wanted To Animate A Label… – iOS App Development
Have you ever needed a UILabel to keep track of an arbitrary numerical value? If you’ve ever built an iOS app, my guess is that you have. But if you’ve ever wanted to animate between values, you
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december 2016 by cristiano2lopes
Swift: UserDefaults protocol – Swift Programming
Swift 3 brought a tsunami of changes to the language as well as our codebase, some of you reading this may even still be battling with the migration too. But even with all these changes, we
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november 2016 by cristiano2lopes
My app design workflow
Start low-fi I always start with a non-Retina, 1
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august 2016 by cristiano2lopes
Docker for Beginners
Learn to build and deploy your distributed applications easily to the cloud with Docker Written and developed by Prakhar Srivastav. Top Getting Started: FAQs What is Docker? Wikipedia defines Docker
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may 2016 by cristiano2lopes
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