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My 6-point microcopy checklist for non-UX writers – The Startup – Medium
Is the copy useful?
Is it succinct?
Is it transparent?
Is it human?
Is the copy in the design?
But is it actually useful?
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9 weeks ago by crankin
Don't Call Contentful's Content Infrastructure a 'CMS' - The New Stack
Contentful’s CMS is not a content management system, but rather content infrastructure for building digital products
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january 2018 by crankin
CMS as Code
in case anyone asks why we've moved to contentful
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june 2017 by crankin
Strategic Content Management · An A List Apart Article
Very detailed and informative essay on developing a content model and using it to choose a CMS
april 2017 by crankin
Future-Ready Content · An A List Apart Article
- get purposeful
- get micro
- get meaningful
- get organized
- get structured
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april 2017 by crankin
For a Future-Friendly Web | Brad Frost
* The web is no longer one-dimensional
* we need to reconsider the content we create and the context in which people interact with our content
* the mobile web browser is unique - more than just a smaller screen
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april 2016 by crankin

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