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Game Cube: On a New Media Gallery in Pittsburgh – Art in America
LikeLike in Pittsburgh, a gallery devoted to independent games and art that borders on play
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april 2019 by crankin
Glitch City LA
march 2019 by crankin
In 2019, We Need to Learn How to Break a Perpetually Tied Game
So, in 2019 let’s commit to looking at the big picture. Taking pieces helps, developing the board is good, but to win the future, we need to be remember that tomorrow isn't a whole new game, it’s just one more match in the series.
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january 2019 by crankin
Over the course of 3 days, I worked with UCLA students to create 9 games, 1 zine, and an outrageous exhibition. Curated by Sarah Brin and Lee Tusman
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december 2018 by crankin
LIKELIKE is a neo-arcade / playful arts gallery promoting an experimental and independent game culture.
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september 2018 by crankin
Games For Change |
Empowering game creators and social innovators to drive real-world impact through games
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july 2018 by crankin
Journalism Innovation Through Game Design – Journalism Innovation Through Game Design
JoLT is a collaboration between American University’s GameLab and School of Communication tasked with exploring the intersection of journalism and game design
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june 2018 by crankin
that's not fun
So many videogames are being released every day that it feels impossible to keep up. I want people to recommend new things to me so I can stay current and not get trapped inside a taste bubble. So it's only fair that I recommend some things for you, too. Just one at a time.
may 2018 by crankin
The Leader in College Esports - Tespa
Promoting healthy competition and building connections among enthusiastic gamers is Tespa’s mission for college esports.
march 2018 by crankin
VGA Gallery
Video Game Art Gallery
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july 2017 by crankin
Ian Cheng: Emissaries | MoMA
Described by the artist as “a video game that plays itself,” the works are comprised of computer-generated simulations like those used in predictive technologies for complex scenarios such as climate change or elections. Populated by a cast of characters and wildlife that interact, intervene, and recombine in open-ended narratives, Cheng’s simulations evolve endlessly as self-contained ecosystems.

Shown in collaboration with Twitch.
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may 2017 by crankin
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