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Synced russian translation of 's "http2 explained"
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8 days ago
Want a job abroad? Improve your language and communication skills!
RT : Want a job abroad? Improve your language and communication skills! via
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12 days ago
[2/100] Economic World History in One Chart
RT : If I could only show one graph on the economic history of the world it would be this one.
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17 days ago
Mr. Nobody (2009) - IMDb
Wow. How did I miss this incredible movie? It was fucking fantastic!
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18 days ago
Mosh: the mobile shell
It's been a while since I reminded everyone that I fucking love mosh:

So good.
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19 days ago
12 resolutions for programmers
Amigos programadores, acho válido tentar em 2015 cumprir as 12 resoluções do Matt Might:
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27 days ago
suddenly, I remember that exists :)
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4 weeks ago
Confused Computer Science
Java and Javascript are as similar as car and carpet.
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4 weeks ago
Linux: Find If Processor (CPU) is 64 bit / 32 bit [long mode ~ lm]
The correct way to tell if you are using a 32 or 64 bit Unix/Linux box

getconf LONG_BIT

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4 weeks ago
Goertzel Algorithm for a Non-integer Frequency Index
Goertzel Algorithm for a Non-integer Frequency Index #DSP
Goertzel  DFT  FFT  DSP  algorithm  implementation 
4 weeks ago
Google search for l33t hax0rz LOL:
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4 weeks ago
Dear Future Homejoy Engineer | Hacker News
RT : Fuck startup culture. Fuck how “driven” they are. Great to be sheltered by VC $$ and privilege.

(via )
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5 weeks ago
Tor reset IP
tenho não, mas acho q a ideia era usar o Tor e forçar pegar IP novo para cada conexão. Algo assim:
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6 weeks ago
Daan Roosegaarde lights up Amsterdam station with rainbow
RT : Daan Roosegaarde lights up Amsterdam station with rainbow projection:
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6 weeks ago
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