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My 6-point microcopy checklist for non-UX writers – The Startup – Medium
Is the copy useful?
Is it succinct?
Is it transparent?
Is it human?
Is the copy in the design?
But is it actually useful?
march 2018 by crankin
Don't Call Contentful's Content Infrastructure a 'CMS' - The New Stack
Contentful’s CMS is not a content management system, but rather content infrastructure for building digital products
january 2018 by crankin
CMS as Code
in case anyone asks why we've moved to contentful
june 2017 by crankin
Future-Friendly Thinking
Acknowledge and embrace unpredictability.
content  web-design  web-development 
april 2017 by crankin
Strategic Content Management · An A List Apart Article
Very detailed and informative essay on developing a content model and using it to choose a CMS
april 2017 by crankin
Future-Ready Content · An A List Apart Article
- get purposeful
- get micro
- get meaningful
- get organized
- get structured
april 2017 by crankin
For a Future-Friendly Web | Brad Frost
* The web is no longer one-dimensional
* we need to reconsider the content we create and the context in which people interact with our content
* the mobile web browser is unique - more than just a smaller screen
web-design  content 
april 2016 by crankin

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